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Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

January 10, 2014

"Lance Alexander and Kurtis Wolfe never had a threesome before. Neither on camera or in their personal lives. Roman Todd was the resident expert, so he was there to help ease them in to the situation. That took about three seconds. Once these three got their clothes off, the chemistry between them set the sheets on fire. It was a frenzy of dick sucking, ass licking and butt pounding. There is even a train fuck where Roman gets to be the ham in a man sandwich. It all ends with Kurtis getting a hot load dumped in his face. I do not know if Kurtis and Roman will go back to one on one fucking again."

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd

Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd Kurtis Wolfe, Lance Alexander & Roman Todd
Lance Alexander

Lance Alexander

August 6, 2013

"Lance is just a stunning man. He is tall with piercing blue eyes that can gaze right into your soul. His body is so breathtaking that I did not want to have any background at all to distract from it. So I put him against a white back drop and white chair with some white lilies. After stripping down to nothing, Lance pulled out his cock. There is nothing I can say that would do his dick justice. It is long and hard and quivers in his own hands. Lance sits down in the chair and jerks off some more. He lifts his legs up to show off his hole. He sucks on a finger and lets one slide in. Then he lets two slide in. After finger fucking himself for a bit, he pulls out a toy. The toy easily penetrates his hole. Lance loves every minute of it. He turns over and begins fucking himself on all fours. The intensity of the toy hitting his prostate was too much. Lance laid back and let the toy take him over. He fucked himself harder and faster until finally he came buckets all over himself. He then licks up all off his own cum and puts it on his tongue. You can tell Lance does not want this feeling to end. I do not think that anyone does."


Lance Alexander Fucks Seth Bond

May 17, 2013

Justin Owen Tops Lance Alexander
March 30, 2013

Austin Merrick And Lance Alexander Finally Together

February 18, 2013

Lance Alexander Tops For The First Time

December 28, 2012

Lance Alexander Solo
November 12, 2012

Scotty Dean Goes Deep Into Lance Alexander

August 12, 2012

Alex Waters & Lance Alexander

June 27, 2012

Chad Logan & Lance Alexander

June 17, 2012

Lance Alexander
May 30, 2012

Seth Bond Tops For The First Time
Lance Alexander and Seth Bond

December 31, 2012

"Newcomer Seth Bond continues his journey into the world of gay porn with his first top scene. You can see the excitement and nervousness in Seth's face as he starts kissing Lance and then blowing him. Lance returns the favor with a blow job that has Seth hard and ready to fuck. Watch Dylan Lucas Exclusive Lance Alexander guide newcomer Seth Bond as he pounds Lance to a explosive cum shot."

Brady Jensen Fucks Lance Alexander

Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

September 9, 2012

"A little baking in the kitchen. Some flower, eggs, milk and two hot guys. Lance is cooking away with nothing on but a cooking apron. His bubble ass is sticking out begging for attention. Brady Jensen gets home and walks in the kitchen and loves what he gets to come home to…sex in the kitchen. You can see both of their hearts pounding from excitement. Kissing, sucking, sugar and spice, leads to two guys fucking and everything nice. Watch Superstar Brady Jensen & soon to be superstar Lance Alexander in their first scene together." WATCH Brady Jensen Fucks Lance Alexander!






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Lance Alexander Bottoms for Jimmy Clay

Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

June 20, 2012

"From the courts playing basketball to a friendly hot fuck in the bedroom, good friends Jimmy Clay & Lance Alexander take it to the next level. Lance gives his hot ass up for first time to his friend Jimmy. Jimmy takes it and gives it the full court press! Watching this scene will motivate you to hit the basketball courts in hopes of finding a new friend like Lance or Jimmy!" WATCH Lance Alexander Bottoms for Jimmy Clay









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Locker Lurkers

Featuring Jay Cloud and Lance Alexander
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

March 28, 2013

"After practice, after the rest of the team's gone home, after the coaches have tucked away their whistles, after the janitor has mopped the showers, that's when Jay Cloud and Lance Alexander let loose the pint up passion that's been fattening their cocks all day and turning their stomachs in anticipation. Up against the lockers, Jay breaths in Lance's deep, soft kisses. Lance lowers himself to smooch and lick Jay's bulging underwear. He pulls down the elastic to let Jay's enormous dick flop out and bounce against his face. Lance opens wide and takes the stiffening cock into his mouth, letting it slide to the back of his open throat. Jay can't believe the real-life sensation is even better than he had been imagining all day. The note Lance had slipped him between classes was succinct, 'I want your cock in my mouth.' Jay is salivating to have his own taste of hard dick. They switch positions and Jay unsheathes Lance's incredible dong. It's like nothing Jay has seen before, even in the sex films he watches late at night in his room at home. Lance has a behemoth cock that Jay can tell is aching to be sucked, spit upon, and sucked some more. Watch these smoking hot guys enjoy each other's massive dicks in this sweaty, locker-room encounter. Enjoy!"

WATCH Locker Lurkers Featuring Jay Cloud and Lance Alexander


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Jail Rail

Featuring Johnny Torque and Lance Alexander
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

January 17, 2013

"Johnny Torque has been here before. Contracted by this weird couple to assemble their various sex apparatii has become somewhat of a regular side job for him. In this case, he brings Lance Alexander along to help him out and make a little extra cash. Lance is clearly out of his element somewhat, looking at the makings for what appears to be a jail cell, he wonders out loud how it will be used. Eager to demonstrate, Johnny has him sit down and then he pulls his cock out and feeds it through the bars into Lance's waiting mouth. Lance, full of both understanding and cock, takes Johnny's rod deep down his throat. Moments later, with the prop jail door long since ditched, both guys are naked and swordfighting as Johnny lowers himself down and returns the oral favor on Lance. Getting harder and hornier by the moment, Lance bends over and lets Johnny ease his cock inside, and Johnny goes slow at first, but can't help his hunger and begins pumping with reckless abandon. Lance lets out a moan of pleasure as Johnny's thrusts pound him deep inside, and both guys are ready to explode, so Johnny pulls out and they look at each as the spew oozes from their cocks in a milky murky ode to roleplay. Enjoy!"

WATCH Jail Rail Featuring Johnny Torque and Lance Alexander

Jail Rail Featuring Johnny Torque and Lance Alexander

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Doctor Knows Best

Featuring Bradley Hudson and Lance Alexander
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

October 4, 2012

"Lance Alexander is a tough, hit-em-hard rugby player. He's sustained an injury to his thigh that's concerned him enough to visit a student doctor over at the local university. To Lance's surprise, the doctor in training, a guy by the name of Bradley Hudson, is quite a hottie! Bradley is a gentle, concerned medical type that appreciates that has appreciated the male body since his very first anatomy class. He's impressed with Lance's amazingly toned physique. After inspecting the injured muscle, he instructs Lance to remove his shorts and underwear so he can get a better handle on the situation. But once the undies come off, all professionalism goes out the window! Bradley doesn't hesitate to take Lance's enormous dick in his mouth. You won't believe this powerful, gorgeous cock. After some deep, passionate sucking, it's Dr. Bradley's turn to enjoy some hot fellatio. Lance knows how to return a favor, slurping madly on his doc's member. Then observe as Lance takes Bradley's firm erection for a solid, examination room pounding. The doctor is in! Enjoy!"

WATCH Doctor Knows Best Featuring Bradley Hudson and Lance Alexander

Doctor Knows Best Featuring Bradley Hudson and Lance Alexander

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Sexual Sanctuary

Featuring Chad Logan and Lance Alexander

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

August 23, 2012

"Have you ever caught eyes with a sexy dude at a club or bar and knew simply by the exchange of looks that you mutually wanted to fuck? This has just happened to Chad Logan. They chatted a bit before agreeing in whispers to steal away to somewhere they could be naked together in each other's arms. Luckily the bathroom has a locking door on it. They enter, prepared to indulge intense, lustful cravings. Chad reveals Lance's dick, an unbelievable, hulking member, fattening as Chad takes it into his hand, and then into his mouth. Lance can't believe this extremely cute guy is blowing him just moments after meeting him. Chad is elated to be tasting the seriously massive cock on the hottest, most chiseled guy he's seen as far back as he can remember. Then Lance goes down to slurp, suck, and nibble Chad's beefy boner. Then it's a hard, bathroom stall dick-down for Lance. Watch Chad satisfy his yearning for tight, warm asshole as he pounds Lance so sensuously, you'll hardly be able to stand the passion. Enjoy!"

WATCH Sexual Sanctuary Featuring Chad Logan and Lance Alexander


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Lance Alexander (2)

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

August 20, 2012

"Lance Alexander is a former water polo player showing off a few moves in the pool on a beautiful sunny summer day. Thrashing around in the pool as he partakes in different exercises, he works up quite a bit of sexual energy. As he showers off, his gigantic cock begs to be stroked, so upon exiting the shower, he obliges and leans back on the sofa, spreading his fingers around the shaft and stroking his dick to maximum length. Swelling in his hands, his dick stands straight up as he flogs away, getting up to move closer to the fireplace and warm his naked body. Once his body temperature is restored, he lays back down on the couch and proceeds to masturbate with purpose, moving his free hand about his body and teasing his asshole and taint, until Lance is ready to explode, doing so in a messy puddle all over the couch cushions. Enjoy!"

GALLERY Lance Alexander (2)

WATCH Lance Alexander (2) at Next Door Studios


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Lance Alexander

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

March 26, 2012

"Here's a first-timer for Next Door Male. Lance Alexander is a very well-hung, well proportioned young man. He enjoys the thrill of exhibition and savors the idea of turning on his new fans. This time he's relaxing on the couch, tugging his fattie and sticking his ass out while bending over. When you see this handsome stud, you'll want to pull out your own cock and stroke along with him. This young, lean specimen will satisfy your craving for the slender, strong type, yet leave you wanting more! Enjoy!"

GALLERY Lance Alexander

WATCH Lance Alexander at Next Door Studios


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Maid to Serve

Featuring Heather Vahn and Lance Alexander
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

March 11, 2012

"Lance Alexander is in town on business and his company has put him up at a pretty nice hotel. All the amenities: complimentary breakfast, gym, wi-fi... and the maid service is second to none. Lance discovers this for himself when he comes out of the bathroom after showering and finds her making his bed. She turns and immediately is taken back by the size of his massive cock. Even limp it's as big as her face, and she recoils at first sight of it. However her curiosity eventually gets the best of her and he coaxes her into taking it first into her hand, and then into her mouth. Sucking on the head she quickly warms up to the idea of serving any of Mr. Alexander's needs, and he utilizes the privilege and goes for the full treatment. Spreading her legs and penetrating, Heather is star crossed between pleasure and nerves. She's never had a cock quite this big before, and Lance sure knows how to use it. Pumping back and forth, in and out, he takes full advantage of the hospitality before spending his load all over himself while she sits on his face. And the best thing about fucking the maid? When you're done she fully expects to resume the responsibility of remaking the bed while you go wash the jizz of your chest. Enjoy!"

GALLERY Heather Vahn and Lance Alexander

WATCH Maid to Serve Featuring Heather Vahn and Lance Alexander

Maid to Serve Featuring Heather Vahn and Lance Alexander

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