Spiros Pappas
Vusumzi Njisane


ALIAS: Dominic
SITES: My Friends Feet, Sean Cody, Thunder TV Wrestling

Dominic's Size 12 Feet & Dress Socks


July 8, 2019

"Dominic always looks great, but for some reason, I think he looks sexiest when he is dressed up. Dominic's big size 12 feet are stunning. They are very wide with a lot of area on his wide soles for tickling - and those soles are extra ticklish. He was very happy that I wasn't tickling him on the day I took the photos. This beefy young jock with such gorgeous feet and rosy cheeks will always be one of my favorite guys."









Dominic's Bare Feet & Dress Socks


July 24, 2018

"Dominic has gorgeous size 12 feet that are wide and ticklish. He's here first in his dark dress socks and then he pulls those off to show his amazing bare feet. We had fun doing this shoot and I was experimenting with a wide camera lens for a bit of expressionistic feel to the photos. I hope you enjoy them!"

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Mffhq1452_dominic_39 Mffhq1452_dominic_44

Mffhq1452_dominic_49 Mffhq1452_dominic_73



Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet_004

Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet


March 15, 2016

"It was really nice to see hunky, muscular Dominic again. He's always got a great bit smile on his face and of course his body and size 12 feet always look great. Dominic showed up in flip flops for this shoot because he knows how much they turn me on. Dominic knows everything about me when it comes to my foot fetish at this point. Anything to do with open toed shoes, certain types of socks, big, sexy, size 12 feet just like his, Dominic knows what I like. Once again it was a sheer pleasure to take photos of this very handsome man and his perfectly masculine feet!"

Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet_013

Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet_049

Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet_006 Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet_021

Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet_023 Dominic's Flip Flops and Size 12 Feet_056

Muscle God Dominic Tickle Tortured


July 13, 2013

"Hunky College Wrestler Dominic may be big, strong and tough but he was not match for our fingers and tickle toys when we tortured him on the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. Dominic turned out to be super ticklish. And then some. That is always the way with these big muscle dudes. I guess it's something in their physical make up. Which was just fine with Dev and I as we tormented this stunning stud and his size 12 feet relentlessly!"






Dominic Worship

Dominic Worship


Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Dominic was far too hot to resist as he fell asleep at the MyFriendsFeet house one early evening. I guess he was tired from the plane trip. I was sure to get on his size 12 feet with my mouth and tongue while I had the chance. I wasn't sure just how tired Dominic was but he seemed to stay asleep for the entire time - for the most part. He definitely stirred when I started tickling the soles of his feet. Dominic is so gorgeous when he sleeps and has such HOT feet!"

Dominic Worship Dominic Worship Dominic Worship

Dominic Worship Dominic Worship Dominic Worship

College Wrestler Dominic Destroyed By Tickling


Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Dominic may be a tough College wrestler but obviously no one had tested his ticklishness until this MyFriendsFeet video. I tied him to the tickle table and had my way with him. I'm amazed that a man who gets so close to other men on the wrestling mat didn't know how ticklish he was. He certainly found out pretty quickly though by the time I had my fingers and tickle toys on the soles of his size 12 feet!"

Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled

Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled

Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled Dominic Tickled

Dominic's Size 12 Bare Feet & Dirty Socks


"Big, burly Dominic is always a treat to look at. Especially when he's kicking back in some summer clothes and shows off his size 12 bare feet like he does in this photo set from MyFriendsFeet. Dominic is pretty big, but he's a pretty nice guy. And he really loves showing off his size 12 feet because he know how much people want to worship them. I might get to one day!"

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Thunder TV Wrestling


Dominic vs Rocco


December 6, 2013

"The new kid Rocco was a big fan of the site and now steps into the matt and his first match up with none other than Dominic the Dominator!"






Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58

Dominic vs Brad Barnes

"Dominic vs Brad Barnes. This is the match you have been wanting us to create. Many of our fans have written in asking for more flexing and to have the guys compare size to see who is bigger. Well we did it on this match with 2 of our best bodybuilders. Matt has put on about 15 lbs more muscle and Brad Barnes has put on over 20 lbs of muscle since we last filmed him. So both these men were excited and ready to show off how powerful and big they were. So we decided to have a flex off and that erupted into a wrestling match of two stallions trying to out power each other with moves like Front headlock, full nelson, bearhug, body scissors, head scissors, firemans carry, leg lock, test of strength, gorilla press, choke lift, and mercy to name a few. You will have to write in and tell us who you think wins the flex off but I know your going to love seeing who wins the wrestling."

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Bodybuilder Battle 58 Dominic vs Brad Barnes

Dominic vs Eric Fury

Bodybuilder Battle 59

"Undeafeated Eric Fury makes his return to square off with big powerful Dom the Dominator, who Eric dismisses as a “typical meathead.” Handsome tough guy Eric is looking as sexy as ever, with his amazing physique and celebrity good looks. These two gorgeous hunks spend a few minutes flexing and sizing each other up, exchanging grudging mutual admiration as well as wise cracks. Eric clearly is not intimidated by larger Dom, who he calls “meathead bodybuilder” and “bicep boy.” Eric abruptly ends the flexing session by clamping a crushing bearhug on Dom, asking the bigger guy how he likes it. Dom quickly retaliates and manhandles Eric with lots of bearhugs, full nelsons, backbreakers over the shoulder and over the knee, leg scissors, a crucifix, a humiliating school boy pin and some powerful forearm shots across Eric’s chest. The Dominator punctuates the beating with lots of flexing, putting his huge guns on display over and over. Dom’s punishment leaves handsome, muscular Eric crawling on the mat, trying to get to his feet. But the best is yet to come for Eric Fury fans, as the sexy, powerful stud shows he’s not beaten. He turns things around quickly with a couple of moves. Then he humiliates big body builder Dom by sitting on him, flexing and dishing out some hard core trash talk, which includes repeatedly asking “Who’s the dominator?” But does Eric remain undefeated? If you like decisive, dominant victories, the ending to this match is one of the hottest ever. Watch it to find out which of these powerful hunks walks away victorious - and who is left lying on the mat."





Dominic vs Vinny

Mat Rats 38

"Vinny "Too Good" is back and wants to let everyone know his routine and what he does on a daily basis to getting the body that he has. But before he can even finish up his lesson, Dominic interrupts and confronts Vinny about a car issue that he noticed after leaving the gym. Vinny gets really upset and fired up once Dominic starts to put his hands on Vinny. He explodes and both men lock up."





Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2368 Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2388

Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2440 Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2412
Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7580 42

Muscles vs Dominic


"Thunder's Arena is proud to present Muscles, who is here to replace Dominic. With over 50 exclusive new photos. What do you think of this big man stomping into Thunder's Arena ready to take charge?"

Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7414 16

Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7432 19

Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7474 25

Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7443 21 Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7478 26

Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7499 28 Muscles_vs_Dominic__IMG_7605 47



April 17, 2012

"So, you're really blushing... do you always get bright red?"

"Yeah, a lot," Harrison responsed. "For the most part I'm really shy, but when I'm horny or embarrassed I get all flustered!"

"And what are you now?"

"A little bit of both!"

You could definitely tell he was a bit flustered as he fumbled around taking his shorts off. But once they came off... well it was worth the wait!

Harrison has a large, perky, bubble butt!

"Wow! Your ass is massive!"

"Thanks..." he responded as he turned bright red again.

As we got underway I couldn't help but notice that Harrison was dripping a lot of precum... so much so that he was using it as lube.

"Um, that's a lot of precum!"

"Yeah," he laughed. "It's really awkward when I start leaking in class. I get up and there is a huge wet spot on my pants!"

Harrison is in college trying to get the most out of life and taking advantage of what adventures come his way.

He has a tattoo which explains his philosophy.

"One life, one chance," he explained as he showed it to us."I got it as a reminder to always take risks, and never to settle!"

"That must be what brought you here today then?"

"That and a chance to play with my balls!" he replied.

Harrison's balls were big and he liked to tug on them a lot. And when he came, he shot almost all the way to his face!

"Does it ever hit you in the mouth?"

"Once or twice... maybe three times," he said. His cheeks instantly got red again!

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