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Jimmy Z Productions Pierce

Muscle Up Close - Part 3

Featuring Pierce
Jimmy Z Productions

August 4, 2013

"In Part 3, ripped and chiseled Pierce flexes while he soaks in the hot tub. The bubbles massage his hard muscles while the water makes his tanned skin glisten even more. Later on the couch he enjoys his hard cock, stroking and teasing it. Unable to hold back, Pierce shoots a powerful load leaving thick cum all over his hand and cock."

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 094

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 098

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 099

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 091 Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 104
Jimmy Z Productions Pierce

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 066

Muscle Up Close - Part 2

Featuring Pierce
Jimmy Z Productions

March 3, 2013

"In Part 2, Pierce continues to show off his perfectly tanned and muscled body. He changes from white to pink briefs and continues to flex his pumped up muscles. The camera loves his oiled up skin as it captures his vascular hard muscles. When he loses the underwear we get to see his beautiful ass and mushroom cock."

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 062

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 064

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 083
Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 047

Muscle Up Close - Part 1

Featuring Pierce
Jimmy Z Productions

December 9, 2012

"In Part 1, sexy Pierce is ready to show off all his hard work. Peeling his Jimmy Z Shirt off we see he is in competition shape and perfectly tanned. He starts flexing his hard muscles and applies plenty of oil over ever inch of his body. Those tight white briefs can barely contain his excitement."

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 032

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce 045
Jimmy Z Productions Pierce

Gym Workout Part 2

Featuring Pierce
Jimmy Z Productions

February 14, 2010

"This is a continuation of Pierce's great work out session at the Gym. Now Pierce really gets down to business as his beautiful mushroom headed cock slides easily in his hand until he releases wild stream of his man juice. Pierce is exhausted and it was worth it."

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce
Jimmy Z Productions Pierce

Gym Workout Part 1

Featuring Pierce
Jimmy Z Productions

January 17, 2010

"Pierce meets us at the Gym where he walks us through his powerful workout. You can see that years of work have paid off building bulk on this massive body. He enjoys watching himself in the mirrors as well as feeling the joy of his cock. He’s a handsome guy."

Jimmy Z Productions Pierce
Contest Muscle

2009 NPC Excalibur Championships

Contest Muscle

"Contest Muscle goes behind the scenes to bring you exclusive videos of muscle hunks backstage at competitions pumping, posing, flexing & oiling up before heading out on stage to be judged on who has the best physique. Also, individual bodybuilders pose and flex in a natural setting to show off their hard-earned muscles, and also give interviews on bodybuilding, techniques, training secrets, dieting, and how they prepare for a bodybuilding contest."

2009 NPC Excalibur Championships 074 2009 NPC Excalibur Championships 075

2009 NPC Excalibur Championships 077 2009 NPC Excalibur Championships 078
Powermen Harry Cooper

Playful Harry

Featuring Harry Cooper

"Harry Cooper is one of those men who turns heads. With a physique that wins championships, a face ready to seduce, and an attitude showcasing his masculinity, Harry has no limits. Are you ready to play?"

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper Powermen Harry Cooper

Powermen Harry Cooper Powermen Harry Cooper
Hadyn Taggert

Hadyn Taggert

"Hadyn hails from San Jose and uses his own spit to stroke his impressive “flashlight”. It’s 6 inches around at the uncut head! Yes, he pumps iron AND gives us fierce wood. Now that's a spectator sport! Need more stats? 30” legs! 20” arms! Who wants to hold the tape measure?

We shot Hadyn’s sculpted physique in color and black and white. Who could limit this man to one format? Very secure in himself,our own Hayden Taggert once got caught having sex at a pool party in Las Vegas and…. he finished the job anyway!

What happens in Vegas will appear on Paragon Men!"

Hadyn Taggert Hadyn Taggert

Hadyn Taggert Hadyn Taggert

Hadyn Taggert Hadyn Taggert
Manifest Men Hadyn Taggert

Hadyn Taggert

Age: 29
Height: 5'09" 167.6cm
Weight: 225lbs 90.7kg
Biceps: 20" 50.8cm
Chest: 50" 132cm
Waist: 30" 76cm
Quads: 28" 71cm
Shoe: 10 US 44 EU

"On the surface this handsome and beautifully sculpted muscular young man looks like one serious, no-nonsense bodybuilder. Which he is. But there's also a look in his eyes and his slightly playful smile that tells you that there's more to Haydn than you think. Watch him in action and learn that he may start off serious & quiet but like a lion he gets loud & intense when aroused.

Manifest Men Hadyn Taggert

20090817i_HadynTaggert84_Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder03 Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder05

Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder10 Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder25

Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder30 Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder39

Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder42 Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder50

Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder54 Hadyn_Taggert_Nude_Bodybuilder59

Manifest Men Hadyn Taggert

20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder002 20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder008

20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder019 20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder025

20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder039 20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder057

20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder063 20090702iHaydn85_Haydn_Naked_Hung_Bodybuilder068

Hadyn Taggert

"Iron Worship"
Video Gallery Update

"With pumped up pecs & hard nipples ready to rip through his tight shirt, Haydn Taggert uses a set of cables for a set of bicep curls. Knowing he's being watched he cocks his confident smile & admires himself in the mirror. Removing his shirt to flex his guns, Haydn Taggert returns to the cables to engorge his pecs even more. From every angle you'll see the his muscles & veins bulge as he works out and does a complete posing routine in the mirror.

Haydn Taggert gets naked & flexes more turning a posedown into a self-worship session, feeling up his muscles, pulling on his nipples & stroking his cock. Haydn lays back on the bench & jacks his cock. Watch and you'll see his muscles flex and seemingly bulge out even more as he cums over lucky bench on which he lays daring you to clean it all up."
















Hadyn Taggert Studio 1010

Hadyn Taggert

"Studio 1010"
Video Gallery Update

"This is raw, pure muscle worship the way you like it with Haydn Taggert pumping up, flexing, an delivering a sweaty intense finale. You'll find it takes little more than a set of exercises to pump up Haydn Taggert's picture perfect muscles & you'll see it all when he strips down to his tight briefs. Watch as he flexes in the mirror & gives his own reflection a knowing look of approval. With his rock hard abs and veins bulging he slowly removes that ultra-tight underwear and brings his cock to life.

While he looks at himself & his body flexes he grows harder & harder, he begins to sweat and moan, and he thrusts his hips forward and back faster & faster. Finally he groans louder & gets verbal as he explodes, milking every drop of muscle cum, and standing there pumped, sweaty & spent."

Hadyn Taggert Solo

Hadyn Taggert

Video Gallery Update

May 25, 2009

"Hadyn Taggert finds release in the Manifest Loft. How much muscle can you handle."



2-01 2-03

2-04 2-05

2-06 2-07



2-11 2-12

2-14 2-15


























"The Lonely Ranch Hand"

Cinema 625

"It was the end of a long weekend climbing the back trails of the Pinnacles National Monument. I was exhausted after the hard, two day climb but tired as I was, I knew I wasn't hallucinating when I passed the deserted old ranch and saw, for a fraction of second, the tall, muscle-bound young stud leaning against the barn. God he was hot, but soon as I looked again, he was gone. It was as if he'd vanished. I pulled over and searched the old ranch, and then again, I saw him. And then again, he disappeared.

Intrigued now, and more than a little horny, I got out of the car and climbed over the ancient, broken fence into the ranch.

Silent. Dead silent. Then in the barn, empty except for old hay and cobwebs, I saw him; tall, big, hard muscles, striding toward the barn...toward ME! And this time, he didn't disappear."

Muscle Worship Cinema 660 The Pickup

"The Pickup"

Cinema 660

"You just don't see studs like this hanging around the streets. Sure...the skinny, little doper twinks are everywhere...but big, hard, 230 lb. bodybuilder? Skin tight jeans filled with powerful, hard thighs? Black tank-top with powerful muscles bulging through? I had to stop and ask him if he needed a lift somewhere. Then, when he told me he was broke, an out of work construction guy and sure, I'll take a ride from you. Where? It was the "where" part that gave me the not so subtle hint I was praying for to suggest we head over to my place where I was working on a remodeling job and maybe he might like to give me a few...pointers?"





















Mission 4 Muscle Big Adonis

Big Adonis

"Morning Stroke"

October 1, 2009

"Big Adonis returns to Mission4Muscle with a solo jack off video many have been waiting for. Imagine waking up next to this competitive bodybuilder and watching him caress his rock hard body and stroking his big cock until he shoots a big load."

Mission 4 Muscle Big Adonis

Big Adonis

"Clean Muscle"

June 8, 2009

"Big Adonis has just come back to his hotel room from a great workout at the gym all pumped, hot and sweaty. After a quick flex and pose in the mirror, the muscle hunk steps into the jacuzzi to soak every inches of his rock hard body. Watch as he cleans up, flexing and massaging his rippling engorged muscles, lathering them seductively with foamy suds as this handsome hunk works you into such a lather that will have you proceed directly to the shower each time you watch this video."

Mission 4 Muscle Big Adonis
Mission 4 Muscle Big Adonis

Big Adonis


April 28, 2009

"Big Adonis comes to Mission4Muscle with a big bang in his debut video. He is so ruggedly good looking, buff and sexy one can not help falling under the hypnotic spell of this glorious hunk of built masculinity. He has a deep seductive voice but lets his muscles and growing nab-spear speak for him. Let your eyes gaze hungrily over his brawny beef and worship over those incredible muscle symmetry. It is no accident or exaggeration that this muscle hunk goes by the name of Big Adonis."

Mission 4 Muscle Big Adonis

002 009

015 023

030 038

002 008

018 020
The Guy Site Adonis


"Truly Beautiful"

"If you like muscle, you'll like Adonis. He's also a very nice person, so, you'd like him if you met him in person as well. For his session, he came prepared with several pairs of underwear to model, some giant rubber bands to flex with, and, he did everything I asked of him without hesitation."


The Guy Site Adonis

TGS153_010 TGS153_019

TGS153_020 TGS153_053


• 6'1"
• 250 Pounds
• 28 years old
• 21-inch biceps
• 50-inch chest

"Handsome Muscle Stud Rocky is a natural performer. Beautiful and Beefy!"


Rocky6 Rocky7

Rocky9 Rocky10
Jason Strong Tickling Vince

"Can I Pay to Tickle You?"

Starring Vince

"It's time for an afternoon drive with the top down on the convertible. My mission? Find some random guy and ask him if he'd like to make some money and be my tickle model. I look ahead and see a bodybuilder walking on the sidewalk. I approach him and ask him. He is a bit reluctant, but I find offering some money helps my cause. He agrees, pops in the car, and we drive back to my place. he undresses down to his underwear and I walk in the room, with my restraints in hand. Whoa! He isn't happy about the restraints and claims I never mentioned that during the proposal. He turns his back on me, which is never a good idea when dealing with JasonStrong, and gets what is coming to him. We find him in the bed, buff and totally helpless, and of course, tied up securely. I get his hairy armpits and listen to him laugh and squeal. Another buff guy that's tickled senseless."

Mitchell Peeing

Mitchell Mitchell
Mitchell Mitchell

Mitchell's Webcam Show

Mitchell Mitchell