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ALIAS: Jimmy Davis
SITES: Big Dicks At School, Circle Jerk Boys, Damn Thats Big, Drill My Hole, Hot House, Jizz Orgy, ManHandled, Massage Bait, Raging Stallion Studios, Str8 to Gay

TheNewJockstrapDMH (3)

The New Jockstrap

James Ryder and Trenton Ducati
Drill My Hole at

April 21, 2013

"Trenton Ducati has a hot and horny houseboy named James Ryder who occasionally lets his dirty fantasies get the best of him. This time Trenton catches James wearing his jockstrap and touching himself all over. Trenton takes the cue to put James over his lap for a quick spanking before fucking his tight hole hard and deep!"

TheNewJockstrapDMH (1)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (2)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (4)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (5)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (6)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (7)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (8)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (9)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (10)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (11)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (12)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (13)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (15)

TheNewJockstrapDMH (16)

"Rebound Sex"

Christian Wilde and James Ryder
Str8 to Gay at

July 11, 2012

"Christian Wilde was caught cheating and finds himself single & alone with roommate James Ryder. Like any good friend, James hates to see his buddy feeling down, so he approaches Christian and offers his ass and mouth as a hot distraction!"

ReboundSexSTG (6)

ReboundSexSTG (8)

ReboundSexSTG (9)

ReboundSexSTG (10)

ReboundSexSTG (17)

ReboundSexSTG (5)

ReboundSexSTG (11)

ReboundSexSTG (12)

ReboundSexSTG (13)

ReboundSexSTG (14)

The Exchange Student

Featuring James Ryder and Tyler Saint with Tory Mason
Big Dicks At School at

February 14, 2012

"Professor Tyler Saint is expecting his students to give a good oral report tomorrow but his exchange student James Ryder is a little confused about what an "oral report" is so he starts to suck Tyler's thick meat. Tory Mason isn't about to let this exchange student have all the fun and wants to give an oral report to the professor as well. Professor Saint decides that both oral reports are needed at the same time and whosever report is better gets a reward!"

IMG_4710 IMG_4553

IMG_5227 IMG_5306













The Three Amigos

James Ryder, Joey Rico, Trelino
Pride Studios |

December 27, 2013

"Three brand new boys for you to feast your eyes on. We have some young hotties that are super eager to suck cock and help one another stroke their dicks. This scene will blow your mind away with the passionate kissing and all the lovely fondling. Joey Rico and Trelino take turns fucking James' wet mouth with their tasty uncut cocks. They take turns sucking and stroking all the while rubbing and lots of intense making out. These Three Amigos are lined up and ready to show you what they have to offer. These boys have some big round asses, sexy hard dicks and plenty of white creamy juices for any viewer to take in. Hold on to your cock nice and hard and watch how eager James gets once Joey blasts a hot load into his mouth and down his chin. Enjoy!"

"Love Jams"

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin
Gay Room | Man Royale

September 11, 2012

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin in "Love Jams" at

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin

James Ryder & Johnny Glycerin
James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

"Delivery Boy Toy"

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco
Damn Thats Big at

October 24, 2012

"James Ryder walked into an unexpected circumstance. While making a delivery run, he got seduced by two half-naked men, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco. He had never had sex with a man, let alone two. Today would be his very first time."

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco

James Ryder, Chris Cannon and Mike Demarco
"Cute Rocker Seduced"
James Ryder and Tyler Saint
Massage Bait at

January 12, 2012

"James Ryder looks like a rocker and he is very cute. I oiled his body up and rubbed him down really good. I got his dick hard and wet, that's when I knew I had him. I slipped my throbbing cock in his ass and he didn't even say one word about. So I did what I do best."

"Just Before Work"
James Ryder and Ethan Slade
Damn Thats Big at

November 7, 2012

"I was heading off to work and found my sexy roommate hanging out in the kitchen in his underwear. His was looking nice and tight. I got really horny and wanted to get a quickie before work. It sure was good."

"Bump And Grind"
James Ryder and Johnny Glyserin
Gay Creeps at

September 11, 2012

"James Ryder loves to lay around and listen to music on his days off. When he's not lounging to some tunes, he's getting seduced by his horny roommate Johnny."

"Special Roommate Crush"
Troy Daniels and Jimmy Davis (James Ryder)
Gay Creeps at

May 22, 2012

"Troy Daniels just moved into his new apartment. His new roommate, Jimmy Davis, is cute but creepy. They get along and all, but Troy can't help but to feel that Jimmy is spying on him. Jimmy on other hand, wants Troy's sweet perfect ass and will do anything to get it."

"Big Cock Sex Games"
James Ryder and Luke Hass
Damn Thats Big at

January 18, 2012

"James Ryder was invited to Luke's house to play some sex games. When look dropped his pants, the games began. James' eyes nearly popped out at the sight of Luke's big giant cock."


Zen Fuck

Starring Jimmy Davis and Tyler Saint | Massage Bait

September 13, 2012

"Jimmy Davis is looking for some peace. He wants to be one with himself, but in order to do that he needs a nice massage to prepare him for zen. His masseur, Tyler Saint, has the right prescription for Jimmy. He's going to fuck his ass into enlightenment."












Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

"Escorting 101 Part 2"

July 6, 2012

"After a little rest, it looks like James is really wanting to earn the rest of his money..."

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder
Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

"Escorting 101"

July 1, 2012

"Hans Berlin is in the US on business from Germany. He's looking to try out the local talent. He finds James Ryder in one of "those" magazines and gives him a call. James stated on the phone that he really has no limits. Bad news for James..."

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Hans Berlin & James Ryder

Champs, Scene 4

James Ryder and Johnny Torque
Hot House | Gym Dudes

June 10, 2013

"Johnny Torque spars James Ryder on the boxing bag but after a few punches are thrown Johnny gets on his knees to work on James' big cock. He sucks his buddy's dick then stands up so James can return the favor. Johnny face-fucks the hunky young stud which only makes James all the more horny to get his ass fucked. James bends over, grabs the boxing bag, and opens his hole to Johnny's battering ram. Johnny switches things up by lying on the gym floor so James can hop on his hard cock and jack off until he pops. Johnny continues to pump James' hole then pulls out and shoots his own load all over James' balls."

WATCH Champs, Scene 4 Starring James Ryder and Johnny Torque















Good Sports, Scene 2

Doug Acre and James Ryder
Hot House | Gym Dudes

March 18, 2013

"James Ryder dominates his teammates on and off the court. After practice the hung athlete pulls Doug Acre aside to show him who's in charge. He gets the young blond rookie to worship his gear then pulls out his giant cock and shoves it down Doug's throat. Captain Ryder fucks Acre's throat then pulls down the young stud's jock to get a look at his growing whopper. James can't resist sucking the monster but it's really Doug's ass that he's after. He kicks back with his cock in the air and orders Doug to sit down on it. Ryder fucks a load out of Acre then pulls out, jacks off, and shoots all over his teammate's chest and abs."

WATCH Good Sports, Scene 2 Starring Doug Acre and James Ryder














Backroom Exclusives 30, Scene 4
James Ryder and Jed Athens
Hot House Video

December 10, 2012

"Jed Athens wakes up with a hardon that demands some attention. Luckily James Ryder is asleep right next to him. Jed jacks off hoping to wake up his sexy fuck buddy but soon realizes he's going to have to take drastic action. He reaches over then pulls James' cock out of his shorts and starts tugging on the growing tool. James wakes up and lies back to receive some intense deep-throat cock sucking from Jed then gets on his knees to suck Jed's cock. With James sucking his cock Jed starts to finger James' tight hole; it's time to fuck. Jed mounts James and fucks him hard and deep until both young studs blow."

James Ryder and Jed AthensJames Ryder and Jed Athens
Live Show Archives
Hot House Video

August 22, 2012

"It turns out that James Ryder and Jed Athens saw each other at LAX before boarding their flight to SF. Jed confesses that he had Googled James so he recognized his tattoos and followed him onto the plane. As fate would have it they ended up sitting right next to each other and flirted during the short flight up the coast. By the time we get them in front of the camera they're ready to fuck each other's brains out. They fall into a hot 69 where Jed concentrates on eating James' ass while James sucks Jed's dick. James offers up his tight hole and Jed fucks him deep while sucking his long, thick cock at the same time. Jed fucks the young stud in about six different positions, including backwards (it's too complicated to explain, you have to see it). Not to be outdone, James flips Jed over and fucks him down with his 8+ inches. These guys deliver!"


Relentless, Scene 2

Boomer Banks and James Ryder
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

January 14, 2014

"James Ryder is about to be skewered by one of the biggest cocks on the planet. Until then, he can close his eyes and enjoy the sensations of Boomer Banks' warm mouth and skilled hand massaging his balls and sucking his own big dick. Boomer's long, curved cock extends downward while he spit-shines James' cock until it glistens. Then he trades off, challenging James to swallow as much of Boomer's 10 thick inches as he can. Both men are smooth and colorfully inked. James' efforts are relentless, and with a lot of saliva he succeeds in getting Boomer's cock down his throat. Burying his nose in Boomer's dense, black bush, James inhales the sexy funk. Boomer offers his foreskin for lip service before the fucking starts. His enormous cock invites fantasies of 'what must it feel like?' James punishes his hole with a bouncing sit-fuck; Boomer wraps an arm around James' tight abs to jack his cock while they fuck. James flips onto his back, cumming in thick streams that cascade over his hand and shaft. Boomer gives him a deep kiss and shoots all over James' inked chest."

WATCH Relentless, Scene 2 Starring Boomer Banks and James Ryder
















Open Road - Part 1, Scene 1

Aleks Buldocek, James Ryder, and Marcus Isaacs
Raging Stallion Studios

December 6, 2013

"Before the bar opens, young bar back James Ryder and bartender Marcus Isaacs are getting ready. Tatted James is barechested and his jeans ride low, showing off his hot bubble butt. Marcus notices and wants to play so he climbs over the bar and presents his ass to James. Marcus spreads his furry buns and watches himself reflected in the mirror as James probes the warm center of his hole and milks his cock. Leaping to the floor, Marcus plants a kiss on James' lips and hoists him onto the bar for impassioned cock and ball sucking. James lies back across a couple bar stools for Marcus to fuck him with his meaty cock. Then Marcus wants to feel James' cock up his ass, so they swap places. They make enough noise to lure Aleks Buldocek out of a back office. Bearded and burly, Aleks has massive pecs and a torso covered with ink and fur. He and James take turns using Marcus' hole and mouth to fulfill their sexual needs. The men are in perfect synch and they send streams of cum flying in three directions at exactly the same time."

WATCH Open Road - Part 1, Scene 1 Starring Aleks Buldocek, James Ryder, and Marcus Isaacs

















Heretic, Scene 2

James Ryder and Tommy Defendi
Raging Stallion Studios

August 9, 2013

"Tommy Defendi takes possession of James Ryder. Looking deeply into James' eyes, as if casting a spell, he pushes James' jeans down and jams a finger into his ass. James may look like a punk, but his wide hazel eyes hint at innocence. Tommy snarls, kissing him roughly and clasping their cocks into a single massive shaft. Mesmerized, James kneels and sucks. It's more than enough for one mouth, but with a combination of desire and spit, he succeeds in swallowing it. James squeezes Tommy's balls while pumping his own big cock. Tommy then targets James' ass. A cock as fat as Tommy's seems like it will never fit in James' tight butt. But that doesn't stop him. He grabs James by the back of the neck and pushes until the walls of James' hole part. James closes his eyes, engulfed by white heat as he is breached by ten thick inches of hard flesh and pounded. James then lies on his back spreading his legs wide. Tommy keeps his hole lubed with spit and his tongue as he sucks James' nice inches of throbbing meat then fucks him some more. When they both climax, it's like a dam bursting."

WATCH Heretic, Scene 2 Starring James Ryder and Tommy Defendi















Lowdown Dirty, Scene 4

James Ryder and Warrick Cade
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

July 12, 2013

"The brightly colored ink on Warrick Cade and James Ryder echoes the graffiti at the sex playground where they meet. Warrick is a bruiser twice the body mass of James. Except for his bushy beard, Warrick is a smooth slab o' beef. His hands are mitts that palm James' head like a basketball, directing it to his face for a kiss or down to his crotch where a massive bone awaits sucking. James chokes at the feral invasion, but with a lot of spit is able to make Warrick's cock disappear. James controls his gag reflex as his daddy commands him to 'love it!' Stroking his own rock-hard meat, James looks up for approval through a slobbery face full of cock. Daddy Warrick growls his pleasure. Stripped and spun around, James is bent over a stack of tires, his thighs pressed against rubber and his bubble butt squeezed and probed. Warrick thrusts his face into James' tender hole. James grows bold enough to bark commands to Warrick, encouraging him to 'fuck me!' The tires become a cradle rocking with the rhythm of Warrick's tirade against James' prostate. Warrick plunges again and again, riding out the storm of James' orgasm then deluging his boy's face with a thick eruption worthy of so big a beast."

WATCH Lowdown Dirty, Scene 4 Starring James Ryder and Warrick Cade
















Powerload, Scene 4

James Ryder and Leo Domenico
Raging Stallion Studios

May 28, 2013

"James Ryder is a smooth, tattooed stud whose body is a prime offering to handsome, hairy Leo Domenico. They both have gargantuan balls, and Leo's slap James' chin on every down stroke as he face-fucks him. Leo uses a suck-and-stroke technique when he returns the blowjob, adding plenty of spit to keep his hand lubed. His cheeks are hollow with suction and James is clearly enjoying it. Leo dives into James' bubble-butt tongue first. It's not too long before Leo's cock follows where his tongue led as he slams James in the doggy position. Flipping James onto his back lets them kiss and fuck at the same time. Leo's abs ripple and his cum gutters deepen as the Powerload of each of them builds. James grabs his cock and begs to be fucked deeper. As James begins to shoot, Leo pulls out, quickly moves forward and aims his load into James' open mouth. Leo emits a primal scream, strewing jism across James' face and neck. Before the eruption is over, James grabs Leo's uncut cock and jams it into his mouth to savor the final drops of spooge."

WATCH Powerload, Scene 4 Starring James Ryder and Leo Domenico















Cock Shot, Scene 1

James Ryder and Trenton Ducati
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

March 12, 2013

"Tendrils of smoke curl from the cigarette Trenton Ducati flicks aside when he see the youthful James Ryder. Trenton is shirtless, his pants so threadbare, if he were on the street he'd be arrested. Here, they are an asset. Smooth muscle, chiseled pecs and a hint of pubic hair have drawn James. James hesitates, so Trenton pushes his head into an armpit, guiding a hand to his crotch. Trenton pulls out his rock-hard, curved cock and steers James' head until he gets that it's OK to suck. James is a natural, so Trenton's cock is soon glistening with spit and precum. Trenton demands to see James' ass, whose smooth curves lead to a dark, tight center. James' body is putty in Trenton's hands that pinch, slap and knead. James confesses his desire when Trenton sucks him: 'I want your fat cock in me,' and Trenton obliges. He shows James how to do a 'powerdriver,' which requires James to do a shoulder stand while Trenton stretches and eats his hole, then straddles and fucks it. James knows in this position he's supposed to cum in his mouth, and the convulsing of his sphincter muscles when he cums triggers Trenton's orgasm, mingling their spooge for Trenton to slurp."

WATCH Cock Shot, Scene 1 Starring James Ryder and Trenton Ducati


















Full Release, Scene 2

James Ryder and Ty Roderick
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

February 26, 2013

"The contact is so intense between Ty Roderick and James Ryder that you can smell it. The rising heat waves telegraph the passion long before the camera pulls back far enough to see their raging cocks. Ty's cock curves upwards, and the harder it gets, the more it curves. Their tongues and hands find plenty to do. James is relentless in trying to find a position to swallow all of Ty's swerving boner, and the drool flies until he succeeds. Ty takes a liking to James' balls, which beckon. Ty can't resist sucking them, returning later for seconds after some deep cocksucking. The ultimate destination is James' hole, which Ty tongues and kisses before spearing. They fuck first in the crab position, with perspiration dripping from James' brow, then Ty hits the sweet spot when they switch to good old missionary position. James screams that he's ready to shoot, so Ty pulls out and times his cumshot to match. The muscles in Ty's neck and shoulders bulge as he squirts his Full Release into James' mouth as James dumps his on his abs."

WATCH Full Release, Scene 2 Starring James Ryder and Ty Roderick














Raging Stallion Studios: Stripped 2: Hard For The Money

Stripped 2: Hard For The Money, Scene 2

James Ryder and Jessy Ares
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

January 8, 2013

"That cop stomping through the club is not there to make a bust; he's a stripper. Jessy Ares jumps onstage in full uniform and spins around the pole, jacking his nightstick and peering out under his aviator sunglasses to make heavy eye contact with James Ryder. James is one step removed from punk, with skintight jeans and tats along his arms. But James needs encouragement. Jessy has a strategy: he peels off his shirt to expose his hairy chest and erect, dime-sized nipples, then he uses the shirt as a lasso to pull James onstage. Bewildered James is handcuffed to the dancers' pole. Jessy yanks the pants off him and commences a full-bore blow job, wrapping his lips and tongue around James's pole, then swallowing it. The action takes a quantum leap when Jessy pushes James to his knees and pile-drives his uncut cock into James' mouth. Soon James's face is slick with drool and pre-cum. Jessy's goal is James' hole, so the cuffs come off. James goes down on his back, legs high, as Jessy massages his buns and flicks his tongue around James's taint while fucking him with the nightstick. That anal prelude shifts gears, to a full-fledged fuck, both men sweating bullets. James drops his load on the floor and takes Jessy's load on his mouth."

WATCH Stripped 2: Hard For The Money, Scene 2 Starring James Ryder and Jessy Ares
















Never Enough, Scene 2

Jimmy Durano and James Ryder
Hard Friction | Raging Stallion Studios

October 4, 2012

"We never get enough of muscled stud, Jimmy Durano and his big cock so we brought him back to the studio and paired him up with sexy newcomer, James Ryder. Lean, inked James has a 9' cock that points straight up as Jimmy slurps it down his throat. The look of lust is intense in James' eyes as he goes down on Jimmy's thick, curved cock. He wants it in his ass and Jimmy is ready to give it to him hard! He lies back as James climbs up and rides his cock plunging deep into his ass. Then James lies back and Jimmy gives it to him strong and fast until he shoots a big load across his ripped abs. Jimmy climbs up on the table and blasts his own load all over James' handsome face." Visit Hard Friction






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Full_08 Full_09

Full_14 Full_15