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ALIAS: Daryl Prince Lords
SITES: Bait Buddies, Str8 to Gay


"Ai! Papi!"

Zaikel Ferrari and Gabriel Ferrari

July 11, 2013

"Gabriel and Zaikel have been buddies since as far back as both can remember. Both are Cuban and at 24 years old are hot, handsome, built and very nicely endowed. They're here at to break into porn - straight porn, for, as they say ''the fuck and the money''. It's tough enough for Caruso to communicate with Zaikel, who has a pretty good grasp of the English language, but Gabriel is another story - some of his answers are not exactly matching the questions Caruso is asking, but they're so sexy and endearing that no matter what they say these two hot studs have our attention all the way through the shoot. They tell Caruso that they are roommates, so many times they wind up watching porn together and jack off next to each other - pretty hot. They also tell him that they double team ''together we fuck'', and we wouldn't mind seeing that either. We get both boys stripped down and their bodies are very different, but one is as hot as the other - it just depends on the viewer's preferences. Caruso goes to get the girl, but of course she's not available for the video shoot. We are surprised by the guys' reactions to that news - not so endearing now - as Zaikel goes off on Caruso about taking the day off from work to be at the studio and losing that money. So, Caruso gives him the alternative - having sex with his buddy. Well, that really sets both guys off, especially Zaikel who sums that idea up in two words ''so nasty!'' Zaikel is really angry and Caruso has to work hard at calming him down. Logic and cash wins out in the end and Zaikel does a '180' while Gabriel reluctantly agrees to the gay sex thing also, because he needs the money, anyway it appears that he's the follower and Zaikel is the leader. Agreeing to Caruso's deal is one thing, but when you see these two buds sexing each other up, you'd almost think they'd been doing it for a while. There's some cock sucking and Gabriel is pretty good at it - Zaikel likes getting, but not giving. When it comes to fucking, both Latino hotties are in 100%. When Caruso asks Zaikel how he starts with fucking a girl, he answers ''licking'', and that's just what he does with his buddy's hot bubble butt. He really gets into it, he rims Gabriel until he's prepared to take the stud's 8.5'' cock and the boy takes it right to root. Watch as Gabriel sits on top of his hot friend who starts feeling up his chest and says ''I love your tits!'' and the kissing is as hot as it gets between two guys - especially lifelong buddies. Zaikel then goes into overdrive and fucks the living daylights out of his horny bud until Gabriel shoots a giant load right on his fucker's big muscled chest. Zaikel then stands up, puts buddy Gabriel on his knees and shoots his own extra big load all over the boy's face! Ai Papi!!!!"










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TheWrongHouseSTG (1)

The Wrong House

Featuring Johnny Rapid and Daryl Prince Lords
Str8 to Gay at

October 13, 2012

"Although Daryl Prince Lords isn't at the house he intended to be at, he's definitely in the right place! Johnny Rapid is happy to open his door...and mouth and ass to the lost stranger!"

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