Tyler Hunt
Harley Everett
Jake Genesis


SITES: Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, Dominic Ford, Hot House Video, Jet Set Men, Kristen Bjorn, Lucas Entertainment, Manifest Men, Men at Play, NakedSword, Raging Stallion Studios, TitanMen

Manifest Men Jake Genesis

Jake Genesis


"Jake Genesis is one of the biggest stars around. His hardcore scenes are easy to find, but if you want to really study his physique, his solo for Manifest Men is the only way to go. Linger over his ripped torso, his sweat covered abs and join in as he enjoys the taste of his own thick load."

Manifest Men Jake Genesis

Manifest Men Jake Genesis Manifest Men Jake Genesis

Manifest Men Jake Genesis Manifest Men Jake Genesis

The Game

Starring Issac Jones, Jake Genesis, Morgan Black, Samuel Colt and Wilfried Knight

January 10, 2014

"Menatplay kick-off 2014 with a 5-man muscle, fuck extravaganza. Jake Genesis is not happy with his teams performance on the field and has a few words for them, but the guys are totally fed up of hearing his lectures and they decide that its time to turn the tables on the bossy manager and teach him a lesson. Together Samuel Colt, Issac Jones, Wilfried and Morgan overpower Jake and rip off his expensive suit piece by piece, leaving him naked and completely helpless to the guys’ abuse. The team pin him down and hold his legs up as one by one, each of the players takes turn in fucking their bosses tight ass while the others shut him up by feeding him their hard dicks. Its a testosterone-fuelled fuck-fest with Jake getting pounded by the four hard dicks. And despite Jake’s protests they’re not about to stop, its payback time for the team and they wont stop until they leave Jake’s ass well and truly fucked. And just to make sure the manager doesn’t forget this lesson in humility they shoot their big loads all over his hairy, muscular chest, leaving him a wet sticky mess on the locker-room bench."



TheGamejake1 TheGamejake2

TheGameIssac1 TheGameMorgan1

TheGameSam1 TheGamewilf1
















TheGame7 TheGame8

TheGame9 TheGame10

TheGame11 TheGame13

TheGame16 TheGame25
Body to body (3)

Body to Body

Starring Jake Genesis & David Dirdam

June 21, 2013

"As Jake changes into his office clothes in front of the mirror, he can't help but notice the hot piece of ass drying off behind him. And even though he tries to be discreet his eyes are drawn to the huge, uncut meat hanging in between David's legs, and clearly David Dirdam knows this as he proudly struts around naked, padding himself with the towel and giving Jake something to really feast his eyes on. And while his shyness prevents him from making a move, Jake eventually finds it impossible to resist and reaches out to feel David's mouth-watering bulge, stroking it and feeling it as it quickly hardens in his hand. David stands there enjoying as Jake services his delicious meat, enjoying the feel of it as it hits the back of his throat. Jake then rims David's smooth, muscular ass before giving him a hard pounding on the locker room floor, pulling on his jockstrap so he feels his rock-hard dick deep in his ass. Jake then shoots his sticky load over Davids smooth ass, before finally getting covered in a shower of hot spunk from David."


Body to body (9)

body to body (10)

body to body (11)

body to body (12)

Body to body (13)

body to body (14)

Body to body (16)

Body to body (17)

body to body

Body to body (1) body to body (2)

body to body (4) Body to body (5)

body to body (6) body to body (7)

body to body (8) body to body (15)

Bespoke Episode 2

Starring Wilfried Knight and Jake Genesis

February 22, 2013

"Menatplay's appointed tailor, and man of the moment Jake Genesis is back and ready to give another customer the famous Menatplay makeover. And when the customer is French beefcake Mr Wilfried Knight, its like Jake's Christmases all come at once. From the moment Wilfried walks in Jake's eyes light up. Well its no secret that Jake loves a man who fills a suit well, especially when it comes to the trousers, and Wilfried definitely packs his trousers well. So well in fact that Jake cannot keep his eyes off it, and when it comes to measuring his customers in seam Jake gets instantly hard imagining whats hidden inside that bulge. But he doesn't have to imagine for long and soon enough he's on his knees swallowing his customers fat, uncut cock and enjoying every second of it. But Jake's attention to his customers goes all the way, and Wilfried is given the full service ending in him giving Wilfried's hairy, muscular ass a deep and hard pounding all over the shop floor. Another very satisfied customer for Mr Genesis!"















BespokeEp2_16 BespokeEp2_22

BespokeEp2_02 BespokeEp2_17

BespokeEp2_18 BespokeEp2_19

BespokeEp2_20 BespokeEp2_21


Starring Samuel Colt and Jake Genesis

October 5, 2012

"Menatplay has a new Tailor - Jake Genesis, and he is responsible for making our men look so smart and sexy. Although some of them are used to wearing suits, others don't own a suit of their own and it is up to Jake to give them the Menatplay Makeover. This was the case of Samuel Colt who arrived at his shop needing a bespoke suit. So Jake takes his measurements and gives him some samples from his collection to try on. But when he sees Samuel all suited up in a perfect grey two-piece, he can't help but feel a twinge of excitement in his trousers and Samuel notices this giving him the signal to go for it. Soon enough Jake is on his knees giving his client the full Menatplay treatment, and for those who aren't familiar with our staff you can bet Samuel left the shop one happy customer after receiving the fucking of a lifetime. That's what we like to call bespoke service! Check out the sizzling hot preview now."

















Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

Starring Jake Genesis and Sergio Serrano

August 30, 2012

"After work, Menatplay stud Jake Genesis decides to take his dog for a walk in the countryside, but soon the mischievous mutt has run off, leaving Jake to frantically search for him under the searing Spanish sun. In his smart shirt and tie, Jake starts to feel the heat, but luckily he stumbles upon sexy Latino park ranger Sergi Serrano who offers to help him cool off. Menatplay newcomer Sergi pours water all over Jake until he's completely soaked through... and totally turned on. Jake returns the favour by sucking the park ranger's meaty cock and before long the two hunks are eating ass and fucking in some seriously sizzling al fresco action."

Heat Stroke (6)

Heat Stroke (10)

Heat Stroke (13)

Heat Stroke (2)

Heat Stroke (9)

Heat Stroke (12)

Heat Stroke (8)

Heat Stroke (4)

Heat Stroke (1)

Heat Stroke (14)

Sergi Serrano and Jake Genesis

Heat Stroke (3)

Heat Stroke (16)

Heat Stroke (5)

Heat Stroke (15)

Heat Stroke (11)
Prove it (11)

Prove It

Starring Issac Jones and Jake Genesis

July 13, 2012

"Issac Jones thinks he's going for a regular interview with Recruitment Manager and new Menatplay cockthrob, Jake Genesis. However Jake has video evidence that Issac has been a bit too open about his assets - he's been filming his juicy cock for everyone to see – and now Jake wants to see and taste it for himself. Voyeuristic Jake soon gets stuck in once Issac gets his dick out and before long they are stripped naked and on the sofa fucking sucking and rimming every which way they can. By the end of the movie I'm sure you’ll agree both Issac, AND, Jake prove their worth!!!"


Prove it (1)

Prove it (2)

Prove it (4)

Prove it (5)

Prove it (6)

Prove it (7)

Prove it (19)

Prove it (8)

Prove it Prove it (3)

Prove it (9) Prove it (10)

Prove it (12) Prove it (13)

Prove it (14) Prove it (15)

Prove it (16) Prove it (17)

Prove it (18) Prove it (20)
Topher DiMaggio & Jake Genesis

Topher DiMaggio & Jake Genesis


December 14, 2012

"'Isn't he hot?' Topher DiMaggio asks as he rubs Jake Genesis' muscular chest. The answer is a resounding "FUCK YES!" Both studs have bodies that look like they were chiseled from stone and cocks as hard as granite. They take turns swallowing each other down to the base of their massive shafts. Topher spreads Jakes white ass and tongues his gaping hole. Jake begs for Topher's cock, and after a little teasing, Topher gives in. He plugs Jake with every last inch of this long rod. Jake strokes his cock and moans wildly as Topher slams deep inside him. Topher DiMaggio fucks Jake as long as he can before he unleashes a HUGE load all over his face. Jake fingers and licks up the mess. Jake Genesis then blasts a creamy load of his own onto his ripped abs. Jake once again eats a finger full of cum before rewarding Topher with a final kiss."









1 2

3 5

7 13
Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman


November 2, 2012

"Jake Genesis and Jimmy Roman look amazing in their jocks as they make out wildly. Jimmy kisses Jake's neck as Jake surveys Jimmy's hot young ass. Jimmy licks Jake's armpits, chest and abs. Jimmy's tongue moves down to Jake's cock, which is poking out of his jock ready to have Jimmy's lips wrapped around it. Jimmy takes Jake's cock and deep throats it. Jake then gets Jimmy on his back and gets his mouth on Jimmy's hot uncut cock; teasing the foreskin back and forth. Jake then throws Jimmy's legs back and digs his tongue into his tight hole. He kisses Jimmy's feet and suck his toes. Jake slips his finger up Jimmy Roman's ass before he gets him on all fours and shoves his thick cock up his young ass. Jake Genesis sits on the edge of the bed and fucks Jimmy in the cowboy position, he then leans Jimmy down and pile drives his cock into Jimmy's ass. They move back to the bed where Jimmy continues to ride Jake's hard cock. Jimmy then gets on his back and Jake pounds him until Jimmy pops his load all over his chest and abs. Jake sucks Jimmy's cum covered dick and licks up all of his cum; he drops the cum into Jimmy's mouth and they make out. Jake Genesis then shoots his load all over Jimmy's dick and pubes. He, again, licks up the cum and drops it into Jimmy Roman's mouth."

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman Jake Genesis & Jimmy Roman

Slick - Minute Man 41, Scene 2

Starring Jake Genesis

"With football in hand, wearing black and blue latex football pants and eye black paint, athletic muscle-man Jake Genesis looks like a rough and tough player who is ready to get down and dirty. Giving his muscles an extra pump, Jake gets down to business. Unlacing the front opening of his football pants he unleashes his bulging manhood. 'Game On!' as Jake takes his thick and meaty cock in hand, slowly stroking his shaft and getting his balls warmed up for a big play to shoot his load.

Coating his ripped body in COLT Slick silicone lube Jake massages his muscles, strokes his throbbing cock and explores his hot man hole. Knowing how to handle balls, Jake grinds his SLICK cock against the rough pigskin football. Balls churning as he hammers out a game winning load, our man Jake unleashes a drenching, nut busting river of cum coating the football in a thick layer of his own dick juice. Jake picks up the cum soaked football licking it clean as he enjoys the taste of his own personal best."

30598_001 30598_002

30598_003 30598_005

30598_013 30598_014

30598_018 30598_025



29541_007 Jake Genesis

Armour, Scene 3

Adam Champ and Jake Genesis
Colt Studios

January 3, 2013

"In a darkened dungeon setting and with a man-sized leather sling at his disposal, hairy muscle-god Adam Champ stalks for prey. With his Priape leather pants, harness and a leather hood drawn back behind his neck, Adam looks ready for some serious play. Also lurking by the sling, Jake Genesis is geared up and ready for some hot action. His bare ass exposed in his red COLT jock strap and a Priape leather half-harness, Jake meets Adam with a hot lip lock.

Lowering to his knees, Jake dedicates his mouth and throat to satisfying Adam’s monster uncut cock. Slurping, sucking and stroking, Jake gives Adam’s hairy body some much-deserved attention.

Hot sucking and stroking has both men rock hard and ready for more. Adam turns Jake around and feasts on Jake’s hot muscled butt, probing with his tongue he gets Jake’s hole sloppy wet and ready for his big tool. Bending Jake over the sling Adam drills his meat deep and hard, grabbing hold of Jake’s harness for better leverage and even deeper thrusts. Jake takes it hard and groans with pleasure.

In the sling Jake lifts his ass for more hard and intense fucking. Adam delivers a power-fuck as Jake strokes his nut-sack full of cum. As Adam dick-drills his ass, a hot load of cum gushes from Jake’s throbbing cock. Covered in his own juices, Jake jumps out of the sling and onto his knees. Ready for more hot cum Jake takes Adam’s hot load as thick streams of cum shoot down Jake’s sweaty chest."

Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_001 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_002 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_003 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_007 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_010 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_013 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_014 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_017 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis

29534_020 Adam Champ and Jake Genesis
Jake Genesis and Marcelo Montero

Casting Couch #287

Jake Genesis and Marcelo Montero

December 27, 2012

"Marcelo has just received a text that his favorite fuck buddy Jake is on his way over. Marcelo knows what a hot fuck this is going to be since they have been fuck buddies for several years. Marcelo starts stroking his meaty uncut cock in anticipation and soon enough Jake shows up sporting a hot pair of underwear. There are no formalities with a fuck buddy, everyone knows exactly what is to be done. Jake loves his buddies hot cock and immediately begins to worship it for all it deserves. Marcelo now takes his turn at having his mouth fucked by Jake. Jake then flips Marcelo and dives into the forest of hair to find his sweet, wet hole. After priming Marcelo’s hole with his tongue, Jake now penetrates his buddy with his throbbing cock. Diving deeper and deeper into that forest of pleasure. Jake jumps onto the bed and spreads his hairy hold for Marcelo’s pleasure. Marcelo plunges deep within Jake and both men find their pleasure points. The rhythm of fucking has increased to a level of total pleasure. Marcelo takes Jake’s rock hard cock in his hand and begins to match the strokes with his own penetrating strokes as he continues fucking Jake harder and deeper. Jake has reached a feverish pitch and explodes his load in Marcelo’s hand as Marcelo unleashes his load on top of Jake. Two very handsome, muscular, hairy men having a hot fuck for your and their pleasure. Have you called your fuck buddy lately?"

Jake Genesis and Marcelo Montero

Jake Genesis and Marcelo Montero

Jake Genesis and Marcelo Montero

Jake Genesis and Marcelo Montero

Jake Genesis and Marcelo Montero
Jake Genesis and Sergio Moreno

Casting Couch #284

Jake Genesis and Sergio Moreno

November 15, 2012

"Sergio and Jake meet up at the local sauna. Both enticing the other with their beautifully sculpted bodies and rock hard cocks. As Sergio showers he exposes his hot hole to Jake and shows him just how talented it can be. Sergio has very strong masculine features and a set of full lips that will suck in much more than just your hard cock. He quickly devours Jake’s raging hard on and takes it all the way to the base with great ease. Sergio then puts Jake’s mouth to the test and begins to fuck his throat. Jake takes on the fat cock with total pleasure. After some hot ass eating Sergio plunges his cock deep inside of Jake’s tight ass. Jake then takes on Sergio’s hot ass, penetrating him completely then pulling out and starting all over again, and again, and again. After testing Sergio’s abilities Jake gives him the hard pounding he deserves and desires. Jake and Sergio sit astride each other and erupt their huge loads for each other all over their ripped abs and heaving chests. Winter is upon us, time for a hot afternoon at the sauna."

Jake Genesis and Sergio Moreno

Jake Genesis and Sergio Moreno

Jake Genesis and Sergio Moreno

Jake Genesis and Sergio Moreno Jake Genesis and Sergio Moreno
Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Casting Couch #278

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

August 10, 2012

"Casting Couch 278 with Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez is a sizzling exchange of lust between two hot muscular men. You may remember Robin from some of his earlier castings. He has hit the gym harder than anyone else and now all his hard work is here on display for your voyeuristic pleasure. Jake has been observing Robin's hard work and wanted to get his hands all over those huge muscles. Jake brings Robin home after the gym and both cocks are rock hard and straining to be released. Robin's shorts drop off quickly exposing his fat, rigid cock, he is quick to strip Jake of his shorts as well to gaze upon Jake's huge, hard cock. Jake begins working his way up and down that fat cock with his hot lips and tongue. Devouring Robin's fat cock to its full length is driving Robin wild with pleasure. Robin begins fucking Jake's hot mouth and Jake gives him the pleasure of his mouth and throat. Each continues to pleasure the other with their expert oral skills, switching back and forth. Robin now bends Jake over the table and penetrates his hot, pink, hairy hole completely. Jake is truly enjoying being pounded by Robin's fat cock. His own cock remains rigid and begging for attention. Robin now lays down on the table and commands Jake to fuck him. Jake's hard cock slowly and steadily penetrates Robin until buried deep within. Robin's ass is being teased as Jake pulls out fully and then re-enters, pulls out, re-enters. Jake has stimulated Robin so much so that Robin takes his hard cock in his hand and explodes his load all over his muscular thigh. The feel of that hot muscle ass drawn into spasms of pleasure around his cock drives Jake over the edge. Robin spins around just in time to take Jake's cock in his mouth as Jake erupts his hot load in Robin's hungry mouth. There is so much cum that it begins to spew all over Robin's face. This is a Casting Couch you will be telling all your buddies about."

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez
Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes

Casting Couch #275

Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes

June 28, 2012

"Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes are enjoying an afternoon delight. Donato works his luscious and full lips down Jake's muscled and hairy torso to his straining cock. Releasing his hard cock Donato wraps his full lips around Jake' engorged cock and begins to pleasure Jake all the way to the base. The artwork that Jake and Donato have inked onto their bodies is an amazing sight to see. Jake pleasures himself with Donato's hot cock down his throat. Pleasuring Donato's hot cock is not enough for Jake, he bends Donato over and plunges deep inside his hot hole of desire. Overcome with desire Jake maneuvers his hole over Donato's throbbing cock and begins to penetrate himself deep. Jake's cock remains rigid as he begins his strides up and down, deeper and deeper on to Donato's cock. Finding his rhythm, Jake begins building his strides and grinds away. Matching stoke per stride, Jake takes his cock in hand and erupts his huge load while Donato continues his fucking rhythm. Beyond the realm of return Donato explodes his hot load onto Jake's ass and thighs."

Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes

Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes

Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes

Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes

Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes

Jake Genesis and Donato Reyes
Jake Genesis, Tate Ryder, Derek Parker

The Dom, Scene 3

Jake Genesis, Tate Ryder, Derek Parker

December 17, 2012

"Jake Genesis has Tate Ryder in a face mask and shackled to a handlebar hanging from the ceiling. The tattooed muscleman grabs Tate's face and pushes him back so that his cock stands straight up in the air, allowing Jake to deep-throat the massive tool. Jake moves on to Tate's big round bubble-butt. Defenseless and at Jake's mercy, Tate has no choice but to open his hole as instructed so that the handsome leather top can fuck him hard. Jake continues to pound Tate's ass oblivious to the fact that Derek Parker is standing in the alley, smoking a cigar and watching through a grimy window. When Tate sees him he motions for him to join the action. Derek enters, extinguishes his cigar on Tate's harness, pulls out his big cock and smacks Tate in the face with it. Derek and Jake flip Tate over so the cock-hungry bottom can suck Derek's cock while Jake fucks his ass. Tate's tight hole proves too much for Jake who pulls out and jacks a load out of his thick cock a nd leaves. Derek steps up to fuck a load out of Tate before pulling out and shooting a stream of hot cum all over Tate's chest."

Lovers in Paradise, Scene 3 Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis


Lovers in Paradise, Scene 3

Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis
Featuring Adam Killian and Jake Genesis
Lucas Entertainment

June 21, 2013

"Adam Killian has had his eye on Jake Genesis for a while now, and he’s finally figured out the perfect opportunity to seduce him. Adam offers Jake an all-expense paid vacation in a Costa Rican villa. Adam doesn’t waste any time letting Jake know what he wants: their first evening together they watch the sunset before moving in for some kissing and swimming in the pool. Adam doesn’t restrain himself -- he pulls out Jake’s hard cock and starts playing with it and sucking it, enjoying his long-sought prize. Jake bends over and offers his ass to Adam, who makes loves to it with the hottest passion possible!"














Original Sinners, Scene 2 Jake Genesis Fucks Jesse Santana on the Beach


Original Sinners, Scene 2

Jake Genesis Fucks Jesse Santana on the Beach
Featuring Jake Genesis and Jesse Santana
Lucas Entertainment

May 10, 2013

"Both Jesse Santana and Jake Genesis comprise a couple made to have sex on the beach. Jake’s body is pure muscle with the perfect down of wiry hair, making it a sight to behold as his swim suit comes down for the sexy Jesse to use his mouth to pleasure the top as the waves roll in around their legs. Both guys have big, floppy, cut cocks and they love taking turns sucking each other, edging closer and closer. The guys move into the shallow water where Jesse gets on his hands and knees and arches his back, perking his ass right up. To meet the hole (it’s begging for a slamming) is Jake’s hard rod, which is poking perfectly horizontal as he knees down and slides inside his insatiable bottom! Jake takes a few breaks from fucking to eat out Jesse’s ass before he gets the bottom on his back and seals the deal!"




















Fast Paced

Starring Jake Genesis and Trenton Ducati

July 9, 2014

"Trenton Ducati looks deep into the eyes of Jake Genesis, pulling him in for a kiss—the two tattooed jocks feeling each other’s muscles. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” moans Trenton, rubbing Jake’s jean bulge. Trenton spits on the stud’s tight abs, licks it up and then kisses Jake’s stomach—soon releasing Jake’s throbber, which he engulfs. With his pec muscles twitching as he sucks, Trenton spits on Jake’s cock—a wad sticking to his pubes. “Fuck my mouth!” Trenton yells, his own big dick throbbing as his face gets plowed—spit dripping to the floor as he gulps it up. Jake returns the favor, an overhead shot looking down at their defined bods and pulsing cocks. Trenton demands to see Jake’s ass, diving his tongue inside before fucking him—Jake’s slab bouncing with each thrust. They switch positions, Trenton yelling “Slap my ass! Harder!” as he gets fucked—his giant dick rock hard. Jake then sits down on it and rides, reaching back to put his arm around Trenton—who reaches around to flick the bottom’s boner before the two squirt."

















Momentum, Scene 1

Starring Jake Genesis and Jay Bentley

January 29, 2013

"Arriving at a warehouse, handsome Jay Bentley is greeted by muscle stud Jake Genesis— who takes his hand and leads him upstairs. The two kiss, rubbing each other’s bods before Jay licks Jake’s furry, tattooed chest. He works his way down, opening his mouth wide when Jake’s juicy cock pops out. Jay rubs Jake’s chest, smiling and looking up as he sucks. Jake gets on his knees, licking down Jay’s smooth stomach before breathlessly engulfing his thick cock—his own hot pink tool throbbing below. The two kiss, their cocks touching before they 69. Jay mounts the top, sitting down on him as his smooth ass tickles Jake’s hairy legs. The bottom grinds his cheeks down deep, his own cock bouncing off Jake’s chiseled abs. He rubs the top’s huge pecs, the two soon holding hands in a romantic shot. Jay gets on his back and rolls his ass up for Jake to plunge fuck, then gets on his back for more—the two squirting as the bottom hits Jake’s navel."


Momt_scene01_001 momt_scene01_002

Momt_scene01_003 momt_scene01_004

Momt_scene01_005 Momt_scene01_006

Momt_scene01_008 Momt_scene01_009














Cock Tease, Scene 3

Starring Brayden Forrester and Jake Genesis
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

May 10, 2013

"His hair body is perfect, his face is intense and his cock is hard. You can tell that Jake Genesis needs an ass to fuck. He stares at Brayden Forrester, wondering if he's the one. Brayden closes the distance between them. He wants the cock Jake is stroking, but he must earn it. A tongue bath does the trick, wetting and savoring the hairs on Jake's body, from chest to armpits to thighs. Driven to see the ass he intends to fuck, Jake splits the seam of Brayden's pants to reveal their hot center. A core test of Jake's tongue sends yes messages to his cock, so he rams Brayden's hole without bothering to undress him. That comes later, when bothersome clothes are stripped away. Brayden sits on Jake's lap; his body is a mass of muscled flesh covered with hair. Savoring memories of Brayden's mouth and tongue, Jake wants to feel them again. He offers Brayden his ass, which Jason savors as if it were food of the gods. Jake does the same, sucking Brayden and eating his ass, which inspires Jake to reclaim Brayden's insatiable hole with his huge meat. Their bodies flow in intense crashing waves until Brayden erupts onto his furred chest, and Jake matches him drop for drop."

WATCH Cock Tease, Scene 3 Starring Brayden Forrester and Jake Genesis
















Powerload, Scene 1

Starring Jake Genesis and Shane Frost
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

April 9, 2013

"The masculine magnetism of Jake Genesis makes cocks leap to attention. Shane Frost has a sexy charm and attitude that matches his fine-tuned body. Jake and Shane are making out, naked, when we first see them. Jake has Shane by the buns while Shane is handling Jake's nipples. Two hard cocks twitch in the space between. Jake's veins throb when Shane sucks him, wrapping his tongue around the shaft like a flag around a flagpole until it starts to leak precum. They switch off. Shane lies on a table and kicks a leg around Jake's neck while Jake returns the blowjob, nuzzling his nuts and massaging his taint. The massage begins with a thumb and ends with a tongue, until Shane's hole is wet and pulsating, ready to be fucked. Shane's big balls lurch loose in their sack as Jake pumps him, then when it looks like Shane's going to turn over, they swap and Shane drills Jake from behind. Jake has worked up a thirst so he kneels for Shane to cum in his mouth while jacking out his own load. He swoops his thumb through the puddle of jism and licks it off, standing up for a final cummy kiss."

WATCH Powerload, Scene 1 Starring Jake Genesis and Shane Frost
















Cock Shot, Scene 2

Starring Jake Genesis and Ty Roderick
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

March 26, 2013

"Ships that pass in the night. Jake Genesis and Ty Roderick assess the possibilities with body language, not words. Shabby clothing gives provocative views of what is concealed. Jake reaches out with a hand and Ty allows him to touch, moving his body to signal where he wants to be touched. Then Ty reaches out. They play a slow game of touch-and-move-away, each revealing more flesh when the other retreats, to lure him back. Jake tears his shirt to show a muscular chest covered in hair. Ty coaxes his cock out of his pants, inch by hard inch. They kiss. Ty's head glides from Jake's cock to his lips, inhaling every pheromone, and smiling. They use their lips, their tongues, their noses on all the exposed flesh, leaving cock for last. The rush of blood into Ty's erection makes it jerk as he sucks the hardon Jake offers. Jake turns: eat my ass. He lowers his ass, spider-webbed with hair, onto the upright tower that is Ty's cock. They thrust in counterpoint, first with Ty on his back, then with Jake on his back. They separate and in a surprise maneuver, Jake drives his cock into Ty, whose balls swell to send thick streams of jism coursing over his face. Jake sends his own load arcing across Ty's abs. He can't resist bending down for a taste ... and a cummy kiss."

WATCH Cock Shot, Scene 2 Starring Jake Genesis and Ty Roderick



























Impact, Scene 3

Starring Caleb Colton and Jake Genesis
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

January 1, 2013

"Caleb Colton's dick makes you look twice. It's long and very straight and you suspect, when it's driven up a guy's ass, the receiver's groans will get louder with every couple of inches. Jake Genesis is the test case, a handsome dude with a collegiate haircut, a five o'clock shadow that oughta be scratchin' some guy's itch and a body that has spent more time getting inked than getting waxed. Caleb wastes no time getting Jake to kneel and lube his pole with spit, and Jake wastes no time showing that Caleb's length poses little challenge to his throat. Caleb can swallow all of Jake, too, but he takes time to lick the shaft and suck the balls. The heat takes a quantum leap when Caleb's hole becomes Jake's target. The perfect mixture of finger, spit and tongue brings Caleb to a sexual explosion that makes you wonder what random cylindrical object he may mount. But he puts that need on hold to fuck Jake, whose gorgeous, striking hotness are amplified by his position: on his back, hairy legs spread, Caleb's hard dick sawing his ass in two. Jake and Caleb swap, giving Caleb's ass the drilling it demanded earlier, as these beasts add their spooge to the sweat that's matting their fur."

WATCH Impact, Scene 3 Starring Caleb Colton and Jake Genesis















Raging Stallion Studios Cock Craze

Cock Craze, Scene 1

Featuring Jake Genesis and Trenton Ducati
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang

November 27, 2012

"Trenton Ducati's head is being ground into the dirt. His deep need for huge cock has him yelling, 'Eat my ass out!' Surrounded by darkness, Trenton is illuminated by a narrow beam of light. A shadowy figure has its head in his butt. Details come into focus: a hairy chest, a tattered wifebeater, massive shoulders. The face of Exclusive Jake Genesis comes into view. Now he's drilling Trenton's ass with a finger. Trenton's need is a driving force; his cock is as hard as the concrete crumbling around him. The saliva dripping from Jake's jaws tells a tale as he slams his cock like a projectile into Trenton, prostrate on the floor, screaming 'Fuck me!' The light is brighter now, and the globes of Trenton's ass rivet your attention. The pounding is relentless. Jake tears off his shredded shirt; the ink on his flanks spells out memento vivere - 'Remember to live!' Maybe that's Jake's cue to change things up, because it seems that he is overcome with the need to be filled. He sucks Trenton's cock, a curving horn of plenty, and now the dynamic has changed with Jake on the receiving end of Trenton's monster, and Trenton takes control colliding into the crazed Jake. It doesn't take long before the two are covered with cum."

WATCH Cock Craze, Scene 1 Featuring Jake Genesis and Trenton Ducati
















Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis

Truck, Episode 1

Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis
NakedSword Originals

"At this bar, scandal starts with the coat check.

In the five years since it opened, Truck has become one of San Francisco's most popular gay bars. Sure, it serves a stiff drink — but it's the anything goes after-hours that have everyone coming back. Let Truck, a new mini-series from NakedSword Originals, get you in the door. Based on true stories told by bar owner Paul Miller, Truck features real sex in real situations in the real Truck bar. In the premiere scene, bartender Christian Wilde lends a hand to a motorcyclist (Jake Genesis) when he ducks in for cover on a wet afternoon. But since the bar isn't yet open, that hand helps itself — Christian's got a crotch rocket that Jake can't resist. It doesn't take long for the sex to shift into high gear, including more than a few positions on the hog itself. If this is how fast Truck goes on a slow afternoon, imagine what happens on a Friday night! NakedSword's newest series will have you gripping more than the handlebars." Christmas with Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis

Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis

Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis

Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis

Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis

Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis
Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis

Grindhouse, Episode 4

Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis
NakedSword Originals

"To make your dreams come true, sometimes you've got to sell a little ass.

Trenton Ducati's got one last chance to save his club … and his name is Jake Genesis. In the riveting finale of Grindhouse, Trenton is counting on the hung headliner to bring in the crowds — and the cash to keep the sex business going. Sure enough, as Jake begins to make his moves, the fans pour in. But it's Adam Killian — drugged out and horned up — who rushes the stage, aching for a duet that's not on the bill. Trenton freaks, but as Adam starts sucking off Jake, the fans go wild — and Trenton is wise enough to join in. It's an explosive, epic threesome filmed in front of a live audience at San Francisco's legendary Nob Hill Theater. A torrent of cash, sweat, flesh and cum rain down on the boys in what might be the sex scene of the year … and the type of happy ending that you'll only get at Grindhouse."

Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis

Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis

Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis

Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis

Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis

Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jake Genesis