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ALIASES: Enzo, Robbie G
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Hairy Italian Franco's Size 13 Bare Feet

Franco (3)

Hairy Italian Franco's Size 13 Bare Feet

February 19, 2014

"Can you say 'Absolutely gorgeous!', because that would be the best way to describe Franco. OMG this man is HOT! We're talking movie star looks here. Stunning eyes, just the right amount of man fur covering a wonderfully toned body and the most delectable looking size 13 feet. Franco has done a few photo shoots with MyFriendsFeet and has a blast each time!"

Hairy Italian Franco's Size 13 Bare Feet

Hairy Italian Franco's Size 13 Bare Feet
Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks

Franco (2)

Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks

"When it comes to Italian beef at MyFriendsFeet Franco definitely deserved to be up bear the top of the list. His hairy body and gorgeous size 13 feet are to die for. Some men belong in a suit, with no socks or shoes on. He He. That would definitely be Franco. He's got those smoking hot European looks and is a really nice guy too. When he takes off his shoes and socks though, it's those sensational size 13 feet we all want a taste of!"

Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks

Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks

Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks

Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks Franco's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks


Gorgeous Franco's Size 13 Feet, Athletic Socks & Soccer Slides

March 31, 2012

"Drop-dead gorgeous Italian Franco is like a dream come true! He's hot, hairy and muscular with movie star looks and great size 13 feet. He reminds me of an Italian Superman. His feet are masculine with smooth soles, long toes and furry tops. That's a combination I see so rarely these days - a guy who leaves his body hair intact and who has great feet too. He worked out at the gym and then came over for these photos with his soccer slides still on from the locker room, so I told him to just wear those for the shoot. I just wanted to run my fingers over his soles AND over his chest - but I held myself back. Still, his big feet & socks get me so worked up that I did have to blow a load as soon as he left. That seems to happen a lot."



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Check Out His Booty

Featuring Robbie

January 13, 2013

"Robbie has a lot going for him. He's got a nicely muscled hairy body and Italian good looks among his assets. The best by far though has to be his big round bubble butt. He's very comfortable naked and has an interesting technique for masturbating. You'll see him slowly massage his dick until he can't help but deliver a gusher of a hands free cum shot."

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Robbie G

June 2012

"'International Relations' is not, apparently, trading sex for a foreign couch. Robbie studies this worthy topic as a student and who wouldn’t want such a handsome ambassador for truth, justice and the right of a man to not shave his body hair?

With the perfect dusting of mammal fur, Robbie G turns fans feral at Adonis club where he “entertainment dances” (oh, what a slippery slope). It’s always Saturday night fever with this dead ringer for John Travolta circa 1976. Turns out a modeling agent discovered him at the gym and a heartthrob was born - right over on the decline press!

Wanna get under the hood of this hirsute hotrod? He enjoys a woman who can hold an intelligent conversation, preferably while resembling Marilyn Monroe. It wouldn’t hurt if she could also play pool, his favourite pastime. She’d like that Robbie has tons of practice wrapping his hand around sticks and pushing balls into dark, eager holes.

He may be just 21, but Robbie’s already “outgoing, determined and goal-oriented” – the same attributes of his big ol’ dick! He blew a monster load in the Penthouse and that’s exactly why we call him Robbie G (for Gushing)!"

Paragon Men Robbie G Paragon Men Robbie G

Paragon Men Robbie G Paragon Men Robbie G

Paragon Men Robbie G Paragon Men Robbie G
Wrestler Enzo

Battlespace 29

Xavier and Enzo vs Batar

"Things are getting hairy at Thunder’s Arena. What starts out as an ordinary singles match between Batar (Harley from MyFriendsFeet) and hairy-chested Enzo grows into a three-way dance as Xavier, supposedly here only as an onlooker, becomes increasingly embroiled in the fight. Handsome Enzo is handling Batar quite nicely in a by-the-book first round of mat grappling. “Taught him everything he knows,” Xavier boasts, unable to contain his pride … or remain on the sidelines. Batar bristles at the injustice of the two bears ganging up on him, but he senses an out when Enzo expresses his resentment over X taking credit for his wrestling prowess. Batar eggs the rivalry on, asking them whether they’re “gonna fight or kiss and make up.” The ploy backfires when both brutes turn their attentions to Batar, Xavier grabbing him from behind and Enzo squeezing the guy’s nipples. Xavier takes charge, beating Batar to the mat, then commands Ezno to finish his dirty work: “You always finish my dirty work.”

But the wedge between Enzo and Xavier only widens as Xavier repeatedly puts his protégé down, critiquing not only the man’s moves but his brilliantined hairstyle as well. Words turn to shoves, and alliances destabilize and morph when Enzo stands between Xavier and Batar and insists on having a go at X, mano a mano, hairy chest to hairy chest. This is one of the Arena’s richest storylines ever, packed with surprises and the action you love: bearhugs, gorilla presses, headlocks, scissors, chokes, Boston crabs, and agonizing camel clutches. This battle ends with a cliffhanger, promising more action and no doubt further complications down the pike."

Xavier_and_Enzo_against_Batar_Xavier Enzo Batar 25

Xavier_and_Enzo_against_Batar_Xavier Enzo Batar 29

Xavier_and_Enzo_against_Batar_Xavier Enzo Batar 35

Xavier_and_Enzo_against_Batar_Xavier Enzo Batar 58


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