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ALIASES: Kris Jameson, Levi Modesto
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Kris Jamieson

March 23, 2011

"Kris Jamison has got spunk. And when we say spunk we mean both the sassy variety that leads him to whip his long slender dick out at parties and show everyone the nice big cock he's been blessed with, and the kind of thick creamy white spunk that pours out of his long slender cock. It's the first kind of spunk that led him here to shoot his first gay porn with Randy Blue, a hot gym solo that has him jerking off and shooting his load all over the locker room floor. Kris has the kind of college jock body that shows he's more about the outdoors than sitting in a gym lifting weights. His muscles form the nice soft lines of someone who's very active, probably having lots of hot hardcore sex somewhere. He's relatively smooth with just enough light brown hair to lead a treasure trail down to a thick bush of pubes and a nice hairy crack. And his ass is so lickable and so smackable that it will make your mouth water. We love horny college guys and hope we see more of this hot athletic stud."

Kris Jamieson & Jimmy Coxxx

Jimmy Coxxx and Kris Jamieson

September 6, 2011

"There's something about Kris Jamieson and a sore back that always leads to sex! Last time we saw him, he was complaining of aching muscles, got a massage from hottie Rick McCoy and ended up fucking Rick to show his thanks. But this time it's the oh-so-sexy Jimmy Coxxx who needs a back rub. Kris straddles Jimmy's muscle butt and works the knots out of his shoulders and lats. When Jimmy offers to switch positions (and drops trou first, revealing his rock hard cock) you know the massage will soon give way to a different kind of relief. Kris and Jimmy swap tongue before Jimmy slides down Kris' body and gives him some head. It's head of a different kind when Jimmy lifts his legs and Kris slides his pole deep inside Jimmy's sweet ass. The sideways fucking shows both guys' bodies off but it's when he rides Kris' pole that causes Jimmy to explode, shooting cum all over Kris' torso and face. Glistening from Jimmy's jizz bath, Kris Jamieson rolls him over on to his back reversing positions, then fires off a shot of his own landing on Jimmy Coxxx's abs."

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Kris Jamieson Barebacks Rick McCoy

August 26, 2011

"It's the oldest trick in the world. One hot and horny guy tells his equally hot buddy his back hurts, and it ends up in a hot bareback fuck. In this case, Kris Jamieson is the one in "pain," after an afternoon at the batting cage. Rick McCoy volunteers to give him a massage and, before you know it, both studs are getting naked and nasty. Rick gets Kris hard with a brief rub down (and rim job) and as soon as Kris turns over Rick chows down on Kris Jamieson's 7-inch cock, his expert cocksucking leading to nipple play and kissing. The next shot shows Rick McCoy bending over the sofa getting a deep and slow bareback fuck from behind. Rick is an aggressive bottom, especially when he sits on top of Kris and ride's the long, naked prick. Rick gets on his back and Kris tops him raw, then pulls out to shoot so far it almost hits our face! Rick McCoy jacks off onto his abs, then Kris bends over for a wet kiss. Looks like the heat from all the bareback fucking healed Kris Jamieson's back!"

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Kris Jamieson and Jake

October 21, 2011

"Kris Jamieson has been insanely popular with members. You guys just can't get enough of this young stud and neither can I. As hot as Kris is, it's his playfulness I find to be the biggest turn on. Always quick with a smile or a laugh, Kris is as funny as he is sexy! However, once Kris slides his long cock into my ass it's no laughing matter. This ripped Romeo knows how to fuck! Kris pounds me fast and DEEP. I grip the sheets and grit my teeth as he drills me. Once my asshole has had all it can take Kris jerks off while hovering over me, kneeling in-between my legs. Kris stares at some porn on my tablet to help send him over the top and spray all over my furry belly. With Kris there in the flesh I don't need to watch any porn to get off…Kris IS my porn and soon he has me oozing a thick load into my own hand."

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Kris Jamieson Massaged

September 15, 2011

"Kris Jamieson has proven to be VERY popular with members of both Jake Cruise and CockSure Men. I've had a number of requests to bring him back for an erotic massage, and I'm more than happy to fulfill them!

Kris drops his towel revealing his long dangling cock, then lays his smooth, tight body down on my massage table. I waste no time and bury my tongue in his hairy ass rimming for awhile, but then remind myself that I've got a massage to do. I collect myself and begin to spread the oil all over Kris's broad back, arms, and legs. His skin is as smooth as silk. Nothing turns me on more than getting to slowly explore a hunks body with my hands and mouth. Kneading and working a studs entire physique is something I'll never tire of! I continue to work his muscles and stroke his dick until his toes are literally curling! Kris rewards my hard work with a creamy load all over his tan stomach. A special thanks to all our members for the request. Believe me when I say "It was my pleasure!" ;)"

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Kris Jamieson Serviced

Kris Jamieson Serviced

July 29, 2011

"I've been doing this for awhile now so it's not too often something takes me by surprise. The second Kris's pants come down however I can't help but laugh. Not because he isn't big or anything (oh he's BIG alright), but because he's wearing a specially designed penis-sock! A great sense of humor is a HUGE turn on for me and Kris and I have more than our fair share of laughter while I play with his hot, hard body and delicious dong. We're both grinning ear to ear as I gag on his cock until he fills my mouth with his creamy load."

Kris Jamieson Serviced

Kris Jamieson Serviced

Kris Jamieson Serviced

Kris Jamieson Serviced

Kris Jamieson Serviced

Kris Jamieson Serviced Kris Jamieson Serviced

Levi Modesto Solo

September 20, 2011

"Levi Modesto starts his show right away as he immediately strokes himself. He kicks off his sandals, strokes his long cock and bites his lips. Levi moves to the bed so we can get a great look at his smooth, ripped body. He continues to work his dick before bending over to show off his cute butt-hole. Levi strokes his long pole to a finish splashing onto his belly and hands."


Levi Modesto

July 22, 2011

"In Spanish his last name means "modest" but take it from us, Levi Modesto is not the least bit modest! This young Californian hunk has a big smile, a sexy bod and 7 1/2 inches of cock. Kaylee Hilton knows a good thing when she sees it and heads straight for Levi's dick. She works the head and shaft down her throat, trying to take as much as she can. Levi gets on all fours on the bed, giving us an awesome view of his ass while he gets his tight hole rimmed. After eating Kaylee's honey pot, Levi is ready to fuck. He works up quite a sweat as he changes positions pumping away. You'll love seeing his butt and ab muscles flex with each pelvic thrust. When it's time to cum, our camera moves in tight just as Levi drops his load on Kaylee Hilton's belly."

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Levi Modesto Busts A Nut

September 13, 2010

"Levi Modesto just turned 18, but he is coming strong out of the starting gate! Levi is a confident, almost cocky, young man, and he has absolutely no qualms about showing off his dick to whomever wants to see it. The minute he was out of his shorts, he popped a major erection and kept it the entire photoshoot and video. We love these kind of hotties! Levi has a sexy face, a rock hard cock, nice young bod, and a beautiful butt. After he strokes his dick for a good five minutes, he bends over and shoves his butt out just enough that we can see his nice young hole all ready and waiting. Levi is new to this position but did not flinch at all -- he then rolls over and busts a nice fat nut all over himself. Welcome, Levi!"