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Special Reserve, Scene 2: Whats Up Coach?

Featuring David Anthony, Kyle Quinn and Race Cooper

August 28, 2012

"Jock Kyle Quinn reports to the locker room after school, with coach Race Cooper ready to take measurements: “You’re gonna show me if you have what it takes to make it to the next level.” The sexual tension builds, the two soon staring at each other in their jockstraps. “Coach, are you getting…hard?” Nervous but ready to please, the toned cutie takes out his big meat and strokes. Fellow coach David Anthony rounds the corner, ordering Kyle to get Race’s cock out. The three get closer, stroking each other before David orders the athlete to “Get down.” An unforgettable suck session follows, the trio voraciously cock worshipping each other. David gets Kyle on the bench, feeding him as Race eats the stud’s ass, rolling it up for David to finger. Race fucks Kyle, now stuffed at both ends. The tops switch positions, a moaning Kyle staring at David: “Like that, coach?” Race fucks Kyle doggie style, David then getting behind the top for a hot fuck chain that has his balls banging away. The three stand to stroke, dumping their wads on a uniform."

























The Hot Mover

Featuring Kyle Quinn and Robert Van Damme
Str8 to Gay at Men.com

April 18, 2012

"Kyle Quinn needs a big strong man to help him move and asks his friend Robert Van Damme if he would help out. Robert, always the nice guy agrees to help but when moving day arrives Kyle is all but useless which is pissing him off. Kyle doesn't want his friend to be upset with him and offers him a deal, if Robert moves the rest of the stuff into the van Kyle will suck his dick!"

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Featuring Boston Miles and Kyle Quinn
Str8 to Gay at Men.com

February 18, 2012

"Kyle Quinn has ALWAYS wanted his straight roommate Boston Miles to fuck him, but one can only dream right? Boston is a bit of a sleepwalker and somehow makes it into Kyle's room and snuggles right up to him. Kyle considers pinching himself to make sure he's not dreaming but decides instead to see what Boston has hiding under the covers. Kyle figures it's his bed so it's his rules and starts to suck Boston's cock!"







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Featuring Jessie Colter, Kyle Quinn and Trey Turner
Drill My Hole at Men.com

February 16, 2012

"Jessie Colter and Trey Turner have a problem with their housepet Kyle Quinn. It seems that every time things get a little hot between Jessie and Trey, Kyle doesn't want to be left out and interrupts wanting to play too."














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Winner Takes All

Featuring Cal Parker, Cameron Foster, Kyle Quinn, and Ricky Larkin
Big Dicks At School at Men.com

November 18, 2011

"Tennis is a game of high stakes.... well maybe not but they are much higher when your ass is on the line. Kyle Quinn and Cameron Foster are paired up in a doubles match versus Cal Parker and Ricky Larkin rules are simple... losers get fucked."

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Creeping For Dick

James Huntsman and Kyle Quinn
Next Door World | Next Door Originals

August 8, 2014

"James Huntsman is taking a refreshing shower, washing his muscular body and getting ready to start the day. As he starts to dry off in front of the mirror he notices his roommate Kyle peeking in on him again so James being as forward as he is just tells him to come suck it if that's what he really wants. Kyle jumps right on it down to his knees and begins to service James in all ways possible. He gets throat fucked deep and hard but Kyle loves gagging on that cock. Kyle knows how to service a sexy uncut cock and James knows how to fuck a mouth that's been waiting for his balls to be slapping against some chin. James takes full advantage of busting a hot load right into Kyle's mouth, and shortly afterward Kyle blasts too all over the floor. Enjoy!"

WATCH Creeping For Dick Featuring Kyle Quinn and James Huntsman






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"Gym Reunion"

Brandon Lewis and Kyle Quinn

June 6, 2014

"Brandon Lewis works out in the gym alone as a vaguely familiar figure enters and begins to check his locker. Upon closer scrutiny, they both recognize each other. Kyle Quinn looks different than Brandon remembers... the facial hair, he's trimmed down... something is different. And Brandon has bulked up since Kyle last saw him. His biceps, chest... all much more defined. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the bulge in his shorts. And Brandon definitely hasn't forgotten how good Kyle is at downing a dick, but just as a reminder, he pulls his shorts down and Kyle takes his cock into his hands, before dropping to his knees and devouring it. Brandon puts his hand on Kyle's head and pushes him deeper, before throwing Kyle down on the bench and licking his hole, lubing it up as his cock grows bigger and bigger.Kyle turns over and Brandon plunges himself deep has Kyle spreads his cheeks and Brandon pounds away. Brandon grabs Kyle by the shoulders and pulls him closer as Kyle strokes his cock, flipping over onto his back and cumming all over himself as Brandon just keeps grinding, before he pulls out and loses his load all over Kyle's face. Standing over his cum-drenched friend, it all seems so familiar now...Enjoy!"


"Best in the Biz"

Tyler Torro, Kyle Quinn, James Huntsman

December 26, 2013

"When Kyle Quinn decided he was gonna become a personal trainer, he call on the Best in the Biz! He had done some scouting around local gyms and seen Tyler Torro putting on clinics in the weight room. Kyle had to have him. After striking a deal where Tyler would bring himself along with a friend who also happens to be a fantastic trainer, the three met up at Kyle's place. Kyle hired a camera man to capture the instructional session for later viewing.

Tyler showed up with James Huntsman, a top trainer with an incredible body. Once the two pros took their shirts off, Kyle knew he would need to see more. He noticed both guys had fattening erections under their workout shorts. Kyle figured he'd test the waters by grabbing Tyler's boner. That's when all three guys realized the only way Kyle was going to understand the proper discipline required to train gym patrons was by taking two hard dicks in his mouth. Switching back and forth between cocks, at a fevered pace, Kyle started to get it! Then Tyler bent Kyle over and slid his fat dong into Kyle's tight, sweet hole. Even though the position wasn't something Kyle was used to, it felt VERY good. If this is what training is all about, Kyle's gonna be great! Enjoy!"





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"Room 69"

Kevin Crows and Kyle Quinn
NextDoorWorld | NextDoorBuddies

October 18, 2012

"On the first floor of a moderately priced hotel, one of a chain, a business man by the name of Kevin Crows talks on the phone to his secretary, who sits at her desk in an office miles from where he is now. Another man enters, toting a fold-up massage table. Before he can set up, the business man hangs up his cell phone and introduces himself. The masseur, Kyle Quinn, does the same, shaking Kevin's outstretched hand. Kevin explains to him in no uncertain terms that a massage will not be taking place during this in-room service call. No, instead Kyle will be performing a 'dick sucking,' as Kevin describes. 'But what about the massage,' Kyle asks, a bit confused. It's not what this Mr. Crows had in mind, and he doesn't want to waste time. You see, for many business men, away from their families while travelling, the massage is simply a formality. It's a means to an end. And that end is a slobbery suck job to satisfy their appetite for hot, young guys. But Kevin is more to-the-point. He's having Kyle lick and bob on his fat, rock hard cock, and that's just the beginning. He's having a taste of Kyle's thick boner as well. Then Kyle's letting this Mr. Crows slide that massive, bulging erection into his tight, eager ass. Be sure to have your assistant clear an adequate chunk of time in your schedule to enjoy these incredible hotties turn up the heat in Room 69. Enjoy!"


Dick By The Foot

Featuring Connor Maguire, Kyle Quinn, and Samuel O'Toole
Next Door Studios | Samuel OToole

September 20, 2011

"Samuel O'Toole has a pretty extensive collection of shoes. However, he pays a price for looking so well coordinated. Namely, some of those great looking pairs of shoes hurt his feet something silly. Luckily Samuel also has an extensive collection of friends willing to rub his feet at the end of a long day. Of course, his feet aren't the only parts they're willing to rub. Kyle Quinn is ready and willing to rub whatever Samuel can slide his way, and the only thing better than two cocks is three, so Samuel calls Connor Maguire and asks him if he wants any part of it. Which, of course, he does. Before you know it, Samuel's feet aren't hurting anymore, but his dick is about to bust and rock fucking hard. Guess that's what friends are for... Enjoy!"

WATCH Dick By The Foot Featuring Connor Maguire, Kyle Quinn, and Samuel O'Toole


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Hot Pockets

Featuring Cody Cummings and Kyle Quinn
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

July 27, 2011

"Cody Cummings knows how to line up a shot. He's brought Kyle Quinn into his billiard room to shoot around and check out his form on the table. Kyle's been talking a big game and Cody wants to see if Kyle's skills stack up.

Kyle is not only a fan of Cody's incredible physique, he's also admired his focus under pressure. This time he's hoping to learn a few tips not only about shooting pool, but stroking a hard cock as well. When Cody decides to give the pool game a rest, boners come out blazing, and Kyle can't keep his hands off that enormous dick! Cody likes Kyle's smooth, cock-jerking style so he slips his hard dick right into Kyle's warm, eager mouth. Check out these guys as they go from shooting pool to shooting hot loads in this wicked hot billiard room blast! Enjoy!"

WATCH Hot Pockets Featuring Cody Cummings and Kyle Quinn











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13643_016 13643_024

Private Party

Featuring Kyle Quinn and Samuel O'Toole
Next Door Studios | Samuel OToole

February 22, 2011

"Well the sun is setting and it's party time. You know the routine: a few friends, good food, some drinking, maybe the random quickie down the hallway... all in a day's work for Samuel O'Toole. Samuel has made a new friend at his party: Kyle Quinn. He starts by showing Kyle his house. Then he shows Kyle his room. Then he shows Kyle his giant rock-hard cock. From there Kyle doesn't need to be shown anymore. He knows what to do. Enjoy!"

WATCH Private Party Featuring Kyle Quinn and Samuel O'Toole

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9944_06 9944_14












Raging Bull

Featuring Trystan Bull and Kyle Quinn
Next Door Studios | Trystan Bull

April 4, 2011

"Trystan Bull has been going to his particular gym for over a year now. He's gotten pretty good with the weights, pretty good with his endurance and cardio, but the area he is excelling at is in the cage hitting the bag. He has actually become quite a natural with his hands. Kyle Quinn is new to the gym, but he recognizes talent when he sees it, which is why he's had his eye on Trystan now for some time. Watch as the two of them spar, shadowbox and sweat together. And then watch as they wind down together from their workout. It turns out Kyle is quite a natural with his hands too. And his mouth... and his ass...Enjoy!"

WATCH Trystan Bull and Kyle Quinn in Raging Bull





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Kiss and Makeup

Featuring Kyle Quinn and Luke Hass
Damn Thats Big at GayRoom.com

August 22, 2012

"Kyle Quinn and Luke Hass got into a heated argument last night. The next morning, Luke felt bad so he decided to kiss and make up. Kyle is willing to forgive but he wants more then just a kiss. He wants Luke's large, hard cock to beg for forgiveness."





















The Rosetta Bone

Featuring Jacob Lucha and Kyle Quinn
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

April 18, 2012

"This week we have a blast from the past as we welcome back Kyle Quinn. It's been a while since we've see Kyle who is now 27, originally from Washington D.C. and is keeping busy helping out with the family business. Making his debut this week is a hot Hispano from the Pearl of the Caribbean, Cuba that goes by the name of Jacob Lucha. Jacob is 18 and obviously packin' which is why he's here. We asked these studs to tell us of all the places they've been which their favorite city would be. Exotic Fiji is Kyle's answer while Jacob, who may not necessarily be a 'friend of Dorothy', knows there's no place like home. Miami is the only place this hung, uncut hottie wants to be. Both of these studs started exploring their sexuality in middle school; and while both broke the ice with girls their age only one stuck to that dietary menu. 'Some' men can not live on fish alone. (evil grin) So to wrap things up we asked these studs to tell us what the biggest dick they'd ever seen was. Kyle saw one that was 10' long. He would've taken it too if only his hole was more accommodating. For Jacob, it would have to be his own dick. He's not being cocky, it's just, being straight; he doesn't make checking out other guys' junk a habit.

Kyle and Jacob are hangin' out when Kyle asks Jacob where his accent is from. Jacob tells him he's Cuban. Kyle admits he's a sucker for a foreign accent and wonders if girls respond to it as well. Jacob assures him they do with a smile. Kyle then turns up the heat when he coyly asks Jacob how do you say 'Put your dick in my mouth' in Spanish. Jacob stands up and decides to just show him instead as he hauls out his growing uncut cock. Kyle swallows it to the hilt as he nurses on it. Jacob's cock arches south and it easily glides down Kyle's willing throat as he starts to fuck it. Kyle licks at Jacob's smooth balls before going back to worshiping that Cuban 'pingon'. He strips Jacob as he asks him how to say blowjob in Spanish. 'Mamar pinga' Jacob replies as he grins and then straddles Kyle's face as he slides his dick down his throat for more. As Jacob fucks that mouth we get our first glimpse at that str8 boy ass as it humps away into Kyle's mouth. Kyle can't get enough of that uncut dick and he's nursing on every inch. Kyle then gets up and lets Jacob return the favor. Jacob slides Kyle's thick cock into his mouth and does his best but soon realizes he's better at eating ass than he is at sucking cock.

Kyle moans as he gets Jacob's tongue shoved up his tight hole making him squirm with anticipation. Something about Island men and eating ass, they just can't get enough of it. He eats that ass like a pro making Kyle so horny for dick he's practically begging for it. Kyle slides a rubber on Jacob's dick and sits right down on it. That wet hole is overdue as it takes every inch. He starts to ride on that cock as Jacob helps bounce him on his hard cock. Jacob lays back and just watches Kyle who is caught up in the ecstasy he's feeling taking that big Cuban dick. He then changes position by turning around while still sitting on that dick so that he's in a reverse cowgirl. Jacob starts to pound that ass hard in this position as Kyle leans back and takes it. Jacob then wants more control of that ass as he bends Kyle over against the wall and shoves that meat back inside. Jacob's smooth balls slap away at that hungry ass as he fucks him harder and deeper. That Cuban dick sends Kyle over the edge as Jacob pulls out so Kyle can lay back and bust all over himself. Jacob then kneels over Kyle's head as Kyle sucks his cock until Jacob shoots that fat load all over Kyle's face."













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Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

"Quinner Takes Al"

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

March 30, 2011

"This week on ExtraBigDicks.com we have a new face for all of you, Kyle Quinn. To help make him feel welcome we invited our favorite Colombian Alexander Garrett. The chemistry between these two is undeniable as they go at each other even before we’ve started filming. They make out as they slowly peel their clothes off. Kyle runs his tongue south along Alexander’s defined abs. He pulls down Alexander’s jeans to find his cock’s rock hard. Kyle opens wide as he frees Alexander’s uncut cock and goes to work sucking on it. Alexander moans his appreciation for a few minutes before stripping off Kyle’s underwear to return the favor. “Suck that cock” Kyle orders. Kyle then bends Alexander over on the ottoman so he can have access to that smooth ass. He dives in tongue first as he starts to eat that ass. Kyle then straddles Alexander and squeezes their cocks together as he starts to jack them together. Alexander’s cock is rock hard as Kyle slides a rubber on and starts to sit on it. As Kyle gets better acquainted with that cock he starts to ride it harder. “Awww I love your cock in me!” moans Kyle. Then they switch it up, as Kyle bends Alexander over and gives him plenty of dick doggy style. “You like that?” Kyle coos as he continues to tap that ass. Alexander then fucks him missionary until Kyle can’t help but bust a load. Alexander pulls out and unloads a massive load all over Kyle. Muy Caliente!"

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn

Twin Heat, Scene 4

Featuring Andrew Jakk and Kyle Quinn
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

October 2, 2013

"With a tub of popcorn to share, Andrew Jakk and Kyle Quinn settle down for some mindless TV. All the guys need is something to watch, but the boob-tube's got nothing to offer. Anxious to improvise, the two friends go off script to create their own entertainment. Hot and horny Kyle goes down on Andrew and gobbles up his beautiful hard cock. He sucks it down greedily, getting worked up by the taste and smell of the sexy blond's groin. And wanting to satisfy himself just as much, Andrew goes after Kyle's sausage, feeding on it fiercely and savoring its ample girth. The guys 69, sucking each other off contentedly with Kyle going for more by rimming Andrew's tasty asshole. With his pulse racing and wanting a lot more, Kyle begins to screw Andrew, fucking him hard and fast in the ass. Their connection is electric and both of them rock back and forth fucking doggie-style with sheer pleasure until one after the other, they both climax, basting each other with their warm creamy loads."

WATCH Twin Heat, Scene 4 Featuring Andrew Jakk and Kyle Quinn
















Fahrenheit, Scene 3

D.O. and Kyle Quinn
Falcon Studios

March 2, 2012

"D.O. and Kyle Quinn relax on the terrace kissing and groping, feeling each other's lips and hands explore each other's bodies. Kyle slides D.O.'s pants to down and begins sucking the big man's big cock. The young jock knows he's got a wild man to tame and does his best working his tongue and lips all around D.O.'s stiff staff. With his massive cock rock hard, D.O. is compelled to take charge. He attacks Kyle's ass, rimming his hole. The guys move inside and continue their tryst on top of the bed. D.O. gets behind Kyle and jams his cock up his ass, pumping in and out causing Kyle to cry out and beg for more. Kyle twists himself around, getting on his back and grabbing his dick, he jacks himself off as D.O. continues plowing him. Then D.O. pulls out and lays down, letting Kyle suck him off some more before he finishes himself off and shoots his wad. Kyle licks the cream up then pulls his pud until he squeezes out his load and collapses onto D.O.." WATCH D.O. and Kyle Quinn in Fahrenheit, Scene 3









Backroom Exclusives 26, Scene 2

John Magnum and Kyle Quinn
Hot House Video

June 6, 2011

"John Magnum, the team's star pitcher, blames rookie catcher Kyle Quinn for losing today's game. Kyle explains he doesn't really know the ins-and-outs of the position so John decides to show him. He orders Kyle to get on his knees and suck his big dick. John fucks Kyle's face then they switch places and John swallows Kyle's huge piece like an all-star. The true training begins when John bends over and pitches his monster-cock into Kyle's tight hole. Kyle struggles at first but eventually catches it like a pro!"