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ALIASES: Calvin Calloway, Chaz Riley, Jonas, Kirk
SITES: Chaosmen, Cocksure Men, Corbin Fisher, Falcon Studios, My Friends Feet, SG4GE, Southern Strokes, Straight Fraternity


Charles O'Riley

Another One Who Likes It

"I have to admit, my type of guy is more like Chance than Charles here. Still, I find Charles with his dark hair and blue eyes a real turn on. His cut body and uncut dick are great too. He describes himself as bi and he's an exhibitionist. I don't have the still photos for this one. I think the video with this hot stud getting hard just from being filmed buck naked more than makes up for it."





Chaz Riley & Theon: RAW

May 24, 2013

"Theon was ready to try bottoming for an entire video, and Chaz is such an awesome Top I thought it would be a solid pairing. And it certainly is! Both guys are built awesome, and they had a some muscle worship going on that really made the chemistry amp up.

Theon seems to have very few limits, and he sure looks happy sucking dick. He even was down for eating ass, and despite Chaz's giggle grimace, Theon went to town on his hole like a piggy Top.

Chaz is never one to be upstaged, and he blew and rimmed Theon till he was ready to get fucked.

They start of doggy-style, which seems to be Theon's favorite position. Someday I am going to see if we can make him cum that way. Theon's ass is just amazing and I love the way he shoves it up into the air, like it is begging to be fucked!

After that, Theon sat on Chaz while he was on his back. Not one of Chaz's stronger positions as he tends to like to be upright and in a more aggressive dominant position. We quickly change from that position to Theon on his back, and I just can't get over how flexible he is. Guys that are as muscular as him usually aren't very bendable, but he is dang good at getting his ankles up to his ears!

We did have to move Theon to the edge of the bed in order to get him to cum from fucking. His legs were cramping from being all bent up. Also, I am not sure he is quite used to a big cock ramming him while he nuts, so it took him a bit to ramp up.

And Chaz is ever the pro, winding-up his uncut cock and doing a cum dump on Theon's hungry hole!"













Chaz Riley & Cruz: RAW

December 28, 2012

"I knew Cruz had been hinting that he thought bottoming would be awesome, but I had know idea he would be a totally awesome bottom.

The dude clearly liked not only sucking on Chaz's uncut cock, but riding it every which way made his cock the hardest I have ever seen it! He jumps up and down on it, and I love seeing how it stiffly bobs up and down.

He even cums from being fucked first time out. I know he and his wife have played with other dudes, and he has topped and bottomed, but I think from now on I am going to flip-flop or have him bottom. It could be he was way into Chaz, but Cruz was truly in the moment in this video!

Not often when a bottom steals the show, but Cruz is clearly a kid in a candy store!"

















Chaz Riley & Troy: RAW

August 10, 2012

"I think it was time for Troy to work with a Pro, and Chaz was just the guy for him. Troy has got that whole bi thing going for him, and truly likes to bottom. The two were set to flip-flop, but Troy was enjoying getting fucked so much that he didn't want to break the rhythm of the other words, "Don't stop fucking me!" :-)

I agreed with him. Chaz went at him like an animal, and I know he has done straight porn and has sex with women but I haven't seen it. He must fuck the heck out of them! He has got style and sure knows how to showcase for the camera.

I like how every time his dick gets wobbly he just makes Troy suck it until it is hard. So Ass to Mouth lovers will enjoy that! I know Chaz has done a lot of video work, but I never have seen but one (I think he was a Pizza boy?) It surprises me how hard his cock gets being sucked, but also how hard he gets just sucking cock. I think it is something that he really likes, on or off the set.

And Troy, well, he IS a bottom. No way around it. His dick is happiest when there is cock down there.

I got a great undershot of Troy as he is cumming while Chaz is ramming his cock into him. It is a hard shot to do with multiple cameras, but I got everything aimed juuust about right. You will feel like Troy is cumming on you, and actually I think every last drop landed on my arm. I know I should have showed that, but it was body-temperature warm that I didn't realize just how much he jizzed all over me until it cooled down.

Chaz's cumshot is a little off to the side, but starts raking in his load with his cock, juicing Troy really nicely.

Two VERY hot guys going at it with all their energy, complete with some scissor I said, it is nice having a pro who knows how to fuck in some non-standard positions!"

















Chaz Riley & Solomon Aspen: RAW

June 29, 2012

"Clearly both Chaz and Solomon Aspen have amazing bodies, so I thought I would do a little body worship on the massage table with them. Chaz is definitely more experienced and easily took the lead by giving a very sensual massage to Solomon... right down to his prostate!

Solomon is looking extra furry, and one of my favorite moments is when Chaz climbs up on top of Solomon and they joust with their dicks. Two hot bodies with cocks rubbing! I love seeing Chaz's cock wake-up just from rubbing his uncut dick against Solomon's.

We knew Solomon was going to be bottoming, and we have learned that if we keep a butt plug in Solomon, he can stay stretched out and take a pretty good pounding. He pretty much does most of his bottoming scenes all "plugged-up" between 'takes'.

Once plugged, Chaz gets a very good blow job from Solomon. Solomon couldn't quite contain his need to give/receive pain, and put some crazy scratches all up and down Chaz's body. Chaz didn't yell, "Pineapple" so I guess he was into it!

It did put Chaz in the mind for revenge, and I think after the scratching incident he was not going to show Solomon any mercy when it came to fucking him. The dude has got some skills!

Solomon loves/hates the pain of being fucked. He seems to like to be rough and then be roughed up, going back-and-forth from submissive to dominant in a matter of seconds.

Chaz gives Solomon's hole a major workout then he dumps his load inside, fingering all the jizz to soften the blow.

Once again, we are faced with Solomon's extreme body tensing cumshot. Every muscle is locked in its maxed-out state. I don't know how he nuts with girls? But it works for him.

Anyway, a very hot pairing with two beautiful dudes!"















Chaz Riley & Ransom: Edge

May 16, 2012

"Chaz Riley earned something new today.

Chaz and his wife already knew that he was VERY ticklish.

Turns out being tickled also turns him on.

Don't see many guys being tickled while actually getting harder!

We don't go too crazy with the tickling, but fans of it will enjoy, and if you don't already have a tickling fetish, you may have one after watching this hot video!












Chaz Riley: Solo

May 7, 2012

"I think Chaz Riley has been in the business for about 5 years now. When I air someone who has a body of work out there, invariably I get an email saying "Seen him! You are supposed to bring us new meat!"

Well, I don't see anywhere on my site or banners where I say that. Same goes with bareback content as well as the guys being straight. I do absolutely no advertising, and none of the banners I create say anything about any specific genre of thing I am trying to sell the site as.

We all know some of guys are Bi, some switch teams, while most stay playing for Team Hetero. So I do no marketing like "Hot Straight Guys Getting It On!"

I have just seen so many sites that banner advert that, and well, it's just not believable. I have no Bareback or Freshest Meat marketing either. I simply state on the site that it is a RAW video, and describe what happens in the summary or state how they identify sexually.

Now bloggers, they tend to create a theme or angle for the site's content, but that's up to them.

I have always taken in guys that have done previous work...not many, but I always need solid performers for the new guys. I rarely put two complete newbies together. It's just too hard. I admit it t can be charming to see them both fumble about, but normally, I need a ringer in there.

Chaz is such a chill guy. He is down for anything, and just an overall super hot guy. He likes what he does and wants to keep you all entertained.

I still wanted to do a solo and oral (well....Edge!) video with him to see how he does, any habits he has, and his energy level, but wanted to make it different from anything else he has done before.

I asked him if he had used a FleshJack in any previous videos, and he said no, so we added that into the mix to make the solo fresh.

He certainly knew how to work it, and my favorite part is when he is fucking it doggy style while fingering his ass!

The dude has got skills!

I can think of so many of guys on my team he would look great with...Solomon, Vander etc. So stay tuned and lets see how far we can push his limits!"



















Chaz's Size 11 Feet & White Socks

September 14, 2020

"Chaz is a tall and handsome Southern Good-Ol-Boy with size 11 feet. His feet have high arches and sexy round toes. This guy is very ticklish - especially on these feet. If you haven't checked out one of Chaz's tickling scenes, be sure you follow one of the links below. Either in his white ankle socks or in his bare feet, Chaz always has a smile and a flirty wink for me."









Trainer Chaz Should Know Better Than To Steal Clients From Dev

Trainer Chaz Should Know Better Than To Steal Clients From Dev

June 6, 2012

"Trainer Chaz stole some clients from Dev (Dev Michaels) and he paid big time with some bondage and tickle torture on the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. Dev is such a nice guy and people take advantage of him a lot. Big mistake. When he's got a friend like myself who has a tickle table then dudes like Chaz are in big trouble. And Chaz is uber ticklish too. Dev and I had him squirming and begging for mercy for a long time and Dev got his payback for Chaz taking his clients!"

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Poor Ticklish Chaz All Wrapped Up & Nowhere To Go

"Chaz and his size 11 feet were all mine in this MyFriendsFeet video. I wrapped him in plastic and tickled the hell out of his perfect feet. Chaz is very ticklish too, so this is one shoot that will go down in the books. He went absolutely crazy by the time I got my fingers and tickle toys on the bottom of his size 11s. Chaz was all wrapped up with no place to go, indeed!"

01 02 03

04 05 06

Chaz Gets His Size 11 Feet & Smelly Socks Worshiped

"Chaz and Dev (Dev Michaels) got along really well right from the start at MyFriendsFeet. They were always laughing and flirting with one another. I knew it wouldn't be long before Dev was worshiping Chaz's size 11 feet and I was right. Chaz has a great giggle on him and Dev was hell bent on making him laugh as much as possible. Which meant playing with his smelly socks and massage, fondling, tickling and sucking on his gorgeous feet!"

Naked Chaz Tickled All Over

"Chaz was ripe for the picking for a bondage and tickle torture video from the moment he walked through the MyFriendsFeet doors. He's so easygoing and damn, is he ever cute. His size 11 feet are ticklish too. His sinewy, muscular body sure looks sensational as he wriggles around while being tickle tormented. There aren't many spots on Chaz's body that isn't ticklish. His size 11s even more so!"

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Chaz's Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip Flops

"We've been wanting to work with Chaz for a long time. He's so tall and handsome! We had seen him getting tickled on JakeCruise a while back and noticed how hot his feet are too. We finally connected and we got him in the studio for some photos that feature those hot size 11 feet. He has really high arches, and We're happy to say we got a chance to tickle those sexy soles. Let's just say that Chaz sounds especially sexy when he's laughing and begging!"



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Fleet Week 2, Scene 3

Chaz Riley and Logan Drake
Falcon Studios

March 4, 2011

"While exploring the big city, young seafarer Chaz Riley crosses paths with Logan Drake, just like two ships that pass in the night. The attraction between the two men is instant, mutual and cannot be denied. Logan invites the wandering sailor home and they get down to business right away. Logan can feel Chaz's big boner through his trousers and he can't help but rub the meaty bulge as they kiss. He quickly undoes the mariner's pants and fishes out his cock which he sucks to its full length and hardness. Then Chaz gets his turn to nurse on his host's dick, slowly swabbing it with his tongue. Logan resumes fellating the big fella's cock, then rims his asshole sending Chaz sailing into new spheres of ecstasy. Anxious to take things to the next level, the lusty helmsman slams his staff deep inside Logan's asshole and pummels him with a series of hardy thrusts until they finish themselves off by hand and finally climax, shooting sprays of cum all over."










Big Wood, Scene 1

Chaz Riley and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

November 26, 2010

"After pissing out his campfire, Chaz Riley takes a hike. He soon comes upon Landon Conrad standing alone aboard an abandoned train trestle playing with his cock. Wow ... and Chaz wants in on that action! He swoops in and swallows Landon's woody down his gullet, knoshing hungrily away on its hefty thickness. Next it's Landon's turn to chop the big guy down to size. He falls to his knees to suck on Chaz's dick and then rim his asshole. Once Chaz's sweet sphincter is ready and slicked with spit, Landon fucks him hard. Soon both of them are all jazzed up and neither can hold back any longer. Chaz and Landon jerk themselves off excitedly and then explode with bursts of cum."










Big Wood

Chaz Riley
Falcon Studios

November 17, 2010

"Chaz Riley is a tall drink of water whose overall stature, big cock and balls loom large. He steps outside his cabin and takes a couple of sips of his morning java. Feeling relaxed, he drops trous and begins milking his dick. He strokes himself in an easy rhythm, knowing when to quicken the tempo, then slow down and then continue again rapidly, all to build up the sensations that make him feel so good. Working his hand like a demon up and down his dick shaft, Chaz finally climaxes and unloads a burst of spooge across his washboard abs."


Charles Cums On His Abs

Featuring Charles O'Riley

April 22, 2020

"Charles' girlfriend actually answered the ad for him to be on SF. He talks here about his adult film work. Charles is 6'1" with a great body, and he looks so good in his underwear that I almost didn't want him to take it off. When he did that big cock flopped out. I love to get under-the-ball shots and upward shots of a big guy like this while he jacks it. Charles gets closer to blowing that wad, and when he finally shoots his big load, he writhes and moans with pleasure."

















Charles O'Riley, Rick McCoy & Spencer Fox

April 22, 2011

"Charles O'Riley is fast asleep on his bed, wearing nothing but his tight white briefs. He could be dreaming for all we know, as the camera glides up from his feet and across that gorgeous body. Suddenly, in walks the equally hunky Rick McCoy and Spencer Fox, also in their underwear. Let the three-way begin! Spencer gorges down on Charles' instant hard-on as Rick pulls out his cock so Charles get do some sucking of his own. A triangle of cock-sucking quickly forms and these boys go to town. Each stud gets a turn at getting their ass licked and Rick is the first to get fucked, once by each of his buddies. Spencer Fox gets plowed next and that sly fox Rick McCoy moves in behind Charles O'Riley to get some ass of his own. This impromptu fuck fest ends with fountain of cum making us wonder if it really was a dream!"

17 19

21 74














My Husband's Boyfriend

Featuring Mike Martinez and Charles O'Riley

March 18, 2011

"Ever wonder who keeps texting your partner late at night when all of his focus should be on you? In the case of Charles O'Riley, a married man who's hotness level soars off the charts, those messages set off a chain of events you won't soon forget. Charles confides to his sweet wife Allison that he has a boyfriend, the very sexy Mike Martinez. When Mike drops by, our very modern threesome get down and dirty, with the men getting their big, thick cocks sucked while they make out and size up the situation. Addison decides that Charles isn't getting off THAT easy and after subjecting him to a tickle torture, she decides that her husband the top is about to find out what it feels like to bottom. Without spoiling all the surprises in store for you, let's just say cock + ass + pussy = an erotic equation that leads to our husband and wife BOTH getting fucked and sucked with the cum load multiplied by two."










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Cain & Jonas' Bi Tag Team

July 9, 2010

"As Jonas explores his sexuality more and more on CF, it's fascinating to watch the dynamic between him and his girlfriend, Addison. They are so open and enthusiastic about their scenes both together and separately. Since we haven't paired Jonas and Addison back up since his first tag team with Josh, I knew it was time to get them back in front of the cameras with someone new. And since scorching hot freshman Cain already had a turn with Addison, it was only fair he get a crack at Jonas!

Jonas and Cain's chemistry together ignited as soon as they kissed. They couldn't keep their hands (or lips) off each others' muscular bodies. Cain lays back, enjoying Addison and Jonas' attention. They lick and kiss his mouth and pecs, until it looks like Cain's hard dick is about to punch through his boxer briefs – especially when Jonas kisses it through the thin cotton fabric. `

Then Cain and Addison go to work on Jonas, kissing and licking his nipples and tight abs. Cain's powerfully-built body obviously turns Jonas on. Neither guy is shy about passionately kissing each other or feeling the other's muscles while Addison sucks and strokes their cocks.

Cain goes down to lick and suck Jonas, while Addison works on his balls, then they switch places, driving Jonas nearly delirious with the doubled pleasure. Then the two studs double down on Addison – getting her totally worked up. First, Jonas licks and fingers her, then Cain shows him he knows how to drive her crazy the same way, wiggling his thick fingers deep inside her!

As Jonas fucks his girlfriend, Cain stands over her to feed Jonas his big uncut dick. Jonas fucks and sucks like crazy, until its hard to tell who getting more pleasure from his mouth and cock! Cain, always ready to take charge in a situation, drills Addison hard and fast while she blows Jonas. Cain is hot to watch when he fucks, because he knows what his big uncut cock does to people. He tends to powerfuck them until an expression of sheer ecstasy comes over his face.

Now it's time Cain gives Jonas the same treatment he's giving Addison. He pulls out of her and slides his hot dick deep into Jonas. Cain concentrates on pounding him harder and harder. Jonas is clearly loving every inch of that hot cock up his ass – and he's getting off on the fact his girlfriend is watching him get plowed! She strokes his dick as Cain continues to ram into him.

Jonas saddles Cain with his tight, muscled ass. Riding that uncut cock makes Jonas shoot a big load in his girlfriend's mouth. Then Jonas and Addison help Cain release a gusher of his own cum. Addison may need to watch out – judging from the kissing afterwards, Jonas looks as though he could fall in as much love with Cain as we have!"



















Fucking Jonas

Featuring Connor and Jonas

April 29, 2010

"Jonas has been quite the trooper since landing at CF! Recruited by his girlfriend, Addison, it wasn't long after he first appeared here that he agreed to tag her with another guy, and ended up fucking another guy! Now, he's taking the next step as it's his turn to get fucked!

I've been quite impressed with Jonas' attitude so far! You'd expect someone in his position to be a bit hesitant at times. I wouldn't even blame him for feeling a bit threatened, on occasion. After all, he knows his girlfriend is going to be aware of everything he's up to and even knows he's doing stuff with guys that have done stuff with her! In fact, the first time Jonas fucked a guy was with Josh - who he'd just tag-teamed Addison with a couple weeks prior!

Here, Jonas is set to get fucked by
Connor! The last time Connor was in a video with Addison here at CF, he was fucking the daylights out of Colby while she watched. I wonder if she ended up telling Jonas about that, afterwards! If she did, Jonas must surely have been aware that Connor has himself a big dick and likes to fuck hard and deep! If he knew that beforehand, he definitely didn't seem bothered by it! In fact, he looks like he's having himself quite a lot of fun here and enjoying everything that's happening. As Connor puts his hard dick in front of Jonas' face, Jonas wastes no time getting it in to his mouth and sucking it!

I guess it's safe to say that Addison and Jonas are one of the most open-minded, fun-loving couples you might ever encounter! That's made all the more clear here as Jonas keeps working over Connor's cock, stroking it with his fist, sucking it, and licking it up and down with his tongue. Perhaps Addison also told him she thought it was hot as hell watching two guys fuck? Knowing that, and knowing she'd likely see this video, he could have been determined to put on a hot show for her. Or, he could have just been so wrapped up in how good everything was feeling with Connor! It was probably a bit of both, I suspect!

As Jonas bends over the armrest of the sofa and Connor starts to eat his ass, Jonas throws his head back in pleasure and moans. Connor's tongue and fingers are definitely doing the trick, and Jonas looks more than ready to get his dick in him. He even can't help but smile a bit as Connor teases his hole!

Soon, though, it's time for Connor to slide his cock in to Jonas' ass. With both guys on their knees, Connor starts to pump in and out of Jonas' hole, getting loud moans out of him with each thrust. Jonas continues to moan loudly when they switch positions and he sits down on Connor's dick. With his own cock flopping and bouncing around, he fucks himself on Connor's cock hard and fast, every inch of it sliding deep inside him!

Connor then gets Jonas on to his back so he can keep fucking him, and we're soon treated to the sight of Jonas blasting a huge load all over the place as Connor pumps him! As much cum as Jonas shot all over himself, he ends up with even more once Connor pulls out to shoot his own load all over him!"

















Jonas' First Time

April 1, 2010

"Jonas has turned out to be quite the pleasant new addition to CF! The circumstance behind his having arrived here - being referred by his girlfriend, Addison - is pretty neat! That he's settled in to things so well and proven himself to be so open-minded has been a bonus! He's been up for just about everything we've suggested he try, including sharing his girlfriend with another guy!

We saw Jonas share Addison with Josh over on ACS recently, and it turned out to be a pretty hot video! What's more, Jonas clearly enjoyed himself! He got off to seeing another guy fuck his girlfriend, and was even the first to blow his load during that hot session! Knowing he was so turned on by it all, it only made sense that his introduction to hardcore guy/guy action would take place with the very same guy he shared Addison with in that video - Josh!

I had to wonder, while filming this, what was going through Jonas' head! Not too long ago, he got to see Josh fucking his girlfriend, and both guys took turns sliding their dicks in to her at each end. Now, though, he finds himself laying back while Josh swallows his dick! He's on the receiving end of an awesome blowjob from a guy he saw fuck his girlfriend a few weeks before! It must be pretty wild and intense for him to find himself in that situation!

It only gets more intense from that point, though, as he soon finds himself on his knees sucking Josh's cock - the same cock that had just recently fucked Addison while he watched! For his part, Josh must have felt like quite the champ! One day, Addison is sucking his dick while her boyfriend watches. Not too long after, that boyfriend is the one sucking his cock!

Jonas does a pretty good job of sucking Josh's dick, as well! He has Josh fired up and turned on and ready for what's to come next - which is for Jonas to get his dick buried deep in Josh's ass!

With Josh on his hands and knees and Jonas behind him, the guys start to fuck hard and fast! Jonas gives it to Josh good, fucking him much the same way he and Josh and fucked Addison during their threeway. While Jonas was the first to blow his load during that threesome, it's Josh that cums first here! With Jonas pounding his ass, he starts to shoot cum all over his own chest and abs! Jonas then pulls out to shoot his own load directly down Josh's mouth and all over his face!"













February 3, 2010

"I suppose you could say Jonas kind of fell in to our lap! Jonas' girlfriend happens to be Addison, a girl you're likely familiar with if you've been watching any of our ACS videos as of late! Addison had mentioned she had a boyfriend that was up for getting naked on camera, and showed me a picture she had of Jonas on her phone. Seeing his handsome face and big smile, I immediately told her we'd be happy to film him and get him up on the site!

Shortly after all that happened, Addison was set to come back for a shoot and I asked her to bring Jonas along with her. She was happy to do that, and mentioned he had been looking forward to coming up, as well, after she'd brought it up to him.

When Addison first introduced me to Jonas, I liked him even more than when I'd seen those photos she showed me. He is indeed quite the handsome guy, but also has himself a great body and a really outgoing and friendly personality. He's constantly laughing - a cheerful and enthusiastic laugh at that. Further, while you might think a guy could feel a bit uncomfortable around other male models that he knew had done scenes with his girlfriend, Jonas was extremely friendly with the other CF Studs he met and immediately settled in among them. I guess it really helps that both he and Addison are obviously very open to adult videos, open minded sexually, and always up for having fun!

You can imagine the kind of intense sex he and Addison have, given their openness and eagerness for adventure. He and his girlfriend have had sex in all kinds of places and are always up for trying new things!

I'm hoping we can get Jonas to try even more new things now that he's at CF! His girlfriend being here with him adds in a neat, new dynamic that I'm certain we can have some fun with!"












Tucker and Kirk

February 8, 2013

"You've probably figured it out by now butt I will go ahead and spill the beans. Kirk is one of my favorite models which is how this video with Tucker came about. We first aired this a couple of years ago when tucker was in Atlanta for a couple of days. I used it as an excuse to see my boy Kirk, so we all met up in a friends apartment in the city and.........

Tucker has sent us some great guys but I swear that Tucker came in his pants when Kirk walked in the door. It was a sticky summer day and Kirk was shirtless after his long drive making him look all the more delicious.

Tucker is a little guy and there is something that just sets me off watching a big athletic stud fuck a hungry bottom. These two were perfectly cast for their roles. I will have to say that after watching the two of them again, it might be the first time Kirk actually sucked dick on camera. Tucker had Kirk beat hands down when it came to cock worship. Tucker worked Kirk until he was throbbing and then slobbed on Kirk's cock until it was lubed up and ready to go.

Tucker isn't one of those guys that likes to ease onto a nice cock. He mounted Kirk, reverse cow girl, spread open his bubble butt, grabbed ahold of his hard cock and let his ass swallow Kirk's big fat dick. Next Tucker got on all fours and let Kirk have his way with his hole. That was just the begining, both boys were drenched with sweat before the swapped loads in a marathon sex session."











K-t21 K-t29

Blowing Kirk

May 7, 2013

"This video of Ryan blowing Kirk has to be one of our all favorites here at Southern Strokes especially because it has two of our most popular models. We had been pushing Ryan's limits all year long so when Kirk said he wanted to get sucked off by a guy, we immediately asked Ryan if he was up for the duty.

I was initially a little concerned because Ryan's on camera head experience was limited but somehow I knew once he got his mouth on Kirk's rocking body, he was gonna rise to the occasion. Ryan did more than rise, he sucked Kirk's cock like he would want his cock sucked: Slow and Deep.

Kirk's cock was standing at attention when he stepped out of his jeans so Ryan immediately dropped to his knees and took Kirk's cock in his mouth getting it nice and wet. Kirk sat back on the table with his rod pointing straight up and Ryan joined him by shedding all his clothes.

Kirk wanted to blow his load so he stood up and put Ryan on his back on the table so that he could face fuck him. Ryan sucked down ever inch of Kirk's big dick as he stoked his own huge piece of meat. Ryan waited patiently for Kirk to deposit his load all over his face and in his mouth."












March 16, 2009

Kirk likes to show off for his girlfriend.

He's 23, lives on the east coast, and has been with her for about five years.

"She knows I'm out here," he said. "And she's all about it. It turns her on."

So they're kind of a wild couple.

"She likes to be curious with other girls from time to time," he said. "And I get to sit back and watch."

"So will she be watching your video?" we asked.

"Oh yeah," he said. "She will!"