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The Hacker

Featuring Damien Stone, Dean Monroe, Jessie Colter, Shane Frost, and Trenton Ducati
Jizz Orgy at Men.com

May 25, 2012

"A group of detectives have Shane Frost in an interrogation room but he refuses to give them information they need. After a little negotiating, Shane agrees to compromise: he talks but only if Dean Monroe, Jessie Colter, Damien Stone & Trenton Ducati treat him to the best Jizz Orgy of life!"

TheHackerJIZZORGY (2)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (3)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (4)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (5)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (6)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (7)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (8)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (9)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (10)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (11)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (12)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (1)

Oral Interview

Featuring Cavin Knight and Damien Stone
The Gay Office at Men.com

March 26, 2012

"Executive Damien Stone is scheduled to be interviewing a new candidate this morning for a position at the firm, but someone forgot to tell Damien and he already has a very important meeting set in stone. Unfortunately for the interviewee Damien has arranged a morning bj, a very important bj to start the day off given by Cavin Knight."

OralInterviewTGO (7) OralInterviewTGO (6)

OralInterviewTGO (5) OralInterviewTGO (4)

OralInterviewTGO (3) OralInterviewTGO (2)

OralInterviewTGO (9) OralInterviewTGO (10)

OralInterviewTGO (8)

OralInterviewTGO (11)

OralInterviewTGO (12)

OralInterviewTGO (1)
Damien Stone and Tony Hunter

"Private Party Episode 3: Bottoms Up"

Damien Stone and Tony Hunter
NakedSword Originals

June 28, 2012

"This party's so hot, they should have called it a barbeque. Damien Stone is on the prowl at San Francisco's most notorious private sex party, cruising darkened hallways and dank corners in search of his Holy Grail -- a meaty ass that won't quit. Is it here? Damien peers into a bedroom and amid a sea of bodies sees the gleaming white cheeks of Tony Hunter. They're firm and plump, ripe for the harvesting. Damien goes in for the kill, burying his face in the hole like a bloodhound in the bushes of a duck hunt. He drags Tony off to a private bedroom where, after warming him up with more voracious ass-eating, impales him on his thick cock. Tony is willing prey. He rides his Damien like a pig on a spit-roast, twisting and rotating into every conceivable position until both men burst, sweat dripping and juices flowing. Fingers, prepare to be licked."

Damien Stone and Tony Hunter

Damien Stone and Tony Hunter

Damien Stone and Tony Hunter

Damien Stone and Tony Hunter Damien Stone and Tony Hunter
Alessio Romero and Damien Stone

Alessio Romero and Damien Stone


October 13, 2011

"Sexy daddy Damien Stone is the new dom in the house. Alessio Romero is tied up and suspended. He is the offering for the new dom. Damien beats the boy and slides his hard cock up the boy's hairy hole. Alessio endures the crop to the nuts, the flogger, violet wand in his mouth and up his ass, and a hogtied fuck on the master's bed. Alessio is happy to serve the tough new dom."

Alessio Romero and Damien Stone

Alessio Romero and Damien Stone

Alessio Romero and Damien Stone

Alessio Romero and Damien Stone

Alessio Romero and Damien Stone

Beef N' Briefs, Scene 3

Starring Bob Hager and Damien Stone
Colt Studios

January 16, 2014

"Enjoying the great outdoors COLT Man Bob Hager and studly Damien Stone are two big and burly men who like to let it all hang out. Enjoying the freedom to roam in their new COLT Collection Underwear, these men are drawn together for a hot and steamy COLT Man encounter.

Bob is bursting at the seams of his tight white BRIEFS as Damien's hot and hairy ass is exposed in his Signature Jockstrap. Helping themselves to what's inside, Damien is on his knees worshipping Bob's always hard and throbbing cock. Bob returns the favor and swallows every inch of Damien's thick tool... All the way down the shaft to his naturally hairy pubes. A deep down hunger for cock has Bob bent over and taking a hard pounding as Damien drills his hot butt from behind. Giving and getting is what it's all about with these two masculine powerhouses. Switching positions, it's Damien's turn to bend over and take Bob's thick pole. Fucking like bears in the woods, Bob plows that hairy butt good and hard, pulling out in the last second to gush a hot load all over Damien's sweaty back. Damien turns around as Bob drops to his knees, stroking up a hot stream of cum Damien shoots his load all over Bob's bearded face and down his furry chest."

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46206_020 46206_025

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46207_023 46207_029





















Bruisers - COLT Minute Man Solo Series 44, Scene 1

Starring Damien Stone
Colt Studios

December 5, 2013

"Damien Stone is a thick and hairy BRUISER staking out his territory in the woods. His furry muscled butt is on full display as he struts around sporting an all-new COLT Collection Jock BRIEF. Settling down on a stool Damien takes some time to appreciate his own man scent and his thick, hard muscles. Showing off his hot and hairy body, Damien takes out his prized BEEF, his long hard cock and begins a hot and heavy stroke session. Lubed-up and throbbing, Damien jackhammers his thick and juicy dick until a white hot load erupts."

Colt Studios Damien Stone

45393_01 45393_07

45393_10 45393_15














Fur Mountain, Scene 5

Starring Brad Kalvo and Damien Stone
Colt Studios

September 20, 2012

"Laying out in the sun, Damien Stone shows a hot ass in his tight yellow jock as he lays face down in the back yard. Burly Brad Kalvo notices that hot butt and moves in to help apply some oil to the bronzed furry butt cheeks. Applying oil turns into an extended full body massage, which makes both men very hard and very horny. Flipping over on his back, Damien’s cock is busting out of his jock. Brad strips out of his shorts and lies down with Damien for a hot, manly and bearded fur-on-fur session.

Damien feeds Brad his big swollen cock, slowly driving his cock deep down Brad’s throat. A long session of cock sucking has both men dripping with pre-cum, and swollen balls. Standing side by side they stroke as Damien can no longer hold off. A thick load of cum drains from his pulsing cock. Brad is close behind as a hot jet of cum flows from his cock, leaving thick streams of cum dripping from the head of his cock."

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23427_004 23427_007

23427_009 23427_011

23433_006 23433_013

23433_017 23433_018

23433_022 23433_027






















Trunks 6, Scene 4

Bo Dean, Damien Stone, Kyle King
Hot House Video

August 8, 2011

"Hot House Superstar Matt Cole returns to Palm Springs, the hottest destination in America, to suit up with Kyle King and a host of Speedo clad hotties in Trunks 6! Steven Scarborough has once again assembled a world-class lineup of beefcake who pack their bulging muscles into skimpy Speedos and sweat it out poolside in the 107 degree heat. Also starring Bo Dean, Damien Stone, Gavin Waters, John Magnum, JR Matthews, Topher DiMaggio, and Troy Daniels, Trunks 6 proves once again that there's hot - and then there's HOT: so get ready to sweat!" WATCH Trunks 6, Scene 4 featuring Bo Dean, Damien Stone, Kyle King

Bo Dean, Damien Stone, Kyle King

Bo Dean, Damien Stone, Kyle King
Adam Herst and Damien Stone

Big Dick Revolution, Scene 3

Adam Herst and Damien Stone
Monster Bang Video / Raging Stallion Studios

April 13, 2012

"Damien Stone and Adam Herst try to warm themselves up over a burning fire. Looking at his chilled companion, a concerned and horny Damien tells Adam he knows what'll heat them up quicker. The two men are quickly locked in each other's arms, kissing and groping and raising their body temperature so much that they're soon shedding their clothes. Damien nurses on Adam's big long dick, feeling it swell up even larger with every slurp. Then to generate more heat, he tends to Adam's asshole, warming the pucker with hot tongue licks. Both men are soon overwhelmed with fiery intensity, moving Damien to slam his engorged cock up Adam's manhole. They fuck recklessly in numerous positions totally locked and loaded with Damien churning in and out of his buddy's ass. Adam, pale and flush with excitement, throttles his cock, squeezing it tightly until he busts his nut; and Damien pulls out and blasts his load all over his exhausted and satisfied friend."

Damien Stone & Wilfried Knight

He's Got a Big Package, Scene 2

Damien Stone & Wilfried Knight
Monster Bang Video / Raging Stallion Studios

"Damien Stone is unpacking XXX DVDs from some boxes and the covers turn him on so much, he needs to take a jerk off break. This perfectly bearded and furred stud lubes up his tool and strokes it well. Little does he know that his coworker, Wilfried Knight is watching from behind the shelving. It doesn't take long before Wilfried wants in on the action and approaches, first making out with Damien, and then licking, sucking and swallowing the giant package that got him excited. After blowing the ripped stud, Wilfried wants to ride him, and Damien lies back on some boxes allowing Wilfried to sit his hairy ass down on Damien's pole in reverse cowboy to receive every inch. Damien pushes up as Wilfried rides grunting and moaning, giving his hole freely to the hot stock man. Squatting down, Wilfried allows Damien to jolt his hard parcel in and out, until Damien takes full control standing up with Wilfried on his back. Damien's hard body and stiff cock punish Wilfried's receiving dock until he pushes out a huge load, which in turn, sends Damien over the edge to unloading all over Wilfried and the boxes."

Damien Stone & Wilfried Knight

Damien Stone & Wilfried Knight

Damien Stone & Wilfried Knight
Damien Stone and Trent Locke

Rugburn!, Scene 1

Damien Stone and Trent Locke
Monster Bang Video / Raging Stallion Studios

December 16, 2011

"Propped up in front of the TV, Trent Locke and Damien Stone try out playing each other in an old-time video game. They zig and zag cranking their joysticks and scoring points. But when the going gets tough, things get rough. Not wanting to get his ass kicked, Trent stops play which pisses Damien off. The two competitors start roughhousing and all that wrestlin’ around quickly has both men forgetting the video game challenge. Horizontal on the oriental, they kiss and rub all over each other before Damien pulls Trent's shorts down to start sucking his personal joystick. They trade places and Trent gets busy gobbling up every inch of Damien's meaty rod. Things get kinky when Damien tries sliding one of the actual joysticks up Trent's rear end but that isn't good enough. So moving right behind, Damien slams his big cock up Trent's ass and fucks him hard. They twist into different positions and screw even harder. Trent is busy wanking his crank until he finally cums and Damien finishes himself off by hand and shoots his buddy right in the eye with his load."

Damien Stone and Trent Locke

Damien Stone and Trent Locke

Damien Stone and Trent Locke

All Access, Scene 3

Damien Stone and Troy Daniels
Hard Friction / Raging Stallion Studios

July 8, 2011

"Troy Daniels and Hard Friction’s new discovery, Damien Stone, are on the Hard Friction Live studio locker room set. They have just met and it is Damien’s first time having sex on camera! Troy makes him feel welcome by attempting to gulp down his massive, hard cock. It’s a monster and Troy does his best to get as much of it down his throat as possible! Damien’s rock hard, hairy, muscular chest and abs flex as he enjoys the attention. Troy stands up and pushes Damien down on his big meat. He sucks it down as Troy tells him what to do. The cameras capture the transition to fucking as Troy continues to show the new guy how it’s done. Troy’s ass is more accommodating than his throat as Damien pounds him from behind, an erotic mix of pleasure and pain showing on his face. Troy lays back and spreads his legs wide so Damien can rim his hungry hole to get it nice and wet before the next round of fucking. Troy cheers Damien on to fuck him harder and harder until both met blow big, juicy loads."

Need It Bad, Scene 2

Damien Stone and Jason Michaels
Hard Friction Video / Raging Stallion Studios

"Two dark and hairy studs are lip-locked in the Hard Friction studio. Damien Stone is so into his hairy muscle boy Jason Michaels he can’t take his eyes and his hands off him. Jason wastes no time working his lips down Damien's chiseled body to his long, rock-hard cock. Damien responds with enthusiasm, 'You’re a damn good cocksucker boy! Ready to get throat-fucked?!' Jason is a good boy, he stays on his knees pleasing every throbbing delicious inch Damien Stone has to offer him. Going down on Jason's hole before fucking it, Damien spreads Jason's hairy young tight ass wide and plants deep wet licks there as lubricant. Jason's moans and smiles with delight as his abs and triceps flex. Once Jason is opened and ready Damien plants his long stiff rod deep into his hole. It slides right in! Damien takes command, grabs his bottom and gives it all he's got, rock hard and steady. The he flips Jason on his back so he can see him face to face, pulling his legs in the air and drilling for home. Jason's smile couldn't be wider, obviously Damien hits the spot. In a third position Jason gets on and rides! He grinds his wet hairy hole on Damien's pole until the friction drives him to blast his young cum all over the thick black hair that cover his muscled abs. Damien return the favor in a huge white blast that Jason laps up with no hesitation."

Damien Stone & Shay Michaels

Blue Collar, Scene 2

Damien Stone & Shay Michaels
Raging Stallion Studios

"Shay Michaels and Damien Stone are off the clock and make the most of their break time. Every second counts as they get busy sucking face. The guys rip off their shirts and press their hot bare chests against each other. Shay works his way down his coworker's torso. His tongue traces and licks Damien's fuzzy nipples and continues down across his ripped abs until he reaches his crotch. He pulls Damien's huge swollen meat out and sucks on it hard, servicing his pal the way real men do. Then, Shay hops on top of a stretched-out Damien, wrapping his hole around Damien’s large tool and bounces on it like a crazed piston. They fuck some more with Shay on his back and every thrust Damien delivers causes him to cry out for more. In a display of coworker teamwork, the fellas then stand up side-by-side and begin stroking their rods, going faster and harder until they let go and spray the floor with their spooge."

Damien Stone & Shay Michaels

Damien Stone & Shay Michaels

Damien Stone & Shay Michaels


Bad Cop, Scene 3

Starring Damien Stone and Hunter Marx

December 31, 2014

"After a long shift, Hunter Marx and Damien Stone unwind in the precinct locker room. Hunter comes out to his surprised colleague. "What do you guys do together?" asks a turned-on Damien, whose big dick is soon deep inside Hunter's furry mouth. "That's it!" moans Damien, looking down at the mohawked sucker. "So sexy!" Hunter slaps his face with it, then gets his face whipped. Damien grips Hunter's huge cock before devouring it, spit beads clinging to his beard. They kiss, a spit strand connecting their hairy chins. Hunter buries his scruffy face in Damien's hole. He fucks him from behind, then turns him over. Damien rests his leg over the top's shoulder, Hunter licking it as he fucks. Hunter goes deep, his steel shaft snapping up when it's released from Damien's hole. Hunter bends over for Damien, the top plowing so hard and fast that both of their muscle pecs shake. The bottom gets on his back, the two squirting all over his hairy frame."


Bcop_scene03_Damien_Stone_002 Bcop_scene03_Hunter_Marx_001

















TitanMen Overheated

Overheated, Scene 3

Featuring Adam Killian, Cavin Knight and Damien Stone

August 23, 2011

"As he waits for Cavin Knight to return to their car, Adam Killian wakes up to the sight of bearded stud Damien Stone. The tattooed Adam soon has his face in Damien's groin, sniffing and teasing the tan and hairy stud's huge cock before wrapping his lips around it. Adam chokes as he works up a spit-dripping mess, soon getting his own big piece worshipped. The two cum, a huge load coating Damien's quad as an out-of-breath Adam buries his face in his bud's chest. A smiling Cavin returns and inserts himself between them, sucking on Damien and getting fucked hard by Adam. With his big balls hanging low, Cavin stays hard as he gets rammed, the veins on his neck and forehead bulging as he feasts on Damien. The three grunt and groan, the two tops soon switching positions. Cavin then sits down on Adam as Damien snaps his boner up while watching. Damien fucks Cavin from behind, sucking on Adam before squirting. Adam gets another crack at Cavin's ass before two more loads end the aggressive action."