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Darrell & Eli: G:hOle Oral

October 30, 2011

"Darrell said he wasn't pee shy at all, and said he had done a glory hole with a girl. (does that really exist?!) When he heard me mention of the G:hOle, he was totally down with it.

Eli has been on the site a lot lately as I tried to fill this week with extra hung guys. He himself is nicely endowed and he likes the challenge of taking on a big cock. One thing about Eli though, he gives 200 percent!

We do a couple piss in the mop bucket shots, avoiding that pesky person-to-person watersport rule. It still hot to see this dude's big dick letting the piss fly.

Eli deftly handles not only Darrell's giant uncut cock, but gives him a great ass rimming as well.

Darrell unloads onto Eli's face, but I think most hit his chest or dropped directly onto Eli's own cock.

Eli uses the cum as lube and quickly ramps up and busts his own nut.

Pretty dang good G:hOle video for Monster Cock Week! One more to go!"


















Eli Hunter & Valentino: RAW

October 14, 2011

"I just love working with Eli. He is always down for anything and really doesn't have too many limits.

Valentino (Jaxton Wheeler) loves to top and he was telling me he loves having women ride his cock reverse cowgirl style.

I found it hard to believe because he has one of those cocks that stands straight up and doesn't seem to bend down much. So I tossed out the challenge.

First Eli shows off his oral skills and I think it set the tone for the entire video. Valentino knew he was in for a sex ride!

Eventually Eli mounts him reverse "cowboy" style and sure enough Valentino's cock is embedded perfectly. Eli really works it and WOW, we get to see some awesome penetration.

Valentino barely moves from his spot while Eli hops off Valentino's dick and begins to fuck him. Valentino is a tough dude 'cuz he barely flinches when Eli sticks his huge dick inside of him. His dick doesn't even wilt, so my guess is, he was enjoying it!

The highlight of this video has got to be the cream pie. It is one of the best on the site! Valentino comes a lot, and Eli is awesome at providing a perfect target. Valentino stays hard after nutting and we get lots of cum-plunging action!

Valentino said he would try a facial, but it is one of those close-eyed, closed mouth ones. Not anyone's favorite, but maybe we can get him to up at a later time!

The energy in this video is sizzling!"

















Eli Hunter & Sloan: Serviced

October 12, 2011

"So it is going to seem like a Eli Frenzy of videos as I a bunch of his videos seem to be airing all at once. With him taking on some of the Servicing videos, it puts him in the...uh...line of fire more often.

I was really excited that Sloan was willing to come back and get his dick sucked. He has a great cock and his ass is so perfect I wanted someone who really would love to bury their face deep in his hole.

Sloan is typical in that he was nervous getting his dick sucked. But the dude stays hard and I think was impressed with Eli's skills.

I think the rimming was the only thing that threw him, and mostly I think it was because it tickled him. I do believe Eli was totally getting off to eating ass too!

I got them to do some jousting, and it is hot to see the two of their big 'ole cocks rubbing together.

I like how Eli kind of toys with Sloan and his cock. But when it is time to make him nut, he focuses on his cock head and easily makes him nut.

Sloan's orgasm is really intense and dramatic. Eli even takes the first squirt in his mouth then lets the rest spill out!

















Dalton & Eli Hunter & Silas: TagTeam RAW

July 15, 2011

"Dalton is back for his first RAW scene, and this time he is taking on veteran dudes Eli and Silas.

My main goal was to finally get Dalton fucked!

He did have a fair amount of anxiety, but I knew Silas would go slow and easy on him for the insert. In fact it was a bit too slow, but Silas eventually gets some motion going. Be patient as Silas was trying a little too hard to be kind on his first try. Frankly I think Dalton could have handled more.

It was very hot to finally see Dalton getting fucked AND have Eli's giant cock in his mouth!

I knew Silas and Eli would have really good energy, but Dalton has always been a bit reserved. But he was 'in the moment' and really kept busy, trying to keep his mouth, hands, or cock doing 'something' at all times.

Everyone gets sucked and fucked in this video and there is a bit of something for everyone. Even a bit of rimming.

Silas rarely gets to top, and he unloads onto Eli's hole. He's not quite mastered the "Cum at an angle so we can see you cum," but there is plenty of juicing action and squirts so you can eventually see the shot. Thank goodness for multiple camera angles!

Since Silas is not fussy about cum on his face or mouth, I thought we would end with a double facial. Eli was supposed to wait until Dalton nutted, but he just got too close, and nuts first. Leaving Dalton way behind. I think most of Eli's nut dries by the time he nuts. Plus, we had to wipe Eli's cum out of his eye! Oh the burn!

There is still gobs of DNA everywhere and it is a great ending to a rather long video! (Be patient! It is a 30 minute video!)"

















Eli Hunter & Logan Sparks: Edge

June 8, 2011

"A challenge was tossed out by Logan.

"Super-Size Me!"

For Logan, apparently. The bigger the better.


And finally, some RAW action in an Edge video!"

Chaosmen_logan_sparks_edge_hires_01 Chaosmen_logan_sparks_edge_hires_03















Eli Hunter & Stone: RAW

May 6, 2011

"With Stone's hairy bod, I guess it has been my goal to keep him with other hairy guys. Problem is, they are so few and far between.

So I opted to go with someone who really likes to fuck and be fucked. Someone who really throws all their energy into the scene.

Eli is just that guy. Stone's first video was "tentative fucking." He was a bit worried that he was going to hurt Vance.

But this time out, Eli informed him that once he got in the groove, to go ahead and fuck fast and furious.

It's great to see Stone really let go and fuck with no fear of hurting a guy, AND it made him wonder if bottoming might not be too bad since Eli stays hard for most of it AND actually nuts from being fucked.

Eli, ever the helpful guy, also told Stone that the orgasms are twice as intense. Stone took one look at Eli's ample cock and I don't think he was persuaded that he could take Eli's cock, but maybe someone a bit more "starter" size.

For two guys that look totally different, they sure meshed well. Eli's energy was infectious, and Stone stepped up his game. He's still not completely polished (at times looking to me to see if things are going right), but he is light years ahead of his first time.

As I mentioned, Eli unloads while being fucked, and Stone frosts his asshole and plunges his cock in afterwords.

We'll see if Stone will bottom. He does have a nice size dick for new guys to take on, but I would love to see him be versatile. We will have to wait and see!"





















Corey & Eli: Serviced

March 16, 2011

"Corey did so well with his solo that I was really excited to have him get head.

Eli was available, and I just forget the boy has no limits. Ass eating, cumming in the mouth. Hell, he even gets turned on sucking dick and eating cum enough to bust himself.

As for Corey, he starts off quiet, and his dick droops here and there, but a few quick glances at the porn and he wakes back up.

He lets go throughout the video, getting more and more into it.

Eli flips him over and Corey gets his salad tossed.

Since I knew Eli will take a load to the mouth, I wanted to make sure everyone was in place instead of Eli just trying to make him cum.

Corey ramps up and the first spurt goes wild, but the rest dribbles onto Eli's chin and on his waiting tongue.

It takes Eli a minute and Corey actually eggs him on to cumming.

After editing this, I decided I better get Eli to do more Servicing of the new guys. He just takes it like he hungers for it all!"












Eli Hunter & Vander: G:hOle RAW DC

February 18, 2011

"Director's Cut with all the action!

Ever since I got the G:hOle back in service I have wanted to do more than oral.

Don't get me wrong. It works great for straight guy first-timers as a way to introduce them to at the very least getting head.

But since I have a few pros working for me, I figured we could theme it out with full on raw sex.

Vander had of course seen Eli on the site, but Eli never looks nor remembers the other models. So it was fun watching him explore Vander's big cock at the urinal for the first time. He truly was surprised!

Vander unloads his bladder, then Eli heads for the stall. Vander signals him to go ahead and stick his dick through. They then trade oral back and forth, and much like Taylor did when he did a scene with Vander, was basically worshiping Vander's amazingly large and perfect cock.

He sucks the last drops out of Eli, getting him hard again. He then spins around and gets Eli's cock up his ass. A little hard to get good insert footage, but I knew we would be moving on to other positions.

Eli sits on the toilet while Vander rides him reverse and we really get to see these two go at it.

They switch places and Eli just barely fits Vander's cock in his hole. He grinds around on it, and THAT finally brought his dick to full standing attention.

Finally they move into some open space, and Vander fucks Eli over the garbage can.

Vander fucks him until he cums. Eli shoots his load into Vander's hand and then uses it as lube to fuck Eli until he himself unloads all over and in Eli.

This video is definitely a winner if you like down and dirty raw sex!"





























Eli Hunter & Hagan: RAW

October 20, 2010

"Still trying to draw a performance out of Hagan. His cock is awesome, always hard, beautiful body and face, but is just so tentative and quiet when he fucks. More than a handful of you have noticed this and written. I don't know what to say other than he is a stealth fucker.

So it seems in this video, super animated (And turned on!) Eli fucks circles around Hagan.

We do a little POV-CAM during the oral, but Hagan was having problems holding the camera during the fucking- he often has to reach down and make sure his dick is not bending funky, so he needs both hands free. It's kind of cool to watch the oral with a bit of POV thrown in.

My favorite part of this video is when Eli rides Hagan's cock reverse cowboy. He started by getting fucked doggy style and for the first time since working for me he didn't think he was going to be able to take a cock.

But once he started riding him, it clearly felt good as it got him hard. Eli was fucking working over Hagan's cock like a pro, bobbing his ass up and down on his cock confidently.

Eli was so surprised that it was turning him on that he figured he might be able to nut while being fucked.

I know Hagan can stay hard long enough to fuck a dude till he cums (We've all seen vids where the Top has clearly lost his wood and all but popped out) but Hagan keeps solid and Eli has an intense orgasm.

And though Hagan is quiet as can be, he fucks Eli a bit more, pulls out and nuts all around and in his hole, making sure his cum gets shoved inside his hole. He may not make much noise, but he sure can perform on command.

A super hot video for a Wednesday! Two giant cocks and amazing cumshots. Awesome!"



















Eli Hunter & Gerin & Taylor: RAW

August 27, 2010


I thought I would put the ultimate bottom, Gerin (Jackson Taylor), with two of my most hung guys. Because Gerin's motto is, 'The bigger the better!' it just had to be done!

This is the first time Taylor and Eli have worked with an actual "full-on" gay guy, and I worried it might freak 'em out a bit. They seem to be fine when working with another straight guy. They can relate to the situation, but add a gay guy and whole set of things start playing through their minds.

Needless to say, I didn't have to worry.

Gerin became their bitch while Eli and Taylor, well, they were all about each others' cocks...and kissing! The couldn't get enough of each other.

I don't think Taylor has worked with a guy with a dick his size, and it was funny to see him in awe of another guy's cock. Eli and Taylor both kept saying their cocks were shamefully smaller than the others. Frankly I think they are evenly matched.

The main focus for this video was for them to treat Gerin as their bitch. And they do that in spades. But what I think is awesome is Taylor and Eli threw a lot of energy at each other. I seriously think they were both into each other as well.

There are giant cocks splitting Gerin in two and a lot of spit roasting action!

Gerin felt sure that he could do a double penetration, but I think he is used to working with smaller-dicked-dudes.

We do give it a try. Doesn't last too long as Gerin realizes any DP he had done in the pas was with smaller sized dicks. We bruised his hole, and frankly this video runs 27 minutes, so I was already maxing out the time.

Eli is always fine with getting fucked, so we do get some fine daisy chain fucking. This always worries me as the guy in the middle always shoots prematurely, but Eli did grat and they do get a rhythm going, with Taylor pulling out, hardening his dick, then shoving it back in.

Since Gerin is so flexible, I wanted to do an upside down cumshot with his asshole as a bowl. I knew it was unlikely he could cum that way, but Taylor fills up Gerin's bruised hole (abuse from the double penetration attempt remember!) and I will be damned if Eli unloads right on top of Taylor's load within seconds. Awesome timing!

He then shoves it in, cum oozing out, and dripping down Gerin's cock. It is TRULY astounding!

It is for sure one of the best creampies you will ever see!

Poor Gerin was cramped up from being upside down, so we gave him a break and have him cum while he sucks on the cocks that just unloaded inside of him!

I don't think I say it too often (well maybe I do?), but this is a video you just can't miss! The energy and complete raw sex is amazing!"



Chaosmen_eli_gerin_taylor_hires_14 Chaosmen_eli_gerin_taylor_hires_20





















AJ & Eli: RAW

June 4, 2010

"There is a certain amount of irony to this video that isn't readily apparent...until the end.

Originally we set this up as a flip-flop video, but AJ Monroe had a GIANT purple bruise in between his ask cheeks (can't decide if someone literally kicked his ass or his surfboard nailed him) but it was enough for me to try to shoot around it.

Plus, AJ is still new to bottoming and was shocked at how big Eli's cock got. He was glad his ass was bruised and not gonna be split in two!

Doesn't really matter to Eli. He is a great bottom, though it seems a waste of good meat not to see it in action.

The irony portion is before we got started, I suggested that after AJ sucks Eli's cock he should stand up and while taking down his pants, give Eli a big kiss.

Kiss a dude?!?!?! I forgot he hadn't done that and it was apparently beyond his limit.

Well, he had missed his flight and I was like, "You messed up getting here - the least you can do is kiss him for 15 seconds!"

So when you watch the transition from them sucking each other, there is just this little peck that is practically non-existent. Grrr..

Well, then we started discussing the cumshot and he says he can take a facial.

What??!?! You won't kiss a guy but you will let him nut on your face?

And I didn't want any pinched closed-mouth facial either. I wanted it to look good.

He insisted he could do it. Eli is super easy to ramp up and cum and AJ is a little tight mouthed, but he opens his mouth eventually and a little cum bubbles out.

Seriously, he looked like a glazed donut!

So how can he go from not wanting to kiss a guy's lips to taking his load on his face and mouth?

Oh yeah, and there is a really hot cream-pie action as AJ unloads into Eli's hole!"









Clay & Eli RAW

Clay & Eli: RAW

January 8, 2010

Comments from Bryan Ockert:

"Clay and Eli are almost the exact same height. They are both packing some big meat, each in own flavor- cut and uncut. An awesome match!

Clay is now no longer nervous doing videos, and was a bit embarrassed when his dick got hard before the shoot. So it was nice to see him hard through his shorts, and Eli zeroed right in on it.

Eli gives him some great head, and with a little coaching, gave Clay's uncut cock the right amount of attention. I think that was the first time Clay said one of the straight guys gave him head the way he likes it.

Eli then climbs on top and feeds him is own rather significant dick. All the while keeping Clay hard with a back-handed jerk.

Both guys enjoy topping and bottoming, but I knew Eli might be not have handle a dick his own size, so we had him get fucked once. Frankly, I think he can handle anything I send down his chute. He's a tough little fucker!

I know I say this occasionally, but this was a pretty easy film to shoot. Both guys were into it, without a lot of starting and stopping. Their personality clicked to as they two are huge fans of Family Guy and they kept breaking into famous lines from the show.

The cumshot is not terribly "interactive"as we have learned Clay needs to bust with his legs locked. Leaving him as a platform to shoot on. He is still not able to take a load to the face, so we just had Eli nut all over his cock.

While it may not be entirely interactive, the timing was great because the entire shoot, Eli was asking if he could cum yet. I would say, "Not yet!" So when it finally came to bust, he pretty much unloads moments after Clay!"

Clay & Eli RAW

Clay & Eli RAW

Clay & Eli RAW

Clay & Eli RAW

Clay & Eli RAW

Clay & Eli RAW

Eli Hunter & Nash: RAW

December 4, 2009

"Eli is sexual dynamo! Put him with Nash (Brody Wilder) and it's a Dynamo Duo!

I wanted to put Eli with Nash right away. They both have the same energy and their looks are so similar. I knew their personalities would click.

I told Eli he had a video, but wasn't very specific about what was gonna happen. I picked both of them up at the same time, and I tried to clarify what all he would be willing to do.

Kissing? "Sure why not?"

Give Head? "Never done it, but will try." (He sucked dick unbelievably good for a first time, but that's what he said!)

Bottom for one portion of the video? "If he can take my dick, surely I can handle his!"

I had told Nash he had a scene with another thick-dicked boy, so he was pleased to not be bottoming the whole time. It's not that he minds, he just likes a little of everything and is eager to do both Top and Bottom. So we were both pleased Eli was being so easy going. He is very dominate in bed, so he likes to take charge.

As for Eli, WOW! You put him in a room, turn the cameras and he was way into it. Both of them trying to one-up each other! It's amazing!

This is another pairing of straight guys who would actually likely be friends in real life. They got along great the day of the shoot and kind of had to hang out afterward as their travel arrangements were similar.

So you can tell they had instant chemistry, while not sexual "off camera" it sure did work on camera.

Nash gives us another cum shot while Eli fucks him. Eli pops out at the last second as Nash's legs straighten in ecstasy, but Eli definitely fucks the cum out of him.

Eli knew he could do a creampie, so we flipped Nash over and he ramped up to shoot all over his ass. He totally coats Nash's furry butt hole, then tries to shove his wobbly dick in.

This is a VERY HOT VIDEO with two VERY HOT tough guys fucking the Hell out of each other!"










Eli & Elliott Serviced

Eli & Elliott: Serviced

October 14, 2009

"Wow! This is a crazy good Serviced video. And such a simple recipe. Take one horny and dirty talking straight boy, a dash of Elliott's sexual energy and cock-sucking skills, and top it off with a dick toy, and you bake one hot suckake! Eli clearly has no problems with having a dude service him. This kid has got what it takes to do porn, gay or straight, this kid's got sex written all over him. Well maybe that's not sex written on his chest, but it may as well be!

This is a long blow job video. Almost as long as a typical sex film. I know, it's a bit long to watch someone get head, but there are so many delicious moments that I had a tough time keeping it to 18 minutes. Some of you may be bored by bj videos. I love them, and watch all the subtle nuances of what is going on in the guy's head(s). This is one that I think you can sit and watch the whole thing, without scrubbing forward to the cumshot. So take your time with this Serviced video. It's a gem!"

ChaosMen Eli & Elliott Serviced

ChaosMen Eli & Elliott Serviced

ChaosMen Eli & Elliott Serviced

ChaosMen Eli & Elliott Serviced

ChaosMen Eli & Elliott Serviced

ChaosMen Eli & Elliott Serviced
ChaosMen Eli

Eli: Solo

October 5, 2009

"Eli is a little powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm!

He is very friendly and doesn't seem to be too worried about what other people think about him. Eli says he will be up for guy-on-on guy work, but wants to take it step-by-step.

He is cocky and self-assured, which some people think is arrogance, but Eli thinks it is just funny, and that it more of a running joke for him and his friends. I agree, his attitude is fun and frisky.

He's got an amazing bubble butt and was not shy about showing it off. His front side is equally endowed, and given his height, he is packing a big piece of meat.

Eli's solo is one of those perfect ones where the model is totally getting-off to showing-off for you, and is less about watching the porn that is playing for them.

I know he is down for a blow job, and I can't wait to see him get his ass rimmed!

Stay tuned!"

ChaosMen Eli

ChaosMen Eli

ChaosMen Eli ChaosMen Eli
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