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Not Your Average Tupperware Party

Featuring Cooper Reed, Jimmy Johnson, Landon Stone, Marcus Ruhl and Vance Crawford
Jizz Orgy at

October 20, 2013

"It's a sex toy party for men! Landon Stone brings the toys and things get out of hand when he gives a demonstration. Cooper Reed, Jimmy Johnson, Marcus Ruhl & Vance Crawford get their dicks sucked while fucking Landon's tight ass. The scene also features some impressive double penetration with each big dick and a sex toy!"


















The Virgin

Featuring Jimmy Johnson & Landon Stone
Str8 to Gay at

September 9, 2013

"Jimmy Johnson is just days away from becoming a 25 year old virgin and has come to realize that desperate times call for desperate measures. Landon Stone sees an opportunity to get a hot straight guy to pound his horny ass and knows just what to do. After a good blowjob, Jimmy is so turned on that he gets Landon in doggy style and drills until he shoots his virgin load!"

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Pagan Seance - Angelo Marconi & Landon Stone

November 1, 2012

"It's October 31st, and while most people are celebrating Halloween, we are celebrating the Pagan festival of Samhain. In this scene, Landon Stone summons a spirit at midnight to fulfill his every carnal desire. The spirit (Angelo Marconi) appears mysteriously and begins to satisfy Landon's needs, letting Landon worship his body (which is perfect beyond humanly possible). Landon then fucks Angelo until they both climax in the final moments before Angelo must return to the spirit world. This scene is a must-see! Watch the full movie at"

"This Time He's Sober"

Landon Stone and Evan Hart

October 18, 2012

"The first and only time our hot straight boy, Landon, unexpectedly touched another dude's cock was during a three way with his buddy and a hot chick and he was plastered. This time he isn't drunk, he isn't anticipating doing anything with another dude, but he's at Bait Buddies and you all know what that means - he's going to be doing a lot more than just jacking a dude. Landon is a real looker, a Texan with the face and body of a fashion model. He's paired up with a returning Bait boy, Evan Hart, an impish sort of guy with cute face, nice body and a big 8'' cock. Evan plays along great, as the two boys chat about the straight porn they’re watching, girls, etc. Caruso returns with bad news - no pussy. What to do? That means the guys will have to fool around with each other if they don’t want to leave with empty pockets. Landon is a little hesitant at first, but the money as well as his comfort level with Evan, pushes him over the edge and soon enough the boys are jacking each other off. Next they swap blowjobs and this is followed by a make out session that lasts a full minute - Landon seems to be into it as much as Evan. Then down to fucking and both guys are ready to go. Evan sits right down on Landon's cock which he pumps with his bubble butt. A few minutes later, Landon lifts Evan in his arms and flips him over on his back. Now he's in charge and continues to pump Evan's butt. Evan is on the edge and ready to cum, he yells at Landon ''Fuck me harder!'' and then shoots a huge load from his belly, up his entire torso with the last hot white liquid hitting him in the chin. After the shoot, Caruso has lots of questions for the guys, including how many times a day they jack off. Evan says eight, yes eight. And says he cums up to his chin on the first four. So, at Caruso's invitation, he offers to come back and spend the day at the studio jacking off on video. He even offered to shoot all of it into his mouth! So, let us know if you'd like to see that. If not, we'll just watch it ourselves - LOL."