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Phillip Aubrey


ALIAS: Jasper St. John
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Philip Aubrey, Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Trenton Ducati, Hans Berlin

Pool Party

Featuring Adam Killian, Hans Berlin, Jessie Colter, Philip Aubrey, and Trenton Ducati
Jizz Orgy at

September 7, 2012

"Five muscular studs get together for a pool party that leads to an inevitable fun-in-the-sun orgy. Philip Aubrey, Jessie Colter and versatile Hans Berlin give up their asses to Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati."

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PoolPartyJIZZORGY (5)

PoolPartyJIZZORGY (6)

PoolPartyJIZZORGY (7)

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PoolPartyJIZZORGY (15)

PoolPartyJIZZORGY (16)

PoolPartyJIZZORGY (17)

PoolPartyJIZZORGY (18)

PoolPartyJIZZORGY (19)
Philip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Luke Hass, Marko Lebeau

The Photographer

Featuring Philip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Luke Hass, Marko Lebeau
Jizz Orgy at

May 11, 2012

Photographer Marko Lebeau can't hide his hardon while taking photos of his hot models Philip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Luke Hass. It's a photoshoot gone wild.

Philip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Luke Hass, Marko Lebeau

Philip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Luke Hass, Marko Lebeau


Philip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Luke Hass, Marko Lebeau

Philip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Luke Hass, Marko Lebeau

Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One

The Slammer Featuring Christian Wilde, Cliff Jensen, Gavin Waters, Philip Aubrey


The Slammer

Featuring Christian Wilde, Cliff Jensen, Gavin Waters, Philip Aubrey
Drill My Hole at

September 15, 2011

"Philip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, and Cliff Jensen have been very bad boys and are sent to the slammer. Christian Wilde is in charge of making sure these new fish pay their debt to society and isn't afraid to pull out his 8" inch cut nightstick to make sure that happens. Christian escorts the convicts to their cell for the night, stealing a quick feel from Jensen's perfect ass as he shuts the cell door ordering them to "Shut the fuck up and go to sleep". Gavin and Philip quickly fall asleep, exhausted from a long day and still wearing their orange prison uniforms, but Cliff has been rock hard since feeling that hand on his ass and can't rest till he blows at least once. Cliff starts stroking his beautiful meat, unabashed that both Gavin and Philip sleep only feet away. Christian, on a routine patrol sees Cliff stoking and can't help but enter the cell. Christian immediately lays down the law throwing Cliff's rock hard rod down his throat, rubbing Cliff's chest and balls at the same time. It's Christian's turn now, standing up he pulls his rock hard cock out. The second Cliff puts his mouth on Christian's giant head the moaning starts, his mouth is so good that Christian is already thinking about how to keep Cliff locked up forever. Cliff pulls off ready to fuck Christian, but disaster strikes as Christian was ready to fuck Cliff - what are two tops to do? Cliff has a eureka moment and points at his two sleeping cell mates, Christian, the gentlemen, lets Cliff pick first - Philip is suddenly woken up and a second later Cliff's dick is in his mouth. A foot away from the other two Christian begins face-fucking Gavin, demanding Gavin better control the amount of spit ending up on his cock. Christian is getting great head from Gavin but he can't keep himself from staring at Philip sucking on Cliff's cock, almost making him blow in the process - These perfect bottoms with perfect assess need to be fucked NOW! Christian demands that these greedy hole bottoms get on a single prison bed and in his own words tells them to "Get on your fucking knees!". Cue the best foursome ever."


DSC_0375 DSC_0400

DSC_0434 DSC_0091

DSC_0462 DSC_0529

DSC_0572 DSC_0575




















Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Turning Tables

Featuring Krys Perez, Phenix Saint, and Philip Aubrey
Drill My Hole at

July 22, 2011

"Phillip Aubrey is the hot new director in town always looking to push the edge and the models he works with. Today Phillip has hired Krys and Phenix Saint to do an especially physical scene, Phillip wants to see real aggression and let's his models know countless times. Krys and Phenix are pros, but Philip's constant demands are taking a mental toll. If Philip doesn't ease off a bit these two might just snap and pound his hole instead of each other’s..."

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint Philip Aubrey, Krys Perez, Phenix Saint

"Sweet Serenade"

Phillip Aubrey and AJ Irons
Damn Thats Big at

June 6, 2012

"Phillip, if you are reading this right now, then you know I am waiting for you. I'm sorry about last night. Follow the music, come and find me. I will serenade you, my one and only. I'm waiting. -- AJ Irons"






Dtb_phillipaubrey_pics_185 Dtb_phillipaubrey_pics_194

Dtb_phillipaubrey_pics_207 Dtb_phillipaubrey_pics_285

Group Big Cock Fucking

Featuring Luke Hass, Mario Costa, and Phillip Aubrey
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

August 31, 2011

"These 3 hot studs love to fuck other dudes. Pillip Aubrey never had such a huge cock in his ass before. On this day he got lucky, and got fucked by 2 huge cocks, Luke Hass and Mario Costa!"
















I Wanna Be Your Dog

Spencer Reed & Phillip Aubrey (2)
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

September 8, 2011

"Phillip Aubrey is ready to listen, ready to obey. He knows tricks and doesn't mind the leash and collar one bit. Spencer Reed is a good pet owner who feeds his puppy all the meat he can handle, rubs his belly regularly, and makes sure his coat his spit shine clean and healthy. Then he fucks him across a table and cums in his mouth. Enjoy!" WATCH Spencer Reed & Phillip Aubrey in I Wanna Be Your Dog at Next Door World





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14411_031 14411_041

14411_049 14411_060

On The Side

Spencer Reed & Phillip Aubrey
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

March 10, 2011

"Phillip Aubrey & Spencer Reed are hiding out from everyone and taking a the opportunity to catch up and release some tension. Everyone on set is looking for them, but they are hidden cleverly in the bathroom stall. When the search party comes through and doesn't find them, they know they have a while to relax and enjoy each other, which is what they do: stretching out on a bench and trading oral pleasantries, then moving on fucking in several hot positions. Will they finish before they are discovered? You'll have to watch to find out. Enjoy!" WATCH Spencer Reed & Phillip Aubrey in On The Side at Next Door World





Phillip Aubrey

Next Door World | Next Door Male

March 28, 2011

"Phillip Aubrey starts everyday with the same stress-relieving routine: First a relaxing, steamy shower to clean the body, then an introspective moment of reflection to clear the mind, taking in the hillside view out his bedroom window. Next is a series of stretches, to relieve tension and promote flexibility, which he displays in his final morning task: busting a nut. And while he always manages to squeeze one off every morning, today Phillip is particularly horny, deciding that a simple jack is not enough. So after the first explosion, he reloads, grabs his dildo and goes at it again. Talk about starting your day off the right way!" WATCH Phillip Aubrey at Next Door World


Phillip Aubrey & William Vos

"Phill-em Up"

Phillip Aubrey & William Vos

November 2, 2011

"Two hot studs grace this week and we have a feeling you're gonna more than like what you see. Phillip Aubrey is new to and joining him is William Vos. William and Phillip are on the couch making small talk. Fortunately they run out of things to talk about as William starts to grope and undress Phillip. All this talk about Phillip's fat cock has his curiosity peeked. He pulls off Phillip's pants and goes to work on his thick meat. Phillip's massive 8½" cock is throbbing as William takes his time worshipping it. William then gets up as they reconvene on the floor. They both have plenty of meat to work on as Phillip starts to return the favor. They 69 on the floor swallowing each other's hard cock. Phillip then gets comfortable so that he can get a better appreciation of William's thick cock. He lies on his stomach as he nurses on that thick meat. All that oral attention is making Phillip hungry for more. Phillip gets William on all four as ! he spreads that smooth ass apart and shoves his tongue in. He starts to eat that ass making William squirm. Phillip then gets into position and starts to slide his fat cock inside that hot ass. Phillip takes that hungry ass doggy style as his balls slap away at that hot ass. They move the party to the couch as they lay down and continue fucking. Phillip holds William's leg up as he slides in for more. From there Phillip gets on his back and watches as William sits on his thick cock. He spreads his ass apart as Phillip's thick cock impales it. Phillip helps as he slams his dick up into that hot ass sending William over the edge. William shoots all over Phillip's chest and abs. Phillip then pulls out and shoots all over himself as well." Visit 1 Gay Pass for all-in-one access!

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

September 7, 2012

"Opposites attract and there's plenty of attraction, and passion, between smooth-bodied Phillip Aubrey and hairy Jessy Ares. The two begin making out passionately and Phillip can't keep his hands off of Jessy's hard and hairy body. Phillip's tongue finds its way to Jessy's hairy armpits licking every inch. When Jessy whips out his hard, uncut cock Phillip drops down to his knees and swallows it whole. Jessy begins to pump his throbbing cock in and out of Phillip's mouth. Phillip is in heaven and we know it every time he gags. Phillip Aubrey takes a brief break from tasting Jessy's dick and moves down to his feet where he sucks on every toe. Jessy Ares is now horned up and flips Phillip unto his stomach, giving Jessy's tongue clear access to Phillip's smooth ass and his pink hole. Phillip's hole is hungry for Jessy's cock. Jessy rides Phillip's ass from behind and pulls his hair to make sure Phillip isn't going anywhere. Phillip Aubrey climbs on top of Jessy and gyrates his hips, making sure he feels every inch of Jessy's cock. Jessy throws Phillip back unto the bed and nails him in the missionary position until Phillip shoots his load all over his abs. Jessy Ares pulls out and drops his heavy load on Philip's cock and balls."

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

Jessy Ares & Phillip Aubrey

Philip Aubrey and Edin Sol

July 3, 2012

"Phillip Aubrey is taking a trip to Mexico and is getting a lesson in Spanish from Edin Sol. It starts out innocently enough with Phillip asking how to say "please." However, Phillip has a dirty mind and not so innocent intentions. He asks Edin how to say "I want your cock" and then delves into a more 'hands on' approach. That of course leads to a more 'mouth on' approach. The guys take turn sucking each others cocks, and Phillip makes sure to get a mouthful of Edin's tasty hole while he's at it. With his ass wet and ready, Phillip dives in with his thick dick. Phillip really knows how to fuck. You might even say he's "muy bueno" at it! Edin's moans fill the room as he gets slammed full of cock, this way and that. The action peaks and the guys cum simultaneously onto Edin's rock-hard stomach! It's a cumtastic finish that you'll be sure to watch again and again."

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Mitch Vaughn and Philip Aubrey

Mitch Vaughn and Philip Aubrey

May 18, 2012

"Sexy blond stud Phillip Aubrey is here to play with one of the sexiest men in porn, Mitch Vaughn. Phillip has a tanned, toned body and a deep, booming voice. It's clear that Mitch is 'excited' to fuck around with Phillip. The two studs exchange blow jobs, getting each other rock hard. Phillip gets on his knees and spreads for Mitch to taste his tight hole. After a thorough tongue bath Mitch is ready to fuck, and that's just what he does. Phillip's ass gobbles up all of Mitch in doggie and missionary positions. But Phillip wants to top too. Mitch jumps on his cock and rides him cowboy style. Mitch's muscles glisten with sweat, and then with cum as Phillip shoots his load all over him. Phillip cleans up his mess, licking up his sweet juice. Mitch jerks out a HUGE load all over himself. Phillip feeds him some and then they kiss passionately."

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

March 5, 2012

"Director's note: Sometimes I have a hard time describing what I want in a CockyBoy: I just know it when I see it! It's attitude. It's sex appeal. Some are young and some are older. Buff, thin, ripped... true CockyBoys come in all shapes and sizes. Recently, I've been catching up with some of the original CockyBoys--the boys whose scenes helped launch the site--and am working to bring them back home... to CockyBoys! Jasper St. John is one of those unforgettable original CockyBoys. He started out with us a couple of years ago when he first fucked Jason Pitt before going on to become a major player in the biz, where he is now known as Phillip Aubrey. I have become a big fan of his work--as you know, I LOVE aggressive bottoms--so I hit him up on Twitter about a month ago to discuss his coming back to CockyBoys! Thankfully, he agreed...and now Philip is the first in a new series I am producing: ONCE A COCKY BOY...ALWAYS A COCKY BOY! In this scene , I paired him with another original CockyBoy and all-time favorite, Phenix Saint. Phenix interviewed Phillip for a few minutes, but he couldn't concentrate enough on the talking part when he knew that under those clothes was the body of a Greek god. The clothes came off pretty quickly, and the two of them got down to business the way only pros know how to! This is the best of the best and it's only the beginning because once a cockyboy... always a cockyboy!"

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Muscles in Leather, Scene 1

Starring Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed
Colt Studios

May 12, 2011

"In a dark dungeon play room, two half naked and leather-clad studs Spenser Reed and Phillip Aubrey share a cigar. Back and forth they exchange the sweet smoke, the intense eye contact and hot open mouthed exploration. Phillip takes a knee before muscle stud Spencer, lapping it up and breathing in the sweet musk of Spencer’s bugling leather jock. Ready to bust out, Spencer strips off his jock and lets it all hang out, giving Phillip something to truly worship; his thick swollen cock.

Once he has Spencer’s cock throbbing, Phillip turns and spreads his ass open, giving Spencer an open invitation. Spencer dives in on that hole with his tongue, lubing it up, probing it with his fingers and getting it ready and twitching for what comes next.

Bending Phillip over, Spencer plows that ass, driving his cock deep and hard right from the start. Grabbing ahold of Phillip’s harness, Spencer thrusts his big cock to the hilt. Getting down and dirty Spencer lays back on the floor, his hard dick standing straight up inviting a hot ass to come sit on it. Taking his cue, Phillip gets up on top of it and drives his ass down on that thick meaty pole. Riding it hard Phillip jacks his aching cock until he explodes cum. Once Phillip drains his cock Spencer gets up and is urgently ready to blow. Gushing cum he drenches Phillip, jacking a thick creamy load directly in his face."


12556_004 12556_005

12556_008 12556_015

12556_016 12556_017

12553_005 12553_006

12553_023 12553_026























The Sub, Scene 4

Phillip Aubrey and Rick Van Sant
Hot House Video

March 11, 2013

"There's no doubt who's in charge when a Dom finds his Sub restrained in a web of rope hanging from the ceiling. Rick Van Sant takes full advantage of Phillip Aubrey's defenseless situation and shoves his bearded face deep in Phillip's ass-crack. He rims and licks Phillip's tight hole then stands up to force-feed him his hard cock. Phillip swallows Rick's dick to the base until the horned up top decides he wants to fuck Phillip's ass. Rick spins him around and shoves his cock deep in Phillip's ass, pounding the helpless sub until he drains his nuts all over Phillip's muscular ass."

WATCH The Sub, Scene 4 Starring Phillip Aubrey and Rick Van Sant




















Phillip Aubrey and Trenton Ducati

Kiss Lick Suck Fuck, Scene 2

Phillip Aubrey and Trenton Ducati
Hot House Video

August 13, 2012

"Trenton Ducati loves the taste of Phillip Aubrey. He licks the young stud's rippled washboard abs and uses his expert tongue to massage Phillip's thick cock until it's rock hard. Trenton licks and sucks Phillip's cock to the base then stands up so Phillip can put his tongue to work. Phillip licks Trenton's fat, huge dick then pumps it with his hot mouth. Phillip fingers his own hole the whole time, teasing Trenton with an invitation to fuck. Trenton throws Phillip on all fours so he can lick his round bubble-butt. Trenton lubes up Phillip's gaping hole with his own spit then stands up to fuck him hard. Trenton gives Phillip a brutal ass-pounding until Phillip can't take it anymore. He backs up on Trenton's cock and jacks him off with his tight butthole; just who's fucking whom? Phillip rides Trenton's cock and jacks his load all over the hot muscle-daddy then licks it up while Trenton rubs one out and blows."

The Dude Show 2, Scene 4

Mick Gibson and Phillip Aubrey
Hot House Video

December 13, 2010

"Our bathroom-cam catches Mick Gibson enjoying some alone-time in the shower until Phillip Aubrey sneaks in and opens fire from a can of whipped cream he has concealed behind his back. When Mick confronts Phillip he ends up on his knees sucking Phillip's big cock; not exactly the payback he was looking for. Instead he flips Phillip over and fucks his ass then kicks back for a rim job that coaxes a load out of his fat cock. Nice tongue-job Phillip!"

The Dude Show 1, Scene 2

Gavin Waters and Phillip Aubrey
Hot House Video

September 20, 2010

"The guys get creative in the game room when Phillip Aubrey challenges Gavin Waters to a game of strip ping pong. According to the rules if you miss two in a row you have to remove a piece of clothing. Once both guys are naked they decide to up the ante; the next guy out gets fucked. Despite his claims that he's the ping pong master Gavin ends up on the table with his ass in the air. Phillip fucks and sucks Gavin at the same time, then like any good match, the game changes and Phillip gets his ass fucked too!"

Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey Part Two Real Life Couple Series

Featuring Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed
Kink | Bound Gods

April 14, 2011

"After Phillip Aubrey passes his first test on BG, Spencer Reed trains his real-life partner for the Upper Floor. All subs should know the slave positions and etiquette. Phillip learns the seven things he has to do in this house to be of service: Sucking cock, being fucked, taking pain, enduring, cleaning up the mess, taking orders and being adaptable. Spencer uses the cane on Phillip while he's cleaning up the mess. Phillip is at the brink of breaking, but he's determined to go on. He even endures the electricity in his cock and hole. Will they go on to part three of this series?"
















Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey Part One Real Life Couple Series

Featuring Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed
Kink | Bound Gods

February 17, 2011

"Our house dom Spencer Reed brings his real-life partner Phillip Aubrey to Bound Gods. He takes his real-life partner on a BDSM journey for the first time. Phillip is new to BDSM and he has wanted to do Bound Gods for the longest time with his partner . With some reservations, Spencer agrees but he's not going easy on his boyfriend. In the playroom, Spencer is wicked. It's his way or the highway. Phillip's journey is real and raw. He takes everything Spencer throws at him. Trying to process the connection to Spencer as a dom and also lover, Phillip lays it all out for us to see. This is one brave couple."
















Pain Limit - Live Shoot

Featuring Derek Pain, Phillip Aubrey, Spencer Reed, Van Darkholme
Kink | Bound Gods

November 25, 2010

"Derek Pain is in the house for a live shoot. He got beat up a couple of days prior at Folsom Street Fair and now he's back for more. The man is super human. Spencer Reed and his real life partner Phillip Aubrey were also in town for the fair and they pay us a visit. So, it's an impromptu session and the viewing members join in with the festivity. The week before, Richard Hunter at Mr. S Leather showed me these new ice locks and I had to try them out on Derek. I put the ice locks on this balls and nipples and the fun begins. Spencer plays with his partner who is new to BDSM. A real life couple plays for the first time on BG and it's live."
















Auditions 42: Horny Fuckers, Scene 2

Burly Hunk Dirk Caber and Phillip Aubrey Fuck Each Other
Featuring Dirk Caber and Phillip Aubrey
Lucas Entertainment

October 7, 2011

"Bearish hunk Dirk Caber and blond boy-toy Phillip Aubrey both have happy-go-lucky attitudes -- the only thing that matches their personalities is their passion for sucking and fucking! They have a casual, calm conversation while reading from Michael Lucas' personal iPad, but Dirk is horny as hell, and Phillip doesn't want to waste any time either! These two have a lot of energy with one another -- they love sex and dig in as quickly as possible! Though Dirk has the look of a dominant top, he's into submission and servicing his partner, so he peels off Phillip's clothes and white briefs and slurps up his cock with hunger. Dirk's ass is ready for a pounding, and while Phillip as often been a bottom, he's been more than happy transitioning into a versatile role lately -- and he shows us by slamming his dick deep into Dirk's ass, which is held up high for easy entry! This is a scene of hot flip-fucking, and Phillip submits his ass to the horny Dirk, who proves that he's not just another bottom. Their man-holes are both well-worked out by the time the scene is done -- done with cum!"