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Pete's Socks & Size 10 Feet Worshiped

November 2, 2013

"Dev can't get enough of cute hunk Pete's socks and size 10 feet as he worships them at MyFriendsFeet. Pete is a total amateur and pretty shy. But like most guys, he loves having his feet played with. He had no idea the kind of attention Dev could bestow upon them and enjoyed it very, very much. He laid back, closed his eyes and appreciated his foot pampering as Dev adored his peds!"


Pete's Size 10 Bare Feet & Flip Flops

"Pete is a friend of Clay's I've been trying to get on the MyFriendsFeet for a long time. He sure does have great feet! His soles are so amazingly smooth. I love the fact that Pete walked in with some facial hair growth. That's SO sexy. Especially on a blond hunk like him. Pete loves flip flops because they let his feet 'breathe'. I couldn't agree more. His size 10s looks HOT in flip flops!"







Dreamland Can Wait

Featuring Heather Vahn and Vic Dictor
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

May 6, 2012

"It's late and Vic Dictor would like to get some sleep, especially considering he and his main squeeze, Heather Vahn plan to depart early for a trip to the wine country. Vic knows Heather has an insatiable appetite for his cock, but common sense would dictate the two practice some self-control and get catch a few much needed Z's. But before he can even shut his eyes, Heather is pawing at him for a little taste. She's been thinking all day about getting fucked and has decided not to take 'no' for an answer. She knows Vic is an easy pushover, particularly when there's a chance he'll get to stick his hardened meat into his lady's warm mouth. And just as she could've predicted, Vic's coaxed into receiving a hot blowjob. But can Heather convince him to forget about sleep for a little longer? or at least long enough for Vic to slide his fat, pulsating erection inside her for a hard, yet loving pounding? Heather knows a nice, hot load on her face would be a perfect way to get in the mood for their holiday together as adoring sweethearts. Enjoy!"

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Dreamland Can Wait Featuring Heather Vahn and Vic Dictor
















Vic Dictor

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

March 19, 2012

"Vic Dictor is brand new to the biz, coming from the warm beaches and sunny skies of Jacksonville, FL straight to you in his Next Door Male debut. A boxer and cage fighter by trade, he starts off by showing some moves and shadowboxing in his skivvies. But his real talent is inside his pants, and he wastes no time showing it off. Pulling out his dick as the sun glistens through the window, Vic reclines on a chair and begins stroking. A little nervous at first, he quickly becomes at ease and shifts his focus to the growing shaft in his hand. Turning into a first class 'palm pilot' he fingers his taint and massages his balls as he pulls his dick in every direction, finally cumming all over his tanned stomach and letting it glisten in the sunlight peeking through the blinds. Enjoy!"

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Lyle & Ransom: Serviced

December 31, 2011

"Lyle was a quiet one for sure. He had done a solo and a guy-girl video elsewhere, so at the time of filming this, it was his first time with a dude. He was pretty nervous. Instead of watching the porn, he basically closed his eyes, and I suppose was thinking of some hot girl blowing him.

After watching him jerk-off earlier, I knew that I wanted Ransom to do the oral on him. His technique is one that I know well, and had trained Ransom in using it to "expert" level.

Lyle was still kind of wobbly in the video. He does try to reach out and guide Ransom's head, but for the most part he is just kicking back and concentrating on getting head.

We flip him over and Ransom REALLY ate some ass. Usually it is not his favorite thing, but Lyle's ass is perfect, and I think it triggered something in Ransom! It also triggered something in Lyle.

With him kind of wobbly through out the shoot, both Ransom and I were worried it was going to take a lot of stroking to get him off.

Turns out we were both wrong, and Lyle was a quick but stealthy cummer.

Ransom jerks on his head for a bit, trying to duplicate Lyle's 'under-the-head' stroke. He then switches to oral which worked like a charm. Since Lyle is so quiet, you really have to watch his body language as he gets more and more tense and eventually surprises Ransom with a load in his mouth.

Unlike Brooks did in a previous video, Ransom knows to spit some of it out and let the rest squirt out for viewers to see. Ransom was pleased with himself after the shoot saying he actually swallowed Lyle's first load, and he didn't gag.

I know, you'd think after so many videos, Ransom would have turned into a cum hungry whore, but he still struggles to take it in the mouth. I think though, after tasting Lyle's seed, he won't be so skittish about it.

This is a quiet Serviced video. Intense cumshot that you really need to watch the body language on, but the ending with the sneaky cumshot is priceless!"








Lyle: Solo

December 29, 2011

"Lyle has done a little video work before, and I feel like I am on a roll giving these guys another chance to do adult work. I know my members don't belong to every site, so I am not as stringent with the whole "We Have an Exclusive!" thing. Many of the time, production companies find out their exclusive isn't so exclusive.

So I am always happy to see if I can get guys who have worked elsewhere a try and see if they might even expand their limits.

I don't really know too much about Lyle. He stuck to texting most of the car ride. He seemed like a nice guy, but suspect he was planning for a party the next night back home, or perhaps looking for a hook-up later that night.

He loves girl's asses, mostly so he can see them when he fucks them doggy-style. Lyle jerks-off infrequently when he has a girlfriend, but find he jerks off at least once a day otherwise.

I found Lyle to be quiet in all ways. He was turned on by doing the video, but his jerking technique is slow and methodical, not conducive to an aerobic workout with heavy breathing. He sure knows how to handle his equipment though!

He has a fat cockhead that he tends to jerk just below the plum of it. His ass is pretty amazing too, and if you like tan lines, he has the quintessential surfer tan, complete with bubble butt.

He will be back next week to get head for the first time, so stay tuned!"

Chaosmen_lyle_hires_02 Chaosmen_lyle_hires_06

Chaosmen_lyle_hires_17 Chaosmen_lyle_hires_20












Virgil Maro Busts A Nut

December 12, 2011

"Virgil Maro is a shy Southern guy with bigs pecs and a hard cock. When he is not studying, you can find him in the gym, where he is either working out or doing some personal training. The first thing we noticed about this dirty blond stud when he took off his clothes was his hot bubble butt, which is accentuated by a nice tan. Virgil works up his cock on the bed - he has a really nice big head on his cock, and as he strokes his dick, he works his fingers around the head. Virgil at some points closes his eyes as he jerks off, and we wonder what types of fantasies are going through his head. It must involve fucking, because before long he is flat on the bed, humping as if he was in the midst of a hot session. His body is fluid as he pleasures himself, and we get to see his butt and back moving in a sexy rythmn. Before long Virgil flips over and works up to a climax. The juicy cum oozes out of his cock and he relaxes for a few seconds as his breathing calms down. Hot stuff!"

Virgil-maro-busts-a-nut-005a Virgil-maro-busts-a-nut-011a

Virgil-maro-busts-a-nut-013a Virgil-maro-busts-a-nut-014a










August 29, 2011

"Woof! Forrest is super hot! Maybe the fact that he's an MMA fighter makes him even hotter to me. Or maybe it's his buff body and deep sexy voice. Either way, I like seeing him in action.

Forrest shows off some of his moves on the punching bag outside. His punches and kicks are fast and effortless, and I couldn't wait to see what other moves he had!

After he's good and sweaty, he heads in to shower off. After he dries off, he starts feeling himself under his bathrobe. He pulls out a pretty amazing cock to go along with his amazing bod.

After Forrest gets out from under that robe, he really starts enjoying himself. I would too, with that body and cock! He's got a thick, wide chest, beautiful legs with blond fuzz all over them and a stiff cock with a big mushroom head.

He plays with himself, rubs his balls and his chest, and feels his ass and legs. With everything to look at, I keep getting distracted by his nipples. They look extremely chewable!

Jerking off seems to relax him completely. He strokes his cock almost lazily, until he is about to come. He jerks a little faster, then a thick load spurts out of his dick, onto his abs.

I'm ready to step into the cage with this guy anytime!"