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Instinctive Masters

Featuring Bryan Cavallo and Johnny Rapid
Big Dicks at School at

March 16, 2014

"Bryan Cavallo catches Johnny Rapid jerking off when he should be working on his school project. Johnny pulls up his pants but Bryan thinks he's being too hasty and gets those pants back off. Before long Bryan's massive boner is pumping Johnny's round butt."

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Man Musk

Featuring Bryan Cavallo and Sebastian Young
Drill My Hole at

February 5, 2014

"Bryan Cavallo is rendered uncontrollably horny by the scent of Sebastian Young's post workout man musk! Straight porn super star Sebastian gets fucked in his tight bubble butt for the first time in a very long time and takes it like a champ!"

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Straight southern stud with a big uncut dick

Featuring Bryan Cavallo

January 7, 2014

"Straight southern hunk Bryan Cavallo joins us this week on Men on Edge. Although Bryan's never been edged in bondage, he loves to edge his cock when jacking himself off. We start Bryan off by bringing him over to the windows and tying him to the metal cross. Bryan's a little nervous so we blindfold him to calm his nerves as we begin teasing his cock. We edge Bryan with dual hitachi's on his cockhead before taking him back to the big room for more. Bryan's hands are bound behind his back as we put tit suckers on his nipples. Sebastian swallows the stud's uncut cock, edging him with his mouth before denying him at the last second. Back on the bed, Bryan's arms and legs are tied down while we put a ball gag in his mouth. Bryan moans with pleasure as we jack him off with the fleshlight. We then tie up Bryan's cock and balls, stroking his uncut cock while we suck on his beautiful hairy toes. After relentless edging we finally milk a load out of Bryan's cock and finish him off with post-orgasmic torment, and lots of tickling."






















Bryan Cavallo Nails James Lee

April 4, 2013

"James Lee like getting fucked with a fat cock, and he absolutely loves Bryan Cavallo. Bryan and James begin with some heavy petting that moves quickly into getting down to the good stuff. James has a big dick himself, which Bryan enjoys as he sucks on it and licks around it. James likes the head from Bryan, and his facial expressions show just how much. James is eager to get his mouth stuffed as well, and he moves down to take on his partners tool. James makes love to Bryan's cock with his mouth, trying to deepthroat it, and overall trying to get Bryan even more excited for what is coming next. After a few more minutes of some great head, James gets on his back with his legs in the air, eagerly awaiting for Bryan to slide his sausage in James tight asshole. Bryan does exactly that, and James soon is getting slowly fucked. Once James is used to the sensation of his big rod, Bryan begins a faster pace, thrusting deeper and deeper into that tight 18 year old hole. James enjoys it quite a bit, and soon he is wanting Bryan to tag him from behind. Bryan spoons James and continues with some ferocious aggressive fucking. Not content to let Bryan do all the work, however, James is soon riding Bryan as Bryan lies on his back. James pumps up and down with fervor, until he shoots a load of jizz all over Bryan. Bryan fucking loves it, too, and he busts his own load. Hot Fuck!"
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet

October 4, 2012

"Bryan Cavallo is a towering figure, especially next to Tyler Sweet. Tyler stands up to Goliath, though, in this hot as hell fuck scene! Tyler and Bryan make out, and the hot and heavy kissing gets Tyler hard in an instant. He is the kind of guy who loves a big man next to him. Bryan goes right for Tyler's cock, sucking and licking on it like he is famished for a hot young freshman. Tyler soon has waited long enough, however, and he is next on his knees servicing Bryan's thick uncut dick. Tyler shows tremendous deep-throating skills, and he handles Bryan's dick with extra special skill. Bryan, loving the BJ, stands up and feeds his cock to Tyler some more. Itching to get some dick into Tyler's ass, Bryan pulls Tyler off his knees and positions him in doggie. After lubing up his big pole, Bryan goes right in. Pounding away, Bryan is in love with Tyler and his hot hole. Tyler wants to ride, though, and soon it is he who has taken control. He bounces up and down on Bryan's cock like a champ, going balls deep over and over. Bryan is getting close, so he puts Tyler on a small stool and grabs ahold of Tyler's ankles. Fucking Tyler relentlessly, Bryan gives several deep strokes that are just enough to make Tyler bust a huge nut. Bryan is so excited he busts an even bigger load all over Tyler. Hot Fuck!"

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet Bryan Cavallo Fucks Tyler Sweet
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Patrick Hunter

August 23, 2012

"Bryan Cavallo and Patrick Hunter make a great pair! Bryan is the ultimate take-charge type of guy, and Patrick loves a dominant partner. The scene sizzles as Bryan and Patrick kiss and rub all up and down over each others bodies, and you can tell Patrick is eager to get Bryan's giant uncut cock down his throat. Patrick makes love to Bryan's dick, making sure that his top is enjoying every minutes of a hot BJ. Bryan gives Patrick some oral pleasure, too, but you can tell that Bryan is more interested in bending Patrick over and exploring his hole. Bryan eases his big dick into Patrick's ass at first, then he gives Patrick a proper pounding! Patrick loves taking it from behind as Bryan and he stand next to the couch going at it, but soon Patrick is lying down to better take advantage of Bryan's cock going deeper. Bryan and Patrick fuck furiously and enjoy every second of it, until Bryan fucks the cum out of Patrick and then dumps his warm load all over him. Hot stuff!"

Hayden Richards Fucks Bryan Cavallo

July 26, 2012

"Bryan Cavallo had not been fucked in a while, so when Hayden Richards and Bryan were both in town, we all decided that it was about time for Bryans tight jock ass to get a pounding! Hayden loves sex, loves to fuck, and has a really nice dick. Bryan and Hayden got excited right away, and making out with each other brought each of these studs nice cocks to full mast! Bryan licks and slurps away on Hayden, and Hayden is more than happy to return the favor. Hayden sucks Bryans big uncut dick, paying special attention to his head. By the look on Bryans face, you can tell Hayden is a master cock-sucker, and Bryan probably would have been content to just bust in his mouth. However, Hayden has other plans, and once Bryan is on his knees, Hayden slides his cock in. Bryan is not used to getting fucked much, so the first few strokes makes him wince. However, once Bryans tight little hole is loosened up, Bryan begins to enjoy it alot - so much so that Bryan is riding Hayden in no time! With each bounce up and down on Haydens cock, Hayden can feel Bryans hole grasping onto his dick. Bryan flips over onto his back for Hayden to fuck the cum out of him, and Hayden does just that, before blowing a nice load himself on freshly-fucked Bryan. Hot fuck!"














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Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel RockBryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock

May 24, 2012

"Bryan Cavallo and Angel Rock have two of the biggest cocks on CollegeDudes - both uncut. It is a joy seeing these two studs make out and rub their throbbing uncut dicks against each other. The bigger pleasure is what comes next - Bryan fucks the shit out of Angel! This fuck is spectacular. After getting to know one another, so to speak, Angel and Bryan trade blowjobs. Each of them love having another thick pole in his mouth, and both of them give special attention to each others balls and dick-head. As Angel hops on his knees and sticks his ass in the air, Bryan is in heaven, and he is soon sliding his cock in and out of Angels sweet asshole. Once Bryan gets Angel accustomed to his large cock, he lies on the bed and lets Angel ride him. Angel rides Bryan's dick like a champ - this is a must see! Trading a few kisses, Bryan and Angel fuck like rabbits as Angel takes it balls deep and loves every minute of it. Bryan soon flips Angel over onto his back, and the pair continue to fuck hard. Angel is getting railed hard, and Bryan takes every opportunity to savor the moment. Angels cumshot is stupendous! He must really love Bryan's fucking, because it is the biggest load we have seen from him! Bryan - not to be outdone - dumps another huge load all over Angel before they embrace. Hot Fuck!"
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

December 15, 2011

"Bryan Cavallo is back! After a year of absence, we were thrilled to find out that Bryan wanted to come back for some more ass-pounding, so we called up Devin Adams and had these two studs in bed together quicker than a jack-rabbit! Bryan is looking great, as is Devin, and these two go at it with a passion that is almost indescribable. With each initial kiss Bryan and Devin get harder and harder, their cocks pressing out through their underwear. Devin decides to go first, devouring Bryan's uncut cock. Bryan is in heaven as Devin works on his dick, and he soon gives it a go himself. Bryan is better at cock-sucking these days, with Devin being the satisfied beneficiary. Devin wants the cock in his ass, though, badly. Devin hops on top of Bryan, and as they kiss Devin works Bryan's cock with his ass. Bryan is loving Devin's riding action, and he almost cannot control himself as he moves in to spoon-fuck Devin with gusto. Bryan pounds away as Devin gets even more worked up. Before long Bryan is fucking the cum out of Devin, who has an amazing orgasm. Not to be outdone, Bryan produces the most spectacular cumshot of his life, completely drenching Devin from his balls to his face. Hot Fuck!"

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Teagan Scott

August 26, 2010

"Teagan Scott is a hot newbie from Ohio, and when he told us he was interested in doing more, we just knew that Bryan Cavallo and his big uncut cock would be the perfect match for sexy Teagan! These two both have big cocks, so watching each of them go down on one another is a sight to behold, and then Bryan gets Teagan ready with a really wet sloppy ass-licking. The real fun starts as Teagan sits down on Bryan's fat cock and starts going to town. Throughout the fucking, Teagan is begging for more, harder, deeper.... and Bryan is of course loving every minute of it. Teagan finishes with a huge creamy load before Bryan cums all over him and they embrace in a hot sweaty kiss. Good Fuck!"
Jarrod Price Fucks Bryan Cavallo

July 29, 2010

"Jarrod Price gets a lesson in hot man-sex this week from a much more experienced dude, Bryan Cavallo. Bryan wants to make Jarrod comfortable, so he starts off slowly caressing and kissing Jarrod's hot 20 year old bod all the way up and all the way down. It does not take long for Jarrod's rock hard dick to pop out of his shorts, nor does Jarrod hesitate to help Bryan out by jerking him off in return. After a sloppy BJ from Bryan, Jarrod gets his first taste of dick, eagerly taking Bryan's very large uncut cock into his mouth and down his throat. Bryan initiates Jarrod into ass-fucking by hopping on Jarrod, but it takes less than a few seconds for Jarrod to get the hang of it, and boy does Jarrod go to town on Bryan's ass! We have not seen fucking this intense in too long! Jarrod basically rips apart Bryan ass all over the place until Bryan shoots a big load and Jarrod, obviously loving the scene, shoots an even bigger load all over Bryan's hot abs. Amazing Fuck!"
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Ryan HoltzBryan Cavallo Fucks Ryan Holtz

June 24, 2010

"Ryan Holtz is back this week for some more ass pounding, and Bryan Cavallo is just the right top. After getting his ass destroyed by Carter a while back, we were not sure Ryan would want to come back, but apparently Ryan is getting to like having his hole nailed by a hot cock, and in this scene both dudes are on fire. The blowjobs between these two are hot as can be, maybe because they are both uncut and thus know how to pleasure each other better? After taking some dick down the throat, Bryan flips Ryan up on the bed and gives him a fingering he will not forget, and then Bryan proceeds to slam fuck Ryan against the wall. It is pretty obvious that Ryan has not had any since Carter, because he winces a little at first - once Ryan is warmed up, however, he hops on Bryan and his eight inches and takes cock like the best of them. Bryan finishes off his 18 year old fuck toy by bathing him with a hot load of cum. Great fuck!"
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Ryan Holtz
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Ryan Holtz
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Ryan Holtz
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Ryan Holtz
Bryan Cavallo Fucks Logan Birch

May 27, 2010

"Bryan Cavallo has to be one of the sexiest guys on the site- he is somewhat stoic and quiet, but once he starts fucking he is a beast. And Logan certainly did not complain knowing he was getting a rock hard, thick, and juicy piece of meat. Logan admitted to not quiet knowing what to do with Bryan's foreskin, but Bryan shows him how he likes it. After getting his tongue into Logan's crack, Bryan lets Logan ride the love train. Logan is always so amazing when he is riding a cock - no one has ever seemed hungrier for dick. Bryan flips Logan down onto the floor and really man-handles Logan, at one point shoving Logan's face into the carpet with his foot as he proceeds to pound his ass even harder. Both of these two must have really enjoyed all the sweaty man-sex, because each of them had their biggest loads to date! Great Fuck!"
Cody Wolfe

August 28, 2013

"Cody Wolfe makes his first live show debut. His voice will melt you and his guitar will seduce you. Let me also touch on his huge uncut cock and desire to bend over and show that asshole. We Approve :)"
Cody Wolfe
Cody Wolfe
Cody Wolfe

Cody Wolfe

August 20, 2013

"Cody Wolfe had his audition for GayHoopla and we must say we were impressed. He was a showman who seemed rather comfortable in front of the camera. Also uncut with a HUGE dick. WE APPROVE!"

Logan Vaughn & Cody Wolfe

December 6, 2013

"Logan Vaughn got in on a late flight and wanted to meet Cody Wolfe before their scene. Cody was already sleeping by the time Logan arrived, so Logan took full advantage of first time impressions. Logan grabbed and started sucking Cody's cock until he woke up. Cody totally surprised had no idea what was going on... When confronting Logan about it the next day, Cody thought it was only fair to fuck the shit out of Logan. After some foreplay and exchanged words, it was on."

Cody Wolfe

September 11, 2013

"The Cowboy Cody Wolfe was back only this time he brought a friend. No No not an actual buddy but a silver dildo. Cody forgot to add batteries but he still didn't disappoint. Nice cum shot."

Cole Gets FUCKED!

Featuring Cody Wolfe and Cole Money

October 11, 2013

"Cole Money will take it in the ass for the very first time ever. This has been in the making for years as Cole Money has slowly taken steps towards pushing his boundaries. This is it! He goes all the fucking way. Does he take it like a champ? Or was the very physical Cody Wolfe to much for him."
















Cole FUCKS Cody!

Featuring Cody Wolfe and Cole Money

September 19, 2013

"Cody Wolfe and Cole Money really are really passionate guys. This sizzling video was self shot and extremely hot. Watch Cody beg Cole to hurry and cum because his dick is just too big. Don't forget to watch after the credits..."















Corbin Fisher Bryan Bryan

May 4, 2009

"Bryan is a tall, well-built, very masculine guy with a deep voice and a bit of a shy personality. I always end up wondering a bit why a seemingly shy guy would ever end up at CF in the first place, but Bryan was pretty open about his reasons - he wanted the money!

A friend of his had mentioned that he'd considered jacking off on camera for some money, but had never followed through with it. That idea was enough to spark some curiosity in Bryan and so he planted himself in front of his computer and started looking up websites and companies and found his way to us!

I suppose you're already expecting it, as I definitely was when I first met him. We know he's tall, and we know he has a well-defined and lean build. So, we're expecting a big dick, here. And... he doesn't disappoint! He told me his dick is about 8 inches, but I'd go so far as to give him another half inch or so at least! He's uncut, as well, and that always wins over some fans among CF faithful.

"So what part of your body do you get the most compliments on?" Pete asks.

"Probably my dick when the girls see it," Bryan answers.

It's not difficult to see why once he's got it fully hard! It's a hot dick, indeed! And by the end of his intro solo to CF, it's sprayed a big load all up and down his tight, defined chest!"
Corbin Fisher Bryan

Corbin Fisher Bryan

Corbin Fisher Bryan

Corbin Fisher Bryan