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Cameron Wroships & Fuck Josh Long's Feet

June 28, 2013

"Cameron Kincade had wanted to worship Josh Long's sexy feet for a while at MyFriendsFeet so we made it happen. Josh looks so good in a suit and if there's one thing Cameron adores it's sweaty dress socks. Well he got to stick his face right into Josh's and sniff them. Then he stripped them off and proceeded to give Josh some serious foot love with his talented mouth. Cameron finishes off this hot kink by fucking Josh's feet and cumming on them!"











Josh Long Tickled Naked

May 17, 2013

"Super hairy hunk Josh Long is tied to the MyFriendsFeet tickle table and tortured. Josh is by far one of the hairiest men we've ever had at MFF. And one of the most ticklish. You barely touch his sides and feet and he's soon squirming around like a madman. He He. I so love that and so did Cameron. We each had a part of Josh's body to tickle torture, so the torment was relentless!"

Josh_long_tickled_01 Josh_long_tickled_02 Josh_long_tickled_03

Josh_long_tickled_04 Josh_long_tickled_05 Josh_long_tickled_06

Josh_long_tickled_07 Josh_long_tickled_08 Josh_long_tickled_09
Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

"Magic Eddie"

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

February 21, 2013

"Magic Mike has nothing over Magic Eddie. Eddie Cambio is also straight, gorgeous and built like nobody's business. The only difference is the venue. Mike danced for chicks on the west coast of Florida while Eddie dances for dudes at a famous Ft Lauderdale gay strip club on Florida's gold coast. Eddie is 26 years old, all muscle, with a handsome and very masculine face, a bubble butt of death and a perfect 7'' cock. The closest another dude has ever gotten to Eddie's junk is when he lets them slip a twenty or more into the waistband of his thong - tip this prime beef a buck and you'll get a thank you but that's about it. Eddie tells us that he's never even jacked off with a buddy, never did more than a solo jack off on video - it's strictly pussy for him. That's until he ran into Caruso and No, we didn't get him to suck cock or have all out gay sex, but we did break through his first man sex barrier. We brought him in with fellow dancer and friend, Josh Long. Josh had always considered himself 100% straight, but then got into gay4pay and after performing in several gay movies, found his way to accepting his bisexuality. Josh is as cute as they come and has a killer smile that will make you melt - all topped off with a sexy mop of hair. And if you like hairy bodies, he has the perfect amount of hair distributed on his hot tight and well proportioned body. He's a self described 'slut' and says he keeps in shape by having hot, heavy sex three times a day rather than going to a gym. Caruso has these two buddies strip down and show their stuff - it's quite the sight. He then tells the boys that there are no girls, so he needs them to do a side by side jack off scene. This is a new experience for Eddie since he's only done solos before, but he's up for the challenge. There's some touching between the guys and some hot dildo play. In the end Caruso even talks Eddie into shooting his load on Josh's chest - a first for the straight boy. The guys give us the inside scoop about their exercise routines, jacking off, dancing for dudes, what goes on backstage and Eddie even tells us about his first experience with a finger up his butt. It fun, it's hot, it's sexy, but we're not going to give it all away - you'll have to watch the video to see Eddie work his magic!"

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Josh Long and Eddie Cambio Josh Long and Eddie Cambio

Alumni Hook-up

Josh Long and Jake Taylor

November 29, 2012

"Josh and Jake, this week's guys, both straight, made their first sexual trip to the other side right here on Happy go lucky Josh is a total cutie with a tight, toned body, adorable face, big 7'' cock and hairy in all the right places. Jake is a muscular, handsome dude with that slightly beefy body type, nice bubble butt and a big 7.5 inch cock. There's no pretense here and no baiting. Both dudes know they're here to have hot gay sex for Caruso's camera. They talk about sex with girls and guys and how they've evolved since their initial appearances here on Bait Buddies. Caruso just lets them go at it and they're quick to strip off and get down to business. There's a particularly hot 69 scene, some kissing and very sexy fucking. At the end, Jake cums first, he showers Josh in hot, wet cum. If you look closely some of it gets on the root of Josh's cock and as he jacks he slips his fist all the down to pick up some of that natural lube to finish himself off - listen and you'll hear the jacking noise get squishier which triggers his orgasm as he blows his load all over his sexy hairy belly!"


"Take 1"

Johnny Glyserin and Josh Long

August 16, 2012

"'Take 1' usually comes before Take 2, but not here at Take 2 was the 3-way video from a couple of weeks back with straight guys Johnny Glyserin, a porn newbie who double dick (hence the Take 2) Travis, a hot bi dude. This time around, Johnny, that hot hunk of 100% straight Texas beef who did his first gay4pay scene ever, is back and is going to try taking his first dick(thus the Take 1). You won't want to miss watching this all man stud spread his huge thighs to take his first cock. What happened is that Johnny contacted Caruso just a few days after his 1st shoot and he was actually eager to come back in and explore more with his ass. After doing the double penetration and seeing how much Travis like having his ass played with, he thought he should explore more with his ass. The previous day Caruso was contacted by Josh, a cute straight country boy from Tennessee, willing to have sex with a guy on camera because he heard it paid more money than straight porn. Someone he knew told him to call Caruso for work. Once Caruso heard from Johnny, he called up Josh and told him that he had another straight guy that he recently shot who wanted to explore doing more with a guy and he felt that Josh would be a good fit for Johnny. That done, the shoot was set and after a short conversation with the two 19 year olds, Caruso lets the boys go directly to work. We're surprised when Johnny becomes the aggressor and reaches for Josh's cock and goes directly to sucking him off. Josh returns the favor, hesitantly at first, but he appears to get into it. This is followed by a short make out session - a new experience for Josh who pulls back at bit at first. Now Johnny is anxious to get to the fucking, so being the man he is, he just takes control again by having Josh sit on the couch while he crouches over the teen's cock and slowly lets it penetrate his butthole. He quickly gets over the initial shock of having something in his butt and you can tell he's enjoying it. Next, Johnny gets on his back and lifts those huge muscular legs up to give Josh access to his hole. Josh starts fucking him and it doesn't take long when without warning he rips off his rubber and shoots a load on Johnny's manly, flat belly. Johnny then starts to wank himself like a jackhammer until he shoots off on his own stomach - you'll be turned on by how fucking loud this big masculine jock is when he cums. To top off this highly erotic moment, Josh is jacking his still hard cock and keeping it right near the tip of Johnny's cock and when Johnny cums, some of it hits Josh's cock. Josh and is so turned on by Johnny's cum, that he uses it as lube to jack his cock and he shoots his second load only a minute or so after his first. So, maybe this is 'Take 2' ... or 'Take 1', Johnny's 1st cock, Josh's 2 loads, maybe that equals 'Take 3'? Doesn't matter what you call it, it's way fucking hot!"













Kink Men


Hairy stud Josh Long Tied Up and Edged for the First Time

Featuring Josh Long | Men On Edge

January 29, 2013

"Josh Long comes to Men on Edge with no experience with bondage, but he's excited to try something new. We start him off tied to the cross and blindfold him as his clothes are removed. Josh begins to like the feel of the ropes on his hot hairy body when we notice his cock is already hard, begging to be edged. Josh pushes himself to take the flogger and clamps on his nipples as his tied up throbbing cock is sucked and edged. Bent backwards in the air, Josh is made to cum all over his own hairy body and tickled till he calls for mercy."


















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Power Bottoms

Featuring Connor Patricks, Cooper Reed, Duncan Black, Jimmy Johnson & Josh Long
Jizz Orgy at

October 3, 2013

"When power bottoms Duncan Black & Connor Patricks are alone they love to talk about who's the better bottom. Just in time, three hot tops show up to help get to the "bottom" of the debate. Duncan & Connor's hot and horny holes are pounded long and hard by Cooper Reed, Jimmy Johnson & Josh Long!"

PowerBottomsJO06 PowerBottomsJO09




















The Extra

Featuring Johnny Rapid and Josh Long
Drill My Hole at

June 16, 2013

"Johnny Rapid shows up 3 hours late to shoot a scene and unfortunately gives jittery Cooper Reed a reason to leave. Without a scene partner to fuck Johnny Rapid, Josh Long offers his dick to save the day. It all works out in the end as sexy Josh slams Johnny hard and deep until both guys shoot big loads!"

TheExtraDMH (3) TheExtraDMH (6)

TheExtraDMH (1)

TheExtraDMH (2)




TheExtraDMH (9)

TheExtraDMH (10)



TheExtraDMH (13)


TheExtraDMH (15)
PoolIntruderSTG (7)

Pool Intruder

Featuring Danny Palick and Josh Long
Str8 to Gay at

November 20, 2012

"Gorgeous Danny Palick comes home to discover a sexy stranger (Josh Long) naked in his pool. Hoping that Josh doesn't spy his boner, Danny pretends to be upset so that he can make the situation an opportunity to fuck a straight pool intruder!"

PoolIntruderSTG (1) PoolIntruderSTG (4)

PoolIntruderSTG (2)

PoolIntruderSTG (3)

PoolIntruderSTG (5)

PoolIntruderSTG (6)

PoolIntruderSTG (8)

PoolIntruderSTG (9)

PoolIntruderSTG (10)

PoolIntruderSTG (11)

PoolIntruderSTG (12)

PoolIntruderSTG (13)

PoolIntruderSTG (14)

PoolIntruderSTG (15)
Next Door Buddies Josh Long & Alex Christian

"The Deep Therapy Clinic"

Josh Long & Alex Christian

April 18, 2013

"Alex Christian has popped into a little countryside massage parlor for a rub down on his way home from the office. He's seen the small storefront for years and always wondered about the place. Well after a long day of board meetings, he's finally checking it out.

A young man by the name of Josh Long is providing service on this particular late afternoon. When Alex enters, he greets Josh with a 'hello,' but receives no salutation in return. Wearing nothing but a blue pair of tightly fitting underwear, Josh simply motions for Alex to remove his clothing and lay down on the massage table. Alex does and the rubbing begins. Josh kneads and manipulates slowly and carefully. Alex melts under his touch. Then Josh moves the focus of the rubbing a bit further south, squeezing Alex's butt cheeks. Alex is slightly alarmed at first, but can't believe how good it feels. Josh pulls Alex's shoulder back, suggesting he flip over. Alex does and Josh pulls down Alex's underpants. Alex can't believe what's happening. Josh takes Alex's cock in his hand first, then in his warm, salivating mouth. He sucks with tenderness and passion while Alex enjoys. Then Alex accepts Josh's hard dick in his own mouth. It's quite large, but fits perfectly between his lips. They move to a bed with fresh linens and Alex has a taste of Josh's sweet asshole. Then comes time for what makes this massage clinic famous: Deep Therapy. See Josh slide his throbbing boner into Alex's tight hole and pound it firmly. You'll know why customers keep cumming! Enjoy!" Visit Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Josh Long

April 8, 2013

"Josh Long is a hard working guy from the east coast who is taking it easy and taking it all off for you to see. With his open, care-free attitude on full display, he slowly sheds his clothes, pulling at the hairs on his chest and standing his cock up in full salute. Running his fingers through his hair, he falls back onto the bed and looks over his shoulder, perking his ass up in the air and grabbing his cock between his legs, then rolling back over and spreading his legs as he strokes himself off to a gushing finale, his blue eyes sparkling in the light as he throws his head back in satisfied exasperation. Enjoy!" Visit Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Behind The Big Top, Scene 4

Starring Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long
Raging Stallion Studios

May 17, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are a bear cub lover's double-barreled wet and hairy dream. As circus acrobats, they're practicing a routine in the props tent, outfitted in body-hugging singlets. Their movements ensure maximum contact between intimate body parts. Then Josh announces he has an idea, and he climbs a rope ladder and hangs upside-down so his cock is at Jimmy's eye level and vice-versa. How fast can you say '69'? They face-fuck each other until their jaws are tired. Then it's Jimmy's turn on the ladder. He suspends his ass from a wooden rung so his furry hole is poised directly over Josh's tongue. Josh delves and slurps, then Jimmy drops to a lower rung so Josh can fuck him. The walls of Jimmy's hole give way to Josh's invading tool as Jimmy jacks his cock and squeezes his low-hanging nuts. Abandoning the ladder, they grab heavy ropes hanging from the ceiling, a rope in each hand, and engage in a gravity-defying airborne sit-fuck, until their cocks can't hold out any longer and discharge their milky loads all over Jimmy's hairy stomach. "

WATCH Behind The Big Top, Scene 4 Starring Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long



























Josh Long and Logan

May 4, 2012

"Josh and Logan are both young and horny and full of attitude to go along with their prowess. When we decided to pair these two up, we weren't sure if Logan was going to fall in line or if he and Josh were going to get into a tussle while they fucked.

It was a breezy summer day making it a perfect day to have a little outdoor fuck session on the picnic table. Logan went down on Josh's cock getting him nice and hard making Logan's ass go up in the air just begging for Josh to take him deep.

Logan crawled up onto the table and got on all fours so that Josh could climb up on top and mount him. Josh eased his big hard cock into Logan's wet hole and slowly opened up Logan's ass. Josh turned the heat up a bit and Logan opened up wider as the boys went at it.

They took every position as deep as Josh could go finally finishing off Logan by giving him a good pounding after a hard pile drive. Josh went balls deep into Logan until both studs dumped their loads all over Logan's sweet, smooth body."









Josh Long

April 17, 2012

"Josh kept stalking us from his couch until we finally relented and put his ass on a plane and brought him in to see if he could back up his awesomeness claims. He's a little hairy guy but what he may lack in physical size, he makes up for in his cocky attitude. Oh yea, his cock is big.

We put Josh in the shower as soon as he arrived and grabbed the cameras so we could test him immediately. Josh has a pretty boy face with a 5 day beard going on,and a hairy body from head to toe. Josh's cock is long and cut and he loves waiving it in your face.

Josh got out of the shower and sat down and started stroking his thick cut cock. Josh leaned back and spread open his legs so we could see his hairy tight hole. Josh pulled up his heels and opened his legs wide giving us a good shot as that hot ass.

Josh kept a cocky smirk on his face all the while he kept stroking his 19 year old cock. His blue eyes closed and his hips shot up in the air as he let out a moan and shot his load all over his hairy chest. Josh laid there with the sticky mess on his stomach just waiting to be licked off."





Josh_long03 Josh_long10

Josh_long12 Josh_long18

Josh_long27 Josh_long31

Josh Long

January 2013

"We picked up Josh Long from the airport, and he was so eager he started taking off his clothes right there in the car. When we began to shoot, the studio’s fire marshall kept testing the alarm. They must have known about the sex heat we were creating, the owners being Baptists and all…

Cheeky Josh eats anything that’s not healthy, and that includes losing his virginity to his brother’s girlfriend! He doesn’t fear the forbidden fruit and describes himself as “sexual”, not gay or straight.

He addicted to the Word With Friends app and when he’s not scrambling letters, he flashes his XXX numbers – and then some. Josh wishes his chest were bigger, but no complaints about the all-over mammal fur he trims one inch per month. According to that growth rate, you officially entered cub territory. Look out - this one’s feral!"

03 05

08 09

10 16