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MuscleGallery David Riley in Miami Beach Featuring David Riley

David Riley in Miami Beach

Featuring David Riley

June 8, 2022

"David Riley is simply as "All-American" as a bodybuilder can get. Tall and massive in size this gentle freak will draw your attention. Just watch!"

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David Riley: Gym Monster

Featuring David Riley

May 1, 2022

"David Riley is simply as "All-American" as a bodybuilder can get. Tall and massive in size this gentle freak will draw your attention. Just watch!"














MuscleGallery David Riley: Shower Scene

David Riley: Shower Scene

Featuring David Riley

December 24, 2021

"David Riley is simply as "All-American" as a bodybuilder can get. Tall and massive in size this gentle freak will draw your attention. Just watch!"

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MuscleGallery David Riley: Muscle Worship Session

David Riley: Muscle Worship Session

Featuring David Riley

May 8, 2021

"David Riley is simply as "All-American" as a bodybuilder can get. Tall and massive in size this gentle freak will draw your attention. Just watch!"


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David Riley (2)

Miami, 2010

"Super Heavyweight David Riley recently was the Class Winner and Overall Champion at the 2010 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Competition. In his new video clips, we see David in a Gold's Gym workout and at a shooting session in our new Miami studios. David has packed on huge muscle since we first worked with him in 2008, and he is contest-ready, ripped and hard. Enjoy!"



David_riley03 David_riley14

David_riley04 David_riley08

David_riley06 David_riley16

David_riley11 David_riley12

David Riley [Johnny Bravo]

Miami, 2008

"Heavyweight bodybuilder Johnny Bravo takes you through his Golds' Gym workout, pool and beach posing, private posing session and more in his MuscleGallery premiere appearance. This Eddie Robinson look-alike is a huge guy with outsized muscles—and he's serious about using them to make his way in competitions. We're guessing Johnny's new to you, so take a look at this giant Midwesterner for the first time—and enjoy!"


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Live Muscle Show David Riley

David Riley


Age: 32
Weight: 275 lbs
Height: 6'0 ft
Chest: 56 in
Waist: 34 in
Bicep: 22 in
Thigh: 31 in

"Hi, I’m David, and I am 6'1” tall, and I weigh in at 275 lbs. I played football and wrestled most of my life until I started competing in bodybuilding. I’ve won several national qualifications, including being named Mr. Wisconsin in 2005. I’m a certified personal trainer and I spend most of my time in the gym, except for when I’m here on LMS. So, come and hang out with me in private, and we’ll have a great time!"

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx

BBJAM #31 Posing Finale

Featuring Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx
Jimmy Z Productions

January 27, 2013

"Even though it was a rainy night, that didn't defer the crowd from showing up to see the hottest 4 guys in the business: OSCAR MAXX, a bodybuilder from Vegas; OTTO MANN, from Germany, who captured everyone's heart with his spectacular body; VINCE FERELLI, who has gone from porn king to muscle-worship king with a built-up body of muscles that amazes; and finally JOHNNY BRAVO, making his 3rd appearance on this BBJAM stage. They all had something different to bring to the show, and boy did they deliver...the crowd went nuts when they saw them."

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo, Vince Ferelli, Otto Mann and Oscar Maxx
Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo


Stalking Muscle

Featuring Johnny Bravo
Jimmy Z Productions

May 27, 2012

"Johnny Bravo has a stalker problem. The guy won't quit following the massive hulk of muscle around until he can see those muscles up close. Johnny is no nonsense and will only flex when he sees the cash. He starts posing his rock hard muscles outside and continues the show indoors where Johnny can show off only as much as the stalker can afford."





Johnny_bravo_stalker043_ Johnny_bravo_stalker051_

BBJAM #31 Solo Performance

Featuring Johnny Bravo
Jimmy Z Productions

April 15, 2012

"Johnny is making his third appearance at this show, and he's bigger than ever, at 285 huge pounds of powerful muscles, he shows it off as only he knows how. The crowd waits for his appearance, and they go wild when they see this magnificent piece of machinery."


Johnnyb_bbjam31004_ Johnnyb_bbjam31010_

Johnnyb_bbjam31022_ Johnnyb_bbjam31037_
Johnny Bravo, Matt Miller and Cody Miller

Bodybuilders' Jam #22 Group Posing Finale

Featuring Johnny Bravo, Matt Miller and Cody Miller
Jimmy Z Productions.com

"This live muscle show is for every muscle worshipper who has wished they could see and feel the excitement of muscle gods. Besides the hot and legendary BILLY HERRINGTON hosting the event, we have the always-popular JOHNNY BRAVO in a return engagement on stage with the most magnificent physique on the planet, the popular CODY MILLER, fresh from a recent competition who dazzles the crowd with his sensual performance, and the exciting MATT MILLER, who can't stop teasing the audience with his sexy demeanor. Enjoy this total manhood pleasure."

BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group4

BBJAM #18 Group Posing Finale

Featuring Kai Greene, Johnny Bravo, Antonio and Peter Latz
Jimmy Z Productions

November 18, 2007

"Get ready for this high-action, muscled-packed show with lots of hot guys including ANTONIO (JOE VALENTINO), JOHNNY BRAVO, KAI GREENE as they pose & flex for the crowd, and the crowd welcomes them with open arms, lots of worship, and admiration plus. These muscle hunks satisfy everyone's needs. What a powerhouse of magnificent pieces of masculine, muscular specimen."

BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group6

BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group13

BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group9

BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group1 BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group7

BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group15 BBJAM #18 Posing Finale Group16

BBJAM #22 Solo Performance

Featuring Johnny Bravo
Jimmy Z Productions

October 14, 2007

"Here's one huge muscled side of beef. Johnny weighs in at 265 and it's all muscle. He could bench press your refrigerator, and he loves to show you what he's got. Massive chest with arms and legs to match. Watch him pump and flex it all for you. His physique is like nothing you've seen before, but now you can enjoy it fully."

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo







Studio Posing - Part 1

Featuring Johnny Bravo
Jimmy Z Productions

July 1, 2007

"In Part One, we are introduced to the glorious, massive Johnny B. He looks like a roughhouse, mean trucker, but with his killer smile and warm heart, he's the biggest tease around...and that's what he does in this video. He pretends he's tough and boisterous with that brickhouse body, but it's all a tease. But don't mess with him at all!"

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo
Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo

Studio Posing - Part 2

Featuring Johnny Bravo
Jimmy Z Productions

July 29, 2007

"In Part Two, Johnny B continues to tease us with his flexing to make us all giddy and boyish, but with those mammoth arms, and chest, and shoulders, you better pay attention, or you are in severe trouble. Just kidding, go ahead and pretend to lick him all over, just like a baby. But watch out if he gets perturbed!"

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Bravo


Featuring Johnny Bravo
Jimmy Z Productions

June 4, 2006

"Johnny Bravo, a piece of incredible hulkin' meat that you will really love. His killer smile and glistening body will curl your toes. Johnny pumps and flexes his pecs. Man, they are as big as footballs. Wow! The shorts come off, the ass is incredible, and his yellow posing strap is a sight to behold. You'll scream for more."






Johnny4 Johnny2

Johnny6 Johnny11

Johnny6 Johnny10

Johnny8 Johnny3

Johnny5 Johnny14
Straight Muscle Guys

John Bravo


"Who is John Bravo? At 6 ft 1, 280lbs of freaky huge muscle, this professional bodybuilding champion is not only one of the biggest guys on SMG, but one of the most well rounded, down to Earth guys you'd wanna meet.

Reminiscent of the heroic bodybuilders of the 50's and 60's this muscle man played football, is a wrestler and continues to dominate the competition in bodybuilding shows.

Fans of SMG recommended we contact this iconic superstar and we knew he'd be a perfect fit and a great addition to our stable."

John_bravo_biopage_5539 IMG_5583dedd

JBRAVO5470052209 JOHN_BRAVO_400_1

Johnny Bravo

"Crushing Fruit"

June 5, 2009

"John Bravo takes fruit crushing to a whole new level on this week on SMG. This week John Bravo drops by to take over the SMG kitchen after our juicer went on the fritz. See how he dominates various fruits and crushes and squeezes them without mercy. You guys have been begging for us to do a crushing video, we hope you approve!"



Johnny Bravo vs Bear


October 29, 2013

"JB gets a message coming from the newcomer, Bear (Aaron Bruiser). Once he finds him, JB responds with his power. Take a look at the Gallery inside to see what happens."






Johnny Bravo vs Vinny and Kid Titan

BodyBuilder ShowDown!

July 1, 2013

"Johnny Bravo faces off with Vinny (Vinnie from MyFriendsFeet) and then Kid Titan! Can check out a brand new gallery of both matches."





Johnny_Bravo_vs_Vinny_and_KId_Titan_IMG_6684 Johnny_Bravo_vs_Vinny_and_KId_Titan_IMG_6908
BodyBuilder_Battle_Johnny_Bravo_vs_Muscles_2012-11-20 at 01-16-15

Johnny Bravo vs Muscles

Bodybuilder Battle 54

"Things are not looking so good for Muscles. The new guy’s name says it all: he’s built like a truck and comes to Thunder’s Arena with hopes of making as big a splash here as he reportedly made on his home turf in New Jersey. But besides being outweighed by over 50 pounds in his first bodybuilder battle, one look at his cocky opponent, Johnny Bravo, and Muscles’ confidence seems shaken. While Bravo boasts in an opening interview that he plans “to take this kid to school,” Muscles cautiously responds, with a dubious shrug, that he’ll “try my best to see what I can do.”

The setup seems to spell “squash job.” And there’s no doubt about Bravo’s alpha-dog status when he assumes immediate control of Muscles, even threatening to lop off the new guy’s head. With malicious glee, he subjects Muscles to a gauntlet of wrenching full nelsons, knee and elbow jabs, clutches, slams, headlocks, headscissors, and lots of arm wringing, even turning to the camera from time to time to ask the viewers to name what new abuse to inflict on him next. “Not yet!” he taunts the suffering newbie, repeatedly delaying the inevitable, perhaps to give the new guy a glimmer of false hope or perhaps to make time for some competition-level power posing or perhaps simply to prolong the wrestler’s pain to sadistic lengths.

When Muscles finds the steam to retaliate, Johnny Bravo seems impervious to the man’s best shots. He all but yawns when Muscles clasps him in a bearhug that would crack most men’s ribcages. From beginning to end in this harsh initiation to the Arena, Bravo keeps Muscles all tied up, both high in the air and flat on the mat, hardly once letting the man stand on his own two feet."

BodyBuilder_Battle_Johnny_Bravo_vs_Muscles_2012-11-20 at 00-45-16 BodyBuilder_Battle_Johnny_Bravo_vs_Muscles_2012-11-20 at 00-48-04

BodyBuilder_Battle_Johnny_Bravo_vs_Muscles_2012-11-20 at 01-38-53 BodyBuilder_Battle_Johnny_Bravo_vs_Muscles_2012-11-20 at 01-44-04
Johnny_Bravo_vs_Dallas_IMG_9442 1

Johnny Bravo vs Dallas

Bodybuilder Battle 49

"Dallas (London at MyFriensFeet and Parker London at Men and NextDoorWorld) arrives and there is no one there to wrestle him. He paces back and forth waiting for opponent to arrive wondering who will shows up and why are they so late? We all know Dallas has a smart mouth on him and when he sees Johnny Bravo walk in he lets it fly. Dallas trying to fend off the big muscle stud by cracking jokes, you can see how frustrated and nervous Dallas is the whole match. It is a classic battle where the smart mouth kid has to take on the bully with big muscles!

Johnny decides he's had enough of Dallas running his mouth and starts with the torture. There are Arm Bars, Chicken Wings, Bear Hugs, Body Slams, Head Scissors, Body Scissors, Full Nelsons, Choke Holds, Over the Knee Back Breakers, and even a Sleeper Hold in this match. But who will come out on top? Will Johnny underestimate Dallas, or will Dallas smart mouth make Johnny start laughing so he can get the advantage and turn the tide! You gotta watch this for the holidays, you'll love it as a classic!"

Johnny_Bravo_vs_Dallas_IMG_9543 22

Johnny_Bravo_vs_Dallas_IMG_9541 26

Johnny_Bravo_vs_Dallas_IMG_9641 73

Conan vs Johnny Bravo

Bodybuilder Battle 26

"The Epic battle begins...Johnny bearhugs Conan, then Conan bearhugs Johnny. Johnny swings Conan around and traps his head between his thighs and picks him up by the waist and pile drives him onto the mat. He grabs Conan by the arm and locks him in a standing armbar. Johnny headlocks Conan and flips him onto the mat. After picking Conan up off the mat, Johnny lifts him up onto his shoulder, carries him around, then drops him down onto to his knee in an over the knee back breaker. They continue to wrestle around on the mat until Johnny puts Conan in a camel clutch. Conan finally has enough of Johnny's abuse and clotheslines him several times. He picks Johnny up off the mat and bearhugs him from behind. The two wind up standing back to back and Conan locks Johnny's arms with his own, then bends over so Johnny is trapped by his arms, hanging on Conan's back. After Conan drops Johnny, Johnny comes back and bearhugs Conan. After carrying him around for a minute, he drops Conan onto the mat and chokes him. Conan gets free of the choke hold and leg scissors Johnny around the waist. Johnny eventually breaks free from Conan and they wrestle around on the mat until Johnny pulls Conan's arms back in a surfboard that he turns into a camel clutch. Conan gets control by elbowing Johnny in the stomach and picks him up in a reverse bearhug. After a few more bearhugs, Johnny punches Conan in the gut and knocks him down. He picks Conan up and puts him against the wall and starts gut punching him. After punishing Conan for a long time, Conan rushes Johnny and picks him up, then throws him down on the mat. Johnny hooks his leg around Conan's knee, knocking him down and then continues to trap Conan's leg with his own. After he loets go of Conan's leg, he grabs his arm and twists it behind him, then moves around and picks Conan up over his head. After he drops him on the mat, the two of them dance around a bit, then lock up. Johnny gets the advantage and grabs Conan by his sore arm and twists it again. He picks Conan up again into a fireman's carry. When he drops Conan on the mat, he grabs his arm again and rests his knee on it, with his full weight bearing down on it. Will Conan give! You'll have to see this match to find out!"





Johnny Bravo vs Powerman

Bodybuilder Battle 11

"Powerman Priest had a crazy match up against Tony in Mat Rats 16 and he NEVER wanted to be put in that situation again. So he asked Johnny Bravo to teach him some new moves. Bravo seems to really respect the kid for his bodybuilding and gives him a lot of compliments. They do some flexing to show off there muscles to each other but Johnny Bravo wants to teach the rookie kid how to wrestle better. He shows him how he does his powerful bearhugs and full nelson's to crush and put an opponent in pain. Powerman, our newest rookie, tries to return the power moves on Bravo with bearhugs and full nelsons that really are quite comical to watch. They start to do a little live wrestling around and Johnny puts him in his world famous bodyscissors and starts to rough the kid up and shows off by flexing. You can just see the wheels turning in the kids head as he starts to wonder if his teacher needs to be humbled. This ending shown on download and DVD was not featured in our Thunder TV match now showing. We cut it short and you can watch the full match all 27 minutes of it that you never saw on Thunder TV. All I'm going to say is if you love sleeper holds this is your kinda match because Powerman learned a lot from Tony on how to sneak attack someone and get them down. You won't beleive this new ending."






Conan vs Frank the Tank vs Johnny Bravo

Water Wars 2

Conan vs Frank the Tank vs Johnny Bravo

"Water Wars 2 is back and BIGGER than ever! Now we have 3 of the largest bodybuilders in the world battling it out to see who will be the best. Johnny Bravo and Conan were talking by the pool when Conan insults Johnny it sets things in motion. Johnny starts throwing Conan and Frank the Tank into the pool and then dives in himself to show them who is boss."









Johnny Bravo vs Joey Meatballs

Christmas Chaos 2008

"Joey Meatball (Gino from MyFriendsFeet) starts this match off showing off for the camera and toying with johnny Bravo. Johnny laughs the insults off and keeps going in for a lock up. Joey brushes it all off till johnny gets mad and wraps his massive 22" arms around Joey and quickly reminds Joey that he's the one that will be dominating the match. Even while Johnny is crushing him with all 275 lb. Joey still keeps his cool and tells johnny he's nothing. Johnny doesn't like this and gets a little cocky. He slips up and Joey takes him down hard to the mat. Joey puts Bravo in holds to make him yell in pain. Joey lets him up and makes a huge mistake. Johnny now furious brings the pain. Johnny has fun humiliating Joey for a bit. Joey stops laughing now and gets to business if he wants to be the first to take down the unstoppable "JB power" He slams Johnny so hard on the mat I would have to give him The move of the year hands down even this early into 09'. After being the first to smash JB's face into the mat johnny makes this small victory a short one as well. He begins an extremely painful sequence of moves yanking joeys arms behind him and treating him like a rag doll. The rest of the match is full of great rib crushing bear hugs, some extremely tight Full nelsons, Boston Crabs, flexing and as always JB delivers with the Domination. Will Joey make a comeback after his powerful opening? Get this match today so you can see this action packed bone crushing brawl. Watch this match you won't be disappointed."







Johnny Bravo & Kyle vs Diesel

Bodybuilder Battle 2 - Tag Team MAIN EVENT

"Now we are proud to bring you the TAG TEAM match of your dreams! Many people have written us in to see Kyle Stevens wrestle Johnny Bravo so when we talked to them about the match, we found out they were already freinds. They had become friends at a bodybuilding contest in Washington state. So they wanted to team up and take on anyone. Diesel (Vincent Dacquino) was dying for a re-match against Kyle so he promised us he would find a tag team partner. He told us how he has been training and grooming a new guy secretly and was ready to present him to the world in this tag team! So after a lot of pre-match flexing and posing Diesel brings out his "apprentice" and the tag team match is on. It is a BATTLE of the Bodybuilders to the max with lots of bearhugs and power moves. I don't want to give a thing away but all I can tell you is "friends" quickly turn into enemies! Johnny Bravo starts getting mad at Kyle and then starts showing Kyle up, this really ticks off Kyle who then starts showing Johnny Bravo up. The next thing you see is that they turn on each other! Those two massive bodybuilders who were tag team partners start tearing each ohter apart! I don't want to give away any more but this match is full of surprises around every corner. It's a great show of power and domination to a whole new level. You don't want to miss the most powerful muscle match of the YEAR!!!"

Bodybuilder_Battle_2_Desktop_Photos_image36 Bodybuilder_Battle_2_Desktop_Photos_image86

Bodybuilder_Battle_2_Desktop_Photos_image91 Bodybuilder_Battle_2_Desktop_Photos_image104

Bodybuilder_Battle_2_Desktop_Photos_image107 Bodybuilder_Battle_2_Desktop_Photos_image118

David Riley

2010 NPC Southern States Championships

"Over 2.5 hours with more than 70 bodybuilders! For over two decades the NPC Southern States Championships drew scores of competitors from the southern regions of the country to Ft. Lauderdale for one weekend of incredible muscular competition. Repetrope is pleased to bring you our signature contest coverage of this legendary contest which produced many notable pros who compete within the sport today. This Men's Finals video features the men's teenage, novice and open bodybuilding divisions as they each perform their choreographed posing routines and receive their hard-earned trophies. This massive video also features guest posers Mark Alvisi, Fouad Abiad, David Henry, Manuel Romero, Victor Martinez, and Hidetada Yamagishi."




David Riley with Jamie Robinson

2010 NPC Southern States Championships Men's Pump Room Part 2


"For over two decades the NPC Southern States Championships drew scores of competitors from the southern regions of the country to Ft. Lauderdale for one weekend of incredible muscular competition. Repetrope is pleased to bring you our signature contest coverage of this legendary contest which produced many notable pros who compete within the sport today. The Pump Room Part 2 video features competitors from the Men's Open Bodybuilding Division as they pump up, oil down, and prep to take the stage."










Dave Riley


"This Wisonsin competitive bodybuilder has a massive physique of rock-hard muscle! We photographed Dave in New York City's Central Park, and there were many heads turning at the impressive sight of Dave flexing in the park. He most recently was the 2005 NPC Wisconsin State Champion. He is a personal trainer and is also available for commercial endorsements and fitness modeling opportunities. We are pleased to offer Dave to our NorthAmericanBodies.com members and hope to see more of Dave soon!"