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SITES: Men of Montreal


Piercing Ivan's Tight Ass

Featuring Ivan Lenko and Mario Torrez

March 21, 2014

"This scene was a long time in the making. Getting our bi-curious hunk Ivan Lenko to finally reverse positions and bottom for the first time took a fair bit of convincing. A couple of weeks ago, we finally got him to accept. He had seen and talked to a few guys from our site who had taken the plunge and he figured he should be able to pull it off. So Ivan came by the office a week before this shoot and picked up a 7' dildo to practice. We decided to team him up with newcomer Mario Torrez who sports a nice 8' uncut cock.

Mario had booked a hotel room and Ivan had reached the point where he wanted to try the real thing instead of a dildo. Our top guy suggested that they go to the room 'to check out your progress', as he said to Ivan. The guys knew each other already, so Ivan was comfortable knowing that Mario would be the one popping his cherry... Off to the hotel they went!

Mario wanted to help Ivan get rid of his obvious nervousness, so he offered to give his buddy a bit of a back rub -- an offer that Ivan was quite happy to accept. As he was relaxing more and more, clothes started coming off. Mario was tenderly kissing Ivan's body as he was peeling off, one by one, articles of clothing. He made his way down to Ivan's stiff dick, pulling it out of its underwear and wrapping it between his lips. Mario was doing a superb job of sucking on Ivan's pole, going down on it right to the base, sucking and licking away at his balls and shaft.

It was then time for Ivan to reciprocate. He got going by doing what he does best, i.e. kissing his partner tenderly and sensually licking his upper body, before making his way down to Mario's white briefs. Ivan took our new Man of Montreal's cock in hand and started stroking and sucking him into a stiff boner.

The guys switched positions on the bed, and Ivan got on his stomach so Mario could gain access to his ass. Mario spat some saliva on Ivan's ass crack and then thumbed his hole to loosen him up. Then came his large 8' uncut cock.

To say that Ivan was tight would be an understatement. And Mario's cock was larger than the dildo he had been using. Our top was having some difficulty getting in, so he guided his buddy into relaxing. He finally was able to pop in his 8 incher and then he started fucking our muscle bottom firmly. First in a doggie position, then missionary-style, Mario eventually got Ivan comfortable enough to firmly take his big cock. But Ivan was clearly struggling from time to time. Mario decided to give Ivan a break as he stopped fucking and sat up on his bottom's chest facing down to his dick, so he could get his ass rimmed. Before sitting his ass hole firmly over Ivan's mouth, the guys got into a bit of 69 action. Both were rock hard throughout.

While Ivan had his mouth smothered in Mario's asshole, our top dude was jerking both cocks. The guys were getting close. They ramped up and actually shot at the same time. After they came, Mario laid next to his buddy. The look on his face was one of satisfaction for a job well done! He moved in and kissed Ivan as they faded off screen."









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Muscle To Muscle

Featuring Christian Power and Ivan Lenko

September 10, 2013

"This was one of the three scenes that we shot last month at a friend's house in the Mauricie region of Quebec, 1.5 hour east of Montreal. We combined muscles and brawn in this one, as Ivan Lenko, our hunky Ukrainian Canadian, and Zeus-size Christian Power squared off.

We were shooting on the huge patio deck, so the guys were able to take in the sun's unobstructed rays. Next door, we could occasionally hear the neighbours talking, oblivious to the shenanigans going on in our side. The roar of transport trucks on the nearby uphill highway helped to muffle the heavy breathing and panting that we were generating on set. As the morning started off nice and sunny, clouds moved in progressively and the scene's finale was actually shot under a huge patio parasol, covering the guys from the intense showers suddenly rushing down on us. So if the guys look a bit awestruck or distracted, the tight surroundings under the parasol didn't help matters.Our two bodybuilders' engines were revved up that day and they quickly started playing with themselves as they were chatting. It wasn't long before Ivan moved into position next to Christian and began admiring and worshiping his rock hard chest, abs and arms. Christian was anxious to see how Ivan's mouth would feel with a lip ring wrapped around his cock; so he gladly served it up when Ivan asked if he could go down on him.

The heat was getting the better of Ivan, so his lips left Christian's cock as he got up and went to cool off under a shower head. Once under the jet though, Ivan was stunned as the water turned suddenly and brutally cold. There was no hot water coming from the shower head, so we had to give him a break while shooting to let him warm up under the daytime sun. Ivan returned to shower, holding back his body shivering and teeth chatter from the cameras' glare... What a champ!!

Once he rejoined Christian, they both stood up and got into some intense muscle worshiping and fondling. Christian eventually went onto his knees and gave his fellow bodybuilder a boner-inducing blow job. After some hot kissing and a lot of attention to Ivan's nipples and arm pits, Christian placed his partner in an inclined lounge chair and continued to blow his hot dick. Ivan was clearly enjoying all the attention.

As they both got back up, Ivan went for a second round on Christian's cock. He then moved the bulky muscle hunk up against the deck's wooden fence and dove his tongue into the very deeply hidden asshole. Getting to Christian's hole is always a challenge for guys because his ass cheeks are so massive and tight. But Ivan made it through and got his partner's ring all wet and ready for a fuck. Christian then moved back onto another lounge chair, giving Ivan better access as he went back to fucking his bigger partner.The guys were getting all hot and heavy when the rain started to fall. We quickly placed a parasol over their heads and bodies, letting them quickly get back to jacking their uncut dicks. Christian was distracted by the falling rain, but he still managed to be the first to announce that he would cum. After saying 'me too', Ivan actually beat him to it and was the first to shoot his huge load of cum on the face of a surprised-looking Christian. His surprised and awkward look was hilarious. Christian did pause from his own cum shot to let Ivan empty his balls, but quickly resumed his jacking off when his partner finished; seconds later, he shot his load on his abs.

Thunder and lightning had been forewarning us of a deluge that ultimately came about 15 seconds after the guys shot. With the wind now swirling, the parasol was of no more use in covering us from the rain. Things turned quickly into a mad dash for cover to prevent the equipment from getting soaked."










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Oh Canada! Oh boy, oh boy!

Featuring Ivan Lenko

March 19, 2013

"This solo is longer than usual, but you will see why when you watch it. This guy is worth every minute! In his interview, Ivan Lenko told Marko Lebeau that he was a bit nervous to shoot his first scene, but his body language during the interview didn't reveal any nervousness whatsoever. And, when he did his solo, he was everything but nervous... A tease, fun loving, sexy and sensual...

As a male stripper, Ivan sure knows how to charm an audience, and his stage presence was clearly obvious in this scene. He knows how to put on a show. Posing and smiling several times for the camera, he is clearly enjoying himself, and he admitted as much after the shoot.

A real patriot, this Ukrainian Canadian was sporting a maple leaf jock strap that embraced so deliciously his Canadian sausage and buns. Ivan is so kind and friendly, and those nipple & lip rings just say: 'I'm not as innocent as I may first come across as'.

While showering, Ivan really gets into playing with his cock and balls, and gives us a pretty hot show of fingering his butthole several times. For his cum shot, he turns off the water, lies down in the tub and pumps us a nice load of hot cum all over his chest. He then rubs it with his hand and then, using the same hand, rubs his face. Ivan defines himself as straight but curious. This was obviously a bit of a daring move for him.

Ivan has decided to take the plunge and work with us some more. You will be seeing him in his first sex scene with Alexy Tyler in a couple of weeks...

Welcome aboard Ivan!"


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