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Alexander Garrett (2)
Alexander Garrett


ALIASES: Hugo Alexander, Marcus Hogel
SITES: Badpuppy, Bait Buddies, Big Dicks at School, Bound in Public, Bound Jocks, Club Amateur USA, Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, Dominic Ford, Drill My Hole, Extra Big Dicks, Falcon Studios, Gay Room, Hot Dads Hot Lads, Hot House Video, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch, ManAvenue, Men Over 30, My Friends Feet, On The Hunt, Pride Studios, Raging Stallion Studios, Showguys, Suite 703, The Gay Office, Zeb Atlas

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17589_004 Marc Dylan, Jimmy Durano, and Alexander Garrett

Point And Shoot, Scene 3

Alexander Garrett, Marc Dylan, Jimmy Durano
Falcon Studios

February 3, 2012

"Delving further into the camera's recent archives, Landon Conrad and Dean Monroe find a hot vid of Jimmy Durano and Marc Dylan hooking up with a new friend they found on their vacation, Alexander Garrett. While Jimmy shoots the action, a totally-submissive Marc and a dynamic Alexander go at it with a fevered energy that neither can contain. The intense cocksucking, frenzied ass-rimming and relentless butt-fucking has all three men reaching new heights of pleasure. Jimmy can't help but beat his meat as he watches Marc getting jackhammered up the ass by a vigorous and aggressive top like Alexander. It doesn't take long for Marc to finally shoot his load all over his washboard abs and as he lays back, exhausted and spent, first Jimmy and then huge-cocked Alexander cream all over him with copious shots of their jism." WATCH Point And Shoot, Scene 3 Starring Alexander Garrett, Jimmy Durano, and Marc Dylan


17589_001 17589_002

17589_006 17589_007

17589_008 17589_016











The Sub, Scene 1

Jimmy Durano and Alexander Garrett
Hot House Video

January 28, 2013

"Standing at over 6 feet tall, hung muscular hunk Alexander Garrett hardly looks like your typical sub. When Jimmy Durano finds the Latino powerhouse lying on his back stroking his giant uncut cock Jimmy makes it clear who's in charge. He goes down on Alexander, sucking his thick dick and balls, then licks his way down his shaft to the stud's tight hole. Jimmy uses his tongue to loosen him up then slams his rock-hard cock into Alexander's big muscle-butt. Jimmy fucks the towering giant on all fours then flips him over on his back and pounds a load out of him. Like a good sub Alexander gets on all fours and finishes Jimmy off by sucking him dry." WATCH The Sub, Scene 1 Starring Alexander Garrett and Jimmy Durano
















Jimmy Fanz and Alexander Garrett

Heretic, Scene 1

Jimmy Fanz and Alexander Garrett
Raging Stallion Studios

August 2, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz, in a black jock strap, is gyrating against smooth Alexander Garrett as if he were a human stripper pole. Their tongues battle in an aggressive kiss. Alexander is jacking himself with Jimmy's hand, but the hard, slick feel of it makes Jimmy want it in his mouth. His bottomless throat is equal to the task, but Alexander's cum-filled nuts get their share of attention too. Jimmy's tongue flickers and curls. Saliva streams down his chin as Alexander pumps his hips. When Jimmy lies on his back and spreads his legs, he exposes a puckered hole hidden in damps swirls of fine hair. He smiles when Alexander's tongue finds the warm center. Using lots of spit, Alexander begins a frenzy of sucking, spanking, ball squeezing and rimming. The external world is blotted out and the senses get mixed up. Smell and touch take charge. Jimmy's ass becomes a black hole that Alexander's rampant erection cannot escape. He fucks Jimmy hard, releasing all his pent up aggressions. Gushing ejaculations are a heartbeat away." WATCH Heretic, Scene 1 Starring Alexander Garrett and Jimmy Fanz

42716_001 42716_002

42716_007 42716_012











Raging Stallion Studios: Lowdown Dirty

Lowdown Dirty, Scene 2

Alexander Garrett and Dale Cooper
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

June 14, 2013

"The broad, naked back belongs to Alexander Garrett. His face is hidden, his mouth latched onto one of Dale Cooper's nipples. He works Dale's shirt off, then grabs him by the neck. They joust with their tongues. Dale's erection needs no help to bust out of the waistband of his briefs, where it finds Alexander's mouth waiting. Alexander's massive cock makes a long, slow, downward curve - the kind that slides handily down a guy's throat. Dale adds some spit and flourishes, playing with Alexander's foreskin. Then he tickles Alexander's hole with his mustache before giving it a thorough tongue-lashing. Alexander encourages the ass play by driving a finger in alongside Dale's tongue. Dale takes his heavy cock and takes control, topping Alexander. That's just fine with Alexander, who spreads the hairy halves of his buttocks and thrusts in counterpoint to Dale's pounding. They separate, and now Alexander sinks his curved cock into Dale, grabbing Dale's rod like the pommel on a saddle. Drilling deep and fast, Alexander triggers a huge gush of jism from Dale in a single mighty burst then presses his sweaty flanks to Dale's face and bastes it with semen."

WATCH Lowdown Dirty, Scene 2 Alexander Garrett and Dale Cooper
















Explosive, Scene 2

Featuring Alexander Garrett and Jessie Colter
Raging Stallion Studios

September 17, 2012

"Alexander Garrett's looking raunchy in flannel shirt and cowboy hat, and Jessie Colter's menacing in his motorcycle gear. But the clothes don't last long and Jessie's soon giving Alexander's hefty cock the kind of crazed suction that doesn't leave much skin behind. It's no secret that handsome Jessie isn't just a thrill fuck, but is also the loudest, most vocal moaner around. And he's not holding back the sex-screams when Alexander launches a full-bore ass ramming on him. He reams Jessie's juicy fuck hole with his pistoning prick punches and gut-wrangling grinds in a punishment that's as mean as the sex demon look on his face. Jessie howls as his spunk erupts, and Alexander pumps his bolstering load into the pools of white cream on Jessie's belly."

WATCH Explosive, Scene 2 Featuring Alexander Garrett and Jessie Colter














Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari

Pure Sex, Scene 2

Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari
Raging Stallion Studios

September 3, 2012

"Two dark-skinned, uncut, passionate and intense Latin men making out like this is enough to get anyone stirred in the loins. But when they are two fiery guys with perfect physiques and striking faces like Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari, the making out alone will have you edging. These two beacons of sexuality are so into each other from the moment they set eyes on each other and the attraction builds and intensifies with every touch and stroke until Alexander is on his knees swallowing Franco's uncut meat. Franco can tell there is a huge cock in Alexander's pants, and he wants to get a taste of this behemoth. After servicing Alexander's cock, Franco moves to his hot hairy hole. Franco's dark meat is slamming into Alexander's hot Latin hole and his fervor grows until he shoots a load all over Alexander's balls. Then Alexander tops that as he shoots a creamy load into that Franco catches in his mouth sure to get every last drop." WATCH Pure Sex, Scene 2 Starring Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari

Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari

Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett

Alley Cats, Scene 2

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett
Raging Stallion Studios

"In a secluded alley, tattooed, rough stud, Jessie Colter finds, tall,ripped and harnessed Latino hunk, Alexander Garret hiding in the shadows. Their eyes meet and Alexander signals Jessie with a crotch rub. They size each other up, and Jessie pushes Alexander against the wall, but Alexander reverses the roles by quickly pinning Jessie there, groping at Jessie's dick and quickly getting it out of his pants. After unearthing Alexander's huge, uncut meat, Jessie swallows Alexander's pole. Jessie gags on the stiff pole that demands to be throated. After getting the best blow job of his life,Alexander is ready to give Jessie some pro ass play. Bending Jessie over some old tires, Alexander chows down on Jessie's inviting hole.Alexander smacks, fingers and tongues the ass with precision, until it's well prepared to receive the huge package that Alexander has to deliver. Jessie groans with every deep penetrating stroke. Flipping Jessie over on his back, Alexander continues his relentless pounding,jabbing and hammering until Jessie jerks out a huge spraying load and Alexander spews out a long stream of cum onto Jessie." WATCH Alley Cats, Scene 2 Starring Alexander Garrett and Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett

Jessie Colter and Alexander Garrett
D.O. and Alexander Garrett

Cockwork, Scene 1

D.O. and Alexander Garrett
Raging Stallion Studios

May 7, 2012

"Looking dapper in their black bowlers and orange jocks, D.O. and Alexander Garrett waste no time and go wild on each other with reckless abandon. Identical in their sinewy bulk and muscularity, the men are perfectly matched. And their physical attributes -- as beautiful as they are lethal -- only rival the intensity of their carnal desires. Alexander gets down on his knees to worship D.O.'s thick dick, nursing on it with gusto. And soon D.O. is wanting more,beginning an aggressive assault on his partner's ass. First he rims Alexander's hole, wetting it with slurps and tongue jabs; then he fucks it hard. More fevered rim action follows with some added finger pokes,plus more cock stuffing, and even the insertion of a wooden juggling pin. It doesn't matter what's going in as Alexander grunts and groans his approval until both guys vigorously finish themselves off by hand and unload." WATCH Cockwork, Scene 1 D.O. and Alexander Garrett

D.O. and Alexander Garrett

D.O. and Alexander Garrett

D.O. and Alexander Garrett

D.O. and Alexander Garrett

D.O. and Alexander Garrett

D.O. and Alexander Garrett

D.O. and Alexander Garrett D.O. and Alexander Garrett

Nasty Fuckers, Scene 3

Alexander Garrett and Angelo Marconi
Monster Bang | Raging Stallion Studios

"After Alexander Garrett exchanges fiery kisses with Angelo Marconi, he gets down to guzzle Angelo's hard cock. The action is carnal and exhilarating, and the tension amps up when Angelo takes his turn to suck Alexander's huge meat. He deep throats his man's extra wide throbber making him grit his teeth and choke with pleasure. Alexander stretches his foreskin from around his dickhead letting Angelo sink his tongue inside the folds and lick it clean. Hungry to feed more himself, Alexander takes charge and rims Angelo's ass. His tongue slides up and down and all around the crack and he jams a finger inside, all to prep the hole for his big dick. Holding onto Angelo's neck and hips or grabbing his wrists, Alexander keeps his partner in position as he rams himself in hard and fast. Both men are quickly sweating bullets as they fuck nonstop. Angelo is soon on his back stroking his cock until he unloads a creamy blast. Alexander withdraws and beats himself off right into Angelo's mouth!" WATCH Nasty Fuckers, Scene 3 Starring Alexander Garrett and Angelo Marconi

It Gets Bigger, Scene 1

Jason Michaels, Spencer Reed, Alexander Garrett
Monster Bang | Raging Stallion Studios

June 15, 2012

"Mesmerized by a wall with cutout glory holes, well-hung and furry Jason Michaels faces a pair of big boners popping in and out. He attacks the two monster cocks with his mouth, nursing on one before switching to the other. These super-sized cocks are attached to Alexander Garrett and Spencer Reed, who peer over the wall and watch the energized Jason eagerly sucking their cocks. They come out from behind the wall to get more aggressive with their big fan jamming their two power tools down Jason's throat. Alexander moves to the back to shove his big uncut dick inside Jason's tight crack,yielding this power position to Spencer only when they decide to trade places at both ends of their prey. The happy trio continues to rock outon the table top with Jason down on his back getting plugged in his asshole by Alexander while still feeding on Spencer's dick. The two big guys switch places again but it doesn't faze Jason as he rolls along with the program that finally climaxes with all of them blasting their loads." WATCH It Gets Bigger, Scene 1 Starring Alexander Garrett, Jason Michaels, and Spencer Reed

So Into You, Scene 2

Alexander Garrett and Micah Brandt
Hard Friction | Raging Stallion Studios

February 9, 2011

"Slick, sweaty muscle - brown on tan - melt into each other as these sexy guys go at it. There's electricity from the start in this scene! Alexander goes down on Micah Brandt sucking him deep, but that's not enough for horny Micah as he climbs up and face fucks Alex deep in his throat. Alex gets a turn at getting his fat uncut throbber serviced,which flips into a wild 69. Alex soon drives the passion deep into Micah who's a power bottom 100%...on his back on his knees in every position he wails for more and Alex delivers! Wild and never mild, the action doesn't stop even when Alex smacks that perfect brown, round butt. Micah just screams for more spanking! This is a well-matched pair who bring it all the way home into a cum-guzzling frenzy." WATCH So Into You, Scene 2 Starring Alexander Garrett and Micah Brandt

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas and Hugo Alexander

"Sensual Training with Coach Zeb Atlas"

Comments from Zeb Atlas:

"Me and Hugo getting hot during a very sensual training session. Hugo couldn't believe when I put my hard cock in his mouth."

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander

Zeb Atlas Hugo Alexander
Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

"So You Think You Can Fuck?"

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

August 4, 2011

"Our Straight guy this week, Vic Scorpio, can not only fuck - he can also dance! Vic is hunky Latino boy who makes a living as an exotic dancer (stripper) at bachelorette parties and then if lucky fucks one or two of the girls at the end of the night. One of Vic's fellow dancers and longtime buddy is also one of our hottest Bait boys, Hugo Alexander, a gorgeous, 6 foot tall, smooth skinned, muscular, Latino stud with a big, thick 8.5'' cock. Vic asks his buddy Hugo to get him into the porn business, so that he can make some direly needed cash. Vic is absolutely clueless that Hugo does dudes - he's hid it from him for years fearing that the word would get out and he'd lose his dancing gig. Hugo also never told Vic that he has had the hots for him for all that time. Now being a little older and more confident, Hugo is ready to come out and make his sex fantasy with Vic come true - both at the same time.

When the guys find out that the porn girl's car was repossessed and she has no way of getting to the studio, they are given the option to do a sex scene with each other for a lot more money. Vic wasn't happy - he didn't want to do it. This is a man who likes women and has no intention of fucking around with another guy. He even tells us that backstage at his performances with all the other nude dancers ''as long as nothing touches me I'm fine''. But, reluctant as he might have been - money talks and with his buddy's encouragement - he goes along with it. Listen to his remarks all through the video - he's really not liking this. He will accept a hand job and even reciprocate with his buddy, but that's the extent of it. He will not suck Hugo's big cock and there's no chance a dick is going anywhere near his butt. However, he is willing to fuck Hugo's beautiful butt. Watch as Vic bangs the crap out of his buddy. And as Hugo moans and groans, Vic continually apologizes for inflicting all that pain... until he finally realizes that those moans and groans from his buddy are of ecstasy rather than hurt and finishes Hugo off like a jackhammer. Vic is fucking so hard that all of a sudden he realizes he can't hold back and pulls out, fumbles getting the rubber off and then jacks a huge load of hot semen all over his long time buddy, Hugo. This is one scene you don't want to miss!"

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Hugo Alexander and Vic Scorpio

Brad Star returns to porn!

Hugo Alexander and Brad Star

October 28, 2010 is pleased to announce the return of the very popular, blond, bombshell, Brad Star to adult video after a long absence.

Alexander Garrett, a big beautiful, muscular straight guy and sometimes mainstream model (who had already shot a video with us) is back in the studio for new photos and we convince him to allow us to photograph him with Brad Star, also in for new photos, and as the two pose they compare physiques (Brad has better abs) laughing as they do so. It was immediately apparent to us that there was the potential for some real sparks between these two sexy men, so we offered Alexander double the money we paid him last time if he would be willing to do more action with Brad. To our amazement, Brad was horny as hell and in need to cash too. He wasted no time in agreeing and before we even asked he had Alexander by the back of the neck pulling him in for a kiss! Man-o-Man were we excited to see the natural pleasure that these two were getting from each other. For this scene we pretty much just let the cameras role and told the guys to do whatever they wanted. Within a few minutes Alexander had Brad`s enormous 9.5`` cock in his mouth devouring it and then Brad returned the favor with gusto as he sucked Alexander `s uncut cock. With the two rock hard and raring to go, we just had to see their beautiful asses. When Brad took one look at Alexander `s ass, he told us he had to have it and Alexander excitedly obliged. Brad fucks Alexander with so much fervor in this scene our camera lens almost fogged up. Watch the ending as Alexander dips into Brad`s cum and slathers it on his own dick - yum."







PA014407 PA014464

PA014475 PA014507

PA014535 PA014595

PA014636 PA014643
Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Top Service, Scene 1

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier
Lucas Entertainment

November 11, 2011

"Sean Xavier is a tall, lean black stud with a problem: his damn television just won’t work. While on the phone with a repairmen who gives him nothing but the runaround, hunky Latino stranger Alexander Garrett shows up at Sean’s house and offers some help. Luckily, the only problem is the power cable: it’s unplugged. Alexander inserts the cable into the wall socket, and when he looks back up Sean has his own power plug standing alert and ready for service. With a wide, gorgeous smile, Alexander pulls down Sean’s shorts, and his thick, massive black cock bounces out. The piece of meat vanishes down Alexander’s throat as he swallows and slurps on his reward for fixing Sean’s TV. Alexander struggles to handle Sean’s big, black cock down his throat, but it’s a challenge he happily undertakes. Sean wants to see what Alexander has to offer, so they both strip down; Alexander has a gorgeous, muscular body with lightly tanned skin. Sean lays him down on the sofa, smothering the Latin hunk with passionate kisses while running his hands up and down his ripped body. Alexander’s tight, smooth asshole is calling out for a tongue bath, and Sean obliges. When Alexander’s tight, puckering hole is ready for dick, Sean rolls on a condom and slips his fat, hard piece into the Latino’s rectum. It’s difficult at first, but Alexander accommodates Sean’s size. After flipping Alexander around in different positions, Sean sucks the Latino’s fat, sexy dick, getting him hard before he fucks Sean’s mocha hole. The gay sex of these two hot guys ends in an explosion of cum!"

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier

Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier
Hugo Alexander and Michael Lucas Worship Feet

Feet!, Scene 4

Hugo Alexander and Michael Lucas Worship Feet
Lucas Raunch

November 18, 2009

"Michael Lucas and Hugo Alexander start their scene by making out and stroking each others fat dicks. Michael then leans back and lets Hugo suck on his big feet, then the two switch roles and Michael takes a mouthful of toes. A foot 69 ensues, with each stud rubbing their boners with their partners gigantic arches. After extensive foot play, Michael blows a thick load all over Hugo's feet!"

Hugo Alexander and Michael Lucas Worship Feet Hugo Alexander and Michael Lucas Worship Feet

Hugo Alexander and Michael Lucas Worship Feet Hugo Alexander and Michael Lucas Worship Feet

Off The Hook, Bonus Scene (Online Exclusive)

Starring Doug Acre and Hugo Alexander
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

October 3, 2013

"As production for Buckshot's OFF THE HOOK was underway, young and hung boy-toy Doug Acre showed an obvious liking for uncut Latin hunk Hugo Alexander. These guys were not scheduled for a scene together, but the chemistry between these two was undeniable. Once production for OFF THE HOOK was ready to wrap we indulged his fantasy and caught it on camera. Doug and Hugo were eager to let off some steam and gave each other the happy ending that every good movie needs."






















Off The Hook, Scene 6

Starring Hugo Alexander and JR Bronson
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

May 2, 2013

"A very naked JR Bronson napping on the couch catches the attention of his hunky roommate Hugo Alexander. JR's hard cock shows that he is having sweet dreams indeed. Hugo can't resist. Taking that meaty pole in his mouth he gently wakes JR from his afternoon nap in the most pleasant way possible. Stripping off his boxers, hung Hugo shows off his monster sized uncut cock. Thick and juicy, JR needs a mouthful of that big meat. Sucking and slurping JR readies Hugo's big tool for his ass.

Legs spread and ready, JR takes Hugo deep. Off the edge of the couch Hugo drills that hot hole with every inch of his uncut manhood. Wanting it even deeper, JR gets down on all fours. Arching his back and spreading his firm round cheeks JR gives Hugo his wide open ass for pounding.

Deep ass drilling makes Hugo's cock pulse and twitch. Feeling a surge coming on Hugo stands over JR's sweaty body and drenches him in white-hot cum. Feeling that hot dick juice hitting his skin sets off a chain reaction in JR's throbbing cock. His dick erupts and his thick and creamy load mixes with Hugo's hot cum."


35294_09 35294_13

35294_14 35295_02

35295_14 35295_15




























Curious, Scene 3

Hugo Alexander tops Luke Cassidy
Colt Studios

"Big muscled Hugo is lounging poolside and catching some rays. As he worships the sun, his buddy Luke is busy worshipping his thick meaty cock. Golden sunlight and suntanned bodies make this the perfect picture of summertime fun.

In their private poolside oasis these guys settle in for an afternoon of hot and naked, nut-busting fun. Sucking and stroking the day away, they lose themselves in the pleasures of tasty cock and sweet ass.

Hugo takes a taste of Luke’s hot hole and can’t get enough as he buries his face in that yummy boy butt. Once Luke feels that tongue up his horny ass, he knows he’s gonna need some of Hugo’s huge dick up there too. Hugo slips and slides his cock in and out until both guys are ready to squirt. It’s a super soaking hose-down before this daytime fuck-fest is through."

Buck Shots - Cast of Curious

Hugo Alexander
Colt Studios

"Get to know what makes Buckshot Boys tick. In candid interviews the Boys of Buckshot reveal intimate details about their personal, private sex lives and share detailed insight about what it's like to be a Buckshot star.

Find out what it was like the first time they had sex with another guy? What's their favorite sexual position? What's their favorite place to have sex? What type of guy makes them hot? All the juicy details are revealed.

And when the talk is over, the boys give us a hot and steamy private show. Stripping, stroking and teasing - they give us a hands-on demonstration of what makes them so special."










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