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ALIAS: Ryan Wild
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Honor Roll

Featuring Ayden Marx, Dean Monroe, Drake Wild, Luke Marcum, and Shane Frost
Jizz Orgy at

June 8, 2012

"Drake Wild is a star athlete who has to miss an important game because of his grades. When asking teacher Dean Monroe nicely doesn't work, Drake and his gang of bad ass teammates find a way to persuade him - JizzOrgy style!"

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Skater Boy

Featuring Drake Wild and Spencer Fox
Big Dicks At School at

December 6, 2011

"Spencer Fox thinks Drake Wild is sex served up on four wheels and a plank, so much so that Spencer even bought a skateboard just to hang out with Drake. Drake's pretty sure that Spencer isn't just hanging out to watch him skate, but that's cool with Drake because the rumour around campus is that Spencer has a huge dick and a tight hole.

Drake wants to put his theory to a test and invites Spencer over after a particularly sweaty skate session. Drake invites Spencer to have a seat in the living room while he takes a shower, but the thought of Drake soapy and wet just a few feet away in another room is just too much for Spencer to handle.

Spencer peeks inside the bathroom, dropping his pants he strokes his cock watching soapy bubbles run down Drakes back and down his ass crack - Spencer can't help but moan loudly at the sight of it. Drake hears Spencer's moan and instantly knows he's being watched, turning around he chases Spencer back to the living room asking him if he'd like a close-up.

Spencer, with his pants still down at this knees falls onto the couch, dick still rock hard tells Drake that he would very much like a close-up."

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JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

"Anal Engagement"

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild
Gay Creeps at

August 7, 2012

"JD Phoenix's new roommate is hot and horny. He's been eying JD for quite sometime now. Making his move, he begins to fondle JD's beautiful ass. He begins to lick it, getting it wet in order to begin his anal engagement..."

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

JD Phoenix and Drake Wild

"Secret Roommate Crush"

Starring Alex Vaara and Drake Wild
Gay Creeps

February 14, 2012

"Dear Alex, I've been eyeing you for some time now. I watch you when you undress. I smell your stinky underwear when you are gone. One day, your juicy cock will be in my mouth and I will fuck you good till you can't take it anymore. Love...Your roommate, Drake Wild."

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild

Alex Vaara and Drake Wild
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Hot Straight Stud

Featuring Drake Wild

April 29, 2012

"Drake Wild is a straight guy that's never been tied up before. He's got a cocky demeanor and thinking about his girlfriend all day has made him horny as hell. He gets tied to the metal cross exposing his chest and he starts getting hard right away. We punch his chest, abs, and thighs and work the muscle on his frame while edging him. Suspended horizontally he drools all over the ball gag while begging to cum. He gets flogged instead. Finally, tied tight to a chair we edge him until he fights against the ropes to fuck the stroking hand and blow his hard fought load."


















Drake Wild and Troy Collins

March 23, 2012

"Muscle bound swimmer-boy Troy Collins has been captured by Drake Wild and tied up so he can't move an inch in his swim suit. The ropes trap Troy’s cock and balls in the pouch of his suit and then wrap between his legs and up his butt crack making it impossible for Troy to escape, let alone touch himself. Drake takes advantage of his victim and forces him to suck his cock until it blows to glory!"

Mountain Tops Part 1

Drake Wild and James Ryder
Jocks Studios | Falcon Studios

April 3, 2013

"James Ryder is flaunting it in an outdoor shower — colorful tatts, smooth muscles and a long, swelling cock. Hiker Drake Wild wasn't expecting this species of wildlife, but he exploits his luck by finding a spot from which to ogle. He is hard before he can unbutton his pants. Drake is seen by James, whose actions take on a striptease quality. Cupping his pecs, swaying and stroking himself, James lures Drake into the spray, clothes and all. They lock lips under the cascading water, then hold hands and stroll to the deck. His prey firmly in hand, James begins sucking Drake’s cock. It's hefty and cut. The fervor with which he sucks, and the expressions on his face convey that he always hoped this would happen and he can't quite believe it did. Drake lets him suck for a long time before returning the favor to this handsome stud who has just made his day. He gives a foamy blow job. On a bench nearby James kneels so Drake can fuck him from behind. Again, his expressions betray a virginal quality that adds another layer of heat to the fucking. James flips over. Both of them are breathing in short gasps now, and James showers his tummy with spooge, quickly followed by Drake's shower of cum on his head and face."

Drake Wild and Sebastian Rossi

Falcon Members Exclusive
Falcon Studios

November 12, 2012

"Drake Wild is alone in the locker room when Sebastian Rossi arrives. The gears spin in Drake's mind as he undresses, keeping tabs on Sebastian. Sebastian's back is turned, but his eyes are peeled, too. Neither wants to be caught looking, yet each knows the other is watching. Drake massages the pouch of his black jockstrap, and when that maneuver reels Sebastian in closer, Drake offers a peek. Hooked! Sebastian gets to chowing down first, in deep gulps that leave his cheeks hollow with suction. Drake's cut cock is seriously fat — the perfect size to work with lips, tongue, hand or tonsils. When it's his turn to suck, Drake puts a lot of action onto his sucking, and his buns tempt with a sidelong glance. Sebastian is verbal about how he wants it, and he slaps his uncut meat around Drake's face. When Drake gets it right, it leaves lots of slobber all over Sebastian's torso. At the moment of orgasm, Sebastian's eyes roll back and his face becomes a big question mark, just like the loops of jism shooting out of his cock. Drake steps up and takes aim at Sebastian's abs and shoots."

Brandon Jones and Drake Wild

Scored, Scene 4

Brandon Jones and Drake Wild
Buckshot Productions | Colt Studios

August 23, 2012

"After watching a hot distraction in one bedroom, Drake remembers his mystery admirer and continues to explore. Peeking inside another bedroom he finds his hot stud. Brandon Jones is on the bed, shirtless and stroking his long, hard and uncut cock. Brandon smiles as Drake enters the room. Drake stands at the foot of the bed, pulls out his hard cock and begins to strip as these guys stroke and give each other hot and burning bedroom eyes.

Hot for each other, Drake joins this stud on the bed and takes a mouthful of his big juicy dick. A hot session of cock sucking has both guys getting their fill of big tasty dick.

Taking their passions to the next level, Drake mounts Brandon’s hot ass and goes to town. Brandon takes it like a man and loves every minute as Drake drills him hard from behind. Wanting to fuck even deeper Drake gets Brandon on his back with his ass off the edge of the bed. Brandon strokes his meaty cock until the juices start to fly. Drake continues to pound that hot ass as he watches Brandon cum. Seeing Brandon drenched in his own cum has Drake ready to blow. Pulling out he covers Brandon in his hot load."

Drake Wild and Ryan Lynch

Scored, Scene 2

Drake Wild and Ryan Lynch
Buckshot Productions | Colt Studios

July 19, 2012

"After watching two hot guys fucking on the couch, Drake and Ryan are ready for a little action of their own. Right there on the stairway, Ryan gets down on his knees and gets busy greedily sucking Drake’s raging hard cock. The creaky stairway makes plenty of noise, and so do these guys as Ryan works Drakes thick juicy cock. Ryan wants that load and knows just how to get it. Sensing that Drake is close, Ryan stands toe-to-toe with Drake as they stroke and shoot nut-busting loads.

Looking up as he unloads his last drops of cum, Drake sees a hot stud at the top of the stairs watching them with a camera phone in hand. Realizing he is busted, the hot stud at the top of the stairs disappears. Curious, Drake pulls up his pants and heads upstairs to explore."

Ryan Wild

Ryan Wild

December 19, 2011

"Just like his name suggests, Ryan Wild is busting out and breaking loose in his Next Door Studios premiere. He's bold, brash, and a little cocky, but when he pulls down his pants and whips out his dick, it's easy to see where all that confidence comes from. After an some extreme ATV tricks, Ryan pulls the quad to a stop and reclines back on the seat. One Wild ride down, one Wild session to go, as he pulls off his pants and goes to the Fleshjack, pounding it's little hole with his fully erect cock before bending over and finishing up with his hand and messily cumming all over himself. Strap yourself down and buckle up for this ride, it's gonna be a Wild one! Enjoy!"

Ryan Wild

Ryan Wild

Ryan Wild

Ryan Wild
Ryan Wild & Nick Reeves

Ryan Wild & Nick Reeves

November 24, 2011

"19 year old Ryan Wild is from Portland Oregon and 20 year old Nick Reeves is from Santa Rosa, CA. This cute duo has wanted to do an action shoot together and Badpuppy members are first witness. As the boys kiss, they begin undressing each other. Nick pulls out Ryan's cock and begins some sucking and tongue play. Ryan wanting in on the action begins to devour Nick's tool! Nick is not done, going back for desert! They stand, stroking each other's cocks simultaneously. The pants come off for some side by side jerking, just before Ryan begins going down on Nick again. Nick on his knee's gets fingered by Ryan before the fucking begins. Ryan takes it slow since Nick's hole is tight! Once he loosens him up, the ass plowing begins with the bed shaking like its going break. Ryan sits back on the bed and Nick straddles him and takes him for a ride! On his back, Nick blows a big load across his torso. Ryan pulls out, removing the condom and letting lose with a huge cum shot up to Nick's face."

Ryan Wild

Ryan Wild

August 25, 2011

"19 year old Ryan Wild comes to us from Portland Oregon. Ryan loves riding his long board and motorcycles with every opportunity! Ryan has become obsessed with a wish to Jack off in front of the camera and what better way to fulfill than to do a jack off shoot for Badpuppy! He starts by rubbing his package, through his board shorts and pinching his nipples. Ryan pulls out his one eyed monster and begins stroking. The shorts come off, followed by his boxers and Ryan lays back and away he goes. With his cock hard and thick, Ryan turns to his knees, leaning over while massaging and fingers his hole. With his manhood hanging down, balls and all, Ryan strokes himself and rubs his dick on the shag carpet, giving it some friction. As he turns over to his back, he immediately grabs hold and starts stroking fast and hard, resulting in a spurting cum shot across his chest and stomach! He finishes with a finger full of cum, licked from his finger, stating "That was a helluva fun"."

Bryce Star and Ryan Wild

Backroom Exclusives 27 - Scene 5

Bryce Star and Ryan Wild
Hot House Video

February 6, 2012

"Every morning should start with adorable Ryan Wild creeping into your bedroom and going down on you. That's how he wakes up Bryce Star who's giant cock pops to life and grows rock hard in Ryan's hot mouth. Sucking cock makes Ryan's dick hard so he mounts Bryce's face and fucks his mouth. As soon as Bryce flips over Ryan licks Bryce's thick shaft, balls and ass, getting him ready for an ass-pounding. Ryan climbs on top of Bryce and fucks him hard, first on his knees then on his back. Ryan jacks a load out of Bryce then pulls out and shoots all over his roommate's stomach."

Bryce Star and Ryan Wild

Bryce Star and Ryan Wild

Bryce Star and Ryan Wild

Bryce Star and Ryan Wild

Bryce Star and Ryan Wild

Live Show Archives
Hot House Video

October 3, 2011

"One of the risks with doing live shows is that anything can happen. In this case Bryce Star's routine flight from L.A. is delayed over 5 hours, leaving Ryan Wild to open the show by himself. Luckily there's no one cuter than Ryan, whose boyish charm keeps the live audience entertained until Bryce shows up. The two cute studs compare tattoos and waste no time getting down to some serious dick-sucking. Ryan proves to be quite the cocksucker as he milks a creamy load out of Bryce who says the blowjob was worth the trip!"

Hole Busters 3, Scene 2

Featuring Ryan Wild | Club Inferno

August 15, 2011

"Ryan Wild came to Hole Busters to pop his buttplay-cherry! That's right, prior to this scene, Ryan had never stuck anything up his tight virgin hole. The young stud shows off his boxing skills with an intense workout on the punching bag before selecting his first dildo. Leaning against the bag for support he slowly works the average-size toy in and out of his butt. Judging from his hard cock, Ryan likes what he feels. His next dildo, a bigger, more ambitious monster, does the trick and he blows a gooey load. Great job Ryan!"

GALLERY Hole Busters 3, Scene 2 Featuring Ryan Wild