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Aaron Wilcoxx


ALIASES: Aaron Wilcoxx, Bronson Deamer, Tanner
SITES: All-American Heroes, Bare Foot Bound, Bare Foot Guys, DirtyTony, Falcon Studios, Paragon Men, Playgirl, SG4GE


Aaron Wilcoxx

August 2013

Age: 32
Height: 6'2
Weight: 205lbs
Favorite Foods: Seafood, Chocolate and Bacon
Favorite Celebrities: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Favorite Place To Visit: Memphis
Hobbies: Crossfit, Fishing, Movies and Camping

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Aaron Wilcoxx


"When Aaron applied to do some video work for me, I already knew he was a hottie. I'd seen him fucking and getting his big cock sucked in several straight porns. Lucky for me, he was willing to do whatever I had for him. So, I invited him to come and get a taste of the other side of porn. Aaron loves to show off and isn't shy about displaying his muscles for the camera either."



Aaron Aaron


"Once he gets hot, there's no way to cool this sex pistol off. Forbidden desires come to life in this sexy walk through the nasty minds of Playgirl's hottest stars."








"It's been almost five years since we last shot Tanner. He has changed a bit, but not his feet! They are still soft and wrinkly as ever (is "wrinkly" even a word?) I hope you will enjoy having Tanner back as much as I do."

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Age: 28
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190
Eyes: Green
Shoe Size: 14.5

"It's been almost five years and Tanner is back. Still hot and sexy as ever!"




Bronson Deamer

Falcon Str8Men | Falcon Studios

"I like Bronson Deamer a lot. He’s direct, he’s confident and so cool. There is no artifice to this guy. He states matter-of-factly why he’s here: to jerk off, to show us how he jerks off and he hopes we enjoy it. This is an activity he’s mastered at home, jerking off at least 3 times a day: once in the morning so he can wake up right, once at night so he can go to bed right, and then there’s the middle of the day and what better way to pass the time?

Bronson undoes his pants and pulls his cock out. He begins to stroke it and the slow, measured movement of his firm grip sliding up and down the shaft causes immediate satisfaction. The physical pleasure registers strongly as he rolls his head back, his eyes shut closed; he bites his lower lip. He is a wondrous sight to behold as he lounges deliciously naked on the couch. His left arm is up behind his head, showing his big bicep and lickable armpit. He arches back as his right hand continues bobbing up and down. Bronson starts working a bit faster, his breathing quickens and then he explodes, shooting geysers of cum all over. Very impressive indeed. We like him big time. Earlier, Bronson stated there is no girlfriend, but he is taking applications. Hmmm, wonder where we can sign up."












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Bronson Deamer

Bronson Deamer

August 29, 2008

"Bronson has that alternative rocker vibe going, except he's probably better hung than most rockers. (That's why they need instruments to get chicks!) Bronson gets them with his sultry charm, hot body and versatile use of his tongue. He likes to be in charge and likes an audience, so when the fucking starts, Bronson puts on quite a show - and there are no intermissions. It's not over until his massive explosion of cum covers his girl's bottom and back. He may not be a rock star in the traditional sense, but in the bedroom, this guy is definitely a rock star!"









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Aaron Wilcoxxx, Tia Cyrus, Leilani Gold

"Two For One"

Aaron Wilcoxxx, Tia Cyrus, Leilani Gold

May 30, 2014

"Aaron Wilcoxxx came in to the Nuru spa with some serious problems. As Tia Cyrus put it, he's all backed up, and hasn't come for long enough that there was a doctor involved! Tia makes sure she can do the job by asking her colleague to join them. Leilani has a tall slender body and together these stunning babes disrobe their desperate client and proceed to give him the cure to his ailment. They use the sukebe chair to double team his tender cock. While Leilani massages his torso and give him something to grab onto, Tia makes sure his swollen cock isn't lonely by introducing it to the back of her warm throat. Leilani feeds Aaron her sweet natural tits and her tasty pussy. Once things get slippery, there's no chance that he's leaving here today without a permanent fix for his condition."

"The Milking Maid"
Aaron Wilcoxxx and Tia Cyrus

January 25, 2014

"Aaron came in with his tail between his legs begging for help. It's been months since he's been able to cum, and finally he's found the experts! Tia is well equipped to service Aaron in every way he needs. Her expert advice is to get the milking session and this lends well to her plan to get Aaron off. While Tia may be petite, she is prepared take this milking session wherever it will take them. Things heat up right away. Tia can't keep her warm mouth off Aaron's cock long enough for him to lose focus, and that is precisely what this gentleman came in for. How far will Tia need to go to get Aaron to finally bust a wad? Take a look."

"Special Treatment"
Aaron Wilcoxxx and Alexa Aimes

August 24, 2013

"Alexa Gets Fucked Hard','Alexa wants her clients cock and gets it hard and deep','Aaron Wilcox is an out of towner but his local friends suggest he hit up NuRu massage for the special treatment. As hottie Alexa Aimes undresses to show off her on point body, Aaron realizes this is unlike any other massage he has ever received. Alexa quickly gets to work stroking his cock as she kisses him and leads him to the shower. She is clearly as into him as he is into her, making this a hot and sensual scene with amazingly erotic sex. Alexa sucks his cock hard with her mouth and tongue, using her hands to rub his shaft and balls. Alexa can't keep her hands off Aaron's cock as she leads him to the tub to rinse off. She shoves his dick so far down her throat that her nose bounces off his belly as she goes in deep. When she's ready, she angles her wet pussy up so that he can fuck her tight twat as she encourages him to go harder. After a nice taste, Alexa leads Aaron over to her massage bed so that she can rub her oiled and heavily tattooed body all over him. This serves as foreplay to sucking and fucking him until he blows his load all over her shaved twat."


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