Nemeth Hammar
Michael Bragalli
Farris Caristeas


SITES: Live Muscle Show, Powermen


Farris Caristeas

Nationality: Greek
Height: 1 80
Weight: 95 kg
Chest: 133 cm
Waist: 77 cm
Bicep: 49 cm
Thigh: 72 cm

Work Out Routine and Diet: I train five days on week with 2 days free and I use heavy work becouse it makes me feel strong! I use many carbohydrates in off season to put more mass on me! I love to be huge.

Turn Ons: I like when a guy talks to me dirty and I like to jerking off for him!

Turn Offs: I dont like hate and rude people

Favorite Sexual Fantasy: I would like have sex with 2 or 3 guys on the beach at the same time, to have them lick all over my body and......

Any other information: I'm a professional stripper (i dance in many country) and I love to take off my clothes.

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Powermen Yummi Cosmin, Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas

Romanian Trio

Featuring Yummi Cosmin, Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas

"Three more of those hot built, and horny Romanian musclemen meet to work out, box, wrestle, flex, and enjoy a mutual shower room jo session! Watch as steamy, lean-muscled Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas take on heavyweight Yummi Cosmin for the title of top muscledog... wonder who is going to win? One thing is're sure not going to lose when you check out these powermen in the native muscle-grunting habitat."







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