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Ace Of Spades

Featuring Brenden Cage, David Chase, Jeremy Stevens, Luke Hass, and Robert Van Damme
Jizz Orgy at

June 1, 2012

"5 fit studs (David Chase, Luke Hass, Brenden Cage, Robert Van Damme, Jeremy Stevens) are sitting at a table with a deck of cards. A commanding voice explains the rules of the game: each player selects a card and the lowest card must complete a sexual task given by the voice. Cumming or refusing a task results in elimination - last person to cum wins $10,000. David Chase is the bottom for all 4 guys in this hot scene from's latest site: Jizz Orgy!"

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Tory Mason and Luke Hass

Burning Desires, Scene 1

Tory Mason and Luke Hass
Falcon Studios

April 14, 2009

"Candlelight sets the tone for the perfect romantic scene. Toss in an intoxicating glass of wine, some wild strawberries dipped in chocolate, two horny men on an amorous date and everything falls into place. The sexual tension between Luke Hass and Tory Mason is immediate and palpable; passionate kissing inevitably leads to intense carnal manaction. After propping Tory onto the table, Luke feasts on his cock, sucking it down and nibbling the mushroom tip. He is so excited, his own hard dick emits a viscous string of clear precum. Then he begins playing with his partners asshole, first rimming it, then gently sliding a small red sphere up inside. Tory's sphincter stretches to accept the orb and then release it. Tory begs Luke to fuck him and his wish is granted. Luke pumps his cock in and out as Tory jacks himself off, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy. Whether Tory is laying on his back, or standing up and getting it from behind, or even as he sits on Luke's cock, he is getting the best fuck he could ever have imagined in a slow and easy rhythm. Both are brimming with passion before Tory finally shoots his load, followed by Luke with what seems like torrents of jism."

Tory Mason and Luke Hass

Tory Mason and Luke Hass

Tory Mason and Luke Hass

Tory Mason and Luke Hass Tory Mason and Luke Hass

Tory Mason and Luke Hass Tory Mason and Luke Hass

Tory Mason and Luke Hass Tory Mason and Luke Hass

Grunts - Misconduct, Scene 2

Luke Hass, Brodie Sinclair, Max Schutler
Raging Stallion Studios

"As soldiers relax in the rec hall, the games soon turn sexual. Brodie Sinclair brags about a past sexual conquest and excites Max Schutler. Max takes the opportunity to get a taste of Brodie. Brodie whips out his dick for some oral attention and then bends over to get his ass eaten. Max offers up his ass as the next target and Brodie hits a bullseye. Brodie fucks Max, pushing his fat dick deep into him while he moans and strokes his own cock. When Luke Hass walks up he sees the two going at it and joins in the fun.Brodie shoots a load all over Max and then gives Luke a chance to fuck Max. Max takes Luke's massive cock with ease after the nice warm-up with Brodie. Brodie sticks around to watch and blow another load before disappearing into the night to allow Max and Luke a good fuck session. Luke lays back and allows Max to do all the work,squatting up and down on Luke's big dick. Max shows off his skill as he bounces up and down all 10 inches of Luke's beautiful dick. When Max lays on his back for a final round of dick, Luke fucks him until he blows his load on Max's worn out ass. Max cums second, covering his abs in cum."

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