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Landon Stone
Sebastian Rossi


ALIASES: Jessy Dean, Kip
SITES: Colt Studios, Corbin Fisher, Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Lucas Entertainment


Taking Measurements

Featuring Jessy Dean, Rafael Alencar, and Vance Crawford
Drill My Hole at

August 2, 2013

"When Rafael Alencar shows up at the gym, Vance Crawford can't help but make a comment about the supposed legendary size of Rafael's cock. Jessy Dean is definitely curious too and since they're alone, Rafael agrees but only if everyone pulls their cocks out. The shock and awe of being dazzled by the monster cock gets everyone hard and soon both Vance and Jessy are bent over being pounded in their tight asses!"




















Beef N' Briefs, Scene 7

Starring John Magnum and Sebastian Rossi
Colt Studios

March 6, 2014

"A shady spot outdoors with a leather lounge chair... What better setting for a couple of hot men to share a steamy encounter? Beefy muscle pup John Magnum and chiseled stud Sebastian Rossi are stripped down to their COLT Collection briefs and locked in a passionate and hungry lip-lock. It isn't long before hot kissing leads to hot sucking as each guy takes a turn on his knees, worshiping at the altar of big, muscular, juicy cock.

John's hungry mouth works its way toward Sebastian's anxious, tight hole. Lip smacking and tongue probing gets Sebastian's twitching butt-hole ready for a thick piece of man-meat. With Sebastian on his back, Jock gives him his throbbing cock. Legs in the air Sebastian takes it long and hard. Riding it and taking it from behind, Sebastian takes everything a hard pounding top like John can dish out. Stroking his man meat Sebastian releases his gushing white gold as John just keeps on drilling. Pulling out at the last possible second John erupts, shooting his thick wad of cum all over Sebastian's satisfied ass."






















COLT Minute Man Solo Series 44: Bruiser, Scene 3

Starring Sebastian Rossi
Colt Studios

January 30, 2014

"Laying out in the tall grass, muscle-pup Sebastian Rossi spreads out on his towel wearing his COLT Collection Jock Brief. Showing off the Jock Brief's best asset, Sebastian takes full advantage of the easy access to his favorite pleasure zone. With his fingers probing, Sebastian explores his muscled ass and his hot twitching hole, taking his sweet time and getting himself all worked up. Needing some release Sebastian unleashes his thick uncut tool, stroking his foreskin and milking up a steady flow of pre-cum. Rising up on his knees Sebastian beats his hard meat with a fierce intensity, jackhammering his throbbing cock until his man juice erupts."













Beef N' Briefs, Scene 2

Starring Dirk Caber and Sebastian Rossi
Colt Studios

December 26, 2013

"Lookin' sexy in their new COLT Collection Tees, super studs Dirk Caber and Sebastian Rossi can't keep their hands off each other. With deep kissing and wandering hands Dirk and Sebastian slowly strip each other down to nothing but their smokin' hot COLT Collection Jockstraps, Dirk in a black Signature Jockstrap and Sebastian in a bright, spanking-white Logo Jockstrap.

Popping out of all over the place, Dirk's thick rod and Sebastian's long uncut monster play very well together as these big boys get each other's impressive cocks nice and wet. With lots of intense contact and rough playfulness, Dirk and Sebastian work each other up to a boiling point. Standing face to face and lip-locked, these sexy beasts moan and stroke and shoot big, man-sized loads together."























Lucas Entertainment

Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick

Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal, Scene 4

Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick
Lucas Entertainment

September 2, 2013

"Armando de Armas is always able to turn a situation to his advantage, and that’s even the situation when he traveled to the United States to land a new job. It’s no wonder why -- he’s one of the hottest Latin men we’ve ever set eyes on! Sebastian Rossi can’t keep his eyes off of Armando when he steps into his office, and Sebastian is the guy in charge! Armando needs to win Sebastian over, and he seduces him quickly with his good looks. A business meeting turns into Sebastian sucking Armando’s cock before he takes off his slacks and gets on his back. What’s Armando to do except grab his legs, slip his cock inside Sebastian, and pump him until he blows his load."

Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick

Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick

Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick

Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick Sebastian Rossi Rides Armando de Armas' Dick
Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-FuckKings of New York (Season 1), Scene 3
Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

March 22, 2013

"Michael Lucas is overseeing an underwear shoot featuring Mitchell Rock when it’s discovered a second model is needed. This revelation is just the luck for Sebastian Rossi. He wanders onto the set and is enamored with Mitchell from the beginning, and because Sebastian has a gorgeous body himself he’s given the green light to perform with Mitchell. When the guys are left to prepare for the shoot they get horny really quick, and Sebastian lets Mitchell know just how much he likes him. From that point forward there’s no stopping them: the hardcore fucking reaches such intensity that Mitchell, who usually bottoms, tops for the first time at Lucas Entertainment!"

Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck

Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck

Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck

Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck

Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck
Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian RossiGentlemen 06: Wear Me Out, Scene 4
Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian Rossi
Lucas Entertainment

January 7, 2013

"Tyler Wolf delivers a gift to his coworker, Sebastian Rossi, who is excited and thankful for his colleague’s attention -- but it doesn’t end with the gift. Tyler wants to give Sebastian a present of his own, so he pulls out Tyler’s cock and starts sucking it, and the meat grows harder the more he uses his mouth. Tyler takes his cock out of Sebastian’s mouth and bends over the desk and shows off his asshole. Sebastian dives right in and starts to eat him out, getting the bottoms excited hole ready for what the top is capable of delivering to him. Sebastian has a youthful and fresh look, that of a wunderkind, but he’s also strong and powerful and knows how to claim a submissive bottom guy as his own. Tyler loves a strong man on top, and the deeper, longer, and harder Sebastian pounds his hole, the more he knows who truly is in charge."

Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian Rossi

Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian Rossi

Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian Rossi

Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian Rossi Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian Rossi

Easy Summer, Scene 4

Alexander Gustavo and Sebastian Rossi
Hot House Video

September 23, 2013

"Alexander Gustavo has a plan. He knows that the hot groundskeeper Sebastian Rossi is pruning the shrubs outside his bathroom so the horny young stud draws a bath and gets in. As soon as Sebastian sees Alexander stroking his huge uncut cock in the sudsy water he drops his shears and grabs his crotch. Gustavo motions for Rossi to join him and it's on. Sebastian gets on his knees and sucks Alexander's thick dick then stands up and feeds the hungry cocksucker his hefty uncut meat. Alexander gives him a juicy blow job then bends over so the muscular groundsman can fuck his ass. Sebastian continues to fuck Alexander as he rolls over on his back and jacks off, followed by Sebastian who pumps a thick load all over Alexander's washboard abs."

WATCH Easy Summer, Scene 4 Starring Alexander Gustavo and Sebastian Rossi
















Rock Star!, Scene 3

Cal Skye and Sebastian Rossi
Falcon Studios

April 5, 2013

"Sebastian Rossi and Cal Skye are bodyguards tasked with protecting the rock star. They're stationed outdoors, where the hot California sun proves too much for their black uniforms. Sebastian declares that he's taking off his shirt. You'll take a deep breath as he peels out of his shirt, exposing rippling muscle inch by inch. Complimenting Sebastian's chest, prom-date handsome Cal follows suit. They check each other out, like what they see, and can't resist shrugging their duties for a sexy exchange. Cal unzips Sebastian's pants and helps himself to mouthfuls of the uncut cock that leaps out to greet him. He punch-fucks his face with Sebastian's cock until he nuzzles his chin into the nutsack below. Sebastian fevered response makes Cal's balls dance. But it's Cal's buns that are the object of Sebastian's desire. He warms them with his tongue, invades them with his finger, then impales Cal's quivering and accepting hole with his stiff cock. They fuck as if to make the earth move, and the jism that bursts forth will rock your world." WATCH Rock Star!, Scene 3 Starring Cal Skye and Sebastian Rossi
















Drake Wild and Sebastian Rossi

Falcon Members Exclusive
Falcon Studios

Noember 12, 2012

"Drake Wild is alone in the locker room when Sebastian Rossi arrives. The gears spin in Drake's mind as he undresses, keeping tabs on Sebastian. Sebastian's back is turned, but his eyes are peeled, too. Neither wants to be caught looking, yet each knows the other is watching. Drake massages the pouch of his black jockstrap, and when that maneuver reels Sebastian in closer, Drake offers a peek. Hooked! Sebastian gets to chowing down first, in deep gulps that leave his cheeks hollow with suction. Drake's cut cock is seriously fat — the perfect size to work with lips, tongue, hand or tonsils. When it's his turn to suck, Drake puts a lot of action onto his sucking, and his buns tempt with a sidelong glance. Sebastian is verbal about how he wants it, and he slaps his uncut meat around Drake's face. When Drake gets it right, it leaves lots of slobber all over Sebastian's torso. At the moment of orgasm, Sebastian's eyes roll back and his face becomes a big question mark, just like the loops of jism shooting out of his cock. Drake steps up and takes aim at Sebastian's abs and shoots."

Mountain Tops Part 1, Scene 3
Tate Ryder & Sebastian Rossi
Jocks Studios | Falcon Studios

March 3, 2013

"Tate Ryder and Sebastian Rossi find a secluded area to unload the cooler and camping gear in favor of nuzzling each other like frisky colts. Once the shirts are off, their hands rove the two muscular torsos. Tate rims Sebastian's navel; his hand slides under the waistband of Sebastian's jeans to knead a growing hardon. When it's fully rigid, Tate slips Sebastian's pants off, exposing a hard-as-marble physique and an uncut cock with lots of foreskin that Tate stretches and chews along with the deepthroating and ball sucking. The picnic table becomes a platform for 69ing. Tate's hole flutters at the touch of Sebastian's tongue, and with a spontaneous "ooh" the final inch of Sebastian's cock finds a home in Tate's windpipe. They jostle for position to fuck, and when the precum clears, Sebastian is riding Tate's cock in the bridge position. When his thighs reach exhaustion, they trade roles and Sebastian fucks Tate missionary style. Both are dripping sweat as Sebastian strokes Tate to orgasm, with Tate providing the final squeezes that send him over the edge, filling his navel with cum that cascades across his abs. A final kiss proves the key to releasing Sebastian's wad." See more of Sebastian Rossi and Tate Ryder

"Swallowing Kip's Load" BAREBACK

Kip and Dawson

October 4, 2012

"Kip told me he was excited to meet some of the CF superstars and now he has his first taste of a CF legend – Dawson! (Though, technically, Dawson also gets a good taste of Kip!)

Dawson and Kip watch one of Dawson's old videos from the Five Americans In Prague DVD (available on the CF store or on CF Select, of course!) Kip tells Dawson it makes him horny to watch it. Lucky for him, Dawson is right next to him. The guys kiss.

It's a dream cum true for Kip. He pulls off Dawson's briefs and kisses Dawson's ripped body. Kip's cock is already hard by the time he gets his underwear off! Kip sucks Dawson's cock. “Tastes good!” he says.

Kip rims Dawson's hole and teases it with his finger and cock. Dawson goes down on Kip's rock-hard cock. The two muscle studs 69 each other, with Kip also making sure Dawson's hole is wet and ready for his dick.

Dawson slides down on Kip's cock. Kip rubs Dawson's massive chest as he drills up into the bodybuilder. He smacks Dawson's ass and thrusts his cock deep into him.

Kip stands beside the bed and fucks Dawson doggy-style. Kip plunges in and out as far as he can, fucking Dawson nice and slow.

Dawson flips over and Kip slides his cock back in. Dawson massages Kip's own thick chest as Kip fucks him. Kip pounds Dawson, then takes a break to suck Dawson's dick.

Kip slides up on the bed and fucks Dawson sideways, spanking his ass and kissing Dawson's thick biceps. Dawson moans as Kip pounds away. Kip's waited a long time for this and he enjoys every second of it!

After feeding Dawson his cock again, Kip swings around to tease Dawson's ass with his cock again, then pounds him doggy style. Dawson flips over and Kip fucks him in the missionary position. Dawson can't hold back and shoots a thick load that Kip quickly swallows.

Kip spits on Dawson's ass and slides his cock back in. He fucks Dawson until he's about to blow his load. He feeds Dawson his cum, and Dawson sucks his cock dry!"


September 10, 2012

"Kip is a big muscle guy who likes other big muscle guys. I think he's found a perfect place to hang out – we have lots of those running around here!

Kip likes to stay active. When he's not in the gym working out, he likes to be outdoors or out at the clubs dancing with friends.

While Kip prefers guys, he has fooled around with girls before. Aside from muscles, he also goes for guys with great eyes and smiles. When he has sex, he likes it to be sweaty, hot and dirty. Yum! He loves doggy-style and doing it up against the wall.

Kip likes both top and bottom, depending on the chemistry between him and his partner. The first time he jacked off he was 11 or 12. He usually jerks off once a day, and tries to get laid at least once a week.

When Kip jacks off, he's often fantasized about being in a porn video. Yep – he's definitely come to the right place! He also fantasizes about being in an orgy. Kip applied on the Corbin Fisher website and was nervous at first, but now he's excited to get on the other side of the screen!

Kip pulls off his shirt and shows off his incredibly-built body. He loves to work out his chest and abs. He's done a great job! He flexes his guns, then shows off great butt and his uncut cock. Kip considers his chest to be his best feature – I think I have to agree!

Now that Kip's done showing off his body, he's ready to show off his jack-off technique. He strokes his cock and plays with his nipple. Kip rubs his chest some more and his big cock is rock-hard. Kip leans back on the sofa and fingers his ass as he jerks his cock. He flips around and spanks his own ass. He strokes his dick downward, jerking hard.

Kip sits back down and jacks off faster. He plays with his nipple again. Kip shoots a thick load that splatters his cock and abs. He tells Pete was thinking about an orgy scene and that he's never been with one. We'll have to make that a reality for Kip!""