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ALIASES: Christian Adams, Kelly
SITES: All American Guys, Manifest Men, My Friends Feet, Sharpshooter Studios, USAMuscle

Manifest Men Christian Adams

Manifest Men Christian Adams

Christian Adams

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 205
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Chest: 48"
Waist: 30"
Biceps: 18.5"
Quads: 26"
Body Hair: Shaved

"Just imagine a modern version of a classic movie Hercules and you'll picture the mythological proportions of classically handsome Christian Adams. But Christian goes well beyond that with an eye-riveting symmetrical muscle body ripped and cut from head to toe. You never saw this kind of body in any gladiator movie, and rarely on any stage. Christian Adams' body is the stuff of legend that you'd be more apt to see up on a pedestal at a museum."

Manifest Men Christian Adams in Workout

Manifest Men Christian Adams

Christian Adams

"Work Out"
Video Gallery Update

"Get set for one of the most awe-inspiring and dramatic videos from ManifestMen. In a startlingly darkened and near pitch black gym the only sight is handsome Christian Adams, his muscled legs pedaling a stationary bike at breakneck speed. After working up a good sweat Christian flexes his pumped and sculpted legs. If that doesn't make your eyes widen wait until he peels off his shirt and shows a view of his tan and ripped muscle body. Christian views his own body from a distant mirror and continues to show off until he strips nude and shows off every square inch of perfect muscular development. Even if you haven't lost it by now you'll still have one more chance as Christian Adams sit on a mat and stretches he incredible body and his confident look gazing right into your eyes."


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Christian Adams

Video Gallery Update

"You are front in center of an online chat with the extraordinarily handsome, goateed and ripped muscleman Christian Adams. Christian upright sits in his dimly lit room looking right into the camera with a look of unflappable confidence slightly turning his body to show off his arms and shoulder and 8 pack abs without seeming to purposely flex one fiber of his muscles. When he stands up naked the full impact of his physique is revealed with a bulleye view of his torso and tree trunk legs. Moving in a ballet like motion Christian poses and turns to show off the smooth carved-out-of- marble ass which he thrusts out even more as icing on a delicious cake of pure muscle. Turning full circle again Christian reaches out and changes the angle of the camera again to show off his abs and chest and to writhe and twist his flexed body capture every perfect angle. to may blow you out of your chair as he his is thrust in your face as you engage in cyber role play as the online.

The camera moves in for a close up view of Christian Adams’ hip region where the skin seems to be translucent over muscle striations and his roving hands caress and trace every fiber. Those same hands circumnavigate but barely touch his crotch, instead teasing you with sexual tension. When the camera lowers again to show Christian’s calves another bolt of muscle electricity may send you out of your chair. Christian senses this and teases no longer, flexing his arms in a classic double biceps move. In this online cat and mouse game Christian has won and goes for a full out upper torso flexing routine , If this were a challenge to see who would win this online game, Christian Adams would be the obvious victor and that confident smile he throws out at the end is a perfect indication of that triumph.

A final sequence features a casual but revealing interview by Vin Marco of this new model Christian Adams. You’ll see a quietly confident and well-spoken Christian who reveals as much about his character as he does about his physique and how he maintains it."

Kelly's Dress Socks and Bare Feet

Kelly's Dress Socks and Bare Feet

"I was introduced to Kelly by a friend of mine who is a professional model. Kelly has done a lot of modeling too and they worked on some shoots together. I asked Kelly if he was interested in modeling his size 10 feet for the site and he said, "Sure." Kelly has a lot of athletic experience as you can probably tell from his body - he was active in football, baseball and track throughout high school and college. His body is fantastic. As a Florida boy, Kelly is also an avid surfer and he has a very laid-back, surfer attitude. He's funny and smart and very quick to joke around. He runs every day to stay in shape and his feet look great even after all of the abuse he gives them. His toes are long and his feet are a bit narrow, which makes them look bigger than a size 10. He said that his feet are ticklish, but he wasn't ready to go there with me."




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Kelly's Size 10 Feet

Kelly's Size 10 Feet

"Kelly stays over at my place whenever he's in town and he likes it when I take pictures of him as he reads, lazes around and gets ready for bed. I certainly can't say no to that. Kelly is good at posing for his photos now that he can completely ignore the camera and pretend it isn't even there. It's like being a fly on the wall of his own home!"

Kelly's Size 10 Feet

Kelly's Size 10 Feet

Kelly's Size 10 Feet

Kelly's Size 10 Feet
aked Cage Fighters

Naked Cage Fighters

Sharpshooter Studios

"Eight muscular nude athletes enter the cage for the ultimate battle. Who will survive? Who will submit? With only their bare bodies, these super-charged young men grapple, box, kick and wrestle their opponents into submission. No holds barred and the sweat flies in a series of one-on-one, tag team and free-for-all bouts to determine the ultimate muscle fight champion. Between rounds these great looking athletes proudly display their nude bodies for your private enjoyment. The ultimate men in the ultimate video!"




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Rep 7

"Rep 7 explodes with 2-hours of incredible bodybuilding action as we showcase some of the country's best up-and-coming bodybuilding talent. The Rep Series contains extended pump room and on-stage posing sequences from select regional bodybuilding competitions covered by Repetrope. Our cameras bring you up-close to these awesome competitors as they oil-down and pump-up in the prep room and head up to the stage to perform their choreographed posing routines. Rep 7 also features a short segment chronicling a competitor's mind-blowing development over eight months as he gets massive and ripped to conquer his weight class. Fresh faces and awesome bodies await you in Rep 7."









Doug Zimmerman

Vital Stats Height: 5'11
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Chest: 45
Waist: 32
Shoe Size: 10.5
Shirt: 17

"Doug Zimmerman is a twenty-one year old bodybuilder out of Tampa Bay, Florida. He's recently shot for Playgirl Magazine and has done work with a variety of photographers nationwide.

Doug is available for work throughout the USA and internationally as well, although he prefers working in the Southeast portion of the country."

Men Magazine Oct 2002


"Romp In the Hay"
Photography by Satori Studios
Men Magazine October 2002

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