Rob Nelson
J.C. Ballivian
Jake Bolton


SITES: Butch Dixon, Men at Play


Starring Dato Foland and Jake Bolton

February 28, 2014

"MENATPLAY favourite Dato Foland is back as the RED HOT Security guy, and he’s looking to give Jake Bolton a hard-handed fucking. Dato finds Jake in the mens-room cubicle and decides to carry out a full body security. But despite Jake protesting his innocence, Dato is determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means stripping Jake of all his clothes. He orders him to pull his trousers down and gives his ass a close inspection, rimming and probing his hole with his gloved hands. Before pinning him against the urinal to give him a deep, hard fucking."

Dato Foland and Jake Bolton

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Jake Bolton & The Cameraman

Starring Jake Bolton

October 18, 2013

"We've already seen what a hulking horny fucker Jake can be on Menatplay - a passionate kisser, a deep throat sucker, and eager bottom. This week its time to find out more about this gentle giant. We go back to the first time we met him at the Menatplay studios and see what makes his groin pulsate. Jake is a little nervous on his first ever jerk off in front of a camera but with a little bit of gentle persuasion from the camera man, and a helping hand, Jake soon begins to relax. Working on his cock, playing with his thick nipples and giving hims some tongue the camera man lets us see what it could be like to get really up close and personal with this 6ft 4 bear cub."












Banana Split

Starring Jake Bolton and Logan Rogue

August 15, 2013

"So eager to impress and excel in the company he works for, our hunky puppy eyed Jake Bolton goes to his superior Logan Rogue for advice on an upcoming interview. But his enthusiasm is overshadowed but the eyeful of cock that he is displaying though a rip in his suit trousers. Logan can't avoid gazing at the thick banana bulging against the split crotch and inspire of Jake's obvious embarrassment Logan manages to reassure him that its really not a problem - quite the opposite. Logan’s hand reaches inside that ripped crotch and pulls out Jake's banana bend cock and goes down on it eagerly deep throating Jake's member even though Jake hasn't dropped his trousers or opened his flies. But of course the rip is in the wrong place for what Logan wants next and so he drops Jake's pants to fuck him hard over the table Jake groaning and enjoying his superior taking full advantage of his tight hole."

















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BananaSplit-11 BananaSplit-16

Nasty Boys 2

Starring Jake Bolton, Kayden Gray, Logan Rogue, Pau Casserras and Tomas Brand

June 27, 2013

"Ever since the huge reaction we received from NASTY BOYS starring Axel Brooks, we’ve been gagging to push another suited guy into a sleazy dark room scenario and unleash a group of sweaty studs on him. And we found the perfect guy for the job in Logan Rogue. He SO Menatplay in his sharp suit. And there's nothing hotter than the sight of him surrounded by dicks and gloryholes, sucking and getting fucked along the way by a string of sleazy guys, till his sweaty cum-stained clothes are pulled off him for one final fuck as an anonymous monster-cock squirts all over his face. NASTY BOYS 2 also stars Tomas Brand, porn newcomer Jake Bolton, Pau Casserras, and features Kayden Grey’s the succulent big cock. If you like seeing your suited gents get roughed up this is perfect wank material – Check out the uncensored, sleazy cumfest HERE!"









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"Big Tattooed Fuckers"
Billy Essex, Bruno Brown, Gio Cruz, Harley Everett, Issac Jones, Lucio Saints, Marc Angelo, Matteo Valentine, Robin Fanteria, Seth Wilkins

December 2, 2013

"We love those tattooed lover boys, that perfect mix of bad boy and vain boy. Tattoos always used to be the domain of criminals and sailors, street boys and rough trade, now we see them stretched over the bulging biceps and broad chests of Harley Everett, Gio Cruz and Issac Jones. Of course those straight lads are still in on the act, Billy Essex, Andy Lee and Paul Walker are added to our rogues gallery. Our big-dicked, uncut studs, strip off and give us a tour of their inked bodies, intimate tattoos, tribal tattoos, big projects and just cute ones, what better excuse for an intimate exploration of a naked man's hot body?"

Jake Bolton and Harley EverettJake Bolton and Harley Everett

September 30, 2013

"One of our favourite new boys Jake Bolton has been brave enough and horny enough to take on Harley (muscle-mountain) Everett. This plucky horn dog is about to get a real meat stuffing. It's not just Harley's huge muscular bulk we love but his huge, uncut dick and the way his foreskin has to stretch as it rolls back from the swelling, bloated head until it retracts at sits snug as a polo neck behind helmet. Just imagine what that huge head feels like as it stretches an arse wide! But Jake's not just taking Harley's fat cock; the mean-spirited top also slides a dildo in simultaneously for a double penetration rodgering. Poor Jake's going to be sitting on a rubber ring for while, because his man cunt is reduced to a slobbering, sloppy ruin by the time Harley's had his fill and is ready to spray his seed all over hairy, battered, satisfied Jake."

Jake Bolton and Harley Everett

Jake Bolton and Harley Everett

Jake Bolton and Harley Everett

Jake Bolton and Harley Everett
Jake BoltonJake Bolton

July 15, 2013

"Only our second Maltese guy, but already a favourite, a beautiful face, superb hairy body and thick, dark uncut dick, Jake's top of our new bottom boys. He asked up to throw him in at the deep end so just wait for his first duo, he takes it like a man and pushes back on one of the biggest, the most ruthless uncut cocks that we have on the books. For now lets have an intimate moment exploring Jake's sexy hairy, body from wiggling toes to throbbing cock and beyond."

Jake Bolton

Jake Bolton
Lucio Saints and Jake BoltonLucio Saints and Jake Bolton

July 8, 2013

"Jake Bolton said he wanted to take on the most dominant, hung top we had, we immediately called Lucio 'boy-breaker' Saints. Jake took the pounding like a pro, he might be new to porn, but we're guessing its not his first experience with a massive dick. Sexy-as-Hell Lucio was as stunningly horny as ever, always a pleasure to work with him, and Jake LOVED the ride, even if he will be sitting on a rubber ring for a few days afterwards."

Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton