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Vinnie's Huge Size 13 Feet

September 18, 2018

"Sure, Vinnie is 6'2" tall and has size 13 feet and looks like he could eat you for dinner but really he's the nicest guy. He can definitely get into alpha mode, but he really just likes to relax in his flip-flops like the rest of us. His giant soles make my mouth water - and don't forget they are ticklish too!"

Mffhq1460_vinnie_016 Mffhq1460_vinnie_040

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Muscle God Vinnie and His Size 13's

September 20, 2016

"Muscle God Vinnie is back and of course I was more than happy to see him. He always has a big, sexy smile on his face, with his sculpted, muscular body looking SO damn good. Let's not forget about his huge, size 13 feet too though, which Vinnie shows off here in both dark socks and bare. I really had to control myself while snapping these photos. Can anyone blame me for that? What an incredible foot stud Vinnie is!"





Mffhq1356_vinnie_001 Mffhq1356_vinnie_040

Mffhq1356_vinnie_076 Mffhq1356_vinnie_083

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Vinnie Revenge Tickled By Brad

September 7, 2013

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Brad and I tickle tortured big, muscle dude Vinnie in order to get revenge for Brad at MyFriendsFeet. Vinnie had gone crazy on Brad the last time they were hooked up so he was looking forward to tying up the big, muscular stud and tickling the hell out of him and his big feet. It went great and Vinnie indeed when nuts by the time we got to tickle torturing his perfect peds!"

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Vinnie's Size 13 Socks & Bare Feet Worshiped

May 28, 2013

"Stud Vinnie kicked back so Dev and I could worship his stunning size 13 feet and socks at MyFriendsFeet. Vinnie is the kind of man that any one of us would get down onto our knees for. He just commands that kind of reaction. He doesn't say much, but he doesn't need to. The way he looks says it all. I could hear the sucking sounds from Dev working Vinnie's right foot while I worked on the left. How Vinnie kept it together, I don't know. He certainly enjoyed his foot worshiping though!"
















6'2" Muscle Stud Vinnie Tickled

March 10, 2013

"Dev and I work over Italian stud Vinnie's hot body and size 13 Feet white he's tied to the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. Vinnie was worshiped a while back at MFF so we thought this time we should be the ones having the fun. Vinnie enjoyed being bound and tickle too of course, laughing his off and squirming around as we worked his feet. But he's very ticklish!"

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Vinnie's Size 13 Bare Feet & Used Athletic Socks

February 27, 2013

"Vinnie is a construction worker on a road crew. He is on his feet all day and he says they get VERY hot and VERY sweaty in his work boots. This Italian muscle stud stands 6'2" tall and has size 13 feet. Here he is showing off those big feet and sweaty socks - and yes, those soles are ticklish..."



Mffhq1161_vinnie_003 Mffhq1161_vinnie_009

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38 Mffhq1161_vinnie_055

Johnny Bravo vs Vinny and Kid Titan

BodyBuilder ShowDown!

July 1, 2013

"Johnny Bravo faces off with Vinny and then Kid Titan! Can check out a brand new gallery of both matches inside."





Specimen vs Vinny

Battlespace 46

"Vinny and Specimen face off with no words but you can see the intensity all over both men's faces. Specimen is thicker and powerful while Vinnie is more defined and athletic looking. This is a classic battle of size versus speed. You're gonna see a lot of great moves like the following: bearhug, full nelson, arm lock, arm bar, headlock, boston crab, ab stretch, camel clutch, head scissors, choke lift, fireman's carry to just name a few of your favorites."




Specimen_vs_Vinny_IMG_7812 Specimen_vs_Vinny_IMG_7880

Dominic vs Vinny

Mat Rats 38

"Vinny "Too Good" is back and wants to let everyone know his routine and what he does on a daily basis to getting the body that he has. But before he can even finish up his lesson, Dominic interrupts and confronts Vinny about a car issue that he noticed after leaving the gym. Vinny gets really upset and fired up once Dominic starts to put his hands on Vinny. He explodes and both men lock up."





Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2368 Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2388

Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2440 Vinny_vs_Dominic_IMG_2412

Mogly vs Vinny

Mat Rats 37

"Mogly (Tanner from Sean Cody) comes out on the mat accusing Vinny, who is obviously way more than Mogly can handle, of stealing his laptop. Mogly demands that Vinny return it NOW, or else. Vinny is not gonna just stand by and let some little pip squeak boss him around and is more than happy to teach Mogly a lesson in manners. What better way to teach than thru the strong arm of the teacher? Vinny tosses Mogly around putting him in moves like bear hugs, over the knee back breakers, body slams, head locks, and more. Vinny seems to be enjoying torturing lil Mogly. Watch this battle of big vs small to see new comer Vinny in action."


Vinny_vs_Mogly_IMG_2257 Vinny_vs_Mogly_IMG_2270

Vinny_vs_Mogly_IMG_2302 Vinny_vs_Mogly_IMG_2324