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Brett Carter
Brenden Cage


ALIASES: Brendan, Brendon Cage, Michael Anthony, Mike Anthony
SITES: Bait Buddies, Bare Foot Guys, Bound Gods, Bound Jocks, Buff and Bound, Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, Dominic Ford, Drill My Hole, Hot House Video, Jake Cruise, Jizz Orgy, Lucas Entertainment, Men Over 30, Mission 4 Muscle, My Friends Feet, PerfectGuyz, Playgirl, Powermen, SG4GE, Str8 to Gay, Straight Muscle Guys, Suite 703, The Gay Office, Thunder TV Wrestling

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Johnny Torque Bullies Brenden Cage


April 26, 2013

"Bound Bully Brenden Cage is still at the mercy of hostile jock Johnny Torque. Brenden is tied on his stomach like a piece of meat with his ass exposed and wearing a jock cup as a mask when Johnny enters to abuse him some more. Johnny makes Brenden suck his cock while slapping Brenden's muscle butt until it turn red and begs for mercy. This gets Johnny excited and he cums on the helpless stud's bright red booty!"


Brenden Cage


April 19, 2013

"Bound Jock Brenden Cage has been left tied up and gagged on the matt after his big match. The outline of his bulging crotch can be seen through his singlet as he struggles to get free. Rolling around, Brenden finally is able to work his hands free and when he does he goes straight for his rock hard and pulsating cock. He strokes out his remaining frustration with a big, hot juicy load!"


BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_PG_2382_scene BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_PG_2384_scene

BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_PG_2392_scene BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_PG_2396_scene

BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_PG_2404_scene BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_X_2409_scene

BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_X_2413_scene BJ0091_Brenden_Cage_X_2414









Brenden Cage and Johnny Torque


April 12, 2013

"Studly Johnny Torque is tired of being abused by locker room bully Brenden Cage; so he seeks revenge by tying the bully up to abuse himself. Bound jock Brenden Cage gets frustrated and clearly upset as Johnny rips off his favorite workout shirt and gives him a round of tittie twisters. Brenden begs and pleads to be let go, but Johnny has one final demand… “Suck my dick first!”, he says!"

Thunders Arena Brenden Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012

Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

"In part 2 of the Halloween Havoc installment Brendan Cage takes on Braden Charron. Brendan Cage starts off by checking out his newest victim Braden. Braden is here and ready to wrestle as Brendan Cage feels up on his muscles, continuing to checking out Braden. Braden's ready to start things up and gets into a stance while Brendan continues to feel up on Braden's chest and arms. You can all ready feel Braden getting furious because he's just looking to wrestle and nothing more. Brendan stops all the touching and feeling for now and holds Braden in the stance until he flips around and swiftly takes off Braden's wife-beater because he really wanted to see his chest. Now Braden doesn't look to happy but then asks to see Brendan Cage's chest and he then proceeds to take off Brendan's shirt and they both stand chest to chest. Brendan Cage is smart and quick to grab a hold of Braden into a bear hug.

This match gets even more intense later as these guys are taking off clothes and messing with the other guy while going in and out of different wrestling moves like back to back full nelson, test of strength and more. Find out who takes who out of the ring."

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Brendan Cage Tickle Tortured


July 13, 2017

"It's been some time since Brendan Cage has been in the MFF tickle chair and we both remember how incredibly ticklish Brendan is. As a matter, Brendan believes he's become even more ticklish since back when and I do have to agree with him. Even from the slightest touch, Brendan was squirming all over the place and going crazy. So by the time I got to his naked feet with my fingers and tickle tools Brendan was a very well-tickle tortured mess."





















Brendan Cage's Size 11 Feet Worshipped


July 1, 2017

"Brendan Cage didn't know what hit him when I 'kidnapped' him, tied him to a sofa and had my way with his masculine, size 11 feet. He of course protested - with a gag over his mouth, mind you - but it did him no good. Brendan's feet were all mine and I certainly wasted no time taking off his shoes, sniffing his ripe shoes and socks and orally worshipping his manly feet. I think Brendan liked it too!"





















Brenden Worship (2)

Brenden and Cameron Enjoy Foot Jobs and Sock Sex

September 30, 2012

"Brenden Cage is definitely Cameron Kincade's kind of man. The two gorgeous hunks get into some very erotic sock sex and foot worship in this MyFriendsFeet video. Brenden is no stranger to the porn camera, but foot sex was a bit new to him. It was ok though, as Cameron was there to lead him along. Cameron sure loved sniffing and licking Brenden's smelly dress socks before peeling them off and licking his feet clean. Both men proceed to jerk off until they both shot climactic loads of cum together!"

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Brenden Tickled (2)

Dennis' Trainer Brenden Is Captured, Tickled and Jerked Off

March 3, 2012

"Dennis has a personal trainer who is as hot as hell and we asked him to bring him in for a MyFriendsFeet shoot. Brenden Cage is built like a tank and all stud. We got to tie him up and tickle torture his body and feet. I think Dennis really loved this because he finally got it over on Brenden. Apparently Brenden runs him pretty roughly in the gym. Brenden is super ticklish - from his hot body all the way down to his big, sexy feet!"

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Dennis Gives Personal Trainer Brendan A Foot Worshiping

Brendan Worship

Dennis Gives Personal Trainer Brendan A Foot Worshiping

February 4, 2012

"Personal Trainer Brendan loves having his feet worshiped and he knew there was no way that his client Dennis would turn him down if he demanded it. I was there to capture this action at MyFriendsFeet. There was no way I was missing out on this scenario. Dennis is a complete foot freak and Brenden is about as domineering as you can get. In fact, he pushed around Dennis so much with his sweaty feet that the cute, submissive hunk ended up jerking off and cumming from it all!"

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Brenden Tickled

Tough Guy Brenden Cage Reduced To Begging On The Tickle Table

July 23, 2010

"Tough guys don't last very long on the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. They think that because they may be bad in the real world that a bit of bondage and tickle torment won't be a big deal. Brenden Cage found out different here. With all the muscle Brenden carries on him he has a lot of places that are ticklish. And his big feet certainly are too. I showed his muscle stud what tickling was all about!"

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Brenden Worship

Professor Brenden Cage Demands Foot Worship

July 17, 2010

"Professor Brenden Cage demands nothing but subservience from his subject and in this case that would be me. I put on one of my best foot worshiping performances for this MyFriendsFeet scene. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to foot worship Brenden Cage? The man is about as good looking as you can get. And he's so dominant when he wants to be. I think I pleased the big man and I know I was happy!"

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BareFootGuys Brenden



Age: 40
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 170
Eyes: Blue
Shoe Size: 10

"New to BFG is Brenden Cage, he's done quite a bit in the adult industry. We had a good time shooting."

BareFootGuys Brenden

BareFootGuys Brenden

"Cage Match"

Alexander Garrett and Brenden Cage
Pride Studios | MenOver30

March 18, 2010

"Since once is rarely enough, we just had to have more of sexy Brenden Cage this week. Maybe we'll get a better idea of all he can do by pairing him up with an equally sexy partner in crime. Brenden made quite the impression last week. We’re glad this newcomer was so well received. Even though this week, Brenden’s playing coy on where he’s from (claiming he’s a “wanderer”) this 33 year-old New Yorker likes to keep you on your toes. We figured we could return the favor and called in a past “papi” more than capable of keeping him on his. Alexander Garrett is back this week. It’s nice to have this 33 year-old Colombian back for more fun. Even though we haven’t seen Alexander since last Summer, he’s looking as good as ever. We asked these studs what hobbies or outside interests if any they have when they aren’t doing porn. “I like to jerk off” says Brenden. So he always has sex on the brain. Alexander who answered in the 3rd person (creepy) said Alexander like the porn but he prefers to swim. They’re both horny and lost their cherry in High School. Brenden lost it to an older girl that had her way with him. Alexander tops that by smiling and admitting his first time was a threesome at the tender age of 15 with both a boy and a girl. We’d like to see the brochure for that school.The chemistry is off the charts as these two break the ice, kissing passionately. Slowly, they undress each other as their tongue-fest continues. Brenden’s hand is exploring Alexander’s crotch. It isn’t long before he’s on his knees pulling down Alexander’s shorts and underwear as his thick, uncut cock springs into view. Brenden’s eyes light up, and he’s on it in seconds. Alexander’s thick 8” meat is getting a rather inspiring welcome, and he’s rock hard as Brenden sucks on it. Alexander then wants some as well, as they strip completely. He takes his turn on Brenden’s bone. Alexander expertly works Brenden’s cock as Brenden gets antsy for more of Alexander’s. After pulling him up for another brief make out session, Brenden is back on his knees and sucking on Alexander’s meat like an oil rigger. DAMN! He swirls his fist and mouth on his swollen meat. It’s making them both hornier for more than just those skilled tongues.Brenden isn’t done sampling yet. As he stands up, he grabs Alexander by the hand and pulls him toward the couch, where he gets him on all fours. His smooth ass is exposed. Brenden takes advantage of that by slipping his hot tongue deep inside that ass. He laps and sucks away as Alexander writhes in ecstasy. Brenden then sits on the couch, spreads his legs wide, and waits for Alexander to get on. It isn’t long before Alexander has his cock buried ball deep in that “culo caliente” and Brenden is doing his part to make sure that ‘Hot ass’ is being taken care of. Alexander keeps riding that cock til Brenden decides he wants more control and bends him over the chair. He slides his cock back in that ass for more, starting to pound away at that sweet hole. Alexander can’t get enough as Brenden drills his ass as hard as he can. Then they move the fun to the floor as Brenden takes Alexander Missionary. He fucks away at his Latin lover as Alexander begs for more. All this fucking gets them both close as they reconvene on the couch and jack themselves off, shooting their hot loads all over themselves.¡Muy Caliente!"





Duo92__64 Duo92__82

Duo92_115 Duo92_133
MenOver30 Brenden Cage

"Home Alone"

Brenden Cage
Pride Studios | MenOver30

March 11, 2010

"A fresh face graces us this week. At 33, this New York native has a lot to show off. Brenden Cage is a character to say the least. He has an outgoing personality. Since he goes both ways, he can share his special sense of humor. Brenden is your average New Yorker and loves to brag about the Big Apple, even recommending his favorite pizza back home. Ray’s Pizza apparently has a place in his heart. Brenden got into the industry because he was always jerking off and trying to get laid everywhere, so he figured he might be able to get paid for it. His favorite orgasm to date was going home with a girl that picked him up. She wanted him to fuck her while her husband watched. While he was fucking her, her husband started eating his ass. That sent him over the edge and gave him a mind blowing orgasm. He still loves getting his ass eaten while fucking. He’s a firm believer that less is not more—more IS more. “I’m into multiple partners’ he admits ‘…and I’m not that picky either” This exhibitionist loves to show off his beefy frame, and who are we to judge? This slice of Pepperoni goodness is more than welcome to haul out his extra topping for us anytime he wants. That’s definitely good eats.Brenden is sitting on the couch and can’t wait to get started. There’s no mistaking a true exhibitionist that feeds off the knowing that you’re hanging on his every move. He starts caressing his pecs before peeling off his tank. Once he gets his shirt off, he continues to explore his broad chest and arms. The entire time, Brenden is making love to to the camera like a true professional. He slides his shorts off slowly as they hit the floor. Once he gets his shoes and socks off, he slowly starts to work his growing cock inside his sexy briefs. Brenden works out, and his dedication pays off. His thighs are beefy and muscular. As he stands to tease us with the last layer of his vestment, they add to the amazing view that is unfolding before our eyes. Brenden has a spectacular ass. It’s no wonder that that little tramp’s husband dove right in tongue first just watching him fuck her. He’s only human. Brenden’s ass is nothing shy of amazing. Brenden knows exactly what he’s working with. He bends over on the couch and gives us a stellar performance as he spreads that beefy, muscular ass wide open and plays with his hole for us. This fucker’s working it!Brenden stands and holds a pillow over his swollen cock, giving us his last layer before we get the goods. Brenden loves the whole chase sequence and likes to make you work for it before he shows you just what you’ve been wanting. He finally drops the pillow and stands above the camera as he slowly strokes and lubes his cock for you. He slowly twists and twirls his fist all over his engorged bone. (Feel free to open up and say “Aaah!”) Brenden then sits back on a chaise to jack his swollen meat. He jacks his cock deliberately, wanting to make you savor every second. Soon he is lost in his own private paradise. Brenden admits he likes to think about himself jacking off while he jacks off. Kinda odd, but for this industry…that’s actually kinda tame. His cock is rock hard, and we can hear his breath labor as he jacks his cock faster and faster. Brenden is in his own world and apparently forgot about his sensual session. He’s a man on a mission, and he’s not gonna last much longer at the fevered pace he’s working. His eyes are sealed shut, and his fist is now a blur. He grimaces as he readies for the final fireworks. His body tenses, and he grunts a final warning. He’s cumming, and he’s doing it all over his sexy abs and cock. Whew. Our poor little New Yorker is spent—literally. Time for a nap."


MenOver30 Brenden Cage

MenOver30 Brenden Cage MenOver30 Brenden Cage

MenOver30 Brenden Cage MenOver30 Brenden Cage

Man Tricks, Scene 5

Starring Brenden Cage and Nate Karlton
Colt Studios

April 14, 2011

"Hot and heavy breathing fills the air as COLT Men Nate Karlton and Brenden Cage go at each other with a hungry need for sex. With hot kissing, heavy groping and eager opened mouths - things are off to a ery good start. Giving it up and getting downright dirty, taking turns, 69ing and feeding it to each other; each man gives and takes his fill of cock.

Man against man, grinding and humping, the carnal heat continues to build. Nate assumes the position as he drives his cock deep into Brenden’s tight ass. Brenden submits and takes that cock to the hilt. Leaning in for a hot lip-lock Nate drives it home, burying his cock deep in Brenden’s ass, splitting that hole open wide. Turning him around Nate mounts Brenden from behind, going in deep and fucking with no limits. Nate’s big cock hits the right spot as Brenden feels a big load brewing inside of him. Ready to bust his nut, Nate kicks back on the couch as Brenden lends a helping hand. Zeroing in Brenden probes Nate’s hot man-hole as Nate milks out a heavy duty load. Brenden gets what he’s been after as Nate’s thick load spills in buckets. Seeing all the hot man juice splattered on muscle is just want Brenden was waiting for. Kicking back Brenden ads his ample load to the mix, pounding it out until every last drop of cum is spent."

9862_011 9862_021

9862_019 9862_022

9862_029 9862_030

9858_005 9858_009

9858_014 9858_016





















Hard Wood, Scene 5

Starring Brenden Cage and Gabriel Lenfant
Colt Studios

November 11, 2010

"Tucked away in a cozy cabin bedroom, COLT Man Brenden Cage is sprawled out naked on the bed, rock hard and lovingly stroking his fat cock. Soon he is joined on the bed by an eager playmate, Gabriel Lenfant. Gabriel crawls onto the bed and immediately makes his way toward that fat, glistening cock. With passion he devours that cock, letting his hands and mouth explore freely, finding his way up and down the full length of Brenden’s hard body, finding his way to a lip locked and passionate kiss. Fully aroused, Brenden comes back at Gabriel with an equal passion and hunger, eagerly using his hands, his lips, and his hard cock to give his partner the full one-on-one sexual experience. Taking turns, giving dedicated mutual cock worship, these guys tune in and lose themselves in each other.

Passionate kissing and heavy grinding lead the way as Gabriel drives his cock deep into Brenden’s hot ass. On his back, Brenden takes it deep and long as he strokes a steady flow of precum from his throbbing hot cock. Gabriel delivers with long and slow deep fuck sesssion, giving Brenden everything he’s got. Getting his ass drilled sends Brended into overload. Jacking his cock he explodes. Hot cum shoots everywhere, giving Gabriel the last spark he needs to blow his fuse. Cock in hand he drenches himself in a thick and creamy load of cum."

8657_08 8657_09

8660_001 8660_003

8660_009 8660_015

8660_011 8660_023

8660_021 8660_029


















Hard Wood, Scene 1

Starring Brenden Cage and Dominic Valentine
Colt Studios

September 30, 2010

"A cabin in the woods, two muscled studs on the deck wearing nothing but their jockstraps, making out and getting off on the touch and feel of each other’s toned and muscled bodies... talk about HARD WOOD. Things start off right as Dominic Valentine gets down on his knees to take in a mouthful of COLT Man Brenden Cage’s fat mushroom headed cock. Naked and rock-hard these guys take turns feasting on cock. Brenden gets his knees dirty too as he deep throats Dominic’s long inches of thick uncut man-meat.

Taking their time and getting their fill of sucking cock, Dominic gives up his ass for one hot session of man-on-man fucking. Bent over and taking it like a man, Dominic gets his ass pounded nice and hard. His fat cock and balls swing between his legs as Brenden plows his meaty cock deep and hard into that hot muscled ass. Taking it to the edge they fuck until their swollen and aching balls are ready to bust. Standing side by side they get off watching each other as they jack their nut busting loads in a mutual explosion of tension releasing cum. Basking in the afterglow, groping each other, staring into each other’s eyes; these guys just can’t get enough of each other."

8657_002 8657_005

8657_011 8657_012

8657_017 8657_022

8658_001 8658_004

8658_005 8658_010

8658_020 8658_021










Gruff Stuff, Scene 4

Starring Aaron Cage and Brenden Cage
Colt Studios

July 8, 2010

"As a new cummer to the COLT Stable of men, hard and hairy COLT Man Aaron Cage is shown a warm welcome when a sundrenched Brenden Cage invites him to come rub some sunscreen on his back. Rubbing a thick and creamy white lotion all over Brenden’s well muscled back makes both men very horny. Brenden turns over for a little lotion on the front and helps himself to a handful Aaron’s meaty cock which has slipped out from his tight pair of cut offs.

Soon enough these guys are deep into each other, sucking each other’s hard cocks and enjoying the full skin on skin contact. Brenden’s smooth muscled build and Aaron’s hairy pelt mesh in a flesh-fantasy of hot cock worship and dedicated ass eating. Brenden really “breaks in” the new guy when he drills Aaron’s muscled man ass. Aaron takes it like a real man, letting that cock drive deep into him from behind runting with pleasure as he gets fucks hard. Showing us what a real ass pounding looks like, Aaron gets up on top, driving his ass up and down on Brenden’s thick cock. Brenden jacks off his hairy fuck buddy as Aaron goes wild riding that cock. Brenden gets so hot watching a real man ride his dick, he can’t hold back any longer. With a loud groan he soaks Aaron is hot burst of cum. Feeling Brenden’s hot jizz spray on his chest sends Aaron over the edge as he lets loose his own cum gushing load."

5746_019 5746_015

5746_010 5746_012

5746_001 5746_003

5746_005 5746_006





















Minute Man 34: Big Load, Scene 1

Starring Brenden Cage
Colt Studios

June 24, 2010

"A quiet afternoon at home, COLT Man Brenden Cage finds a great way to pass the time. Lounging on the bed watching a little man-on-man action on his laptop, he turns his attention to that growing bulge popping up out of his shorts. With a cocky grin and lots of flirty looks, Brenden draws you in and gives you an intimate display of all his best ASS-ets. Stripping away his boxers Brenden strokes and pulls his fat cock, slowly building up a fiery tension deep inside. The throbbing heat courses through his body as he draws closer to the BIG moment. His muscles tighten and the intensity reaches the tipping point as the fury that has been building up in his aching balls explodes. With a big smile and a sexy stare Brenden basks in the afterglow of a very satisfying BIG LOAD."

5900_001 5900_011

5900_012 5900_018
















Parker London Fucks Brenden Cage

February 18, 2010

"Uber hottie Parker London is back again (in both 2D and 3D), and this time has his way with Brenden Cage. Brenden has only bottomed one or two times before, but he really wanted Parker badly! In this hot scene, Parker goes to town on Brenden, who takes it like a man! Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com."


Brenden Cage & Brody Wilde


November 16, 2012

"Brenden Cage is the photographer on the set of a photo shoot. His subject is none other than the hot, young, hunk Brody Wilde. Brenden tells Brody to show some skin. After getting him to show off his hot body, Brenden tells him to pull his cock out just a bit so it peaks out of his pants. Brenden notices Brody's dick is still somewhat soft. "We need to work that up a bit," he says. Brenden sits on the couch and takes Brody Wilde's cock straight into his warm mouth. After getting Brody's cock rock hard, they continue making out. Brenden Cage's shirt comes off and Brody drops to his knees and sucks his cock. Brenden pushes him down on the couch and lays next to him as he sucks on his cock. He bends over and tells Brody to eat his ass. Brody's tongue digs into his tight hole. Brody then gets on all fours and Brenden teases his hole with his hard cock. Brody asks for Brenden's cock in his ass and he sticks it in. He then sits on Brenden's cock and rides it hard. Brenden then says, "Fuck this, get on your back." He lays Brody down on his back and drills his tight hole hard. Brody moans wildly in ecstasy. Brody Wilde pops his load as Brenden pounds away at his ass, his cum shoots uncontrollably and hits him in the face and chest. This turns Brenden Cage on and he jack hammers his cock into Brody's ass until he pulls out and rips his condom off just in time to shoot his load all over Brody's abs."


Jake Barebacks Brenden Cage


February 5, 2010

"It's almost exactly a year ago Brenden Cage was busy pounding my ass into submission. Now it's time for my revenge! I was ecstatic when I heard Brenden was willing to cum back and let me turn the tables on him. To get in the mood Brenden asks for a spanking. I slap his ass with a belt before leaving a pink hand print on his bubble butt. He loves it, and drops to his knees and begins to blow me for doing such a good job. I'm rock hard in seconds with Brenden's warm mouth wrapped around my dick. We 69 and I bury my tongue in his hole, getting it ready for my bare cock. Brenden's ass is surprisingly receptive for a newly converted bottom. His ass feels amazing! I fuck him raw and fuck him hard until I'm ready to cum. He licks my balls and I squeeze out a load into my hands. Brenden then fucks my face and splatters me with his creamy cum. Revenge is sweet!"






44 Jake_tops_brendencage_59

Jake_tops_brendencage_65 Jake_tops_brendencage_86

Brenden Cage Massaged


June 16, 2009

"Brenden Cage drips masculinity. His amazing body and rugged handsomeness make him a perfect candidate for my massage table. It's a pleasure working the tension out of those huge muscles. It's even better getting to munch on his bubble-butt and slurping down his meaty cock. After making sure Brenden is nice and relaxed I get him all worked up until he shoots his load on his stomach, which I then hastily lap up."







Brenden Cage BAREBACKS Jake


May 1, 2009

"A cage was practically needed to keep me off of Brenden Cage prior to our shoot starting. He's an amazing kisser, one of my biggest turn-ons, and with pecs and abs like his I could barely contain myself. After getting a taste of him during his servicing scene I just had to have his manstick inside me. Brenden dives in, bareback, and exceeds my expectations, giving me quite a fuck. So let your monster out of its cage and enjoy!"







Brenden Cage Serviced


February 27, 2009

"After Brenden did a solo and straight scene for us, I knew I had to get my hands on him. His bedroom eyes and a breathtaking physique get me all hot and bothered, so much so that I had to shave my head to keep cool! Watch as I kiss, stroke, suck, and rim Brenden for your enjoyment and mine."







26 87

Brenden Cage Solo


October 28, 2008

"Brenden's a personal trainer and a dancer, which explains his ripped body and his sensual moves. He's also got a nice piece of meat between his legs -- thick, long, ramrod-straight, with a big head. Watch as he puts that meat through his own special personal training session. You'll see Brenden really knows how to deliver results."




1 3

12 15

Brenden Cage and Tate Ryder


September 21, 2012

"Brenden Cage and Tate Ryder like to be watched, so they bring you in on the action. "You want to see my dick?" Tate asks you as Brenden pulls down his briefs. Brenden works Tate's pole while flashing those baby-blues at the camera. While both guys are acutely aware of their viewers at home, that doesn't make them any less into each other. The intensity runs high as they tease one another - and you. Tate Ryder swallows Brenden's thick knob down to its base. "It fucking tastes good!" Tate exclaims as Brenden Cage's eyes nearly roll into the back of his head. "Who wants to see me stick my big mushroom head in his ass?" Brenden asks. "I do!" replies Tate. Moments later his wish comes true. Brenden pounds Tate from behind. Tate spreads his ass, making sure he feels every inch of Brenden deep inside him. After bobbing up and down on Brenden's hard rod, Tate lays back so he can cum while Brenden Cage still thrusts deep inside him. Tate Ryder splatters his ripped abs and chest. Brenden follows suit, spraying his warm juice wildly onto Tate. "Did you like that?" Brenden asks. We certainly did!"





Brenden Cage and Kieron Ryan

Brenden Cage and Kieron Ryan


June 26, 2012

"Brenden Cage is giving Kieron Ryan personal training tips on how to finish his workout. "15 minutes of abs," Brenden tells Kieron. Kieron begins doing his crunches but it's not 15 seconds before Brenden is prying off Kieron's pants to get at his cock. Brenden goes down on Kieron who lets him know that he much prefers this workout routine to doing crunches. After sucking Kieron, Brenden stands up and shoves his dick in Kieron's face. Kieron sucks Brenden so well that Brenden makes him stop - he's close to cumming and still wants to fuck. Before fucking Kieron, Brenden sucks on Kieron's toes and even gets a foot job! Both guys are amped up and ready to fuck so Kieron leans back and Brenden shoves his cock in, pounding away. Kieron moans ecstatically from the feeling of Brenden inside him. He's rock hard the whole time he's being slammed. It feels so good that Kieron pops his load while still riding Brenden. Brenden winds up making quite a mess, spraying all over Kieron's face."


Brenden Cage & Will Parks


May 29, 2012

"Summer is getting hot. After a swim in the pool Will Parks drops his trunks and Brenden Cage follows his lead. Will towels down Brenden's back and soon they begin kissing and touching their hot bodies. They move onto the large chaise and suck each other passionately. Will then takes command and plows Brenden's tight ass in 2 positions. The studs flip and Brenden tops Will's hot hole. While holding Will's ankles in the air Brenden shouts "I'm going to cum!" and sprays his load onto Will's abs. Will follows up and pops his juice on top of Brenden's cream. Nothing hotter than sex after a swim."










Brenden Cage & Troy Collins


March 6, 2012

"Brenden Cage, with his perfectly chiseled body, has some fun with sexy and uncut Troy Collins. Troy couldn't wait to choke on Brenden's thick mushroom headed cock. Brenden returned the favor by slobbering all over Troy's foreskin and long shaft. On the bed they both enjoy taking each others dicks deep into their mouths in a hot 69ing session. After Brenden has had enough of Troy's dick he decides to pound his ass with his thick cock. Troy moans on all fours. Brenden then flips Troy on his back and fucks him some more. Troy's face shows pure ecstasy as Brenden's hot cock pumps in and out of his begging ass. Brenden finishes this hot fuck session by shooting a thick load that flies past Troy's head, landing on the sheets. Troy shoots out a creamy load all over his own abs and cock. Brenden bends down and ends this fuckfest with a sexy kiss."





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27 30
Brenden Cage and Trent Atkins

Brenden Cage and Trent Atkins


May 24, 2011

"'Cowabunga' is what excited surfers used to shout out back in the 1960s as they would begin their drop down after climbing up a wall of water. Fast forward to 2011 and the term symbolizes the post-surfing ecstasy experienced by hotties Brendan Cage and Trent Atkins. This duo was hanging ten all day and poor Trent sunburned his shoulders. A concerned Brenden (horny's more like it!) offers to soothe his buddy's red skin with some special lotion. His hands soon wander from the original target and end up inside Trent's board shorts. In short order, both guys are buck naked and take turns sucking each other's cocks. The bar counter under the thatched hut turns out to be a great place for Trent to rest his right leg as Brenden eats out his ass. Trent's hole is then filled with Brenden's pole. The fuckfest ends on beach towels with the guys taking turns dropping their cum loads. 'Cowabunga' indeed!"







Wrestle to Fuck II: Tyler's Revenge

Featuring Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint

March 12, 2010

"It's time for a rematch where the winner gets to fuck the loser. Our titans are ready to clash once again and Brenden Cage is feeling especially cocky after his first win. Tyler Saint has other plans this time around and is determined to fuck Brenden's virgin hole. Some playful smack-talk leads to Brenden getting his ass smacked as Tyler tosses him around. Brenden isn't ready to give up just yet, but it becomes increasingly clear Tyler is having his way with him on the mat. Finally, he admits defeat but claims he lost on purpose. We don't care whether he threw the match or not, we just want to see that cherry get popped! After eating each other’s asses and swallowing each other’s dicks, Tyler stuffs his monster cock into Brenden's hole. For a first timer Brenden soldiers through a good deal of pounding and even jumps on top to ride Tyler's thick cock. Both men wrap up the match with a cum filled finale all over Tyler's wide chest. Best two out of three anyone?"








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Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint

Wrestle to Fuck Part 1

Featuring Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint

November 20, 2009

"Two muscle-gods, Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint, clash in a raunchy wrestling match. The testosterone is flying and so are the bodies as they toss each other across the mat. Sweaty and winded, Brenden declares himself victor and his prize is getting to fuck Tyler’s ass. Tyler’s not convinced he lost, but doesn’t want to argue with that prize! Both men have their cocks swallowed and their asses thoroughly eaten out before Brenden slips his dick into Tyler’s tight hole. The longer they fuck, the tighter it gets and Tyler lets loose, getting the cum fucked out of him. Tyler gets a mouthful of cock, and a mouthful of cum as Brenden fucks his face until he pops."










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Brenden Cage and Brock Armstrong BAREBACK


July 24, 2009

"Brock and Brenden are clearly into each other from the get go, grabbing and pawing at each other’s broad chests and bulging muscles. Brock gets down on his knees to take Brenden’s hot cock in his warm, wet mouth. Within seconds Brenden has a raging hard-on. Brenden hops up on the bed and bends over, exposing his tight, tasty asshole. Brock licks and laps at it eagerly. They role into a sideways 69 position where Brock goes back to work on Brenden’s cock, while Brenden licks his feet. The boys decide that’s enough foreplay and Brock lays down and spreads his legs to take Brenden’s hard tool up his ass, bareback. Breathy moans of pleasure pour out from both studs as they fuck away, missionary, cowboy, and doggy-style until Brock can’t hold back and cums while being pounded from behind. He lays back, exhausted and Brenden hovers over him, stroking his meat until he gushes all over Brock’s mouth and chest."









Brenden Cage and Seth Sweet BAREBACK


June 19, 2009

"Hard-bodied Brenden Cage takes out his equally hard cock and fucks one of our most popular bottoms, Seth Sweet. Seth packs a super-thick cock of his own which seems to get bigger each time we film him. Man that thing is huge. Watch it get stroked and flop around as Seth receives a deep pounding, bareback."











Brenden Cage II


November 13, 2009

"Brenden Cage is back and sporting some boo-boos from recent stripping accident. Amber has the perfect remedy for any aches or pains Brenden may have: a finger up his ass! That will make him forget his bruises for sure. With the injury all but an afterthought Brenden certainly remembers how to fuck. His bubble-butt thrusts hard shoving his thick cock deep into his girl. They ride each other emphatically until Brenden drops a ginourmous load which Amber laps up."

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Brenden Cage


January 9, 2009

"Some guys just ooze sexual power, and Brenden is clearly one of those guys. Sure, he's got a fantastic body (get a load of those pecs!) with a beautiful V-shape, a perfectly round ass and washboard abs so defined you could cut your finger just touching them. But there's more - the way he calls all the shots when he fucks, the way his eyes are always focused on Ricki White, the authority with which he pounds her. This is a classic Greek statue come to hot, horny life, a sexual stallion at the top of his game."

Brenden Cage and Trent Locke

My Brother's Hot Friend at Suite703.com

June 28, 2010

"Trent is nothing but trouble, and he thinks he can get away with it because he's buds with his guidance counselor's bro. Mr. Cage however, doesn't care who he knows and isn't going to play that game. If Trent wants to take a stroll down a long, hard road, so be it. But just when you think he'll be kicking rocks, he winds up licking cock. Here cums another vale-dick-torian!" Watch This Fantasy Now


Brendon Cage

"Try It On With Brendon"

"We let the young blond athlete Brendon Cage loose in our studio costume and prop shop, just to see what the horny devil would do. It was no surprise to us when it took Brendon less than 3 minutes to find the clothing he felt the sexiest wearing - then stripped down and let it all fly! Take an afternoon coffee break with Brendon!"





Brendon_cageA005 Brendon_cageA012

Trunks 7, Scene 4

Trenton Ducati and Brenden Cage
Hot House Video

May 21, 2012

"Brenden Cage came to Palm Springs for one reason: to get it on with a hot muscle man. When he sees Trenton Ducati lying out by the pool rubbing his bulging crotch he makes his move. Brenden swims up to the stud and pulls down his trunks to reveal Trenton's big, thick cock. He takes it in his mouth and goes deep, giving him some real poolside service. The cock sucking makes Brenden's dick hard so he stands up and straddles Trenton and shoves his cock in his mouth. While Trenton sucks his dick Brenden jacks off Trenton with his huge ass cheeks. The anal foreplay push both men over the edge; it's time fuck. Brenden bends over a lawn chair and opens his muscular ass to receive Trenton's thick tool. He fucks Brenden good then surprises the hunk by asking if he wants to fuck him. Brenden, who's rock hard cock has been aching for some ass, jumps at the chance! He shoves Trenton down on all fours and rims him, getting him loose and wet so he can fuck him. Brenden fucks like a jack-hammer pounding a load out of Trenton then stands up to shower Trenton with a healthy stream of hot cum."


Eye Contact, Scene 5

Voyeuristic Fucking with Parker London and Brenden Cage
Lucas Entertainment

June 17, 2011

"Smooth muscle-studs Parker London and Brenden Cage are excited to have company, and they know what we're after: we want to see them fuck! Fulfilling our wish, Parker immediately dives into Brenden, rubbing his hands all over his lover's strong physique and licking his nipples. But the scene grows anxious when Parker works his way down to Brenden's briefs -- he first teases Brenden's cock, running his lips and tongue along his lover's sheathed bulge. He's not aggressive: Parker gives new meaning to slow, sensual oral sex as he gently sucks on Brenden, who loves every second of it. He shoots us a pleasured glance of approval before completely closing his eyes in ecstasy. Parker normally bottoms, but here he's the top in charge. First, Brenden gets him stiff with some deep oral action. After Parker's hard, he eats out Brenden's puckered hole, slips on a condom, and rides him like a cowboy. But soon it's Parker's turn: like the bottom whore that he is at heart, Parker hops on his back and thrust his ass up in the air. It's the perfect angle for Brenden to mount -- he humps the burly bottom with a hot intensity. They finish by cumming all over Brenden's chest, and while lying in their own cum, they roll around, making out and staring into each other eyes -- and ours."






Parker_London_Brenden_Cage_03 Parker_London_Brenden_Cage_04

Auditions 36: Pounded, Scene 5

Max Sinclair and Brenden Cage
Lucas Entertainment

October 1, 2010

"When a surfer meets a stripper, you know it’s going to be a wild ride. Verbal SoCal dude Brenden Cage loves Max Sinclair’s attentive tongue on the shaft of his cock so much, he can’t keep quiet! Brenden flips Max so that his famous ass is in the air, and he gives him a moist fingerfuck in his tight and hairy hole. Brenden then wastes no time in bending the furry muscle pup over and banging him like it’s his last day on earth! He conquers the bottom slut in several positions until he bursts a big warm nut across his chiseled, hairy torso!"


Brenden_Cage_Max_Sinclair_1 Brenden_Cage_Max_Sinclair_6
Kink Men

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

"A Pervert Electrician and His Bound Hung Stud "

May 9, 2013

"Perverted electrician Michael Anthony wheels in a dirty laundry cart. Inside, his bound stud Lief Kaase squirms to escape but he's not going anywhere. The more Lief fights the harder it makes Michael's cock. He shoves his hard cock down the boy's throat before ripping off his clothes. Lief tries to resist with all his might to get his cock up, but Michael keeps edging his giant member till it's nice and hard. After beating him red with the flogger, Michael shoves an electric butt plug up the poor boy's ass, and makes him worship his master's cock. Lief is laid out on the bed with his hands cuffed as Michael milks a load out of his giant cock. Michael isn't finished though, he bends his bound stud over the bed for the fuck of his life before blowing his load all over the boy's ass."

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase

Michael Anthony and Lief Kaase


"Servicing Michael Anthony"


November 11, 2009

"Michael Anthony and his girl just got back home after a session at the gym. Feeling hot, sweaty and horny she wasted no time and removes his shirt and pants to reveal his ripped body, big pecs and a huge cock waiting for her for another round of workout. He tells his girl why he is the best and what to do and she gladly complies. She spreads wide to take in Michael’s strong cock and then takes his cock deep into her mouth, working it nice and hard until he cums with an explosive load on her face."

Servicing Michael Anthony

Servicing Michael Anthony 027

Michael Anthony

"After Hours"

October 26, 2009

"While on a business trip our muscle hunk Michael Anthony takes the time off his busy schedule to work out late at night. When he returns to his hotel room Michael strips down his clothes to reveal his rock hard package and then quickly jumps in the shower to wash off all that sweaty muscles and ass clean." Come join Michael and soap him up and rinse him off as he stroke his big cock and give you a huge cum load explosion.


Michael Anthony


March 11, 2009

"Mike is a pure rugged muscle hunk with the epitome of a straight male alpha. He jacks off, flexes his glutes, and admires his muscular form with a stoccato of slaps that will make your mouth go slack and your saliva glands send a torrent of appreciation for this model down toward your keyboard. So protect your equipment and strap on a drool cup as you encounter this latest video extravaganza."


Michael Anthony

"Muscle Home Service"

January 12, 2009

"Michael Anthony in his Mission4Muscle video premier stars as a hot, horny, muscular stud who drops by on of his client's house for a session of muscle worship and seduction. His client has had a hot muscle dream about our muscleman, and a cooperative Michael brings the dream to life in a dose of reality that far exceeds the fantasy. As the very sexy and handsome Michael primps, preens, gyrates while flexing and massaging his shaved buff muscle you will be cheered along with the muscle worshiping customer and will be looking forward to your next home muscle service with this provocative hunk."

Mike Anthony & Rusty Stevens Bound

Mike Anthony & Rusty Stevens Bound


"Mike Anthony and Rusty Stevens fall on hard times and decide to make quick cash by taking on a photo assignment from an ad in the local newspaper. Watch as these two muscle buddies learn that the photo shoot was fake and a trap. The phony photographer had a different plan as he bound and gagged the two together and torment them by stripping off their underwear and fondling their bodies with his bare hands."

Mike Anthony Bound and Stripped

Mike Anthony Bound and Stripped


"While working out in his home gym our latest muscle hunk Mike Anthony find himself attacked and bound to the equipment by the masked muscle man who slowly rips and cuts away his clothes revealing his rock hard abs and huge pecs. Still bound the attacker terrorized the muscle hunk by molesting, whipping and spanking his helpless body."

Straight Muscle Guys

"Stripper Michael Anthony"


April 24, 2009

"Sexy ass stripper Michael Anthony gets dripping wet in this weeks update. Watch as he gyrates and grinds his way onto your screens in this weeks steamy update."

Straight Muscle Guys Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony -- Sexercise

Photography By : JJ Black
Men Machine

"What’s Michael Anthony’s favorite way to burn calories outside of the gym? “Masturbation,” he says with a laugh. “I also love off-road mountain biking. There are plenty of good biking trails near where I live.”



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