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Joe Parker and James Hamilton

Ready for Prime Time

Featuring Joe Parker and James Hamilton
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

June 7, 2012

"We have a blast from the past and a recent hottie that came together to rock our studios. Joe Parker, the 32 year old from Philly is back on and he's lucky enough to welcome back sexy James Hamilton. James is flipping through the channels looking for something to watch as he finds porn playing on regular TV. Joe notices more than James' curiosity has been peaked as he reaches over and grabs his growing crotch. "What are you doing?" James asks as Joe goes down to show him. He hauls out James' oversized cocks and puts it in his mouth. James doesn't mind one bit as he gasps at the sensation as Joe swallows every thick inch of his cock with ease. Joe goes to town on his big dick as James just sits back and enjoys it. Joe then gets up and takes out his own boner to give James the opportunity to give back. James gets right to it as he start to bob his head on Joe's fat meat. The chemistry is off the charts as these two go at it. James takes care of Joe's hard cock fo! r a while before Joe needs some more of James down his throat. He has James lie back so he can get on his knees between those thighs and worship his meat some more. He laps at that cock and smooth balls getting James horny for much more than head. Joe gets on the floor and lubes up. James straddles him and eases his tight ass down on Joe's thick meat. It takes him a while before that ass concedes and takes Joe's thick dick inside. Joe starts pumping that dick up into James' tight ass wanting to bury it deep as James winces. It hurts so good as James starts to jack off as Joe picks up the pace. James gets up in a squat position as Joe takes the opportunity to pound his thick cock right up his ass. All James has to do is hold still as Parker pounds his dick home. He leans him back and fucks him in a missionary position for a bit before getting behind him on the floor to slip his meat in for more. Joe starts to fuck James' as he lies behind him. James' hard cock is throbbing and James can't help but jack off as he gets that hole stuffed.! That does the trick as James busts his huge load all over himself and the floor. Joe pulls out and jacks his own load all over James' cum drenched cock and abs."

Joe Parker and Diego Vena

Quid Pro Joe

Featuring Joe Parker and Diego Vena
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

March 1, 2012

"Might wanna turn down the A/C, it's about get hot up in here at as this week's duo sizzle on set. After overwhelming response we brought back sexy Joe Parker and teamed him up with Diego Vena. Diego is hangin' out and playing on his phone waiting for Joe who finally strolls in wearing board shorts and a tee. "You going to the gym in these?" asks Diego as he tugs at his board shorts. He then hands Joe a pair of gym shorts he can change into so that they can head out already. Joe drops his shorts and his cock is at attention in his briefs. Gym!? What gym? Diego reaches for it and starts to stroke on it through his briefs before getting closer to sample the supply. He pulls down Joe's briefs freeing his aching cock before going down on it. Joe moans as Diego's head bobs up and down on his aching cock. Joe pulls Diego to his feet so they can make out for a few before giving Diego even more cock. Joe eventually wants to return the favor and gets Diego on his back as! he kisses his chest and abs on his way to Diego's cock that by now is screaming for attention. Joe takes his cock all the way to the hilt and gives Diego some of the same as Diego lays back and enjoys the show. Joe services that dick until his own cock wants 'in' on the action. He flips Diego over and gets him on all four as he fingers that hot hole. His cock rock hard aching with anticipation as he finally pushes his dick inside shoving it all the way in as Diego does his best to accommodate Joe's extra thick cock. Joe starts to pound that ass deep as Diego grunts and moans. "Gimme that dick" Diego coos as Joe picks up the pace. Joe then gets on the couch and has Diego sit on his dick. Diego impales himself on it and then just holds still as Joe fucks that ass slamming his dick up into Diego's worn hole. Missionary is next as Joe gets between Diego's legs and goes right back to fucking his hole. This position does the trick as Diego loses his load. Diego jacking off faster about to blow his wad, when Joe pulls out and drenches Diego! 's dick with his own thick load which then triggers Diego's cock to follow suit...cum bath, anyone?"

Joe Parker and Dean Slater

Slater Tots

Featuring Joe Parker and Dean Slater
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

December 29, 2011

"We have two hotties here this week as we welcome Joe Parker to Joe is 31 years young and from the City of Brotherly Love Chilly Philly. Joe is not alone he's with Dean Slater. Dean and Joe are kicking back on the couch as they both tug on their boners. They get curious about what each other's packing as they start tugging on each other's crotches. Dean feels its getting hot and they should give their junk some air. Joe hauls out his thick cock as Dean goes down on him. Joe moans as he gets that dick serviced by Dean who shoves it down his throat as deep as he can get it. Soon Dean needs more than his cock taken care of as he straddles Joe's thick cock and sits down on it. He grunts as his hot little ass starts to give way. Joe starts to slowly shove his thick meat up into Dean's tight ass as he moans and begs for more. Joe then tries to make things easier and gets Dean on his back. He lifts those legs and slides his large cock back inside Dean's ass. Dean is quivering as he gets that ass stretched. Joe gets on his back as Dean sits on his dick again and holds still as Joe slams that dick home. Joe then leans Dean back on the floor as they now end up in missionary yet again. Joe fucks that tight ass until he can't hold off any longer. He pulls out and unloads his thick cargo all over Dean's smooth abs. Dean's right behind him as he busts his nut all over his own already cum-drenched abs."

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler

Parker's House Rules

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

November 16, 2011

"Two new faces grace our page this week as we welcome hung, hottie Joe Parker and his buddy Dalton Tyler. Joe is a 31 year old Jersey boy with rugged good looks and a defined body to match. Dalton is from the Midwest and hails from the Windy City. This tall 20 year old is in for a treat once - well, let's not get ahead of our selves. We asked these two what class in school they now wish they'd paid more attention to. For Joe it's Spanish which we're sure would help him pick up more hotties here in South Florida. Dalton wishes he'd paid more attention in math. Turning our chat to the tawdry, we asked these two whose cock they would wanna see if that wish could be granted. Russell Crowe's cock would be Joe's choice and a good choice it is. Dalton is going with something a bit more polished and wants to see Marcus Schenkenberg's, Calvin Klein model cock. We're sure it comes with its own portfolio. When it comes to jacking off, we asked when they last did the deed. Four days for Dalton but over a month for Joe. They both like a dry rub so hold the lube and they didn't even need porn to do it. Well, the best porn is in your head. LIES!Joe is complaining about how hot he is and that the heat is just killing him. He is so hot he peels off his tee shirt and once he does, Dalton has to agree he is hot. He leans in for a kiss as they start to make out. Their hands roam as they grope each other's growing crotches. They stand to continue making out for a bit before Dalton heads south to closer inspect Joe's growing bulge. He helps him out of his jeans and starts to tease the growing cock in the sexy briefs. He pulls them off and goes to work on Joe's throbbing cock. 'You like that?' he coos as he looks up at Joe. Dalton is on his knees and getting his mouth stuffed full of Jersey cock. Joe then sits back so that Dalton can continue to worship his meat. Dalton shoves that thick cock as far down his throat as he can as Joe just sits back and enjoys the view. Joe then pulls Dalton to his feet and drops his pants so that he can return the favor. Joe wraps his lips around Dalton's cock and gets to work on his hard cock. Dalton moans his appreciation as he gets his shaft shined. He loves the attention he's getting but he isn't done sucking on Joe's. He gets back on that thick cock sucking it deep, wanting to get it as hard as he can for what's to come.Joe's cock is raging and needs more than Dalton's hot mouth. They lay on the couch and Dalton backs that ass up onto Joe's hard cock. Joe slides his thick meat all the way inside and starts fucking that tight ass. They make out as Dalton jerks his cock. Joe's cock slides all the way inside as he slowly takes that ass. He holds Dalton's leg up and starts to grind that cock in deeper as he uses the couch cushion as leverage enabling him to thrust up into that ass. Joe then gets Dalton on the floor on all four as he goes back to fucking that ass doggy style. He slides that fat dick deep as Dalton groans. He wastes no time before picking up speed. He holds Dalton by the waist and gets busy impaling him with his meat. Joe watches as Dalton's tight ass swallows his meat over and over as he slams away. They then go back to the couch as Dalton sits on that dick and leans back against Joe's chest. Joe slams his dick up into that hot hole over and over making Dalton just beg for more. That tight ass sends Joe over the edge as Dalton gets off him so he can bust his nut all over his defined abs. Dalton then sits back next to Joe, closes his eyes and jacks his dick off trying to bust a nut. Joe, having already handled his business, sneaks off leaving Dalton jerking off with his eyes closed., RUDE! lol"

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler

Joe Parker and Dalton Tyler

True Passion

Featuring Joe Parker and CJ Parker
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

December 25, 2012

"High Performance Men exclusive models Joe Parker and CJ Parker are true lovers! Here we find Joe outside cleaning the pool and CJ brings him a much needed refreshment from the heat of the day. Of course, being lovers means that they can have passionate sex whenever they want and the two are soon down in their underwear and in the pool cooling off and heating things up all at the same time. CJ hoists Joe onto the edge of the pool as he sucks Joe's enormous cock. Joe returns the favor to CJ and then pulls him back into the pool and suggests they go to their bedroom to get more comfortable. In the bedroom CJ shows us that he has no gag reflex as he deep throats all 9+ inches of Joe's hard cock. The two share a nice 69 for a bit before Joe has CJ on all fours as he tongue fucks his ass getting it all wet and ready for his cock. Joe fucks CJ as only true lovers can and at one point you actually hear CJ utter the words 'I love you' to Joe as he is pounding his ass deep. CJ ends by riding Joe as he shoots a nice load all over Joe's hairy chest and Joe pulls out and ads a nice big load of his own."

WATCH True Passion Featuring Joe Parker and CJ Parker

Worked Over

Featuring Joe Parker and Mitch Vaughn
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

December 21, 2012

"High Performance Men is pleased to present Worked Over starring exclusive Joe Parker and Mitch Vaughn. Joe Parker is busy outside washing off his paint pan when Mitch sneaks up on him and startles him causing him to get both wet with the hose. Pleasantly surprised, Joe quickly embraces Mitch and the two share a deep passionate kiss. Soon Mitch has Joe up against the wall with his pants around his ankles as he works over Joe's monster 9' cock with his mouth and the water from the hose. Joe soon returns the favor and he deep throats all of Mitch causing Mitch's knees to almost buckle. The two then make their way inside where they quickly get into a very hot 69. Having Mitch's ass so close to his face, Joe cannot hold back and buries his tongue deep into Mitch's hole. He then buries his cock deep inside Mitch as he rides his cock deep and hard before standing up on the couch to take it even deeper. The two finish off in a classic missionary position with Joe's cock thrusting in and out of Mitch's ass until Joe cannot take it any longer and he pulls out and shoots a nice load on Mitch's stomach. Mitch then shoots a huge load that flies over his own head. This is one hot scene! Enjoy!"

WATCH Worked Over Featuring Joe Parker and Mitch Vaughn

WATCH Joe Parker and Mitch Vaughn Interview

Brady Hanson and Joe Parker

Hard Water

Featuring Brady Hanson and Joe Parker
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

November 13, 2012

"High Performance Men is pleased to introduce the world to Brady Hanson in his first time in front of a camera. Standing 6'3' and built like a line backer, Brady is one hunk of a man that's for sure. When we met him he told us he loves jock straps and has a bit of a wild side in that although he is bigger than most guys, he loves to be dominated and fucked by an equally or larger cock than his own. Well of course our exclusive Joe Parker came to mind right away and from the moment these two met each other they could not keep their hands off each other. With Brady's affinity for Jock Straps and Joe's love of water we let them have their way with each other in our industrial shower. The two start out kissing very passionately and then Brady soon has Joe's 9' cock buried down his throat. No doubt Joe is impressed and he soon is devouring all 8 thick inches of Brady's cock down his throat. After mutual sucking and kissing, Joe lubes up Brady's massive beefy ass and bends him over as he penetrates him all the way to the hilt as Brady screams out in pleasure. Brady then rides Joe for a while showing off his big thick cock at the same time before lying on his back and letting Joe fuck and jack a nice big load out of his cock. Joe then pulls out and shoots a large load all over Brady's hair chest and barely missing his face with the first blast. The two then shower each other off as they bask in the glory of each others hot bodies."

WATCH Hard Water Featuring Brady Hanson and Joe Parker

Brady Hanson and Joe Parker Brady Hanson and Joe Parker

Brady Hanson and Joe Parker

Brady Hanson and Joe Parker

Afternoon Delight

Featuring Chad Glenn and Joe Parker
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

September 18, 2012

"Knowing that Joe Parker likes his bottoms to be beefy and hairy, we could not resist pairing him with fellow exclusive model Chad Glenn. The two had an instant connection and in this scene you will see some true passion. Starting out with some hot kissing as they undress each other, they can barely keep their hands off each other. Chad soon has Joe's massive cock in his hand admiring it's full hard glory before going down on it and doing his best to take it all the way down his throat. Based on Joe's reaction, it is apparent that Chad has a very talented mouth. Joe then returns the favor by sucking Chad's cock all the while playing with his ass in anticipation of a good fuck. Chad then lowers himself down on all 9' of Joe's cock and rides it like a bucking bronco at the rodeo! Joe then puts Chad on all fours and pounds him from behind before flipping him over and giving it to him good. Chad then climbs back on top and rides it until he shoots a huge load all over Joe's hairy stomach and chest. Joe pulls out and shoots an ample load as well. Enjoy!"

WATCH Afternoon Delight Featuring Chad Glenn and Joe Parker

Chad Glenn and Joe Parker Chad Glenn and Joe Parker

Chad Glenn and Joe Parker

Chad Glenn and Joe Parker

Chad Glenn and Joe Parker
CJ Parker, Dean Monroe, Joe Parker

The 3 Way Kiss

Featuring CJ Parker, Dean Monroe, Joe Parker
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

August 28, 2012

"High Performance Men Exclusive models Joe Parker & CJ Parker are playing host to Dean Monroe and there is no doubt that the chemistry between these three is palpable. They are soon locked into a 3-way kiss and their clothes quickly come off revealing very engorged cocks begging for attention. Dean waists no time and he is soon sucking on both Joe and CJ. They make their way to the couch where Joe and CJ take turns on Dean's impressive uncut cock before moving into a very hot rimming session. Soon CJ is lowering his ass down on Joe's impressive 9' cock as Dean lowers himself onto CJ's cock and the fucking is intense and passionate. Dean then fucks CJ and Joe feeds CJ his ass and cock. Then Dean is on his back as Joe plows his ass deep and hard as CJ feeds Dean his cock and ass. The three soon explode in passion and cum and end with a passionate 3-way kiss as it all began."

WATCH The 3 Way Kiss Featuring CJ Parker, Dean Monroe, Joe Parker

CJ Parker, Dean Monroe, Joe Parker

CJ Parker, Dean Monroe, Joe Parker

Wet n' Wild

Featuring Joe Parker
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

July 31, 2012

"Joe Parker is out for his morning walk when he discovers he is being watched by a very hot man. Not the type to be shy, Joe entices his voyeur to follow him as he heads back to his pool for an outdoor shower and jack off session. He takes his time as he lets the shower water cascade over every inch of his defined hairy body. Soon, his hands wander to his massive cock and in no time it is standing up to its full 9' of glory. Once fully aroused, he jumps into the pool to lounge on his float as he continues to stroke his massive cock. The combination of knowing he is being watched and the afternoon heat soon send him over the edge as he shoots a nice big load all over his stomach."

WATCH Wet n' Wild Featuring Joe Parker

WATCH Joe Parker Interview







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24577_09 24577_10

Lazer Sharp

Featuring James Huntsman and Joe Parker
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

January 5, 2012

"In a hot, smoky warehouse, James Huntsman and Joe Parker creep and sneak through a battle zone. They're taggers, lazer taggers, and the stakes this time are high. James has been an avid tagger for some time and doesn't like to lose. He doesn't plan on Joe outmaneuvering him this time. What James doesn't know though, is that Joe doesn't even have the cash to pay up if he loses!

When James finally corners his opponent, Joe is man enough to admit defeat. But when he confesses that he can't pay up, James has no problem finding another way to claim his winnings! Now Joe must wrap his lips around James's fat cock and suck like a beaten, lazer loser. But it turns out Joe is MUCH better at sucking dick than playing lazer tag! You'll salivate when you see James's outrageously perfect body and his rock hard erection. If this is losing, Joe's not interested in learning how to win. Enjoy!"

WATCH Lazer Sharp Featuring James Huntsman and Joe Parker











17203_04 17203_07

17203_08 17203_09

Pleasure Party

Featuring Cody Cummings, Joe Parker and Ty Roderick
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

December 28, 2011

"Have you been excited to experience Cody Cummings's signature new playthings from Fleshjack?! This is your chance to see them in action with some of the hottest dudes around! Cody is showing off not just his new immortalized cock, but also his brand new mouth Fleshjack AND butthole Fleshjack!!! You won't believe what Joe Parker is doing to Cody's mouth toy while enjoying the man himself right in front of him. And Ty Roderick is going where no man has before as he enjoys the real-life textured feel of Cody's ass Fleshjack!

It's a very passionate affair as both Ty and Joe try out these exquisite, finely detailed stroke toys, with the Next Door Stallion on hand to give you a little insight into their creation. Watch both of these extremely sexy guys share Cody's enormous, throbbing dick while they slide their hard boners into Cody's simulated mouth and tight asshole. Then you'll see Cody insert his cock, well his signature Fleshjack cock, between Ty's plump cheeks. You won't soon forget this intense Pleasure Party bash! Enjoy!"

Pleasure Party Featuring Cody Cummings, Joe Parker and Ty Roderick












Private Daily's Homecumming

Featuring Joe Parker and Rod Daily
Next Door Studios | Rod Daily

December 9, 2011

"This is the story of a brave soldier who risked it all, and found out what it takes to be a real, American hero. Even though Rod Daily knew he was leaving behind the softest lips he'd ever tasted, he had a duty. The calling was too strong. He just hoped he'd feel Joe Parker's cock in his ass again.

After a harrowing tour in Afghanistan, Rod's back and hungry for hard dick. The first place he goes once in the states is Joe's apartment. All the time he spent crouching in foxholes, he was thinking about Joe stuffing HIS hole. And now he's right where he wanted to be, back with Joe, feeling his throbbing cock in his mouth and then taking it deep into his ass. Joe's giving Rod a much deserved hero's welcome home and Rod's actually looking forward to this explosion. Enjoy!"

WATCH Private Daily's Homecumming Featuring Joe Parker and Rod Daily

16729_001 16729_007

16729_018 16729_026













Romantic Tryst

Featuring Jackson Klein and Joe Parker
Gay Creeps at

October 28, 2011

"Jackson Klein never knew how he got into it with his best friend, Joe Parker. All he knew is that the feeling felt good. After some sweet love making, Jackson's life changed. They can have secret affairs with each other at enjoy their sexual tryst."

















From Top to Bottom

Joe Parker and Logan Vaughn

June 6, 2013

"Truly a man's man, Joe Parker is back, and for the first time ever he will bottom on Bait Buddies. And, better yet - he selected Logan Vaughn as his top. While super sexy Joe has been on the site several times, Logan Vaughn is returning for only his second appearance. Logan first came to us after a break up with his girlfriend, a kinky chick who taught him that his butt was a very erotic place that could give him a lot of pleasure. So, when he came to do pussy porn and we baited him into sex with another dude - once he got past the 'gay thing' it was pretty easy to get him to bottom for the bait guy. This was his first introduction to Gay4Pay and since then he's gone on to a very successful career as a Gay4Pay porn star. Yet, if you ask Logan, he'll tell you that he's not attracted to dudes, he just loves getting fucked, but only does it on camera and for cash. On the other hand, you can tell right away by the bulge in Joe's shorts that he's totally turned on by his buddy Logan - who wouldn't be! Holy shit, he's bigger, more buff and just beefy enough - not to mention his blond hair and good looks - to turn anybody on, girl or guy! Joe can't wait to get his hands on Logan and quickly pulls the hunk into a make out session which we could've watched for much longer. But, Joe is too horny and needs to strip Logan down and grab onto his hot bubble butt as he swallows the boy's beautiful 7'' cock. Logan returns the favor and does a reasonable job on Joe's 9'' piece of perfect man meat. But, we are all anxiously waiting for the main event - but definitely no one more than Joe himself. His hole is pulsating to feel Logan penetrate his little used, firm bubble butt. And what a fuck it is, starting from doggy style which quickly has Joe groaning and shifting to Joe sitting on Logan's cock. Joe fucks himself good, bouncing on the blond's dong. We can all tell Joe isn't going to last long and soon enough he is yelling out that he's cumming. Joe then lets go with the biggest cum shot we've seen from him yet - Caruso may have to charge him for cleaning all that hot cream out of his couch. Joe's orgasm saps him of energy and he collapses to the couch, but he's not done yet. Joe reaches over to buddy Logan and wraps his big masculine hand around beefy boy's cock and starts jacking it. Logan is so turned on that in less than a dozen strokes he shoots his load all over his chest. We are all a bit shocked as Joe bends over and licks up some of Logan's cum. Caruso asks him why, as it's really not like Joe to do something like that. Joe says ''it's out of character for me, but in the moment - I just got the urge'', and who can blame him? Watch Joe go from top to bottom and we think you'll get the urge too!"










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PP0A1379 PP0A1415

PP0A1422 PP0A1433

PP0A1449 PP0A1452

PP0A1466 PP0A1473

Shopping for Studs

Featuring Joe Parker and Brad Cambell

December 27, 2012

"Funny story about this scene. Joe was at the hardware store picking up supplies for the studio and he saw Brad in line buying stuff. He approached Brad and said hello to him and that he remembered him from being on BaitBuddies in the past. Brad was a bit taken off guard at first, but he did remember seeing Joe at the studio the day he came in to shoot. On that particular day, Joe was fighting a bad cold and he was lying down while Caruso was having the guys fill out their paperwork. Anyway, Caruso ended up sending Joe home because he was sick and did the shoot without assistance. Joe later saw the scene trailer and told Caruso he was pissed he was not on set that day because he found Brad to be hot. Segway to a few days ago, and Joe runs into him shopping! SMALL WORLD - Anyway, Joe took it upon himself to ask Brad if he would want to come back and shoot again. Brad told him he needed money, but the last time the only thing he liked was getting the blow-job and really didn't like fucking that dude in the ass. So, Joe called Caruso and asked if he could shoot them together. Of course he said YES! We arranged a date/time that worked for everyone and Caruso let them pretty much do their own thing once the cameras started rolling. We were very surprised that Joe was able to get Brad to make out with him and when you see the way Brad looks into Joe's eyes, you can tell he is surprised and a bit overwhelmed. Joe gives Brad an amazing blow-job and then we hear Brad say to Joe ''Since I don't suck cock, I could at least help you out a little'' and he reaches out and strokes Joes cock. Soon Joe makes Brad blow a nice load and then Brad keeps stroking Joe's cock until Joe shoots a huge load all over. Brad's hand is covered in cum and he seems to actually enjoy looking at Joe's load... WOW, this was unexpected but HOT. Next time you're shopping at the hardware store - don't forget the studs!"


G0129779 G0129803

G0129830 G0129869













Take 2

Featuring Johnny Glyserin, Joe Parker, Travis Irons

August 2, 2012

"Travis Irons, our bait guy, met Johnny Glyserin at the gym. Travis has been on the site before as our bait guy and when he called Caruso wanting to bring in Johnny to see if he could help him have sex with Johnny, Caruso did not hesitate. Travis is quite the sexual dynamo and he just loves having sex with straight guys. Johnny is a big guy at 6'2'', hairy and has a big fat uncut cock that he loves to use on women. He especially likes “chicks with big tits.” Anyway, once Caruso was able to get Johnny in the mood by watching the porn and believing that a girl was going to arrive, he delivered the bad news that she was not coming. At first we thought he was going to run out of the room, but with the help of cold hard cash and his friend Travis, he changed his mind and stayed. Travis wasted no time in grabbing Johnny’s cock and he soon had him hard as a rock. He gets Johnny to stroke his cock too and he then engulfs Johnny’s cock like a Python devouring its prey! Travis then gets Johnny to kiss him and just when we thought it could not get any better, he gets Johnny to suck his cock. At first, he does not like it very much, but he soon seems eager to please and he does a nice job sucking. Seeing how much Johnny was now getting into what he was doing, Travis and Caruso get him to put on a condom and start fucking Travis doggie style. Just as he is getting his rhythm, Joe Parker walks into the room and interrupts. The expression on Johnny’s face as Joe entered is priceless. Joe was supposed to come by the studio to help us do some electrical work and Caruso forgot to tell him he would be shooting. Oops! The look on Joe’s face told us that he was a little turned on by seeing Johnny fucking Travis and knowing how much Joe has been experimenting lately, Caruso helped convince Travis and Johnny to let Joe join in on the action. Joe did not waste any time and soon had his nine inch cock buried down Travis’s throat while Johnny continues fucking his ass. Travis then surprised the hell out of us when he said that he wanted to have both Joe and Johnny in his ass at the same time! Caruso has been talking about DP for years on this site, but never thought he would actually get someone to do it! Well, not only is this a first for Johnny Glyserin, but also for Caruso and BaitBuddies because Travis soon had both cocks in his ass and he was loving it. He loved it so much that he shoots a big load all over his stomach and then tells Joe and Johnny that he wants them to cum on his face. They both shoot huge loads all over Travis’s face as he licks his lips loving every second of it! Some day’s we just love this place! Coming soon, part 2."


















GI269788 GI269806

GI269871 GI269935

The 3-way

Featuring Hayden Richards, Steven Ponce and Joe Parker

June 21, 2012

"Just a couple of weeks ago, the pieces fell into place for the first 3-way. Here's how it all came down in Caruso's own words. Don't miss it! In the continuing exploration of Joe Parker I decided to pair him with Steven Ponce, a favorite Bait guy here. Steven has had the hots for Joe since he first laid eyes on him, but since Joe had already been baited into having gay sex by the amazing Dean Monroe, I was not sure if I could make Steven's wish come true. Well, after Joe's recent oral scene with Nikko Alexander I thought he might be willing to try and do a little group action. So, I asked Steven if he would be willing to do a 3-way and get fucked by Joe and help me convince another straight guy to also fuck him. Of course Steven was on board being the insatiable bottom that he is. So, I had Steven and Joe agreeing to do a 3-way and now all we had to do is convince our new straight guy Hayden Richards to join in on the fun. Well, you just have to see how things unfold in this most amazing 3-way here at BaitBuddies!"










GI091742 GI091754

GI091793 GI091802

GI091840 GI091850

GI091855 GI091857

GI091884 GI091904

GI091912 GI091927

GI091929 GI091940
Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

Two Men and a Suck

Featuring Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

May 31, 2012

"This week's original shoot went all to hell when one of the guys didn't show up and the other freaked when he got on set and saw the paperwork and cameras - he just said ''this isn't for me'' and ran out the door. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. While we were discussing what to do and started going through ad respondents, etc, looking for new guys, two visitors, two straight guys from prior videos came up to Caruso and said ''we'll do a scene''. So Caruso thought about it and agreed. This video features two fan favorites, Nikko Alexander and Joe Parker. Now Niko had a steady girlfriend for quite a while and doing straight porn and bi porn was OK for her, but when he started to do Gay4Pay and getting fucked by dudes and even one tranny, she had it and left. Joe on the other hand was always a player, fucking all the pussy he had time for. Since being on BaitBuddies his horizons have expanded and he now likes to have sex with men or women, doesn't much matter to him as long as there are at least two warm holes. It's obvious that once these guys did their videos they realized their Kinsey Scale of Sexuality which rates hetero to homo tendencies from 0 to 5 respectively, was not zero as they thought, but really right in the middle. What could be better - it doubles their choice of sex partners, although looking at these two hot muscle studs with eight and nine inch cocks, we don't really believe they have a problem with quantity or quality. Anyway, Caruso told them to go for it and gave them no further direction. All we'll say is that you'd be able to get off just from amount of testosterone and sexual heat in the air. You must see this video - it's one of the best cocksucking scenes ever!"

Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

Joe Parker and Nikko Alexander

Don't Tell My Wife

Featuring Joe Parker and CJ Parker

April 5, 2012

"The hot, sexy Joe Parker is back but he's sure been seen around since he's gone Gay4Pay or just gay, gay, gay. He's brought with him his married college buddy CJ who at 6'2" and layered with muscle is a real man's man. The two buds double teamed the girls back in college and still have a weekly poker night. Now they're going to bring that friendship to a whole new level...or end it. CJ is open minded and tells us his wife has done things like finger and lick his butthole, although not so open minded that he could tell her about this porn shoot. He knew he was here to fool around with his buddy - maybe a little mutual jacking off and even getting a blowjob - but of course we take it much further than that. First the boys strip down revealing super hot bodies and Joe Parker's almost flawless skin, perfect boner thich and 9 inches long and his buddies smaller, but no less perfect cock. After a short conversation about childhood buddy jack off sessions and such, the boys begin with a mutual wank session which they both really enjoy. Next we're off to blowjobs. When Joe goes down on CJ you can tell he's been waiting to do this for a long time and you can also tell that CJ is liking it. Next it's CJ's turn and he starts out tentatively, just licking the tip, but eventually works into a full fledged bj and appears to be liking it too. And when he lifts his head up he's got those cocksucking tears running down his cheeks. Both boys get up from the couch and stand face to face for a little bit of frot play and Joe grabs his buddies head to swoop in for a kiss. CJ backs up at first and then lets it happen. When Joe lets go it's CJ who leans tentatively back in waiting for his friend to signal that he wants more tongue action too, and they go at it again. Now we get to the part that CJ wasn't expecting - ass play. With CJ on all fours, Joe goes to work on his hot bubble butt with both his finger and tongue. Once warmed up, Caruso offers CJ double the money to get fucked by his longtime buddy and by now it was pretty obvious that he was in the zone and not going to say no. Maybe the extra cash wasn't even necessary. You could tell CJ was hurting from the cherry busting for at least the first several minutes, but once Caruso suggested he get on top of Joe to control the action, it's a total turn around and the pain turns to pleasure. As CJ gets close he even yells to Joe "Harder bro!". CJ is shaking as he shoots a hot load of spooge on his friends sexy belly. This pushes Joe's button as he rips off his rubber and jacks for all he's worth as CJ fondles his balls and shoots a hot load which joins his buddies cum already pooling on his tummy. When the guys come down from their orgasms Caruso asks CJ if he'll tell his wife what happened. "No way" says CJ. So, Joe chimes in and says he'll tell her. Well CJ got really pissed and said bro "Don't tell my wife!" or I'll beat the crap out of you - and he meant it. So, if you bump into CJ's wife - just keep on walking."


















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Featuring Dean Monroe and Joe Parker

October 20, 2011

"We think just about any straight guy would be converted to the other side after a round with the hot, charming, romantic, articulate Dean Monroe and his sexy Aussie accent. Dean is a beautiful man with a beefy but muscular body, just the right amount of chest hair, handsome face, great butt and nice 7" uncut cock. He's been doing porn for a while and is a huge fan of So, we were thrilled when we found out he would be in town for a while and agreed to appear in one of our videos. Conquering a straight guy and having first time gay sex with him is something Dean loves to do - even when it's not for a video. And after you watch this movie you will see just how well he does it and with an air of confidence that we don't often see. Dean is introduced to Joe our straight guy for who this will be his first adult video - what a way to start a new career! Joe is just as hot and beautiful as Dean with just a sprinkling of hair on his chest, a sexy muscular body, a big, thick 9" cut cock with a large mushroom head and the face of a fashion model. Joe is very nervous, you can see it in his face and his movements, but somehow this vulnerability makes him even sexier.

Wow! Looking at both these two hot studs stripped down and wanking their perfect puds makes our mouths water. So, let's skip the part where Caruso tells them that there's no girls and they'll get paid lots more to do some guy on guy action. Of course being straight Joe has to show his distaste for the idea, but soon enough he's leaning back on the couch, eyes covered and his fat 9 incher deep in Dean's mouth. But watch as Joe unconsciously gently strokes his cocksucker's broad shoulders and back...does he forget himself and think it's a chick sucking him off? Now relaxed and enjoying the hell out of his first dude blowjob, we tell him one good turn deserves another. Unsure of himself he kneels down for Dean and slowly engulfs the tip of the hunk's uncut cock. After a while Dean asks him to put it further into his mouth...Joe is now a full fledged cocksucker himself. Both boys are heated up and Dean decides to go in for the kiss. At first it's awkward but after just a bit they're making out like boyfriend and girlfriend with straight Joe's hands exploring Dean's musculature. On to the fucking. Joe sits on the couch with all 9 thick inches standing at attention as Dean lowers his beefy bubble butt until he feels Joe's pubic hairs rubbing against his perfect globes of flesh. At this point we can see that both guys are lost in the erotic zone. There's kissing and petting and fucking and finally Dean gets on his back, throws his big muscular legs in the air while Joe wastes no time getting down to business and fucking Dean until he cums on his stomach. Once Joe feels the orgasmic pulsing of Dean's butthole on his cock he's over the edge and pulls out to shoot his hot straight boy semen which joins the luscious load already left by Dean himself. When Caruso asks "How was it?" almost simultaneously the two guys answered "Amazing!". Another "Conversion" at"














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Raging Stallion Studios: Hole Part 2

Hole Part 2, Scene 1

Starring Adam Ramzi and Joe Parker
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

November 15, 2013

"Alone in a dingy cell, Joe Parker has only a closed-circuit TV for company. He sees men fucking. Joe has no control over the screen. A bare bulb swinging overhead casts shadows. A thin line of hair leads to the cock Joe is massaging through his filthy briefs. Dark hairs curl over the neckline of his t-shirt. Joe's isolation is relieved when Adam Ramzi is thrust into his cell. Joe reacts like a lion at feeding time in the zoo, flinging himself onto the offering, biting his lips, tearing his clothes to get at his cock. Adam's bewilderment gives way to the surging pleasure unleashed by Joe's mouth. He grabs Joe's shoulders and flings him onto the cot, returning the blow job with equal fervor. If Joe's cock were any harder, it would shatter. Adam squeezes Joe's balls and drives his tongue into the cleft between his buns. They lie belly-to-belly, the sweat on their hairy chests mingling. Adam reaches for Joe's cock, aims it at his hole and impales himself on it in one single thrust. They knock foreheads, Joe thrusting up and Adam pushing back. Doggy position and missionary position follow, never missing a beat. Adam's supercharged balls propel a thick stream of jism across his torso. Joe's orgasm is no less intense, scattering spooge in a wide arc."

WATCH Hole Part 2, Scene 1 Starring Adam Ramzi and Joe Parker

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