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Midnight Wood

Featuring Cole Harvey and Randy Star
Big Dicks At School at

July 31, 2012

"College stud Cole Harvey finds himself with a boner he can't ignore - much like the exposed ass of his sexy roommate Randy Star. When Randy is awakened by warm hands on his bubble butt, the boys begin a hot fuck session."

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Tricked Again

Featuring Chris Tyler and Cole Harvey
Str8 to Gay at

February 8, 2012

"Cole Harvey just wants his dick sucked and Chris Tyler would like nothing more than to personally help him out, but unfortunately for Chris his friend Cole is str8. Chris has a plan to finally get Cole's dick in his mouth and it involves a little "bait and switch" with a blond and a glory hole."

Cole Harvey - 008 Cole Harvey - 037

Cole Harvey - 050 Cole Harvey - 105

Cole Harvey - 111 Cole Harvey - 203

Cole Harvey - 215 Cole Harvey - 243

Cole Harvey - 247 Cole Harvey - 267

Cole Harvey - 284 Cole Harvey - 317

Cole Harvey - 345 Cole Harvey - 381

Cole Harvey - 220

Cole Harvey - 322

Cole Harvey - 333

Cole Harvey - 369
Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 039

Rub Me Down

Featuring Cole Harvey and Johnny Rapid
Str8 to Gay at

January 28, 2012

"Johnny Rapid is tense, his in need of a nice massage and heads down to a nice local spa. After professional massage therapist Cole Harvey sees Johnny's tense dick he knows exactly what treatment needs to be applied...."

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 054

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 084

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 145

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 200

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 232

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 239

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 297

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 347

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 367

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 027 Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 112

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 123 Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 243

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 275 Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 394

Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 407 Cole Harvey - Johnny Rapid - 12-13-11 412

Sun Bathing Lovers

Featuring Cole Harvey and Luke Hass

March 8, 2012

"Cole Harvey is coming over to Luke Hass's house for some lemonade and a bit of sun bathing. After applying the sun screen on their hot bodies, Cole's juicy cock starts getting hard. Luke realized he had to do more to entertain Cole. Luke took him inside to give Cole what he came here for...a nice big cock. "


















Massage That Ass Open

Cole Harvey and Tyler Saint
Massage Bait at

March 1, 2012

"Cole Harvey paid really good money to get some nice relaxing work done on his body. The Only problem is, he didn't know he was going to get rubbed down and fucked hard by this horny beefcake!" Visit Gay Room for all-in-one access!









"Latin Persuasion"

Cole Harvey
Gay Creeps at

February 21, 2012

"Cole Harvey has been in the mood for something very spicy.He was looking for a hot Latin cock and found the hard stiff dick he needs to get stuffed with.. Watch him go down on that spicy Latin cock and take it inside!" Visit Gay Room for all-in-one access!

Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

Cole Mining

Parker Brookes and Cole Harvey
Pride Studios | Circle Jerk Boys

June 10, 2011

"Someone crack a window cuz it's gonna get hot up in here as we welcome back Parker Brookes and Cole Harvey. Parker Brooks is 23 years old and originally from Alabama while Cole is 22 from neighboring Georgia. We asked these boys what their dream car would be. Parker wants a black Maserati Spyder and Cole just wants a BMW he doesn't care which model as long as it's black. We then asked these boys where they would go if they had a week off and money was no object. Parker would take his dream vacation to Costa Rica while Cole would take his days off laying out in the Bahamas workin' on his tan line...or lack thereof. Both of these studs are ruff and ready and on a horny sex drive scale of 1-10 we asked them where they fall on that scale. Parker admits he's always horny and has a really high sex drive. Cole says he's about a 7 on that scale. Cole prefers his men cut while Parker doesn't mind some foreskin as long as it doesn't become a mission to uncover. There's a visual for ya. Lol Well, fortunately, we will not need any more visuals this afternoon as these two horny boys get better acquainted... Parker is sitting in his room with his hand in his pants when Cole walks in and decides to get in on the action. He takes over groping Parker's cock as they start to make out. Their clothes start to disappear as they stand and make out while their hands explore the other. Their briefs are the last to come off as their boners starts to rub together as they continue kissing unable to get enough. Parker can't wait any longer as he heads south (pun intended) to get a taste of Cole's cock. Cole moans as he gets his cock worked by one hungry Alabama boy. 'That's pretty big' muses Parker before going right back down on his thick cock. Parker's own cock is throbbing as he sucks on Cole's meat; but his meat won't go unattended for long. Parker lies back on the couch and spreads his legs wide giving Cole all the room he needs to return the favor. Cole goes to work swallowing every inch he can as he looks up at Parker. Parker is rock hard as he watches his throbbing cock disappearing into Cole's hot mouth.Parker then sits back on the chair as Cole straddles him as they go back to making out. Parker's fingers start to explore Cole's hot smooth ass. Cole is so ready for that dick he's growing restless. He takes hold of Parker's cock and aims it home as he sits on it taking it all the way to the hilt. Parker gasps as he slides all the way in as Cole starts to ride that meat grinding on it, wanting every inch buried inside him. After Cole bounces on that dick for a while, Parker switches it up by bending this Georgia peach over for more. He gets Cole on all four and slides his long cock back in for more. 'Aww, FUCK ME!' grunts Cole as he gets that hot ass of his stuffed. 'It's so tight' coos Parker as he slams that meat home. He pounds that ass getting closer to climax. Cole then gets put on his."









Duo182__30 Duo182__37

Duo182__78 Duo182__84
Trey Turner & Cole Harvey

Turner & Cooch

Trey Turner and Cole Harvey
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

March 16, 2011

"Trey Turner is back on and looking better than ever. Trey’s efforts will be greatly appreciated by newcomer, Cole Harvey. Trey is waiting for a glass of water on the couch and as Cole goes to hand it to him he spills some all over Trey’s shorts. Cole apologizes and tells him to just take them off. As Trey does Cole notices the bulge in his briefs and grabs his growing cock. They start to make out as the rest of their clothes fall on the floor. Once Trey realizes just what Cole’s packing he gets on his knees and gets to work sucking on that thick country cock. Trey then stands to give Cole a mouthful as well. Cole slips onto his knees and starts to return the favor as he swallows Trey’s cock to the hilt. Trey then crawls atop the chaise to show off his hot ass. Cole is all over that as he starts to finger that hole he’ll soon have. Trey winces as his ass gives way to the thick dick making its way inside. Trey moans and groans as he takes Cole’s fat dick dog! gy style. Cole then lies on the floor. Trey impales himself on that thick cock and starts to bounce up and down on it as he works himself into a lust-filled frenzy. Then they switch things up and it’s Cole that’s on his back with his legs in the air. Trey suits up and slides his own cock deep into Cole as he starts to take that ass missionary. Trey’s thick cock is harder than ever as he fucks that Southern hole. Trey picks up the pace and that does the trick as Cole blows all over himself. Trey is close behind as he too unloads all over one cum drenched Georgia Peach."

Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz"Joe the Bear"
Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz

December 22, 2011

"The two guys in this video are as far from bears as you can get and neither is named Joe. Joe is our stuffed Christmas bear we added for just a touch of holiday charm to a video that turned out to be far from what we imagined. Take for instance Kemer, he's straight, Latino and broke. So broke in fact that his very hot girlfriend who appeared old enough to be his mom or at least much older sister had to drive him to our studio. Luckily she opted to sit outside in her car while her boyfriend went to shoot his very first porn video, because there was lots of moaning and groaning and it was all dudes. Kemer is 20, 6 feet tall, cute, cut with tattoos and a very big almost 10" cock. Caruso started off slowly with him by having Kemer strip down and work up some wood while sitting across from our blond hair, blue eyed and also well hung Bait boy, Cole. Then after getting him all wound up about the pussy he was going to fuck, he was told the girl didn't show. But, we of course always have something else the guys can do to make some money. Caruso was a bit apprehensive with this one. He is very straight and his girlfriend was in the 'get away' car just several yards away in the studio lot. So, it started with the Flesh Jack masturbation which Kemer thought 'feels like a real mouth', but watch as he jumps back when Cole grabs the other end to help him with the jacking motion. Now Kemer is getting really hot and says "I feel like kissing a girl". And just moments later it's like Cole said 'what the fuck' and forcefully pulls Kemer's face toward him and just starts making out. With just a little hesitation we were shocked, but Kemer went with it. One thing led to another and both started playing with each others cocks. Caruso realized that his fears were unfounded and he made the proposition for double the money for the guys to have sex with each other. And Just like Joe the bear, you'll get to watch them suck, fuck and stroke off a load. A very erotic video, gets five wanks at least."

Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz

Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz

Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz

Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz

Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz

Cole Harvey and Kemer Diaz
Cole Harvey and Parker London"Just like a pro"
Cole Harvey and Parker London

February 24, 2011

"He might not have a banjo on his knee, but this straight farm boy from Alabama don`t need music to keep us entertained. Cole is 6` with blue eyes and blond hair and he`s got an 8 inch, thick instrument that would keep just about anyone happy! This guy is cuter than he is bright and don`t think we didn`t take advantage of that fact. He`s new in town and of course low on cash, so he replied to our ad for porn models. He tells us that many girls had told him that he should be in porn. When you get a look at his big, hard cock you`ll see those girls know their shit when it comes to recognizing a stud. So, we get him in the studio and Robins gives him the talk about getting hard to make sure he can get it up in front of another guy. He`s really taken aback with the forwardness and blunt instructions. So, Robins brings in the bait, an experienced bi porn star named Parker London. Parker is a bit gruff looking with facial hair and lots of tattoos - very masculine in appearance and voice - he`s cute, tall, built and hot with a great smile - just sexy as hell. Robins now tells Parker to show Cole how to ``do it like a pro``. Cole finally starts getting into it and when he`s in the horny zone, Robins gives him the opportunity to make some money by shooting a scene...but it`s with Parker - no girls. Although hesitant at first, triple the dough seems to be enough incentive to get Cole going. Before you know it, formerly 100% straight Cole is sucking dick and getting fucked ``just like a pro`` by Parker who simultaneously spit lubes and jacks Cole`s big dick to a mind blowing orgasm with cum flying over Cole`s shoulder. It`s now Parker`s turn to nut. He thinks we don`t notice as he slyly takes his hand already covered in Cole`s straight boy cum and uses it to lube his cock and bring himself off to a truly shattering end!"

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London
Daddy It HurtsDaddy It Hurts
Catalina Video

Starring Alessio Romero, Alexander Greene, Aron Ridge, Cole Harvey, David Chase, Ricky Larkin, Rock, and Spencer Reed

"DADDY IT HURTS continues a long tradition of hot videos from legendary Catalina Video. Exploring the topic of "daddy and son" relationships, the movie fits in seamlessly alongside the rest of the fabled Catalina library.

This highly sexual film stars gay porn superstar, Spencer Reed and explores the taboo topic of "daddy and son" relationships. Spencer takes a cast of stars and new favorites through their paces; including Aron Ridge, David Chase, and Alessio Romero, all cumulating in a spectacular boy-man orgy that will have you blowing buckets."
Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts Daddy It Hurts