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Spencer Fox


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Gay Room

"Staying In"

Spencer Fox and Jeremy Stevens
Damn Thats Big at GayRoom.com

August 15, 2012

"Lovers Spencer Fox and Jeremy Stevens are staying in this weekend. They're going to catch up on some R & R and an intimate fuck session. These guys are super hot so you know you're in for a sexy time." Visit GayRoom.com for all-in-one access!

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

"Herculean Penetration"

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint (2)
Massage Bait at GayRoom.com

June 14, 2012

"Spencer is one of Tyler Saint's favorites. He's hot, muscular, and perfect for one of my famous oily fucks. Once I stuffed his juicy cock in my mouth, I knew he wouldn't resist. I fucked his hard tight ass and fondled his Hercules like body. He enjoyed every minute of it." Visit GayRoom.com for all-in-one access!

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

"Let's Get Awkward Fucking"

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint
Massage Bait at GayRoom.com

August 18, 2011

""Spencer is a cute stud with a nice slender body. Tyler Saint offered to give him a deep Massage to release some bad energy. There was this weird sexual tension every time Tyler's cock got near him!" Visit GayRoom.com for all-in-one access!

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

Spencer Fox and Tyler Saint

"Perverted Spring Cleaning"

Spencer Fox and Aaron Rivers
Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com

August 16, 2011

"Spencer Fox is the laziest person on the face of the planet. Aaron Rivers, his roommate, always gets on his case about not cleaning after himself. No biggie, his roommate is going to do some cleaning of his own. He's going to clean out his pipes all over Spencer's sweet juicy ass." Visit GayRoom.com for all-in-one access!

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers

Spencer Reed and Aaron Rivers
Tommy Deluca & Spencer Fox

April 27, 2012

"Spencer Fox is a cocky Jock who has let the team down and needs to be punished. Coach Tommy Deluca interrupts his workout and implements a new training session for the jock to try out… Sit ups and forced to kiss the coaches huge cock every time he comes up. Then the bound jock is tied up in a bent over position while the coach plugs his butt with a black anal plug. This excites the coach so much he releases a huge load all over Spencer's plugged asshole."
Spencer Fox tops Kevin Case

April 20, 2012

"Poor Kevin Case has been captured and hog tied by his favorite locker-room crush Spencer Fox. Spencer torments the helpless boy by fingering Kevin’s exposed hole and then sucking his cock. Spencer then makes Kevin suck his dick and balls and then eat his ass while Spencer strokes Kevin’s huge cock until he cums."

Paid In Full

James Jamesson & Spencer Fox

January 26, 2012

"It's the first day on the job for Spencer Fox, and he is eager to please his boss James Jamesson, the proprietor of an S&M accessories retail establishment. Mr. James, as he likes to be called, is quite an eccentric man with an eccentric clientele, and what some would call unorthodox business practices. Spencer is unaware of this but he will soon find out. Just happy to have a job, he innocently asks about compensation, and is informed that he will be rewarded handsomely. And by that, Mr. James means that Spencer will soon be throat, ass and face full of cock, which is just how Spencer likes it. Spencer gets on his knees as Mr. James eats his lubes up his asshole with his tongue, before sliding his thick shaft into Spencer's waiting hole. Pumping back and forth, he fucks Spencer into a gizz spurting frenzy, and when Mr. James proceeds to also bust his nut all over Spencer's stomach, Spencer realizes this is one transaction where he has made out like a bandit."


Training Day

Featuring James Jamesson, Spencer Fox, and Vance Crawford
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

May 12, 2011

"Rumor has it that Spencer Fox has been hiring trainers for an unusual reason. Spencer is the newest client for fitness instructors James Jamesson and Vance Crawford. James has heard the rumors and is betting they're true.

Vance is intrigued when James tells him Spencer might be after more than a just dumbbell session. The two decide to test the rumors by firing up a couple meaty boners and popping them out in Spencer's face. Sure enough, Spencer locks his lips around each, slurping like a fiend. James can tell when an opportunity has further potential so he moves around back and slides his hard dick into Spencer's tight ass. After this workout, Spencer might clinch a spot as a priority client. Enjoy!"

WATCH Training Day Featuring James Jamesson, Spencer Fox, and Vance Crawford









Spencer Fox

Spencer Fox


May 30, 2011

"When Spencer Fox works out, he leaves no muscle group unattended. First he does a bit of cardio, then he stretches his limbs and torso. Next some sit ups and push ups, then some contact work on the bag. But its his final workout that keeps him cumming back. Having the gym to himself, he leans on the bag and begins to fondle himself, and before you know it, he's leaning against the cage in a full on stroker's workout from hell. Enjoy!"

Spencer Fox

Spencer Fox

Spencer Fox Spencer Fox
Tyler Torro, Cherry Torn, Spencer Fox

"Series of Surprises"

Tyler Torro, Cherry Torn, Spencer Fox
Next Door Hookups | Next Door World

June 9, 2011

"Cherry Torn is not your average girl, and Tyler Torro is not your average guy. To say that their love life is a bit adventurous is probably a bit of an understatement. So it should come as any real shock to Tyler when Cherry blindfolds him and tells him she's got a couple of surprises. Surprise one is when Tyler feels the cold hard touch of Cherry's strap-on rubbing on his body. Surprise two is when he feels the soft warm touch of Spencer Fox's mouth all over his hard cock. Turns out, Cherry has recruited Spencer for a bit of fun & mischief. For Tyler, the old bait & switch was never so pleasurable. Enjoy!"

13039_074 Tyler Torro, Cherry Torn, Spencer Fox

13039_030 Tyler Torro, Cherry Torn, Spencer Fox

13039_043 Tyler Torro, Cherry Torn, Spencer Fox

13039_044 Tyler Torro, Cherry Torn, Spencer Fox

13039_056 Tyler Torro, Cherry Torn, Spencer Fox

Mason Star & Spencer Fox Flip-fuck!

Featuring Mason Star & Spencer Fox

September 8, 2011

"Mason Star and Spencer Fox decided to crash over at my place after a wild Saturday night party and I knew something was going to happen in the morning when they woke up. So I called Kevin Crows over and told him to get the new camera and go film those two horny fucks going at it. And sure enough, they didn't disappoint. Both Mason and Spencer have gigantic cocks and they loved shoved them up each other's holes like virgins that have just discovered the pleasures of anal sex. The result? Mason practically got showered with cum. Soooo hot!!"

Mason-spencer-01 Mason-spencer-02

Mason-spencer-03 Mason-spencer-05

Mason-spencer-09 Mason-spencer-10

Mason-spencer-12 Mason-spencer-18

Mason-spencer-19 Mason-spencer-20

Mason-spencer-21 Mason-spencer-25














Kevin Crows Fucks Spencer Fox

Featuring Kevin Crows & Spencer Fox

July 29, 2011

"Kevin Crows and Spencer Fox are two horny fuckers who just can't keep their clothes on. And why would they? I mean, look at them. I think guys like Kevin and Spencer should be forbidden from ever wearing clothes on. Seeing their naked bodies get all wet and soaped up in my shower is a sight to behold every single day. Before Spencer even had a chance to realize what was going on he was already pinned to the wall with his legs spread apart and his pink hole exposed and getting the royal Kevin treatment. The muscle stud rimmed and owned that hole as if he's been doing it all his life. A few minutes later, Spencer was getting plowed in the shower and boy was he loving every minute of it! So fuckin' hot! But why am I even telling you all this?? Just push play already!"

Kevin-spencer01 Kevin-spencer02

Kevin-spencer03 Kevin-spencer07

Kevin-spencer09 Kevin-spencer11

Kevin-spencer12 Kevin-spencer13

Kevin-spencer14 Kevin-spencer18

Kevin-spencer22 Kevin-spencer23









Spencer Fox & Jimmy Clay Flip-Fuck!

Featuring Jimmy Clay and Spencer Fox

June 28, 2011

"Spencer Fox and Jimmy Clay went out one night and things got a little rough. Jimmy pretty much ended up riding Spencer's cock all night long and I'm not sure he even knew what he was doing. I guess to him it's just one of those things he needs to do before he goes to bed or he just doesn't feel right. So in the morning he woke up next to Spencer who was still hungry for more of Jimmy's ass and Jimmy wasn't really down for it since his hole was still recovering from the night before. Well, that doesn't work that way around here. When a cockyboy wants an ass to fuck - he gets it. It's just how it is. So Jimmy's ass ended up taking it again. Of course. They ended up flip-fucking just to make sure both holes were equally sore. I guess I don't need to tell you how the rest of the day was spent... Those two just don't know when to stop. I'm pretty sure if I go to my guest room right now they might still be there fucking. Ah, what a life! Enjoy."





















Spencer Fox Jerks Off

Featuring Spencer Fox

June 20, 2011

"Cockyboys is proud to present the newest addition to the sexiest, cockiest, and horniest boys to have ever walked on this Earth - Spencer Fox. Spencer joined our stable of studs a few weeks ago and is already running around wild and free causing trouble and raising hell - like a true cockyboy should be doing! One thing you'll notice about this boy, besides the stunningly handsome looks, is that he is not shy about showing it all off to his fans - in fact, it turns him on even more. He just couldn't wait to get on the couch and spread open his hole for the whole wide world to take a look. Proud little fuck, that's for sure! Just how we like 'em! It's not like you expected anything else, did you?"


DSC_2390 DSC_2405

DSC_2392 DSC_2422

DSC_2440 DSC_2447

DSC_2459 DSC_2466






Charles O'Riley, Rick McCoy & Spencer Fox


April 22, 2011

"Charles O'Riley is fast asleep on his bed, wearing nothing but his tight white briefs. He could be dreaming for all we know, as the camera glides up from his feet and across that gorgeous body. Suddenly, in walks the equally hunky Rick McCoy and Spencer Fox, also in their underwear. Let the three-way begin! Spencer gorges down on Charles' instant hard-on as Rick pulls out his cock so Charles get do some sucking of his own. A triangle of cock-sucking quickly forms and these boys go to town. Each stud gets a turn at getting their ass licked and Rick is the first to get fucked, once by each of his buddies. Spencer Fox gets plowed next and that sly fox Rick McCoy moves in behind Charles O'Riley to get some ass of his own. This impromptu fuck fest ends with fountain of cum making us wonder if it really was a dream!"

17 19

21 74














Scored, Scene 1

Tommy Deluca and Spencer Fox
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

July 5, 2012

"Ryan and Drake enter the house and take a quick survey of the hot action underway on the first floor. Taking it all in they make their way to the stairwell where they quietly observe as two hot and hung studs are busy getting it on.

Side by side on the sofa, Tommy Deluca and Spencer Fox are lip locked, kissing passionately as they stroke their huge hard cocks. Stroking and kissing leads to groping and sucking as Tommy and Spencer give each other dedicated cock service. These big dicks need hungry cocksuckers, and luckily both guys know just how to handle a big hard dick.

Tommy gets Spencer’s legs in the air and feasts on that hot hole. Before long Spencer is bent over the sofa and begging for Tommy’s big cock. With pleasure, Tommy drills Spencer’s hot ass and pounds him good. A long and hard fuck-fest takes these horny guys to the edge before they unload gushing streams of white hot cum."

Tommy Deluca and Spencer Fox

Hard Drive, Scene 5

Spencer Fox and Conner Habib
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

August 18, 2011

"When Spencer Fox returns fresh from his shower, he finds his once sleepy boyfriend is wide awake and watching some hot guys having sex on his laptop. Turns out his boyfriend is non other than Conner Habbib and he is watching a movie with Spencer in a hot 3-way. With both guys turned on and naked, they do what comes naturally. Kicking back Spencer gets his big dick serviced. Watching his boyfriend suck his cock makes Spencer rock hard. Next its Conner’s turn as Spencer asks if he can suck his dick. Back and forth they swallow each other’s big fat cocks as the moans grow loader and more intense. Feasting on every inch of each other they lock in for a hot “69”, feeding and swallowing each other’s cocks deep in their mouths. Getting down to business Conner really works Spencer’s big cock to the breaking point. Laying side-by-side Spencer jacks his huge cock until the cum starts to fly from his massive tool. Seeing that cum drenched cock sets Conner off as he blows his load in thick streams. As they enjoy the after-glow of a hot morning suck-fest, Spencer soon realizes he needs another shower."

Spencer Fox and Conner Habib

Spencer Fox and Conner Habib

Spencer Fox and Conner Habib

Spencer Fox and Conner Habib

Hard Drive, Scene 4

Jessie Jordan, Jake Lyons, Spencer Fox
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

July 28, 2011

"Revved up and horny, Spencer Fox is in the middle of a serious jack off session. Stripped naked on the bed he beats his monster meat. Meanwhile two young studs, Jessie Jordan and Jake Lyons are sneaking a peek through the bedroom window. When Spencer glances up, he catches them watching him as he strokes his cock. But he doesn’t stop, he lets them watch, giving them a good show before he waves them inside to join him.

Jessie and Jake strip naked and jump into bed. Spencer kicks back and lets these guys eat him whole. It’s a suck fest and Spencer is the center of attention as his big tool is greedily fought over between Jessie and Jake. With one guy swallowing his dick and the other licking his balls, Spencer is soon ready to fuck some ass.

A very limber Jessie gets in the middle. Spencer splits his hot ass from behind as Jake swallows his swollen cock. After Jessie takes a hard pounding, Jake takes a turn and rides Spenser’s juicy cock. It’s a fuck frenzy as Spencer punishes two hot young asses. Getting back in the driver’s seat he fucks Jessie’s tight boy hole, drilling him missionary style. Jake watches as Jessie’s ass is split in two. Overheating, Jakes blows a thick creamy load on Jessie’s chest. As his cum erupts he sets off some major fireworks. Jessie blows next, exploding cum as his ass continues to get punished. And finally, once he has satisfied two horny young dudes, Spencer gets his rocks off. Pounding his pulsating cock he drains his dick all over Jessie."

Jessie Jordan, Jake Lyons, Spencer Fox

Jessie Jordan, Jake Lyons, Spencer Fox

Jessie Jordan, Jake Lyons, Spencer Fox

Jessie Jordan, Jake Lyons, Spencer Fox

Sit Tight 2, Scene 3

Spencer Fox and Jed Athens
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

November 26, 2013

"Exuberance zips into overdrive as sexy Spencer Fox gets it on with rock solid Jed Athens. Their hot kissing session steams up the picture window next to the oversize tub that's home to their high spirited sport fuck. Spencer worships Jed's meat and savors his lengthy shaft and tight balls. His cock couldn't be harder with anticipation as he settles his granite ass down on Jed's cock. He rides so hard in that sweet saddle you'd think his steely pipe would crack clear off. Before that can happen, Spencer and Jed switch their roles, and Spencer shows what his strapping dick can do when it's welcomed up a eager hole like Jed's. It's so intense the tightly clasped pair launch a mutual jack-off that lets their cream erupt."

Knockouts And Takedowns, Scene 3
Dylan Roberts and Spencer Fox
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

September 4, 2013

"You can hear the crowd outside the locker room waiting for the next match, but Spencer Fox has a problem: his huge woody has made a tent out of his spandex wrestling singlet. When Dylan Roberts enters, it’s not long before he offers to help his teammate take care of the situation. He’s quickly on his knees deep throating Spencer’s gigantic, thick dick. Spencer is now in the classic, on-all-fours wrestling position allowing Dylan to take it to the rear and spit coat Spencer’s tasty, hairless hole. In a show of team spirit, Spencer returns his teammate’s favor by swallowing Dylan’s stiff, uncut cock, paying special attention to his foreskin. Dylan’s muscled, milky bod with Spencer’s tan and toned frame sets the stage for a featured match of flip fucking. Dylan’s face reads of agonizing pleasure with Spencer steadily surging into his ass doggie style, and delivering the occasional smack to Dylan’s white ass. After the flip, Spencer’s on back with his legs on Dylan’s shoulders, groaning with a grin as Dylan delivers ball-slapping hole punching. Finally both lean lads unleash large locker room loads. Spencer spurts on his stomach while Dylan still inside him and Dylan pulls out, shooting his jizz in the same spot."
Come And Get It, Scene 2
Spencer Fox and Edin Sol
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

"Spencer Fox and Edin Sol are so twisted with lust they don’t even make it to the bedroom. Tangled together, they’re going at in on the stairway. Compact hottie Edin isn’t fazed that Spencer’s one of the meanest fucks around. He’s got Spencer in a mad frenzy. They rip their clothes off, and hurtle into mad cocksucking. Edin may be small, but every inch of Spencer’s swollen cock disappears down his throat. The kid holds still only so Spencer can give him a brutal face fucking. And then Edin’s backing his sweet rump up against Spencer’s mammoth tent pole, impaling himself so brutally that Spencer braces himself against the onslaught of ass. He sits on the top step, and Edin lowers himself onto Spencer’s huge steel rod and pistons up and down every inch of its extreme length. It’s such a sensational fuck that they’d explode if they pumped any faster. With Spencer’s cock buried deep in his sweet, succulent boy-hole, Edin explodes a sparkler of high flying cum. Spencer jets his load over Edin’s chest, and the sated youth licks the left overs off the shiny slick surface of Spencer’s still achingly hard cock."
Luke Milan and Spencer Fox in Twin Heat, Scene 2Twin Heat, Scene 2
Luke Milan and Spencer Fox
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

July 3, 2013

"Spencer Fox and Luke Milan raid the refrigerator for something to cool themselves down. They find popsicles to suck on but the relief is temporary and just doesn’t satisfy. Eyeing each other slyly they know they’d rather wrap their lips around another kind of treat: the hefty boners they’re both packing inside their shorts. Luke is first to service his sexy friend, milking his schlong with oral tugs; and Spencer soon responds, giving head as good as he received. The tanned Luke eats his buddy’s ass, licking the pinched hole and priming it for a good fuck. He rams his huge dick deep inside, making Spencer twitch with excitement as they share the sensations of heated friction. Spencer is ready for his turn in this flip fuck session and he quickly jams his pole inside his Luke’s tight hole. In and out, faster and faster, he drives his hips. They end up fucking with Luke splayed out on the kitchen counter, his eyes shut closed as he surrenders to the pleasure until they both finally bust their nuts."
Cabin Fever - Part 2Cabin Fever - Part 2, Scene 1
Valentin Petrov and Spencer Fox
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

November 28, 2012

"Valentin Petrov towels himself off, feeling hot and clean after his steamy shower. He is quickly aroused when he sees Spencer Fox soaking in the tub. Stewing in the warm water,Spencer and his equally giant cock get Valentin fired up. Spencer invites his friend over, and Valentin gets busy lapping up his thick hard dick, hefty balls and juicy manhole. The mad Russian’s tongue darts all around and deep inside the Spencer’s chute. Spencer gets so excited that he quickly takes his turn to suck cock. He buries his face in Valentin’s crotch and nurses on his swollen 9+ inches. Valentin is wanting more and he positions himself on Spencer’s thick dick and bucks up and down, his hard cock swinging madly. The two friends switch roles again in this exchange of huge dicks, flipping so Valentin can plow Spencer aggressively in the ass. Ready to explode, the guys beat their meat together, stroking hard and fast until Spencer and Valentin blast their loads."

Hungover, Scene 1

Chris Tyler, Connor Maguire, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Parker London, Spencer Fox
Falcon Studios

April 13, 2012

"Landon Conrad, Spencer Fox, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano and Connor Maguire are all anxious to get down and party hearty before their service buddy, Chris Tyler, heads out on another deployment. With all the macho bravado and testosterone bouncing off the walls, no one, not even the pizza delivery man, is safe. Dylan is the first to sample the choice slabs of meat from the buffed-up buffet as he begins sucking on Jimmy's horsedick and Chris follows suit guzzling down Spencer's cock. And Landon and Parker London (the pizza guy) get busy quick as they trade off sucking down each other's big salamis. The man action rages on non-stop especially when Dylan adds Connor's cock to his happy meal. There's a lot more man-on-man action for all the guys to gobble up from their self-made smorgasbord. It's bottoms up for Parker London and Chris Tyler as they yield their assholes to Spencer Fox and Connor Maguire respectively, while Dylan Hauser does double duty getting fucked by Jimmy Durano in his hole and Landon Conrad down his gullet. All the debauched sensations the men are experiencing can be measured by all their moaning and groaning. The louder it gets, the more pleasurable it is. There's no limit to their shared hedonism and things get real crazy when first Dylan and then Chris get gangbanged. And to make sure Chris gets the send-off he deserves, all his friends salute him with shots of cum."














18749_002 18749_008

18749_018 18749_023
Spencer Fox Fucks Calvin Koons
Members Exclusive
Falcon Studios

June 22, 2012

"Tasty, muscled Spencer Fox and handsome Calvin Coons are clothed and making out on the sofa in their loft. Spencer’s huge cock pops out of his underwear and Calvin can’t get out of his clothes fast enough. As Calvin’s dick comes out, Spencer is slurping on it right away, and Calvin gets right on Spencer’s massive boner. Spencer spreads his legs wide open inviting Calvin to take turns between rimming him and sucking his tool. Deepthroating Spencer, Calvin bends over and offers up his tight, sweet hole for Spencer to eat, finger and fuck. After getting Calvin primed and ready, Spencer goes in for a deep plunge, driving his rock hard cock deep inside stroke after powerful stroke that Calvin takes willingly. Sitting down, Spencer offers his cock up for a ride by Calvin, who immediately jumps on board and mounts Spencer’s hefty piece. From here on out it is an expert cock riding display – Calvin is like a rodeo rockstar hitting it cowboy and reverse cowboy until he shoots his load on his leg and quickly gets on his knees so Spencer can shoot multiple spurts of jizz on Calvin’s face and in his mouth."

Dominic Sol and Spencer FoxDominic Sol and Spencer Fox
Members Exclusive
Falcon Studios

April 4, 2012

"Ripped Spencer Fox dangles his thick huge cock in Dominic Sol’s handsome face and Dominic can’t wait to wrap his lips around it. Spencer doesn’t get to toy with Dominic for very long, because the hot stud wants that cock bad. It’s not long before Dominic’s swallowing the whole thing, throating it and letting Spencer fuck his mouth relentlessly while he’s splayed out showing off his hot ass. It’s no long before the two engage in some smoking 69 action after Dominic lays on his back and lets Spencer drop his cock into his mouth. Spencer gets into sucking off Dominic and he begins fingering his hole while he buries his cock in Dominic’s mouth and engulfs Dominic’s dick. After eating Spencer’s ass for a bit, Dominic opens up to get his mouth fucked some more, which turns him on so much he shoots load all over his chest. Fucking Dominic’s mouth pushes Spencer over the edge and he shoots on Dominic’s face."


Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 4

Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox
Hot House

April 2, 2012

"The pack moves in to put the 'bang' in 'gang bang!' All four studs are rock hard and ready to take turns plowing Marc Dylan's big juicy butt. Brian Bonds steps up to take his turn first, pounding and slapping Dylan's ass. Bonds moves aside for Spencer Fox who slams his long dick all the way in Dylan's hole then pulls out and shoves it back in. Next up is monster-cock Kris Anderson who shows no mercy on Dylan's already well-fucked hole. Finally muscular powerhouse Jimmy Durano slides up behind Dlyan and drills his hole, shoving every inch of his thick cock deep inside. The men continue this merciless rotation until each stud is ready to blow. One at a time they shove their cocks in Dylan's hole then pull out and shoot all over hi back. As soon as the last man cums the pack disperses, leaving Marc alone and satiated until the next time!"

WATCH Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 4 Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox
















All Stars, Scene 4

Featuring Jimmy Durano and Spencer Fox
Hot House

March 26, 2012

"Jimmy Durano goes about his business cleaning the gym locker room after-hours. He's about to close up when Spencer Fox comes back looking for his cell phone. He finds it but turns his attention to Jimmy's washboard abs. Before you know it Spencer is on his knees sucking Jimmy's huge cock and pulling on his own 10+ incher. The studs strip down and Jimmy takes his turn bobbing up and down on Spencer's perfect dick and rimming his tight hole. It's clear Jimmy intends to stick his dick in that ass - and Spencer is down to fuck. He bends over so Jimmy can power-slam his hole then flips over so Jimmy can go deeper. Spencer strokes his dick and shoots then Jimmy pulls out and beats a load out of his fat cock. Drenched in sweat and cum both hunks hit the showers!"

WATCH All Stars, Scene 4 Featuring Jimmy Durano and Spencer Fox
















Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 3

Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox
Hot House

March 19, 2012

"The pack has been patient enough - they want to get it in! Spencer Fox steps up to fuck Marc Dylan's ass first, plowing the muscular bottom with all 10 inches. With Marc's hole occupied Kris Anderson shoves his giant cock down Marc's throat. Meanwhile Brian Bond helps Jimmy Durano get ready for his turn at Marc's hole with a juicy blow job. While Brian empales himself on Jimmy's monster-cock Kris and Spencer bury their bones in both Marc's holes. As soon as Spencer pulls out Jimmy jumps up and shoves his rock-hard tool in the bottom's big round ass. In the background all hell breaks loose; Brian gets his cock sucked by Spencer while Kris eats Spencer's ass - the gangbang has exploded out of control."

WATCH Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 3 Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox
















Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 2

Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox
Hot House

March 5, 2012

"Marc Dylan's ass is on the menu! Spencer Fox has all the guys take turns jamming their tongues deep in Dylan's hole while Dylan makes his way around the group, sucking their rock hard cocks. Jimmy Durano gives Dylan a reach around, stroking the muscular hunk's big cock while he eats his ass. Brian Bonds smacks Dylan's big round bubble-butt until it glows rosy red. Spencer Fox goes in for a taste while horse-hung Kris Anderson fucks Dylan's greedy mouth. All of this crazy gang-bang action has the guys ready to bust so they put Dylan on his back and form a circle-jerk over his washboard abs and handsome face. All five guys blow their loads leaving Dylan drenched in cum - and no one has even fucked yet!"

WATCH Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 2 Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox
















Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 1

Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox
Hot House

February 20, 2012

"Marc Dylan starts off his gangbang blindfolded. He has no idea who the guys are as they file in one at a time to smack his ass and shove their crotches in his face. When he takes off his mask he's happy to see four of his favorite big-dicked studs: Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Spencer Fox, and Kris Anderson. Dylan works his way around the pack giving each cock a juicy welcome. He starts with Bonds, a young redhead with a rock hard cock. Next he moves over to Durano's thick Latin meat, followed by all-American Spencer Fox and his 8-inch battering ram. Finally Dylan reveals Anderson's mammoth cock, a whopping 9x6 mouthwatering prize. Dylan proves he's the right man for the job, sometimes even taking two of the huge dicks in his mouth at once... a real cock-sucker's dream!"

WATCH Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan, Scene 1 Featuring Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan and Spencer Fox















Auditions 49: Concrete Jungle
Spencer Fox Fucks Brayden Forrester
Lucas Entertainment

February 15, 2013

"Young, handsome, and ready for sex: those three points best describe Brayden Forrester and Spencer Fox! Both guys have incredible boy-next-door good looks and great bodies: Spencer is lean and Brayden is lightly muscled and furry. When they move in for one another they kiss a little, but oral sex takes over the session fast. There’s lots of back-and-forth sucking: Brayden and Spencer are standing up and other times they’re chilling on the couch, kicking back, and swallowing cock! Brayden is the bottom for this scene, and Spencer has a massive flopping dick that’s hard and ready to loose itself inside the furry cutie!"

Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler Pound Tight Ass

Auditions 46: Take It Like a Man, Scene 4

Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler Pound Tight Ass
Lucas Entertainment

July 16, 2012

"Spencer Fox’s character leads the scene during Adam Killian’s interview: Chris Tyler, while muscular and intimidating in appearance, is actually quiet and shy until he warms up after some chit chat. The guys get the talking out of the way before Adam cues them to go at it. They begin making out and let their hands do the rest of the talking. Spencer’s erection is the first to pop out of his pants, and Chris is up for the challenge. He opens up his throat like a sword swallower as he lowers his mouth onto the meat Spencer is packing. Spencer has the timeless all-American, boy-next-door look, and watching him kick back while Chris slobbers all over his huge cock is too much to take. But Spencer is as much a giver as a receiver, and when Chris strips off his clothes to show off his hardcore body and uncut cock, Spencer sets himself to the challenge of sucking Chris. And Chris has no complaints -- he cheers Spencer on and grabs his head while he bobs up and down on the cock. Watch Chris’ bicep as he grips Spencer’s head -- it’s as big as his own cock! Chris preps Spencer’s butt with his tongue before bending him over and mounting his ass like a beast in heat: Chris pounds and rides Spencer’s rear with ferocity. When Chris is spent, he gets onto his back and lifts his legs up for Spencer to slide inside him. Spencer is huge, and it’s difficult for Chris at first, but he grits through it until the pain becomes pleasure and they blow their loads!"

Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler Pound Tight Ass

Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler Pound Tight Ass Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler Pound Tight Ass

Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler Pound Tight Ass Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler Pound Tight Ass

Use Me Like A Tool, Scene 2

Featuring Spencer Fox and Spencer Reed
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang

October 12, 2012

"These two stars named Spencer were bound to finally come together for a blowout scene - Spencer Fox, the smooth youth gluttonous for big cock, and Spencer Reed, the heavy hung, solid hunk of beef ready to wreak havoc on his partner's fine hole. A work area scattered drop cloths and aluminum siding can't confine their intense arousal. Fox pulls Reed's cock free of his musky jock, and Reed pumps the full bloated length of the rammer into Fox's face, holding his head down on it until the young sucker chokes. But this is no lopsided lust. 'Nice fuckin' dick,' Reed says as he buries the entire length of Fox's steel rod down his throat. But Reed flourishes on fucking, and he rims the fresh, hairless hole into readiness for the ruthless stretching his colossal cock's going to give it. Fox braces himself against the barrage of brute force, as Reed repeatedly pulls his ass-mauler all the way out before heaving it back in. Fox finally blows across his stomach, and Reed throws his load on, too, as he hungrily laps up Fox's hot pearls. He clamps his mouth over the shuddering bottom's cum-slick cock, and shares jizz flavored kisses with the dazed and spent youth."

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Insatiable, Scene 1

Charlie Harding and Spencer Fox
Raging Stallion Studios

July 27, 2012

"Charlie Harding and Spencer Fox are hard-bodied, horny men with big meat to share.Charlie feeds his tube steak to Spencer then picks him up, throws him down on the tableand dines on Spencer's big sausage. Muscle man Charlie spreads Spencer's legs wide,shoves his rod hard in Spencer's ass and gives him a steady rocking ride on his back and onhis knees. The muscle studs finish each other off with two creamy loads for dessert."

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