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Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

April 1, 2013

"Three of our hottest guys, together for the first time. UK 'straight boy' favourite Paddy O 'Brian, of the magnificent thick dick, with French sex star Issac Jones and porn legend Johnny Hazzard in an all kissing, all sucking, all rimming all fucking sizzler as Paddy nails Issac and Johnny and Issac gets spit roasted in every way possible before Johnny sucks 'straight boy' Paddy to a splattering cum shot and Issac shoots a great arc of cum from Johnny's arse to his head. PHEW this ones a showstopper!"

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard and Isaac Jones
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Featuring Damien Crosse, Donato Reyes, Issac Jones, Lucio Saints, and Marco Sessions
Jizz Orgy at

February 1, 2013

"Justified is a 5 man orgy that begins with Damien Crosse meeting Marco Sessions in a hallway. After a brief makeout sessions, the door opens and they join Issac Jones, Lucio Saints and Donato Reyes for a hot and heavy fuck session."

JustifiedJO (1)

JustifiedJO (2)

JustifiedJO (3)

JustifiedJO (4)

JustifiedJO (5)

JustifiedJO (6)

JustifiedJO (7)

JustifiedJO (8)

JustifiedJO (9)

JustifiedJO (10)

JustifiedJO (11)

JustifiedJO (12)
PaparazziDMHaaa (1)


Featuring Harley Everett, Issac Jones, and Marco Sessions
Men of UK at

September 6, 2012

"Shady Paparazzo Marco Sessions is caught photographing private information about the star he is stalking: Issac Jones. With no way out, Marco submits to being force fed the massive boner of the star's bodyguard, Harley Everett. Still not satisfied, Issac & Harley take turns fucking Marco's ass giving him a lesson he won't soon forget!"

PaparazziDMHc (3) 0085

0001 0099

0023 PaparazziDMHd (1)

PaparazziDMHaaa (2)

PaparazziDMHbb (2)


PaparazziDMHd (2)

PaparazziDMHd (3)

PaparazziDMHd (4)

PaparazziDMHd (5)

PaparazziDMHd (6)

PaparazziDMHd (7)

PaparazziDMHd (8)

PaparazziDMHd (9)

PaparazziDMHd (10)

PaparazziDMHd (11)
BashedAndFuriousDMH (2)

Bashed and Furious 1

Featuring Issac Jones and Paddy O'Brian
Men of UK at

June 17, 2012

"Speed is the name of the game in this sexy adventure. UK hotties Paddy O’Brian and Isaac Jones star in the sex fueled parody that is sure to leave you breathless."

BashedAndFuriousDMH (1)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (3)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (5)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (6)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (7)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (10)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (12)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (13)

BashedAndFuriousDMH (15)

Rip Ride

Starring Issac Jones and Sam Barclay

August 14, 2015

"Some of us love a guy in a suit so much we just want to see him fucked up the ass with the whole damn suit on. Difficult I know, that's why this scene is a great little excuse to get a convenient hole ripped in Issac Jones suit trousers so that his tailor Sam Barclay can slip his cock in to Issac and get him all hot and sweaty while keeping him respectably attired! Issac's aloof attitude and the fact that he's on the phone during the whole time Sam is fingering him through that sneaky hole, all help to make this freaky fetishy scene an amazing ripping yarn!"



















The Game

Starring Issac Jones, Jake Genesis, Morgan Black, Samuel Colt and Wilfried Knight

January 10, 2014

"Menatplay kick-off 2014 with a 5-man muscle, fuck extravaganza. Jake Genesis is not happy with his teams performance on the field and has a few words for them, but the guys are totally fed up of hearing his lectures and they decide that its time to turn the tables on the bossy manager and teach him a lesson. Together Samuel Colt, Issac, Wilfried and Morgan overpower Jake and rip off his expensive suit piece by piece, leaving him naked and completely helpless to the guys’ abuse. The team pin him down and hold his legs up as one by one, each of the players takes turn in fucking their bosses tight ass while the others shut him up by feeding him their hard dicks. Its a testosterone-fuelled fuck-fest with Jake getting pounded by the four hard dicks. And despite Jake’s protests they’re not about to stop, its payback time for the team and they wont stop until they leave Jake’s ass well and truly fucked. And just to make sure the manager doesn’t forget this lesson in humility they shoot their big loads all over his hairy, muscular chest, leaving him a wet sticky mess on the locker-room bench."



TheGamejake1 TheGamejake2

TheGameIssac1 TheGameMorgan1

TheGameSam1 TheGamewilf1
















TheGame7 TheGame8

TheGame9 TheGame10

TheGame11 TheGame13

TheGame16 TheGame25

Foul Play

Starring Hans Berlin and Issac Jones

December 20, 2013

"A blackmail plot against wealthy Football Manager Hans Berlin takes an unexpected turn when Hans stands firm against Issac’s threats, and the men end up struggling on the locker room floor grabbing each other by their suits and trying to over power their rival. Hans pins Issac down and fucks his face, forcing him to suck his dick despite his protests. Hans rams his dick straight down Issac's throat, until he’s got him hard enough to fuck him senseless and really show him who’s boss. Once Hans is inside his tight ass, Issac gives in and takes his thick dick nice and deep, letting the handsome, masculine coach dominate him completely. The men fuck each other right there on the locker room floor with real intensity and chemistry, until they blow their loads. And in case ssac has forgotten his place Hans gives him one final reminder by covering him with his hot cum."


Foulplay_Aff05 Foulplay_Aff10

Foulplay_Aff14 Foulplay_Aff13

Foulplay_Aff19 Foulplay_Aff12













Inside Job

Starring Landon Conrad and Issac Jones

November 9, 2012

"When Issac is refused a bank loan, he demands to see the Bank Manager thinking it has to be a mistake by the incompetent staff. But when the Bank manager himself informs him that he does not qualify for a loan Issac's temper flares and refuses to hear Mr Landon Conrad's reasons. So much so that Landon asks him very firmly to leave his office, but Issac will not leave that easily and the situation gets physical resulting in a struggle between the two men. But Issac has had enough of being talked down to by suits on a power trip and decides to show the Bank Manager and lesson by throwing him over his desk, ripping open the seam of his suit pants and giving his ass a good hard pounding. And although Issac still does not get the loan in the end, he's happy that at least he's given the big boss what was coming to him, not mention walking out covered in Landon's hot cum!"
















InsidejobAff21 InsidejobAff19

InsidejobAff16 InsidejobAff18

InsidejobAff26 InsidejobAff14
Les Amants (4)

Les Amants (The Lovers)

Starring Issac Jones and Jake Reed

September 7, 2012

"At Menatplay we like our story based scenes but sometimes, when the chemistry is perfect, its so much hotter to let things flow naturally. That's what happens this week when we give real life lovers Jake Reed and Issac Jones a camera, a studio and a access to the M.A.P. wardrobe. Issac looks stunning in the 3piece suit he chose to wear to turn on his eager partner who takes on the role of cameraman for a while. From his point of view we witness an amazingly intimate natural moment as the two studs kiss passionately, suck on each others beautiful cocks and Issac fucks Jake knowing just how hard to push him. The contrast between sensual passion and rough fucking makes this one of the horniest real sex films Menatplay has shot."


Les Amants (5)

Les Amants (8)

Les Amants (11)

Les Amants (7)

Les Amants (10)

Les Amants (9)

Les Amants (12)

Les Amants (6)

Les Amants (2)

Les Amants (3)

Les Amants (1)

Les Amants
Prove it (11)

Prove It

Starring Issac Jones and Jake Genesis

July 13, 2012

"Issac Jones thinks hes going for a regular interview with Recruitment Manager and new Menatplay cockthrob, Jake Genesis. However Jake has video evidence that Issac has been a bit too open about his assets - he's been filming his juicy cock for everyone to see – and now Jake wants to see and taste it for himself. Voyeuristic Jake soon gets stuck in once Issac gets his dick out and before long they are stripped naked and on the sofa fucking sucking and rimming every which way they can. By the end of the movie I'm sure you’ll agree both Issac, AND, Jake prove their worth!!!"


Prove it (1)

Prove it (2)

Prove it (4)

Prove it (5)

Prove it (6)

Prove it (7)

Prove it (19)

Prove it (8)

Prove it Prove it (3)

Prove it (9) Prove it (10)

Prove it (12) Prove it (13)

Prove it (14) Prove it (15)

Prove it (16) Prove it (17)

Prove it (18) Prove it (20)
L'Homme dans L'Ombre (13)

L’Homme dans L’Ombre

Starring Issac Jones

June 15, 2012

"With his deep dark eyes, and sensual French accent Issac Jones is one of our most enigmatic and mysterious men. But never more so than in this week's movie update where we see Issac impeccably dressed in a grey suit and black leather gloves waiting for us between the dark shadows, cigarette in one hand... hard bulge in the other. As soon as he sees us watching he starts to tease us by slowly taking out his delicious uncut dick and working it slowly, loving the feel of the leather gloves against his smooth cock and perfect abs. And knowing how much we're enjoying his little show, as we stroke our own dicks, is all the motivation that he needs to explode in a shower of delicious cum. Another sizzling video from one of Menatplay's sexiest men."


L'Homme dans L'Ombre (5)

L'Homme dans L'Ombre (2) L'Homme dans L'Ombre (1)

L'Homme dans L'Ombre (9) L'Homme dans L'Ombre (12)

L'Homme dans L'Ombre L'Homme dans L'Ombre (3)

L'Homme dans L'Ombre (4) L'Homme dans L'Ombre (6)

L'Homme dans L'Ombre (7) L'Homme dans L'Ombre (8)

L'Homme dans L'Ombre (10) L'Homme dans L'Ombre (11)

Conference Day

Starring Issac Jones and Michael Troy

April 13, 2012

"Issac Jones is back on Menatplay with the beefed up Michael Troy who he meets at a business conference. When Michael and Issac take a break away from the boring conference Michael spills some of the buffet down his very smart tie and its up to Issac to come to the rescue. What a great excuse to open up Mr. Troy’s shirt and play with that Beefy chest. These two have a great chemistry and both are so handsome. And knowing that Michael Troy is straight, (yes not just in the story line), makes it even more horny that he's the one that takes a good arse pounding from Issac. So next time your bored, throw your dinner down yourself, you might be lucky enough to end up being helped out by someone as sexy as Issac."


Conferenceday_10 Conferenceday_14

Conferenceday_15 Conferenceday_02

Conferenceday_17 Conferenceday_04

Conferenceday_09 Conferenceday_05

Conferenceday_07 Conferenceday_06

Conferenceday_16 Conferenceday_08




Dressing Down

Starring Issac Jones and Race Cooper

March 2, 2012

"Race Cooper makes his Menatplay debut as the tyrant boss who relishes making his employee's lives a nightmare. And no one is safe. not even if you're the office pretty boy as Issac Jones found out when he was suddenly called to his office to bring in some files. But Race is not at all pleased, especially with his less than perfect appearance and in this office being immaculately dressed is a must! So Race decides to give him a lesson in dressing appropriately by getting him to strip and changing him into one of his own suits. But when Race sticks his hands in his trousers to tuck in the shirt, Issac doesn't know how to react. But one look from Race is enough to tell him to not say a word and let him do whatever he wants... and indeed he does. Once Issac is dressed as he pleases, Race continues his lesson in office discipline, showing him who calls the shots by giving Issac a serious fucking over his desk and making him his personal fuck toy."


DressDown_Aff014 DressDown_Aff011

DressDown_Aff012 DressDown_Aff013

DressDown_Aff010 DressDown_Aff07

DressDown_Aff08 DressDown_Aff09

DressDown_Aff06 DressDown_Aff05

DressDown_Aff04 DressDown_Aff03

DressDown_Aff01 DressDown_Aff02




Starring Harley Everett, Issac Jones, Justin Harris, Kyle King and Paddy O'Brian

December 23, 2011

"This Christmas Menatplay has a very special treat for you guys. Why so special? Because it stars the gorgeous muscle stud Kyle King and the handsome suited French gent Issac Jones. Plus…yes there's more… the sexy young Justin Harris, and introducing the great mountain of meat – Harley Everett. Hang on there's more… our much loved and lusted over Paddy O’Brian appears on the scene to spill his load over Issac. In fact they all get Issac thoroughly drenched in cum and sweat. Lucky boy…. and lucky us! And as a special Seasonal offer Menatplay are giving you the chance to sign up for an incredible $19.95 for 30 days unlimited access. This offer is only available this weekend. Just go to the Menatplay homepage and click on the sexy Paddy O'Brian banner. Merry Christmas from the Menatplay team!"

Kyle King, Issac Jones, Justin Harris, Harley Everett, and Paddy OBrian

TEASEaffiliates_01 TEASEaffiliates_02

TEASEaffiliates_03 TEASEaffiliates_04

TEASEaffiliates_05 TEASEaffiliates_06

TEASEaffiliates_07 TEASEaffiliates_08

TEASEaffiliates_09 TEASEaffiliates_10

TEASEaffiliates_11 TEASEaffiliates_12

TEASEaffiliates_13 TEASEaffiliates_14








In the Flesh

Starring Issac Jones and Pablo Nunez

August 30, 2011

"When Pablo Nunez arrives at Issac Jones' office to give him the documents he had requested he finds his overworked boss fast asleep on the couch. And there's no waking him no matter how hard he tries, although in truth he doesn't try to hard. With his sexy boss out to the world, the temptation of playing with himself and shooting a load over him without him knowing is just to strong and he's soon rubbing his rock hard cock. But the excitement gets the better of him, as he dares to take out Isaac's cock to play with it using his favourite sex toy but this only wakes him up. Luckily for Pablo his boss is completely turned on by the situation and orders him to carry on jerking and sucking him off before getting fucked nice and hard on the office floor."


IntheFelsh_aff_01 IntheFelsh_aff_02

IntheFelsh_aff_03 IntheFelsh_aff_04

IntheFelsh_aff_05 IntheFelsh_aff_06

IntheFelsh_aff_07 IntheFelsh_aff_08

IntheFelsh_aff_09 IntheFelsh_aff_10









Do Not Disturb

Starring Adrian Toledo and Issac Jones

July 20, 2011

"When Issac Jones checks into his hotel room after a long flight, and collapses on the bed, the last thing he expects to see is a naked man walk out of the shower. So after some arguing and a lot of confusion, a phone call to reception informs them that the room has been double booked but with no more rooms available they have no choice but to share the room. But once they get in bed it becomes difficult for Issac to sleep with a hot naked man sleeping next to him, and his hands slowly begin to wander, stroking Adrian Toledo's muscular back, slowly making his way down to his hard ass. Until finally Adrian wakes up, and the two handsome strangers get intimate in a night of hot, hard fucking."







DND_aff02 DND_aff03

DND_aff05 DND_aff06

DND_aff08 DND_aff10

DND_aff13 DND_aff14


Starring Issac Jones and Wilfried Knight

June 23, 2011

"This week we change the rules of the game on Menatplay, as we discover a darker side to one of our polished business Execs. Wilfried Knight makes his big debut as the MAP business man, with the dirty secret. When the building is empty and the doors are all locked, Wilfried undresses from his expensive suit and changes into his custom-made leather gear and once he is ready and his blood is pumping, he opens the secret door behind his office library, to reveal a secret padded play room. And in the centre of the room a bewildered Issac Jones, bound to a chair and at the mercy of his captor. What fate awaits him? Who will finish on top in this red hot Suit Vs Leather encounter?"


RED_wilf_6 RED_wilf_20

RED_wilf_3 RED_wilf_21

RED_wilf_22 RED_wilf_7

RED_wilf_8 RED_wilf_5

RED_wilf_9 RED_wilf_10

RED_wilf_11 RED_wilf_12

RED_wilf_13 RED_wilf_14

RED_wilf_15 RED_wilf_16

RED_wilf_17 RED_wilf_18








French Lessons

Starring Harry Louis and Issac Jones

May 27, 2011

"Ever had a teacher at school that you used to daydream about in the middle of a lesson and loose yourself in thoughts of what you would like him to do to you? Well Harry Louis certainly has, and with a teacher like Issac who can blame him. Tall, mysterious, chiseled jaw, dark eyes you could get lost in and the sexiest French accent ever! No wonder Harry has trouble concentrating on his French vocab, or could he just be pretending to get some private 1 on 1 time with the sexy Mr. Jones? When Issac turns the blackboard and sees 'Je vais baiser ton cul' in Harry's handwriting he realizes the boy must be much more fluent in French then he may be letting on, and that he's been focusing on his ass rather than on his text books. And as we know by now, Harry always gets what he wants. Not only does he get to fulfill his fantasy by fucking his French teacher, he also manages to secure an A+ along the way!"


FrenchLesson_01 FrenchLesson_02

FrenchLesson_03 FrenchLesson_04

FrenchLesson_05 FrenchLesson_06

FrenchLesson_07 FrenchLesson_08

FrenchLesson_09 FrenchLesson_10





Lucas Entertainment

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Trenton Ducati Goes Bareback, Scene 5

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass
Lucas Entertainment

December 6, 2013

"Robin Sanchez has had his eye on Issac Jones -- the gay porn star legend of Paris -- for some time. But when Rob has sex it has to be raw -- and for the first time in at Lucas Entertainment scene, Issac agrees. What’s so hot about Robin is just how big he is: the guy is super jacked and ready to take cock! Issac shows Robin back to his hotel room where they strip off their clothes and show off their bodies. While Robin Sanchez is a major beefcake of a man, he’s also a needy bottom. Oral sex is fun, but it’s a dick up his ass he needs, and Issac provides it for him. Issac sits in a chair and Robin straddles him (the bottom’s favorite position), and it’s extra hot to see how Robin holds on by wrapping his arms around Issac’s neck. Robin takes a bare dip into Issac’s ass too, but this gay bareback sex romp is concluded the only way it truly should be: with Robin on his back blowing a load with Issac’s raw cock in his muscle-butt!"

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

British Pounds, Scene 2

Starring D.O. and Issac Jones
Lucas Entertainment

January 25, 2013

"The Argentine hunk known only as D.O. patrols the streets of Birmingham searching for sex; by chance he encounters Issac Jones, who leads D.O. back to his apartment for a hook up. They begin making out once they’re through the door before D.O. takes the dive and starts sucking on Issac’s hard uncut cock. After throat pumping his partner, Issac shows D.O. what he’s made of and swallows his uncut Latin cock, playing with the head and foreskin before deep-throating him; D.O. gets excited and even face-pumps him! D.O. and Issac Jones head over to the bed and lick each other’s assholes; afterwards Issac grabs a condom and wraps up his piece. With a hard plunge followed by fast thrusts he fucks D.O. hard, and he only asks to get fucked harder! D.O. even lets Issac relax for a bit while he shows off his bottoming skills and fucks himself on Issac’s erection! They flip and D.O. tears a condom out of its wrapper, sheathes his dick, and hammers Issac like a dog in heat; and for added effect D.O. pinches hold of Issac’s nipples as he rides his ass!"

LVP144_02_DO_Issac_Jones_01 LVP144_02_DO_Issac_Jones_02

LVP144_02_DO_Issac_Jones_03 LVP144_02_DO_Issac_Jones_04

LVP144_02_DO_Issac_Jones_06 LVP144_02_DO_Issac_Jones_11