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Whats your beef (11)

What's Your Beef?

Starring Scott Hunter and Spencer Reed

July 27, 2012

"When Scott Hunter takes issue with Spencer's annoying habits at work the two decide to work it out. Well, That's to say Spencer uses and abuses Scott throwing him to position like a rag doll, tying his hands behind his back before ripping the seat out of Scott's tight fitting trousers so that he can finger and fuck Scott till he squeals! Young Scott doesn't stand a change against the hulk of an American and gets the rest of his shirt and suit ripped from his body before another onslaught of hard fucking from Spencer . Scott Hunter raped and pounded, Spencer Reed driving in to him like a juggernaut - now that's what we like to see! "


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Whats your beef (5)

Whats your beef (15)

Whats your beef

Whats your beef (16)

Whats your beef (6)

Whats your beef (1)

Whats your beef (13)

Whats your beef (12)

Whats your beef (8)

Whats your beef (7)

Whats your beef (2)

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Whats your beef (14)

Whats your beef (9)

Whats your beef (3)

The Spy Who Came On Me

Starring Cavin Knight and Spencer Reed

June 8, 2012

"When the sexy hitman Cavin Knight is sent by a secret organization to retrieve important information, he isn't expecting to be surprised by the buffed hunk agent Spencer Reed and what starts as an easy mission, culminates in Calvin being tied down and force fucked by Spencer's huge veiny dick . With Calvin unable to fight back Spencer can also take his time and enjoy pushing his tongue in to Cavin's ass and forcing him to gag on his thick cock before bathing him in his juicy cum."


Spy (13) Spy (14)

Spy (5) Spy (6)

Spy (1) Spy (8)

Spy (2) Spy (3)

Spy (7) Spy (4)

Spy (11)

Spy (9)

Spy (10)

Spy (12)

Introducing Spencer Reed

Starring Spencer Reed

April 6, 2012

"When this beefy mountain of muscles entered the Menatplay studios, the whole crew couldn't wait to see him get the MAP makeover. We gave him the Big Boss look that suits his stature so well - Rolled up shirt sleeves, braces (suspenders for our U.S. cousins) and a green tie to match those amazing green eyes. And seeing that firm massive body unwrapped as Spencer plays with his nipples running his hands over his massive pecs, then showing his gorgeous cock and beautiful ass and...ok, ok I'm getting myself horny now so better let you go ahead watch for yourself."















Fur Mountain, Scene 1

Starring Dirk Caber and Spencer Reed
Colt Studios

July 12, 2012

"Sprawled out under a pick-up truck, Spencer Reed is busy with his mechanic's tools in hand. Dirk Caber watches from above, patting his bulging jeans as he watches Spencer on his back under the truck. Spencer looks up from under the truck and asks, "You think that works"? Dirk looks at Spencer's hairy chest, gives his hard tool a squeeze and says,"It works for me". Spencer rises up toward Dirks bulge and laps his tongue on that thick juicy cock. Slowly stripping each other out of their clothes, these guys enjoy sucking and slurping on their hard cocks in the hot, blazing sun.

Dirk bends over the grill of the pick-up and offers his hairy, beefy ass, offering it up for Spencer to do as he will. Spencer buries his face in that hot muscle butt as he strokes his meaty cock. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Spencer drills his meaty dick deep into Dirks hungry manhole, giving him a hard and deep pounding. Riding wild, Dirk get son top and takes Spencer's throbbing cock to the hilt. Ramming his hole on Spencer's thick meat, Dirk unleashes a gusher, draining his balls of sweet, hot cum. Spencer rises to his feet as Dirk drops to his knees to take Spencer's thick, drenching load."

23423_003 23423_009

23423_015 23423_030

23423_019 23423_028

23424_005 23424_017

23424_015 23424_014




















Uniform Men, Scene 2

Starring Samuel Colt and Spencer Reed
Colt Studios

April 19, 2012

"Shortly after his hot scene with Adam, Spencer Reed is still hot and horny. On the sidelines of Samuel Colt’s photo-shoot, Spencer talks with the COLT production crew about how he likes to get down and dirty and talks about what he would do with a guy like Samuel.

Decked out in his Army fatigues, Spencer grabs Samuel by the head and drives his face into his chest. Tearing holes in his shirt, Spencer’s hairy muscled chest busts through as Samuel licks and sucks at those rock-hard and hairy pecks. Spencer takes Samuel again by the head and forcefully drives him down to his crotch, demanding service. Samuel handles the rough treatment well and eagerly services his captain’s throbbing man-tool. “Get down there!” “Yeah suck that Cock!” Spencer demands as he tears off his torn shirt and flexes his muscles.

Shoving Samuel down onto the floor, Spencer puts his boot on Samuel's ripped abs and strokes up a thick batch. Samuel opens wide as Spencer shoots a hot load down on his face. A thick spray of dick juice lands on his tongue as he is showered in cum. The taste of Spencer’s hot cum gets Samuel off as he jacks his load all over Spencer’s army boots."


18527_005 18527_019

18523_018 18523_016

18525_020 18525_023

18525_025 18525_028



















Uniform Men, Scene 1

Starring Adam Killian and Spencer Reed
Colt Studios

March 15, 2012

"As the COLT Men arrive on set for the shooting of an upcoming COLT Uniform Calendar, the COLT production crew takes some time to talk with the shirtless and well-muscled Adam Killian. As Spencer Reed can be seen behind him posing for his photo-shoot, Adam shares about some of his earliest uniform fantasies as well as some new fantasies that come to mind as he watches Spencer’s hot and steamy photo-shoot.

Cut to a close-up of Adam standing at attention in his finest Marine Dress Blues. A white gloved hand belonging to Spencer Reed reaches in and slowly unbuttons each shiny brass button of Adam’s jacket. With intense eye contact Spencer leans in for a hot man-on-man lip-lock. Reaching in those bulging dress pants and grabbing a handful of Adam’s thick and meaty cock, Spencer goes down on his knees for some attentive call to duty.

Taking turns, both men give each other’s cocks a thorough polishing before Adam bends Spencer over a nearby foot-locker. Lubing up Spencer’s hot man-hole Adam get that ass ready and willing before he takes his throbbing hard cock and gives it to Spencer good. Half undressed and half still in uniform, Spencer takes his big cock inch by inch while loving every minute of it. Before long Adam asks “you want some of my ass?” to which Spencer exclaims “Fuck Yeah!”. Switching positions the fuck-fest continues as each man takes his turn giving up his hot butt for the other. After a few flips their cocks are fully loaded and ready to blow. Spencer is taking it hard and on his back as he strokes his cock in hand. Spencer lets it fly, gushing white cum as Adam drills his ass. Adam doesn’t let up one bit. Fucking that hot muscled booty until the last second, Adam pulls out and strokes out a thick load giving Spencer a thick coating of his hot steamy cum. Wanting to taste that sweet dick juice Spencer gathers up every drop and licks his fingers clean."


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18524_010 18524_031

18524_022 18524_030

18523_001 18523_003

18523_013 18527_015

18523_004 18527_016






















Manpower, Scene 1

Starring Bob Hager and Spencer Reed
Colt Studios

December 15, 2011

"In a rustic vineyard setting, rough and rugged Spencer Reed is the picture of masculinity as he lounges with his work shirt open and his manhood in hand. His muscled furry chest and big cock soon attract some company. COLT Man Bob Hager marches onto the scene shirtless and with the top button of his denim shorts undone, ready for some hot-man-on-man action. Coming up from behind Bob runs his hands up and down Spencer's hot body and reaches down for a fistful of that big piece of man-meat. As a greeting Bob gets down on his knees and devours Spencer's cock. On his knees Bob settles in for a long session of dedicated cock worship, showing us his hot and furry ass as he feasts on Spencer's massive tool.

With Spencer's cock throbbing hard and dripping with pre-cum he bends Bob over and makes a meal of his hot ass. Licking, probing and spitting on that hot hole Spencer gets Bob's butt good and ready. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Spencer drives his cock deep into Bob's hungry ass. Grunting with pleasure Bob takes a good hard pounding and loves every minute of it, spreading his ass wide to take it even deeper. After being in the driver's seat for a long hard fuck, Spencer kicks back and lets Bob get on top for a ride. Bob gets on it reverse style, giving Spencer a hot view of that furry ass as he rides it hard. With cock deep inside him Bob's big thick load comes erupting to the surface, gushing cum as his ass enjoys every inch of Spencer's hot man tool. As soon as Bob finishes busting his nut, Spencer is ready to blow. Taking his cock in hand Spencer gives his mighty meat a hard jerk as he fires it off with a hot and steamy load."





























Muscles in Leather, Scene 1

Starring Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed
Colt Studios

May 12, 2011

"In a dark dungeon play room, two half naked and leather-clad studs Spenser Reed and Phillip Aubrey share a cigar. Back and forth they exchange the sweet smoke, the intense eye contact and hot open mouthed exploration. Phillip takes a knee before muscle stud Spencer, lapping it up and breathing in the sweet musk of Spencer’s bugling leather jock. Ready to bust out, Spencer strips off his jock and lets it all hang out, giving Phillip something to truly worship; his thick swollen cock.

Once he has Spencer’s cock throbbing, Phillip turns and spreads his ass open, giving Spencer an open invitation. Spencer dives in on that hole with his tongue, lubing it up, probing it with his fingers and getting it ready and twitching for what comes next.

Bending Phillip over, Spencer plows that ass, driving his cock deep and hard right from the start. Grabbing ahold of Phillip’s harness, Spencer thrusts his big cock to the hilt. Getting down and dirty Spencer lays back on the floor, his hard dick standing straight up inviting a hot ass to come sit on it. Taking his cue, Phillip gets up on top of it and drives his ass down on that thick meaty pole. Riding it hard Phillip jacks his aching cock until he explodes cum. Once Phillip drains his cock Spencer gets up and is urgently ready to blow. Gushing cum he drenches Phillip, jacking a thick creamy load directly in his face."


12556_004 12556_005

12556_008 12556_015

12556_016 12556_017

12553_005 12553_006

12553_023 12553_026






















Spencer Reed and Logan Scott

Man Up, Scene 1

Spencer Reed and Logan Scott
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

January 3, 2011

"After completing the day's maneuvers Spencer Reed hits the showers and finds Logan Scott whining about how brutal the training's been. Spencer cajoles his fellow soldier to �man up� and reassures him that he'll always have his back ... even his dick and whatever else needed to make things easier. The two men suck face before Spencer starts sucking Logan's cock, opening wide to swallow him whole. Then they switch places so Logan can taste his buddy's big dick sliding in and out of his mouth. Spencer is soon craving more action and attacks Logan's hairy ass, poking a finger and his tongue deep inside before he licks it up. He follows the slurpy tongue action with slamming his pole up his mate's hole and fucking him hard and fast until he blows his wad with Logan cumming right after just as copiously."

Spencer Reed and Logan Scott

Spencer Reed and Logan Scott

Sektor 9 Part 2, Scene 3

Starring Ben Brown and Spencer Reed
Hot House

January 23, 2012

"Ben Brown knows he's in for it when Spencer Reed comes out of the meat locker wielding an inflatable dildo. Brown struggles with his shackles to no avail - Reed shoves the butt-toy in Brown's tight hole and inflates it mercilessly. All of the hardcore buttplay makes Reed's cock rock hard. He feeds Brown his thick bone who slobbers on it. Reed rewards Brown's excellent cock sucking skills by fucking his big round ass. The herculean stud pounds the young stud's hole with such strength Brown bites down on his chains to keep from screaming out loud. Finally satiated Reed shoots his load then leaves Brown alone to rub one out of his own fat uncut cock."

WATCH Sektor 9 Part 2, Scene 3 Starring Ben Brown and Spencer Reed

HOT_HOUSE_17744_001 HOT_HOUSE_17744_004

HOT_HOUSE_17744_002 HOT_HOUSE_17744_003

HOT_HOUSE_17745_002 HOT_HOUSE_17745_003

HOT_HOUSE_17745_005 HOT_HOUSE_17745_008

HOT_HOUSE_17745_011 HOT_HOUSE_17745_012

HOT_HOUSE_17745_014 HOT_HOUSE_17745_015






Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan

Sektor 9 Part 1, Scene 1

Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan
Hot House Video

November 14, 2011

"The submission training begins in Sektor 9 with Marc Dylan, handcuffed and chained to a brick wall. Spencer Reed, a 6'2', 225 lb dominant top, steps up and immediately takes charge. Reed eats the young stud's ass then releases him so that he can feed him his fat cock. All of the manhandling gets Dylan so hot he begs Reed to fuck his ass. Reed throws Dylan on his back and pounds his hole hard until he pulls out and shoots all over Dlyan's back. He licks up his own cum then licks Dylan's balls while he jacks off and blows his load. Reed orders Dylan to lick his own cum off his abs and he does as he's told."

Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan

Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan

Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan

Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan

Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan

Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan Spencer Reed and Marc Dylan

Pack Attack 5: Shane Frost, Scene 1

Shane Frost, Spencer Reed, Trevor Knight, Cole Streets, Shay Michaels, Preston Steel
Hot House Video

October 24, 2011

"The men stand around jacking off, teasing Shane Frost, who pounds on the bars of his cage; he wants to be in the middle of the pack sucking dick. Spencer Reed drags the horny pup (complete with a dog-tail buttplug!) out of his cage and the men shove their hard cocks down his throat. Like a good dog Shane works his way around the circle of meat, slobbering as he swallows every cock to the base. In a virtual feeding-frenzy, Shane greedily sucks two dicks at a time while the pack smacks his rosy ass cheeks, preparing him for what lies ahead."

Rod Daily and Spencer Reed

Sanctuary 2, Scene 2

Rod Daily and Spencer Reed
Hot House Video

July 28, 2011

"Spencer Reed, a 6' 3' dominant stud, towers over most men like a giant with a thick 9-inch weapon, hard and ready for action. Rod Daily's prayers are answered when he finds Reed alone in an empty playroom. They take turns worshiping each other's fat cocks until Reed pushes Daily's muscular ass down on his throbbing jackhammer. Daily rides him hard then jumps off and jacks a load out of the handsome dark-haired hunk."

Rod Daily and Spencer Reed
Spencer Reed and AJ Irons

Head Hunters 3, Scene 3

Spencer Reed and AJ Irons
Hot House Video

February 7, 2011

"Supervisor Spencer Reed calls AJ Irons into his office to give him a warning: if he doesn't step it up and show him what he's got, he's going to be fired. Irons takes his boss's warning literally and opens his dress pants to show his boss his fat Latin cock. Reed takes AJ's huge dick in his mouth before kicking back to get his thick tool serviced. Spencer, a hulking mound of muscle, overpowers AJ and throws him down on the desk to fuck him hard. The after-hours butt-fucking continues until Reed pulls out and sprays Irons with cum."

Spencer Reed and AJ Irons Spencer Reed and AJ Irons
Spencer Reed & Diego Vena"Spencer's Gift"
Spencer Reed & Diego Vena

September 15, 2011

"This week we have a scorching new addition to MenOver30.com as we welcome Spencer Reed. Joining him this week is olive skinned hottie Diego Vena. They start off making out on the couch as Diego starts to run his tongue down Spencer's massive chest and abs. Diego licks his way south til he reaches Spencer's growing crotch. Diego goes to town on that thick cock as Spencer starts to bob his head on it. Spencer's cock is soon rock hard as Diego deep throats as much of it as he can. Diego works his heavy nuts before going right back to shoving that meat all the way down his throat. Spencer then bends Diego over and gets his tongue up in that smooth ass he will soon be stretching open. Diego groans as he gets that ass prepped for a proper fucking. Spencer eats that ass and starts to finger that ass teasing Diego and making him want that cock even more. "You want dick?" Spencer grins as he gets into position and starts to shove inside. Spencer starts to pound away at that ass as hi! s ball slap away at Diego's hole. Spencer loves that ass and gets on the floor to let Diego do some work. "Ride that dick" he grunts as Diego starts to ride. Spencer then gets Diego on this back and keeps the party going missionary style. He watches as Diego's hungry ass just swallows his meaty dick with ease. Spencer then gets him over on his side as he continues to give that ass what it needs- more dick. Spencer then pulls out and unloads all over Diego's face and head as Diego strokes his own load all over his happy trail."
Spencer Reed & Diego Vena Spencer Reed & Diego Vena
Spencer Reed & Diego Vena Spencer Reed & Diego Vena
Spencer Reed & Diego Vena Spencer Reed & Diego Vena
Spencer Reed and Carsten Andersson Spencer Reed and Carsten Andersson

February 3, 2012

"Carsten Andersson is your typical perfect blonde German boy with a sweet milky white ass. He is willing to do anything Spencer Reed tells him to do. He submissively lets Spencer tie his hands behind his back and expose his jock-strapped ass in the air. Once tied down Spencer uses Carsten’s perfect mouth and ass for his own pleasure."
Spencer Reed and Carsten Andersson Spencer Reed and Carsten Andersson
Nate Karlton and Spencer Reed Nate Karlton and Spencer Reed

November 25, 2011

"Nate Karlton is the tight end who is captured by the quarterback of his rival team, dragged in, and tied up in the locker room. Spencer Reed wants to abuse him and wear Nate out before their game. While taunting him, Spencer repeatedly throws the football into Nate’s rock hard abs. Nate struggles to get free but has no choice but to take the brutal beating."
Nate Karlton and Spencer Reed

Nate Karlton and Spencer Reed

Nate Karlton and Spencer Reed

Nate Karlton and Spencer Reed
Daddy It HurtsDaddy It Hurts
Catalina Video

Starring Alessio Romero, Alexander Greene, Aron Ridge, Cole Harvey, David Chase, Ricky Larkin, Rock, and Spencer Reed

"DADDY IT HURTS continues a long tradition of hot videos from legendary Catalina Video. Exploring the topic of "daddy and son" relationships, the movie fits in seamlessly alongside the rest of the fabled Catalina library.

This highly sexual film stars gay porn superstar, Spencer Reed and explores the taboo topic of "daddy and son" relationships. Spencer takes a cast of stars and new favorites through their paces; including Aron Ridge, David Chase, and Alessio Romero, all cumulating in a spectacular boy-man orgy that will have you blowing buckets."
Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts Daddy It Hurts

Daddy It Hurts Daddy It Hurts
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