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Colt McGraw


SITES: ChaosMen, CollegeDudes, Southern Strokes


Colt McGraw: Solo

February 10, 2014

"Colt has done video work before, but he is a Texas boy, and thought it would great to have someone more local jump in and do some hot scenes. He is looking very Ashton Kutcher right now, and I just love those full and natural pubes!

He used to do a lot of camming, but the burn out on that is usually a month or so. Jerking-off for hours and hours turns play time into tedious work. Might sound like fun to sit around and jerk-off all day, but it does make it a lot less fun doing it over and over.

For his solo I had him use a Fleshlight, seeing if we could mix-it-up a little. He was not used to having multiple cameras, and because he cams a lot, he is used to watching himself on his monitor to make sure he is in position. So I think he spends a fair amount of time looking at himself to make sure he is on mark.

Not to say the video is not hot. He IS an entertainer, and clearly he loves fucking his toy.

I got some great shots of him slamming into the toy while it is braced on the side of the bed. Gotta remember this trick! Looks awesome watching his cock slide in and out. I like these new smaller FleshJacks, but have to admit that they really need to make them clear so we see the dude's cock.

I suggested he take the outer casing off and just use the fleshy part kind of as a giant foreskin, and he gets really jerking fast as his cock gets closer and closer to nutting.

His head pops out the top and starts spurting cum everywhere. Truly and amazing cum shot for a solo!

I likely will get him in to do more. An oral next week, and I already see that he needs to push his energy when working with another dude, but I think, like Glenn, there is an energetic performer in there, and will see if we can push him to become the elite performer I know he is!"

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Chaosmen_colt_mcgraw_hires_21 Chaosmen_colt_mcgraw_hires_25
















Colt McGraw & Ransom: Serviced

February 19, 2014

"I thought the standard Serviced video would be a few steps backwards for Colt since he has done full-interactive video already. But I wanted to see how his skills were, and putting him in shower situation.

Ransom pulls no punches with him, getting him to kiss and then getting his cock nice and hard. I think Colt was impressed at easily and quickly he got hard.

Colt returns the favor, and though Ransom is hard and enjoying it, I think Colt needs some cock-sucking practice! Ransom takes a seat and Colt gets better angle of attack.

Colt loses his wood while working on Ransom's cock, so Ransom has him stand and starts rimming is hairy hole, tugging on his cock at the same time. Sure enough his cock wakes right back up. Hmmmmm. Pretty sure Colt likes to think himself as a Top, but his ass might think otherwise.

Ransom gets Colt sitting, and then lets him have the full-thrust of his skills. Jerking his cock till he is spurting his load. Ransom then quickly adds his own jizz to the mix!

Colt has got the basics down, but I think we have some training to do to really push his limits! Stay-tuned!"




















Colt Mcgraw Fucks Rob Ryder

November 17, 2011

"Colt McGraw has to be one of the cutest, baby-faced Texans we have met, but he really fucks like a man in this hot scene with Rob Ryder. These two studs exude a lot of passion from the beginning, starting out with a sexy makeout session before Colt and Rob strip down out of their pants. Rob shows Colt that he is no stranger to having a big cock down his throat, and by the looks on Colts face, he is amazed at the pleasure of it all. Colt returns the favor with an impressive blow jjob of his own. After Colt and Rob show off their oral skills, Colt bends Rob over and slowly enters Robs tight hole. After Rob is used to Colts monster, Colt begins giving it to Rob harder, and Rob loves every minute of it. Rob then straddles Colt - perhaps so he can better kiss while getting Colts dick even deeper up his ass. Colt thrusts his hips as he holds Rob by the waist - to better get his dick even deeper. Colt turns Rob over onto his back to really let loose, and soon Colt has fucked the cum right out of Rob. Colt dumps a nice load, too, and Colt and Rob resort to some kissing again to end a hot scene. Awesome Fuck!"


Colt Mcgraw Busts A Nut

October 10, 2011

"Colt is a curious young Texan with mezmerizing puppy eyes and a Lone Star State sized dick. After telling us that one of his biggest fantasies is doing a threesome, Colt strips down to reveal a sexy tight bod with great abs, amazing legs, and a hot furry butt. Once he gets it up, though, his dick is the star of the show. Colt strokes it with a passion, and the more he jerks it the happier he is. After a good time standing, Colt gives us a nice view of his pretty virgin hole. Colt sticks out his ass and continues to stroke his cock, all the while sighing and enjoying giving a good show. A few times he spreads his cheeks knowingly - this Colt is a tease! Colt soon sits upright on the arm of the couch, working his dick up as hard as he can get it. His meat-pounding gets fast and furious, and every once in a while you can tell that he is almost cumming, and cannot stand to be holding it much longer. Finally Colt lets it go, and gushes a nice creamy load before smiling shyly into the camera. Hot Stuff!"