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Hazing Bust

Featuring Joey Cooper and Rocco Reed
Big Dicks at School at Men.com

November 21, 2013

"Joey Cooper has been busted violating the school's hazing policy. It only seems fair that he experiences a bit of hazing himself - by professor Rocco Reed. Joey is bent over the desk and fucked in his juicy ass."















Boy Ranch Part 3

Boy Ranch Part 3

Featuring Billy Santoro, Joey Cooper, Felix Warner, Max Leo
Jizz Orgy at Men.com

July 27, 2013

"In episode one of Boy Ranch, Billy Santoro hand selected Felix Warner to fuck. In episode two, Landon Conrad fucked Joey Cooper. This time, insatiable Billy Santoro wants it all - and he gets it! Felix Warner, Joey Cooper and Max Leo all head off to a private room where they get to work servicing Billy with their hot mouths and asses!"

BoyRanchPart3JO01 BoyRanchPart3JO02









Boy Ranch Part 2

Boy Ranch Part 2

Featuring Joey Cooper and Landon Conrad
Drill My Hole at Men.com

July 19, 2013

"In episode one of Boy Ranch, new Men.com exclusive Billy Santoro selected Felix Warner to be his submissive fuck toy. This time Billy gives Landon Conrad a chance to pick out a stud from behind the glass. With 5 hot options, Landon finally decides on Joey Cooper and the guys head of to a private room where Landon can use Joey's hot ass and mouth."

BoyRanchPart2DMH01 BoyRanchPart2DMH02

BoyRanchPart2DMH03 BoyRanchPart2DMH04

BoyRanchPart2DMH05 0045









"Sneaky Touch"

Joey Cooper and Brett Bradley
Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com

May 15, 2013

"I guess this buddy of mine has been craving me for ages. He took a chance and snuck up on my goods. Nothing gets me harder than a man who takes initiative to get what he wants. And after we came on each other, he left the same way he came in - through the window."

"Testosterone Fix"

Joey Cooper and Derek Parker
Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com

October 30, 2012

"Joey Cooper started the day to a beautiful morning. His friend and lover is downstairs getting a hard work out. Joey peacefully waits for his arrival. Once he does, his testosterone levels are super high. Joey submits to his partner for a morning full of hot lust."

Joey Cooper and Derek Parker

Joey Cooper and Derek Parker

Joey Cooper and Derek Parker

Joey Cooper and Derek Parker

Joey Cooper and Derek Parker

Joey Cooper and Derek Parker

"Deliciously Moist"

Joey Cooper and Alexander Greene
Massage Bait at GayRoom.com

May 21, 2013

"Joey Cooper is back with a rock hard cock. He's taken a tour of the world of physical therapy and now he wants in. He wants to learn the secrets that will get him laid every time!"

"Sore All Over"

Joey Cooper and Jeremy Stevens
Massage Bait at GayRoom.com

May 2, 2013

"When Joey walked in my office I knew immediately what the problem was...he needed me to be inside of him STAT! So that's exactly what I did. Stripped him naked and got to work."

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart

"The Naughty Penthouse"

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart
Massage Bait at GayRoom.com

October 25, 2012

"Joey Cooper just moved into his new penthouse. To celebrate he invited his long time friend and lover Bobby Hart. As a house warming present, Bobby gave Joey a long sexy cock massage. Soon enough, things began to get naughty." Visit Gay Room for all-in-one access!

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart

Joey Cooper and Bobby Hart

"Music to my Rears"

Starring Joey Cooper and Alex Graham
Damn Thats Big at GayRoom.com

December 5, 2012

"Joey Cooper likes to be serenaded by Alex Graham. When he gets serenaded he gets horny. Watch Joey get hard and horny to the sexy sounds of the ivories."

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham

Joey Cooper and Alex Graham
Topher DiMaggio & Joey CooperTopher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper
My Brother's Hot Friend

August 15, 2013

"Joey Cooper's at the bar where his brother works, and he's looking for him because he's got his car. But bartender Topher DiMaggio tells Joey that he let his brother off earlier because it was a slow night. Joey and Topher hadn't seen each other for about a year, since Joey was away at school, so they get to catching up. Turns out that they've both grown up a bit and aren't afraid to say what they mean ... such as wanting to suck each other's dick! Joey bangs his brother's hot friend and then some. He'll be going back to that bar for a drink!" See more of Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper!

Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper
Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper
Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper
Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper Topher DiMaggio & Joey Cooper


Jace Chambers and Joey Cooper
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

April 4, 2013

"We have the boyish charms of Joey Cooper on set today as we ask him to join the MenOver30-by-Injection Club. Well Joey took one look at 30yo Jace Chambers and his thick Carolina cock and was more than happy to help. Joey is 23yo and now lives in Fort Lauderdale. Jace knew he had a bigger dick than the rest of his friends early on. This wasn't hard to deduce since his cock has been just above 8' since he was 12. Jace's grin says all we need to know about the trouble that got him into. Fortunately Joey is a fan of the endowed and his largest conquest was a fat 10' cock he manages to make a meal out of. We then decided to test the waters with these and asked what their hottest online hook up has been. Jace picked up some trade online and met up and ended up fucking him on the hood of his car in the parking lot. Joey one-ups him with a Brit and another bottom in a steamy three-way. Didn't see that one cumming. Joey met them both individually online and made it happen getting the hot Brit to top them both. All that AND a party planner?! Watch out boys! Well, for now it's going to be a party of two. So let's get this one started...Jace is cruising on his phone when he gets a knock on the door. It's the hook up he ordered. Ya gotta love modern technology. Joey goes to greet him as Jace pulls him in for a kiss. They start to make out as their shirts start to come off and their tongues start to roam. Joey licks that chest as he heads south to see what's waiting for him. He undoes those jeans and once he does Jace's fat cock springs out at him. He's rock hard and ready for attention. Joey knows just what to do as he starts to worship that cock. Jace fucks that pretty face with ease as Joey takes as much of that 9' cock down his throat. Jace then gets Joey's pants off so he can get some dick too. He sucks on Joey's cock as Joey watches his meat disappear down Jace's throat. Joey moans as he gets that dick worked but soon wants more of Jace's for himself. He gets him up on the chair so he can get more as he gets back to swallowing as much of that cock as possible. As he slides that dick down his throat, Jace leans forward and starts to explore Joey's smooth ass. He can't resist it. He spreads those beefy cheeks apart as he starts to finger that pink hole. Joey moans and wants more. He gets up on the chaise as Jace lifts his legs and dives in tongue first. He eats that hole deep until Joey begs him to fuck him. Jace isn't about to play hard to get as he immediately slides his fat cock into that spit soaked hole. He glides in ball-deep as he starts to fuck that hole nice and steady. Joey's in ecstasy as he gets that hole stretched wide. Doggy is next as Jace gets Joey on all four. His heavy balls slap away at that ass as he picks up the pace. Joey isn't done as he gets Jace to sit back so he can ride it some more. He impales himself on that cock again and starts to ride that cock hard. He has that hard cock hitting him just where he wants it as his cock erupts all over Jace's smooth chest. Jace then pulls out and jerks his own fat load all over his cum soaked pecs."









Alexander Garrett & Joey Cooper

Alexander Garrett & Joey Cooper


September 20, 2013

"Studly Alexander Garrett and young Joey Cooper stare at each other, mesmerized by sexual tension. They begin kissing softly and it escalates into something magical. The shirts come off as Alexander caresses Joey's smooth body. Alexander sucks Joey's cock and licks his balls. Joey turns around so Alexander can eat his young bubble butt. Alexander happily does so, licking every corner of Joey's hole. Joey returns the favor by deepthroating Alexander's thick, uncut cock. Alexander rubs his hard pole on Joey's ass before sliding his cock deep inside. Joey takes every inch like a champ. Alexander pounds harder until Joey decides he wants to go for a ride - on Alexander's big pole. Joey bounces on Alexander's rod, moaning with delight. Alexander carries Joey to the ottoman where he fucks him on his back. Alexander Garrett fucks the cum out of Joey Cooper and then busts a thick nut on Joey's smooth stomach."

CJ Madison and Joey Cooper

CJ Madison and Joey Cooper


May 17, 2013

"CJ Madison and Joey Cooper make a hot dad and lad pair; the rugged, scruffy CJ and the smooth, young Joey. Bring them together and you've got yourself a scorching scene. CJ and Joey kiss passionately on the bed. Soon Joey's tongue moves from CJ's mouth to his nipples and then to his arm pits. CJ whips out his thick cock for young Joey to lather up with spit. In seconds Joey has his throbbing cock hitting the back of his throat. CJ works on Joey's cock and tight, smooth hole when they get into the 69 position. The passion between these two is through the roof. They kiss more on the bed before Joey sits and bounces on CJ's cock. After a few minutes CJ scoops Joey up as if he were carrying him. They're still laying on the bed and his cock is still deep in Joey's ass. CJ pumps his prick in and out of his ass before getting him on all fours. He plunges his dick back into Joey's ass, pounding hard. Joey's cock-hungry butt backs into CJ's stiff cock, fucking itself. Joey flips onto his back and gets CJ's cock again. Feeling his thick cock shoved deep in and out of his ass gets Joey Cooper close. He jacks off his rock hard cock emptying his balls all over his hairless chest and abs. Seeing Joey shoot his load gets CJ Madison to the edge. He pulls his dick out of Joey's ass and jacks off until he shoots his warm load on Joey's cock and balls."


Hot For You, Scene 1

Joey Cooper and Liam Magnuson
Falcon Studios | Guys Like Us

January 7, 2014

"Smooth brunet Joey Cooper demands relief, and he spells it F-U-C-K-M-E. His face is deeply buried in the crevice of Liam Magnuson's buns and his left arm snakes around to Jack Liam's hard cock. Joey gets a kiss for his efforts, then Liam turns, for Joey to service his front. Liam is a broad-shouldered blond with a dusting of hair on his chest and closely trimmed pubes and, for a moment, he's content to experience having Joey's throat constrict around the head of his cock. Cute Joey busies himself with the work of sucking and stroking himself. While his lips move up and down, his tongue snakes out to curl around Liam's shaft. Liam wants some of what Joey's having so Joey lays across the couch, face-up, and they 69. Being uppermost allows Liam to keep drilling Joey's willing face. When Joey's jaws need a break, he pulls back and drives his tongue into Liam's tasty hole. Its not long before Joey signals that his willing hole is ready and Liam is quick to drill Joey's backside. Liam fucks Joey upside-down, with Joey bracing his back against the couch to better support a shoulder stand. Liam breaks out into a sweat and they change positions twice while continuing to fuck, leading to them cumming at the same time." WATCH Hot For You, Scene 1 Starring Joey Cooper and Liam Magnuson
















Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 2

Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper
Falcon Studios

December 13, 2013

"Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper are feeling that hot surge in their loins that comes when you need to bust a nut with the guy you're with. An old tractor looks inviting. They nuzzle like a couple of young colts. Jason unbuttons his jeans and Joey takes over, giving Jason's cock and balls an oral workout. Joey is a cute collegiate type -- clean-cut, with dark wavy hair, no tattoos or piercings. Jason is more the linebacker type, with a diamond stud and some body ink. Jason lies along the huge tire of the tractor, his spine arched, his nipples and cock upright while Joey sucks him. Come time to swap, Jason sucks Joey, then Joey lies belly-down over the tire for Jason to eat his ass. That same tire provides ballast when Jason sinks his cock in Joey's tight white hole. Joey is transported to a 'fuck me' state of consciousness, in which the world is reduced to cock and ass. They find a bench for Joey to lie on, and Jason fucks and sucks him at the same time. Joey spits in his hand and starts jacking his way to orgasm, cumming in high arcs just as Jason pulls out of his ass and covers Joey's pubes with his spunk." WATCH Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 2 Starring Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper

















FVP229 Rock Star!

Rock Star!, Scene 2

Paddy O'Brian and Joey Cooper
Falcon Studios

March 29, 2013

"Paddy O'Brian is the Rock Star!, and while his bodyguards are off fucking, fan Joey Cooper sneaks into the house where Paddy is staying. Tight and toned, Joey tells his idol he's a performer, too, and he demonstrates by stripping. Paddy says he's not gay, but his hardening cock tells a different story, so he asks Joey, "How does this work?" Joey's tight, pale buns would make any stud toss sexual orientation to the wind. Paddy strips, settles back and lets Joey take charge of the beer can between his legs. Joey's eagerness makes Paddy's cock all the harder, and that wrist-thick column of flesh is soon dripping with drool and pre-cum. Paddy lets Joey take charge of eating his furry and muscular ass, but what's a groupie for if not to fuck? Joey straddles Paddy's waist, takes a deep breath and lowers his hole onto that famous rock star cock. Paddy is so overcome by the ride, that he's compelled to devour the ass he's just fucked, taking big gulps while gripping the firm white globes of Joey's grade a ass. Then Paddy resumes fucking it, triggering a high velocity, long distance ejaculation from Joey and his own fevered, sweaty release across the buns he just fucked." WATCH Rock Star!, Scene 2 Starring Paddy O'Brian and Joey Cooper