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Trent Diesel

Next Door World | Next Door Male

April 23, 2012

"Trent Diesel has stopped by to chill out for a while and stroke his cock. You'll join him as he gets comfortable and divulges a bit about himself and what turns him on. Trent is a rare breed: extremely hot and very sexually enlightened. Find out what kind of porn he prefers, what inspired his various tattoos, and what makes Trent horny. Get a candid look at this hottie while he enjoys his thick, hard dick and caresses every inch of his chiseled, delicious body. Enjoy!" WATCH Trent Diesel at Next Door World


Samuel O'Toole Workout Hour

Featuring Samuel O'Toole and Trent Diesel
Next Door Studios | Samuel OToole

March 31, 2012

"Next Door Cable Access is proud to present Samuel O'Toole hosting a workout that will get your blood pumping and your dick hard! This time Samuel is joined by fellow fitness fanatic, Trent Diesel. Both Trent and Sammy know the best way to help you get a healthy sweat going. You should be warned, though, in this particular installment of the program, Samuel's cock is visible during some of the warm up exercises. We're very sorry for this unintentional display of large man meat. However, if the sight of Sammy's fat, bouncing dong is something that piques your interest, stick around after the workout and see what the cameras caught! As Trent is helping Sammy stretch out a tight hamstring, that chubby cock makes another appearance, but this time Trent is taking advantage. Samuel is glad to have a workout buddy so willing to help induce post-exercise relaxation. Trent is more than happy to give a nice suck job on the weight bench. And Samuel is eager to do the same for Trent! In fact Sammy wants to show Trent a special technique for stretching...stretching the asshole that is! He's sliding his big, stiff boner into Trent's hole as a finally to this intense workout session! Enjoy!"

WATCH Samuel O'Toole Workout Hour Featuring Samuel O'Toole and Trent Diesel


















"The Buddy System"

Brody Wilder, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

March 15, 2012

"A lot of people think Brody Wilder is just another meat head. They see him in the gym, with the muscles and they hear the grunts and growls, and think he's just another badass with a fuck-you attitude. Well he's not.Brody is actually a sensitive guy who likes making new friends, especially at the gym. Because of the whole general perception of him, he has trouble finding like-minded dudes to lift with him and spot him for certain weight drills. When Trent Diesel and Sebastian Young show up in the gym, Brody's stoked because they seem like chill guys who like to power lift and really get a juicy sweat happening. Brody wants to talk to them, but he gets nervous approaching guys at the gym for some reason. While trying to work up the nerve, he discovers Trent and Sebastian came to the gym not only to work out, but to suck each other's dicks as well. Perfect for Brody! He loves getting his dick sucked. Sticking his cock in Trent's face is a great opener. And Brody and Sebastian are becoming fast pals while sharing Trent's luscious mouth. Soon Sebastian is slurping Trent while Trent continues to enjoy Brody's fully pumped dong. Brody's glad these boys know how to crank up a nice suck sesh, but when Trent saddles in for a solid ass pounding on the weight bench, Brody knows he's found a couple of great workout buddies. Watch him slam Trent's tight hole, just before Sebastian takes a turn, ramming his thick cock into Trent for a while before they all max out with a triple-effort load blast. Enjoy!" WATCH Brody Wilder, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel in The Buddy System











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Party Of Three

Featuring Marcus Mojo, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

February 10, 2012

"Get ready for a taste of pure, unbridled action. It's Marcus Mojo joined by the strikingly handsome Sebastian Young and luscious Trent Diesel. This MIGHT be the hottest three-way matchup you'll ever see...Marcus has been salivating at the thought of tasting both of these cocks at once, and he's indulging his desires to the max. Sebastian is reciprocating by enjoying every inch of Marcus's hard dick, as Trent services Sebastian's throbbing meat. Then it's time for Trent to get plowed at both ends while Marcus enjoys his tight asshole while Sebastian fucks Trent's face using his powerfully chiseled midsection. But Sebastian's not ending this party without enjoying Trent's eager ass too! It's passionate, wall-to-wall intensity as these three unbelievably hot boys let their raw power and craving for flesh run wild. Enjoy!"

WATCH Party Of Three Featuring Marcus Mojo, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel


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"Vacation Fuck"

Gavin Waters and Trent Diesel
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

June 5, 2012

"Gavin Waters and Trent Diesel are enjoying themselves on vacation as they make out in the resorts pool. The two then head back to their room and no sooner are they inside that they are lip locked and getting naked. Trent wastes no time and he is soon sucking Gavin's beautiful uncut cock with gusto. The two then move into a hot 69 before Trent puts a condom on Gavin and then sits down on his cock as Gavin thrusts with him in unison. The passion between these two is growing with each thrust of Gavin's cock going in and out of Trent's supple ass. Next Trent is on all fours as Gavin takes him from behind and based on Trent's moaning and groaning, he is pleased. Ending in an intense missionary position Gavin fucks the cum out of Trent and then shoots a huge load all over him."

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Nap Time Lovin'

Featuring Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel
Pride Studios | Circle Jerk Boys

February 11, 2010

"We are really glad to have this week's new face with us, Mr. Spencer Reed. Spencer is 25 and from Washington, D.C. Spencer is tall, dark and hung. He spends a lot of time at the gym and it keeps him looking as hot as he does. He wishes he could spend less time at the gym so he could have more time to do other things but we guess that's the price you pay for looking so damn good. To entertain the likes of Spencer we brought back a recent gem we discovered by the name of Trent Diesel. Trent, who helped ring in the New Year on our brother site, was more than happy to help us out. Trent agrees with Spencer about wishing he could get the same results with less gym time and when we asked they both have similar downfalls. Trent loves sweets like cookies. He can't get enough cookies. Well Spencer loves candy and anything sour. He loves sour candies of any kind. Coming out for Spencer wasn't easy since he has the All-American jock look and everyone around him just assumed he was str8. We're glad he found himself and he admits he likes it all from jocks to twinks. There may be hope for you yet. You know who you are. Well, sit back and watch as Trent Diesel's Valentine's Day and New Year get better and better.Spencer is relaxing on the couch when Trent discovers the perfect opportunity to let his fingers do the walking. He starts to grope at Spencer's cock and after a few minutes Spencer wakes up to find his cock stiffening in Trent's hand. He leans in and starts to kiss Trent as they begin to take their shirts off and Trent fumbles with Spencer's pants wanting to get them off. Spencer sits back as Trent helps himself to his thick cock. His cock grows by the second and soon Trent's got a huge cock to work on as Spencer moans softly getting that thick meat of his worshipped. Trent runs his expert tongue all over Spencer's knob and throbbing shaft before taking it back into his mouth. Trent can't get enough of that thick dick and he's not coming up for air anytime soon. Spencer eventually wants to return the favor as he pulls Trent off and slides his jeans down to get some dick himself. He slowly sucks on Trent's growing meat as his cock springs to life. Trent sucks on that dick for a bit before they stand to continue making out. It isn't long before Trent's back on his knees sucking on more of that thick dick. He's got it bad! Spencer takes Trent's head and face fucks him while telling him to lick his balls and suck his cock.Spencer wants to get a better idea of what he's in for and he bends Trent over the couch and spreads that hot ass wide. The sight is too much to resist as he dives in tongue first and starts to tongue fuck Trent's smooth hole. Trent's hot ass gets a soaking as Spencer revels in the moment. Spencer's tongue is driving Trent wild and soon he'll be begging for more. Spencer fingers his ass a bit and Trent knows what's next. ''You like that finger in your ass?'' Spencer teases before replacing that finger with a much thicker digit. Spencer slides in and starts fucking Trent doggy style as Trent just moans and takes it deep. ''Your ass feels so good'' Spence groans as he pounds away at that hot ass. Trent's ass is taking a pounding and loving every minute of it. An overhead shot shows that thick dick easily stretching Trent's hole wide. Spencer hauls his fat cock all the way out before sliding it back in ball-deep. Spencer then sits back and has Trent ride his dick. Trent bounces on his dick with his own rock hard cock in hand. Spencer sits back and watches Trent pleasure himself on his meat. Spencer then fucks Trent some more on his side before they both sit back and explode all over themselves. If this isn't a Happy Valentine's fuck session, we don't know what is!"

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Spencer Reed and Trent Diesel

Bottoms Up

Featuring Dylan Roberts, Marc Dylan, Trent Diesel
Drill My Hole at

January 12, 2012

"Marc Dylan has a boundless need for pleasure and when his boyfriend leaves for the afternoon without fucking him, Marc calls a guy he met last night Trent Diesel. Trent arrives and seconds later Marc's cock is deep in his throat, saliva flowing down his chin and back on to Marc's hanging sac. Marc returns the favor, things heat up even more and they both pronounce that they are ready to get fucked... wait... OH NO! Two bottoms and no top, but Marc has a solution and unleashes a massive double headed dildo! Dylan Roberts is off a little early and comes home to find two bottoms ass to ass begging for a top!"

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Oversize Ambitions

Featuring Luke Hass and Trent Diesel
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

November 23, 2011

"Trent Diesel is a playboy. He loves to go out on the hunt for other men. But he is unsatisfied with most of them and their little penises. We decided to do him a favor. We paired him up with Luke Hass, Mr. Big Dick himself, so Trent could get the fuck he wanted. Trent's eye's popped out when he saw the magnificent cock. Trent's ass will never be the same again."













Trent Diesel vs Colby JansenTrent Diesel vs Colby Jansen

December 12, 2012

"Martial arts fighter and rugby player Colby Jansen takes on NK veteran Trent Diesel (in his last porn shoot ever). With the size advantage in his favor, Colby is more than confident enough to take down Trent. The two combatants flip each other around the mat as they battle for sexual supremacy. Colby gets his cock in Trent's face and grabs him by the balls as Trent holds his own against the bigger man. This is Trent's last match ever and he's giving it all he got. Ending his glorious porn career, he's aiming to fuck the hell out of Colby's meaty ass."

Trent Diesel vs Colby Jansen

Trent Diesel vs Colby Jansen

Trent Diesel vs Colby Jansen

Trent Diesel vs Colby Jansen

Trent Diesel vs Colby Jansen

Dylan Roberts & Trent Diesel

March 8, 2011

"Some of the hottest sex can be sparked by just a glance across a room. In the case of this down and dirty video featuring Dylan Roberts and Trent Diesel, these two studs let their hands and tongues do most of the talking. The action begins with both guys French-kissing while standing shirtless at the foot of the bed. Trent is the tatted one with blond hair who makes a beeline for Dylan's hard-on, deep-throating it skillfully as Dylan moans with pleasure. The back-and-forth blow jobs then move to the side of the bed where Dylan feeds his dick into Trent's waiting mouth as he lies on his back. And just wait until you see Trent eat Dylan's hungry hole. But everything builds to a crescendo once Trent mounts Dylan and then flips positions for his buddy to return the favor. This duo is versatile to the max and the cum scene lasts longer than any other we've ever shot!"

Trent Diesel and Gabriel Clark Flip-Fuck

May 26, 2011

"I don't think this scene needs an explanation. Trent talks in the beginning about how he met Gabriel the night before and, honestly, what happens next cannot be explained with words. I'm starting to doubt if Gabriel is even human... It's more like a mixture between a god and an animal. I don't even know what I'm saying... How are you not watching this scene already?? Hello!"

Gabriel and Trent DP Andrew

Featuring Andrew Elliot, Gabriel Clark & Trent Diesel

April 22, 2011

"I'm telling you, I've never seen such "hostility" towards a bottom on our site before. I am legally forbidden to use certain words on the site but if I could - you bet I'd be using them right now. What these two do to poor Andrew (a.k.a. Cockyboys' new Power-Bottom-Boy) should be the official way a boy is broken and turned into a man. After seeing the abuse that boy took in this scene I have so much more respect for him now. There is just absolutely no mercy shown to him. Both of his holes are full of cock the entire time and towards the end they stuff their giant dicks in his ass at the same time too. Unable to hold it anymore, Andrew shoots his load onto Gabriel's chest but (un)fortunately for the poor bottom boy the fucking ain't over yet. Don't miss the ending too! Gabriel and Trent literally redefine the meaning of "cum bath" as they practically shower Andrew's face and drown him in gallons of cum. This scene changes everything. Again. Check it."

Sebastian Young Fucks Trent Diesel

November 25, 2010

"Happy Thanksgiving everybody! This year, I am thankful for Sebastian Young's big monster cock drilling Trent's muscle butt. Once you see this scene, you will understand what I'm talking about. This is one of those scenes that will go down in the history of porn and become a classic. If you like guys then you MUST see this scene. It's not optional. Ask Sebastian Young - he'll tell you. You asked for it. Well, here it is. Actually, you begged for it. So take it all in. Don't make me repeat. And most important of all- enjoy every drop of it!"

Trent Diesel Gets Tied Up, Beaten and Gangbanged at Helios Resort

Featuring Christian Wilde, Spencer Reed, Trent Diesel
Kink | Bound in Public

February 18, 2011

"The winter sun has fallen behind the mountains and the boys are out to play at Helios Resort in Palm Springs. Trent Diesel is tied up and blindfolded with his hard cock out for all to see. Spencer Reed takes the stud cruising around the resort in the dark. After having sex in the rooms, Spencer beats the hell out of Trent as the crowd watches. The horny patrons grope, lick and suck Trent. They take him over to the hot-tub for more flogging. Christian Wilde gives the slutty sub a hard fucking in the hot-tub. As if that's not enough, Trent gets gangbanged in a sling and receives load after load of cum."
















THe Hotel Hookup

Featuring Trent Diesel and Spencer Reed
Kink | Bound Gods

June 24, 2010

"A leather convention is happening in the hotel. Leather men are everywhere. Cruising. S&M (Stand and Model). Trent Diesel spots his dom and quietly walks to his room. Spencer Reed likes what he sees and follows. Hearts are beating fast. Adrenaline is rushing as Spencer pushes Trent on the bed and takes off his leather. Spencer puts his boy in leather bondage and eats his sweet ass. When Trent warms up, Spencer uses electricity on Trent's cock, thighs and hole. Trent squirms in full bondage. He screams as he gets fucked while completely tied up. Spencer controls Trent's orgasm until it gets out of hand, and Trent showers his load all over the hotel room."