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His First Toy Shoot

Featuring Mike Dozer

December 20, 2013

"Mike Dozer is fairly new to the adult scene and he's quickly developing quite a following. One thing his fans have asked for is to see him in a toy scene. So far, he hasn't done one because he prefers a real dick up his ass. Well, here he is fucking his own hairy ass with a dildo even a little bigger than his own 8 inch dick. There's something to be said for a man in complete control of his own pleasure."






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"The Man In The Mirror"

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

December 10, 2013

"Mmmmmm surprise surprise, looks like we have a sexy construction worker by the name of Mike who is really good with his hands and of course his sexy thick cock. With him we have JR Bronson who waits in the shadows of the mirror watching Mike lather his hairy firm body down with soapy suds. No double shower fun but plenty of kissing, sucking and hole spreading for Mike's fat cock. This guy loves to take control and he dominates JR in all aspects leaving him wanting it harder and deeper. The grunts and moans from these men will send any guy over the edge. Sit back after a long day's work and watch some studs get it on for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!"

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson

Mike Dozer and JR Bronson
Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

December 13, 2013

"Muscle hunks Charlie Harding and Mike Dozer make out in the locker room. They kiss and Mike licks Charlie's pits and nipples. He pulls Charlie's rock hard pole out of his shorts, stroking it playfully. The passion continues as Mike works his way down Charlie's muscles, reaching his cock. Charlie pounds his prick down Mike's throat making him gag several times. Mike bends over and Charlie preps his ass, eating it and tonguing it as Mike moans. Charlie thrusts his bare cock deep into Mike's ass, then goes back to rimming his hole. They are both very verbal as Charlie barebacks Mike's hole. Charlie is far from gentle. Charlie pulls out and Mike sucks his big cock again. Then it's back to more bareback ass pounding. Mike flips on his back and Charlie rims him again before barebacking the wet hole. Charlie gets on his back and Mike goes for a raw ride. He bounces up and down, taking Mike's raw prick bareback. With Charlie's rod proding him Mike shoots his load onto Charlie's thigh. Charlie rams Mike again doggy-style then shoots his load all over Mike Dozer's bubble butt. Charlie barebacks Mike again, seeding him with his hot cum. Mike turns around and sucks the last drop out of Charlie Harding's cock."

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Mike Dozer

November 15, 2013

"Brad Kalvo fucks Mike Dozer doggystyle on the bed. Brad slides his bareback cock into Mike's raw hole feeling the full warmth of Mike's ass. He fucks Mike hard, making him moan for more raw dick. Mike sucks Brad's cock before it gets shoved right back in his ass. Brad pounds Mike making his ass hungry for more. He lays down and lets Mike deep throat his throbbing cock. Mike gags on the dick, shoving it deeper down his throat. They jack their thick cocks and Mike rides Brad's dick. He turns around to face us and bounces swiftly on Brad's pecker. Mike lays down on the side of the bed and Brad fucks him standing up. Brad pulls out and deep throats Mike's thick cock while fingering his sensitive hole. He slides his cock back inside Mike's ass. Mike Dozer cums on his own hairy body. Brad Kalvo releases a huge load on Mike's balls. He shoves his cummy pole back inside Mike's ass breeding his hole. Mike always gets what he wants."














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Open Road, Part 2, Scene 3

Tommy Defendi and Mike Dozer
Raging Stallion Studios

February 21, 2014

"Plumber Mike Dozer is about to get his depths plumbed by Tommy Defendi. Mike is fixing a leaky urinal in a public restroom, When Tommy comes in to piss, Mike's gaze is riveted to Tommy's fat dick. Mike may have the deepest throat of any guy in porn ever, and Tommy's length and girth are all in a day's work. Mike's excess drool washes over Tommy's balls until they glisten. Now it's Tommy's turn and he chokes himself trying to deliver as good as he got. Mike ditches his tank top and work pants and gives Tommy an assist by grabbing the back of his head, pulling it over his super hard dick. Tommy counters by spinning Mike 180 degrees and rocketing his tongue into Mike's hole, followed by his cock. Mike is a solid, almost immoveable mass of muscle who can take a hard, ferocious fucking. His ass turns red from Tommy's slaps. Between the two of them, sweat pours down on the floor. Mike makes the floor more slippery with a pool of cum, then he takes Tommy's load in his mouth and face."

Raging Stallion Studios: Open Road - Part 2

Open Road - Part 2, Scene 1

Boomer Banks and Mike Dozer
Raging Stallion Studios

January 17, 2014

"Mike Dozer swerves his van off the road to pick up sexy hitchhiker Boomer Banks. Boomer climbs in and Mike drives to a place to pull over. They jump out and commence chewing lips and nipples. Mike massages Boomer's cock through his pants and the bulge grows enormously until Mike has to yank down Boomer's pants to see the beast firsthand. Mike's oral capability is astonishing; he can swallow every last inch of Boomer's massive endowment and withstand a full-bore face-fucking and not gag. Mike ditches his shirt and drops his pants. He's a hairy barrel-chested guy with a big dick of his own. Boomer slurps up Mike's meat, but he really wants his face in Mike's meaty ass. Boomer spots a toolbox and grabs a crescent wrench, using the handle as a dildo. Every time he sticks it in, Mike urges 'Go deep.' The wrench provides just the right stretching for Boomer to sink his cock with little resistance. Mike groans, but his hard on bobs vigorously and the van rocks with Boomer's pounding. The more Mike sweats, the harder Boomer slams, until they erupt in cum gushers. Mike replenishes his energy by eating up Boomer's cum."

WATCH Open Road - Part 2, Scene 1 Starring Boomer Banks and Mike Dozer



















Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Hung Americans Part 2, Scene 1

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer
Monster Bang Video / Raging Stallion Studios

March 21, 2014

"When Trenton Ducati opens his leather jacket in the dim alley, his riveted abs are illuminated, and they beg attention. He cups his hand over the bulge in his Levi's and looks around for hot prospects. Mike Dozer, a hirsute daddy whose pecs are as wide as the county, comes across Trenton. They haul out cocks ready for action while sizing each other up. Trenton shifts his body and Mike is all over him with big gulps. Mike's tongue can move in three different directions at once, whether it's wrapping itself around Trenton's shaft of corkscrewing its way into his hole. After Mike’s tongue has done its exceptional work, Trenton gets on his knees and returns the favor with even more intense oral action. Mike is dripping sweat and pre-cum when Trenton nails Mike’s ass. This big hairy stud wants cock. Mike growls like a hungry animal as he gets his ass worked. Trenton's style is fuck, rim, fuck, rim, and he alternates until, in a swift move, they roll over and it's Mike on top riding Trenton. Sweat pours down like rain until Trenton shoots wildly all over his torso. Mike licks it up, then resumes sucking Trenton's cock while he jacks off."

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Trenton Ducati & Mike Dozer

Relentless, Scene 1

Marcus Isaacs and Mike Dozer
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

December 24, 2013

"Mike Dozer and Marcus Isaacs are furry from head to toe with full beards. Marcus is the lean dude with the enormous raven tattoo. Mike is the burly guy with a cock both long and thick. He's a cross between a daddy and a bodybuilder. They move from ravenous kissing to cocksucking when Marcus drops to his knees and slurps up Mike's cock. Mike guides Marcus' head and encourages the cock worship with lots of groans and dirty talk. While he sucks, Marcus runs his hands through the forest of fur covering the well-defined muscles of Mike's broad chest. Marcus' cock bobs rapidly and the tight hole in the center of his bubble butt clenches in anticipation. Sweat is beginning to mat their fur when Mike tears himself away from Marcus' mouth and turns his attention to his perfectly molded, furry buns. He splits them with his hands and drives his tongue and several fingers deep into the warm hole. When Marcus' hole is well primed and spit-lubed, Mike slams his cock in. Mike's rhythm never falters or subsides. He rams Marcus to orgasm, on his belly and on his back, feeding him his cum. Then Marcus grabs Mike's cock and helps him jack out a thick load."

WATCH Relentless, Scene 1 Starring Marcus Isaacs and Mike Dozer