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The Proposal

Featuring Chip Tanner and Topher di Maggio
Gods Of Men at Men.com

February 14, 2014

"After Chip Tanner accepts Topher di Maggio's proposal, the lovers head home for a sensual love romp. Chip has the pinkest hole in porn and Topher goes inside deep with his big cock."





















"Muscle Movement"

Alexander Gustavo and Chip Tanner

June 13, 2013

"Alexander Gustavo has hurt his shoulder, over extending it training for his triathlon. Lucky for him, Chip Tanner is one of the best in the business, for more than one reason. As Alexander lays down on Chip's massage table, he is able to relax almost immediately as Chip begins to relieve his muscles with a soothing touch and apt pressure. Alexander momentarily forgets where he is as Chip runs his oiled hands along Alexander's back and down his legs. Slipping his underwear off, Chip gives into his temptation to take a nice lick of Alexander's crack. Alexander loves the feeling, reaching his hand back and reassuring Chip that he's made the right choice by pulling his face even tighter. Chip licks down to Alexander's feet and then all the way back up to the shoulder, turning him over and continuing his oral examination on Alexander's cock. Alexander feels amazing all of the sudden, so good that he flips Chip over and tells him to spread his legs for a return favor. Flexible Chip spreads his legs almost 180 degrees, and Alexander plunges his tongue deep inside of Chip, slurping on his cock and moistening up his exposed hole for insertion. As he is penetrated, Chip spreads even wider, and Alexander fucks him good as Chip succumbs to his every notion. On his back, on his side, on his stomach- it doesn't matter- as long as Alexander's cock is inside him, Chip is a happy camper, until Alexander pulls out and blasts his load all over Chip's luscious ass, and both guys agree that, regardless of injury, Alexander will have to come back again. Enjoy!"

Next Door Male Chip Tanner

Chip Tanner


May 20, 2013

"Chip Tanner is a free spirit from Los Angeles with a few tricks up his sleeve and a few toys in his collection. A dancer and an acrobat, he shows his limber talents of strength and flexibility before getting comfortable on the sofa and stretching out. Spreading his legs in a perfect 180 degree split, the bulge in his pants becomes prominent, as it grows beneath the cut of his silky shorts. Always looking for attention. this self-described horndog slowly peels off his shorts to reveal his gymnast body. Rolling over onto his knees, he pops his booty and locks his muscles, before getting down to the business at hand. Fingering the mouth of a FleshJack with his fingers, he lubes it up and plunges his cock inside, working it in and out, up and down. Almost ready to burst, he nonetheless holds off, switching to a silver dildo and inserting it into his hole while he continues to stroke himself away. With the dildo penetrating him, he feels a rush of ecstatic pleasure and knows he won't be able to hold off much longer, finally letting his load explode as he fucks and flogs himself to completion. Enjoy!"


Chip Tanner


May 2012

"Chip Tanner ran off and joined the circus! No clowning! Who doesn’t love a big top? This stud is a trained contortionist – who takes direction. He looks up to dominant women and a memorable encounter was with a silicone-tittied fembot type who ordered him to suck himself. So he wrapped his stocky hot legs around his neck and went to town!

The beauty of those gilded abs, tiny nipples and fat uncut cock with the golden pubes (in an otherwise hairless terrain) was discovered doing stretching videos on Youtube. That landed Chip in porn (Randy Blue, Divine Bitches) and as to the future, who knows? He’s in the here and now baby. And wowza – this 5’5” pocket rocket that guarantees explosion!

With a face that morphs between Disney prince and villain, Chip twists his features to suit your fancy. So when he’s good he’s very, very good when he’s bad he’s not just better – he’s working!

If he had a superpower it would be to shoot nevereding loads. He uses this powers strategically in our penthouse – kaboom, let’s hear it for circus freaks!"

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