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Rogue Cop and The Hairy Biker

Featuring Connor Maguire and Johnny Parker
Kink | Bound Gods

May 16, 2013

"Late one night out on the streets, Officer Connor Maguire just caught himself a scoundrel by the name of Johnny Parker. Rather than taking this biker downtown for booking, Officer Maguire leads him to his secret spot, where he takes all his favorite scumbags for a little fun. Johnny is thrown to the ground and put in chains as Officer Maguire has him suck on his nightstick. Aroused, Connor whips out his hard cock and shoves it down the biker's mouth before giving him a surprise taste of the flogger. Suspended upside down Johnny is made to swallow Officer Maguire's cock and eat his hairy hole. Finally, Officer Maguire gives the outlaw a hard fucking in mid air till he sprays his load all over Johnny's face. Before Officer Maguire takes his felon downtown, he has Johnny blow his giant load all over his foot and lick it clean."



















Muscle Bear

Featuring Johnny Parker

April 24, 2013

"Johnny Parker is an up and comer in the adult film world. He says he's normally very shy and doesn't like attention. Fortunately for us, when he's performing in a movie he's not shy at all. You'll see him strip down to show off his hairy muscle bear body and even talk candidly a bit about himself."

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TGS330_016 TGS330_029






Joe Parker and Johnny Parker

Pin The Cock On The Parker

Joe Parker and Johnny Parker
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

February 26, 2013

"High Performance Men pairs porn newcomer Johnny Parker with our Exclusive Joe Parker in this locker room fantasy PIN THE COCK ON THE PARKER. What to do when you pair two tops together? Hmmmm - how about a nice flip-flop! The two begin clad in only their jock-straps as they kiss and explore each other firm bodies. Soon Joe Parker has Johnny's cock pulled out as he sucks it long and deep. Johnny loves the attention on his cock, but cannot wait to return the favor as he kneels down to suck on Joe's massive 9' cock. Joe is so turned on that he is oozing a little pre-cum and Johnny cannot resist tasting it before deep throating Joe. The two then move into a nice 69 on the floor and soon Joe is fingering Johnny's ass with his spit. Johnny is so tuned on that he begs Joe to fuck him and of course Joe needs no coaxing. At first Johnny lies on his back and Joe tells him that he wants to fuck him doggy style first. Johnny obliges and bends over the bench as Joe plows Johnny's tight ass with all 9' of his cock. From the loud moans Johnny makes, you can tell he loves it. Johnny then lies on his back as Joe continues to drive his cock deep inside his hairy ass. Joe then returns the favor by sitting down on Johnny's massively thick cock and rides him like a champ. Joe is so turned on that his cock is rock hard the entire time and with Johnny's cock deep inside his ass and hitting him in all the right places, he cannot hold back and shoots a huge load of cum all over Johnny's hairy chest. Johnny then takes Joe's cum and eats it as he strokes his own cock and shoots another huge load of his own. This is one hot pairing! Enjoy..."

WATCH Pin The Cock On The Parker Featuring Joe Parker and Johnny Parker

Johnny Parker and Ridge Michaels

Lusted & Busted

Johnny Parker and Ridge Michaels
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

December 27, 2012

"Johnny Parker is back this week on and this week Arkansas' newest contribution to the MenOver30 club is in for some Floridian flavor. Looking hot as usual, 25yo Ridge Michaels is with us and more than happy to help out. Ridge is going through Johnny's gym bag and finds his jock. He takes a good whiff and is busted by Johnny coming back from his shower. "You looking for this?" Johnny says as he pulls off his towel and shoves his hard cock in Ridge's mouth. Ridge swallows that cock to the hilt as Johnny moans in appreciation. They move to the couch where Ridge and Johnny take turns sucking on each other's swollen members, losing layers of clothes as they do. Ridge slides his fat cock down Johnny's throat with ease as Johnny returns the favor. Ridge face fucks him giving him all the dick those full lips can handle. Johnny looks up at Ridge as he services that meat before diving south to eat some ass. He shoves his tongue deep inside that smooth ass as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. "Get in that hole" he moans as Johnny shoves his face up inside that hot ass. Johnny sits back and watches as Ridge sits on that cock. He rides that cock like a jockey taking every thick inch of it inside him. Johnny helps bounce him on that dick as well wanting to get that tight ass around his shaft. Then Ridge returns the favor bending Johnny over and sliding his big dick into that hairy hole. Johnny groans and takes it as Ridge pounds that ass doggy style. Ridge then gets on the floor and has Johnny sit on that dick in a reverse cowgirl. Johnny winces as that fat cock gets rammed deep. Johnny's tight hole does the trick as Ridge pulls out and kneels by Johnny's head. He jerks off all over Johnny's chest and face as Johnny holds out his tongue for a taste. Ridge rubs his cum covered cock all over Johnny's mouth and chin as Johnny gets sent over the brink sending his own batch flying all over his furry abs and chest."

WATCH Lusted & Busted Featuring Johnny Parker and Ridge Michaels

Johnny Parker

Good Enough to Eat

Johnny Parker
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

December 20, 2012

"Johnny Parker is freshly 30 and this hairy hottie from Arkansas proudly makes his debut on Johnny comes home to find the place a mess. He starts to tidy up a bit and starts picking things up off the floor. As he reaches under the couch he pulls out a skin mag full of sweet young twinks with huge cocks. As Johnny flips through it his cock starts to stir in his jeans. This clean up can wait as he puts down the magazine and strips down to his briefs. His cock is rock hard and tenting his tighty-whiteys as he rubs his thick cock over its cotton confines. He continues to look at the hot guys playing with their boners and he can't help but haul out his own. He strokes his cock slowly, finally giving his cock the attention it's been craving. Johnny smiles right at the camera as he pleasures his meat. He then gets comfortable on the couch, pulling the magazine towards him as he slowly continues to stroke his hard cock. His free hand tugs at his heavy nut sack for a bit before slipping past it. His fingers dart further south making their way into his furry cheeks til they find that tight hole. Johnny bites his lower lip as his fingers breach his sphincter. His cock is throbbing as he plays and fingers that hot hole. His eyes roll back as he spreads those beefy thighs apart giving him better access to that sweet spot. His fingers work that hole and launch Mr. Parker into orbit. His eyes roll into the back of his head as his balls pull up tighter and then release their cargo. Johnny grunts as his load shoots sending jet after creamy jet spraying atop the fur canopy that covers his abs. Johnny then dips his fingers into the suspended cream and hungrily helps himself to most of it"

WATCH Good Enough to Eat Featuring Johnny Parker


Lowdown Dirty, Scene 3

Christopher Daniels and Johnny Parker
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

June 25, 2013

"Christopher Daniels has furry Johnny Parker in a half nelson. With Johnny immobilized, Daniels works his jeans off, grabs his junk and tongue-fucks his face. Johnny welcomes the tongue-lunges with an open mouth and reaches back in search of a hard on. Christopher makes Johnny's cock and balls disappear down his gullet. No matter how stuffed his mouth is, Christopher can extend his tongue to add a lick and a swirl. Now he jams a finger up Johnny's butt. Johnny rises to his toes with a sharp intake of breath. Now it's his turn to reciprocate. Christopher lies back, presenting his lean, hard body. From neck to pubes, he's all gracefully rolling muscle. Christopher sucks Johnny's fingers while getting blown, then draws his knees up to his armpits and uses two hands to spread his glutes. Johnny is drawn to the musky crack and his tongue darts out, competing with Christopher's fingers to prepare it for fucking. In a flash, Johnny plunges his cock in. Christopher rides him hard; rivulets of sweat run down his treasure trail. When they switch positions, they trades roles, so Johnny's meaty buns are being plowed by Christopher. Excitedly each cums in the other's mouth."

WATCH Lowdown Dirty, Scene 3 Starring Christopher Daniels and Johnny Parker
















Full Release, Scene 4

Starring Johnny Parker and Mitch Vaughn
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction
March 29, 2013

"Mitch Vaughn is the guy with the shaved head sucking the tongue of furry beast Johnny Parker. They're naked, rubbing shoulders and rubbing the heads of their cocks together. Mitch's knees hit the deck and he shoves Johnny's dickhead into the pouch of his cheek. Johnny is a muscle-bear with nipples the size of quarters peeking out from his thatch of chest fur. His uncut cock throbs to the pressure it gets from the metal post in Mitch's tongue as it licks and swirls. Smoother Mitch gives up sucking to offer his ass: two smooth, round globes that slope inward to a tender, pink center. Johnny's fingers advance like heat-seeking missiles, sometimes probing that hot hole, sometimes spreading the cheeks for his tongue to enter. The deepest recesses of Mitch can only be reached by cock, and Johnny's cock makes Mitch's ass quiver for more. The big surprise here is when Mitch decides a change is in order and he flips Johnny over and fucks him back. It's an arrangement that leaves Johnny sighing words of encouragement for Mitch to cum in his face as he jerks out his own Full Release."

WATCH Full Release, Scene 4 Starring Johnny Parker and Mitch Vaughn
























In Full View, Scene 2

Starring Johnny Parker and Rogue Status

August 6, 2014

"While watering the back yard, shaved-headed Rogue Status uses his hose to squirt Johnny Parker—who soon gets his groin grabbed. Johnny falls to the ground to suck his beefy bud, who dick whips Johnny’s mouth before face fucking him. The two trade positions as Johnny’s big, thick cock is unleashed—Rogue opening wide and sucking it to the root. The breathless sucker comes up for air, a big strand of spit connected to his furry face. Johnny’s strong cock repeatedly bounces up and down in front of Rogue’s face, teasing the hungry sub. Rogue grips Johnny’s furry sac and devours his cock again, more spit connected to his mouth. Johnny eats Rogue’s fuzzy hole, Rogue arching back for a kiss before he gets fucked. The top smiles as he rams Rogue, whose cock and balls shake with each thrust. The bottom sits down on Johnny, who lets out a wicked laugh as Rogue shoots his massive load—the top then releasing his own thick wad."


Infv_scene02_001 Infv_scene02_002

Infv_scene02_003 Infv_scene02_004












Power Play, Scene 2

Starring Hunter Marx and Johnny Parker
TitanMen | TitanRough

August 29, 2013

"With their jock asses exposed from their skin-tight sport shorts, Hunter Marx and Johnny Parker rub each other’s furry muscle chests, their foreheads rubbing before they kiss. A boner builds under Hunter’s laces, his big dick soon popping into Johnny’s face. Johnny engulfs it, his own cock throbbing as he wraps his lips tightly around the shaft. The sucker reaches up and grips Hunter’s pec, sniffing the stud’s crotch. Hunter pushes his steel shaft to the side and releases it— his rod snapping onto Johnny’s bearded face. The two switch positions, Hunter’s vein-bursting cock throbbing as he sucks—spit strands clinging to his mouth and falling to his chest. Hunter then bends over—his dick staying stiff in his tight shorts—to take Johnny’s cock. Hunter then grinds his cock on Johnny’s ass before fucking him deep, the top’s pubes tickling the bottom’s ass hair. The two stroke side by side, inserting sounding rods into their cocks as they jack. They finally shoot, Hunter licking Johnny’s nip and teasing his balls as the bottom comes."














Wide Awake, Scene 1

Starring Jesse Jackman and Johnny Parker

August 27, 2013

"Bathed in shades of green, voyeur George Ce peers into his first door. We see a reflection of Jesse Jackman in the water—his massive frame beckoning us closer with his hairy muscle pecs and big, dangling dick. He smiles, and we realize he isn’t alone: furry muscle stud Johnny Parker approaches, his boner popping in the air. The two look intently into each other’s eyes, their cocks meeting as their furry bods touch. They kiss, Johnny licking down Jesse’s body before engulfing his cock. Jesse moans as he gets serviced, soon returning the favor as his talented tongue teases the underside of Johnny’s shaft. Jesse then sits down on his bud and rides, his hairy ass slamming against Johnny’s furry sac. The top rubs Jesse’s body, the bottom’s cock rubbing against Johnny’s stomach as he grinds down deep. Jesse then gets it doggie style and on his back, the two soon squirting before Jesse stares into our eyes with a smile."


Wdaw_scene01_001 Wdaw_scene01_002

Wdaw_scene01_003 Wdaw_scene01_004