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All Saints Chapter 2: Dean Monroe & Sean Ford

Featuring Dean Monroe, Levi Karter & Sean Ford

December 12, 2019

"Why has Puck (Levi Karter) been popping up throughout ALL SAiNTS? You'll find out here as his long journey comes full circle. He seeks help from two unlikely sources for his personal dilemma...involving another important character's fate. The solution includes guiding Luke (Sean Ford from "The Bottle Collector") to Puck's omnipotent mentor Seth (Dean Monroe in his long-awaited return) from Answered Prayers. Just as he did with Puck, Seth helps Luke navigate the afterlife through his tutelage.. and companionship.

After some time with him Seth is drawn to Luke's beauty and is captivated to bond with him physically. In this condom-less scene, Seth (Dean) first bestows a mere gift which soon turns to sensual touching and gentle kissing with Luke (Sean Ford). In response Luke's lips travel over Seth (Dean) and down to his bulging crotch. He pleases Seth by sucking him and soon Set subtly takes control to lie Luke down and lovingly suck him deep.

When Luke (Sean) tells Seth (Dean) he wants him inside him, Seth takes him by the hand into his office. He lies Luke on his back to eat his ass and he's enthralled to move right ahead to fucking him with mutual deep pleasure. Shortly he picks up Luke and carries him back to fill his hole on top of a big ottoman. After some intense drilling Seth (Dean) takes a rest prompting Luke (Sean) to sit on top of him and ease Seth's cock inside him.

Very soon Luke is riding Seth enthusiastically and in response Seth fucks him back with renewed energy. With unstoppable momentum behind him Luke (Sean) shoots his load over Seth's chest and dapples his outstretched tongue with thick drops. Shortly after this Seth (Dean) pulls out and cums into his crack and Luke slides right back into his cock. AS they lie together a spent Seth drifts into drowsy state while Luke sits up wake and ready for what's next."

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Jock Doc, Scene 3

Starring Dean Monroe and Pierce Paris
Hot House

April 12, 2018

"Pierce Paris has a sore shoulder from practice and is waiting to be checked out on the exam table. When nurse Dean Monroe gets a look at Pierce, he puts on a white lab coat and pretends to be the doctor. Dean isn't going to let this stud get away, and after massaging Pierce's shoulders, he can tell that Pierce is receptive to his advances. Dean can see that Pierce's bulge is growing by the second and he reacts quickly by getting the hunk out of his pants. Dean takes Pierce's massive dick in his mouth, and as Pierce continues to disrobe, Dean takes full advantage by sniffing and licking every article of clothing that Pierce throws to the floor. Soon the ripped studs are fully naked and Pierce knows exactly what his new 'doctor' needs. Pierce takes Dean's uncut cock and balls in his mouth and then flips him over to lick his tight ass. Pierce wants to feel Dean from the inside and slides his monster cock deep into his hole. It's exactly what Dean needed and after flipping around to take Pierce's cock in as many positions as he can, he blasts a load in Pierce's hand that feeds it back to Dean. Pierce has worked himself to the brink and needs to bust a nut. He throws Dean down onto the table and straddles the stud until his cock explodes into Dean's open mouth. This is just what the doctor ordered...if only Dean were really a doctor."

WATCH Jock Doc, Scene 3 Starring Dean Monroe and Pierce Paris









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Earthbound - Heaven to Hell 2


Earthbound - Heaven to Hell 2, Scene 2

Starring Arad Winwin, Dean Monroe, Gabriel Alanzo, and Sean Zevran
Falcon Studios

May 12, 2017

"'Please me,' says the Devil (Dean Monroe) to his Dark Angel servants. Duty-bound to satisfy their master, Dark Angels Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin, and Gabriel Alanzo press their hands on Dean's muscular body. The four menacing demons of the underworld turn to each other and savor the pleasures of their flesh. Gabriel opens his mouth to receive Sean's monster cock, slathering it with spit, as Dean swallows Arad's massive sword. Sean eats Gabriel's ass, and Arad spits into Dean's mouth. Borrowing the Devil's throne, Sean takes a seat as Arad services him orally. The four dirty angels congregate together in a seething, writhing mass of bulging muscles, hard cocks, and open mouths. Sean and Dean tag team Gabriel's cock as Arad face fucks him. As Dean relaxes on his throne and watches, Sean thrusts his cock inside Gabriel's ass and pounds him with all his supernatural strength. Gabriel licks Dean's nipples, always trying to please his master. Dean savors the taste of Arad's spectacular cock as it slides into his gullet. But now it's time for the boss to get what he really wants: his hole pounded. Sean slides in first, stretching out Dean's hole. Arad steps up next and drives his meat deep inside Dean. As Dean strokes his cock, Arad moves up to Dean's face and shoots his load into Dean's open mouth and across his dark beard. Sean pounds Gabriel's load out of him, but he's sure to deliver it directly to his master. Sean sprays his load across Dean's thigh, and Dean shoots off a white-hot load."

WATCH Earthbound - Heaven to Hell 2, Scene 2 Starring Arad Winwin, Dean Monroe, Gabriel Alanzo, and Sean Zevran

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Dripping Wet 4, Scene 2

Starring Christopher Daniels and Dean Monroe
Falcon Studios

December 28, 2012

"Blond stud Christopher Daniels is drifting on a raft when the stunning Dean Monroe pulls him in for a kiss. Sly Dean, sporting slicked-back hair and a full manicured beard, slips a finger in Christopher's ass while slipping his tongue into Christopher's mouth. Daniels arches his back and nods, 'go for it.' Dean takes a moment to survey his prey, letting one hand run down Christopher's thigh while the other circles his furry chest. Grabbing Christopher's hard shaft, Dean rubs the head around his nose and mouth before sucking it.Christopher needs to get fucked. Now. They seek dry ground and without further foreplay, Daniels settles his hole onto Monroe's upright cock. Loads of saliva are exchanged, whether it's Dean lubricating the cock he's sucking or Christopher spitting into Dean's mouth while he gets poled. The pace changes when Christopher dismounts and his face seeks out the musty cleavage of Dean's buns. It's Dean's turn to get fucked. Christopher spears him from behind, using more spit for lube. Six-packs ripple in unison until Dean suddenly rights himself, releasing a burst of cum that triggers Daniels to do likewise, then lap the gooey stickiness off the hairs on Dean's chest."

WATCH Dripping Wet 4, Scene 2 Starring Christopher Daniels and Dean Monroe

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Deep Inside Part 2, Scene 1

Starring Dean Monroe and Jed Athens
Falcon Studios

November 2, 2012

""Dean Monroe only looks like he’s relaxing in the den with a book. With his cock peeking out from his open bathrobe, he’s really luring striking Jed Athens to come and get it. The book’s forgotten when the clean-cut Jed’s own cock surges steely hard from his robe. Jed’s foreskin nibbling and extreme cocksucking ravishes Dean with suction so great Dean’s nearly knocked out. Devouring Jed’s long bone, Dean’s a deep-throat master who seems to have no need to breathe. Near delirious, the sweat covered pair whirl into a flip-flopping furor—Dean laying on his back, his tent-pole cock standing straight up with Jed impaled, and then Jed splaying Dean’s legs wide to shove first his tongue and then his rock-hard cock impossibly deep into the black depths of Dean’s accepting ass. Lips locked, the gasping lovers milk up heaving jets of steamy cum."

WATCH Deep Inside Part 2, Scene 1 Starring Dean Monroe and Jed Athens

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Summer Lust, Scene 2

Starring Dean Monroe and D.O.
Falcon Studios

September 14, 2012

"Looking as statuesque as always, D.O. steps out of the pool, his clinging swim suit revealing the contours of his huge cock. It's steadily growing as he eyes Dean Monroe, who's sleeping just inside the house, his tasty British butt issuing an invitation D.O. can't refuse. The Latin stud slides his face between those warm white orbs, and spreads Dean's cheeks to show us an asshole cavern already yawning open in expectation. Not wanting to rush things, D.O. lies down so Dean can slurp his massive uncut cock down his gullet. D.O. holds Dean's head and fucks his face fiercely. Dean swings around, continuing to suck that heavenly cock as he settles his ass on D.O's face for finger probing, double thumb invasion, and lubricating tongue work. And then D.O. rams his great cock in there, scoring dozens of jabbing plunges. Champion bottom that he is, even Dean has to call a time out. But, D.O. soon churns his way so aggressively back in that Dean can't help shooting a hot load across his belly, and sweat-shined D.O. sprays his jizz all the way up to Dean's welcoming mouth."














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Point And Shoot, Scene 2

Starring Dean Monroe and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

January 27, 2012

"After the voyeuristic tour of their friends' spirited sexploits, Landon Conrad and Dean Monroe are eager to make their own video to prove they're just as capable and horny as their fellow visitors. Plus, they've got to release all the sexual tension that's been building up by watching the hot shots. Landon goes down on Dean as the camera rolls, capturing all the hot action. Landon slavishly works his lips up and down the stud's tasty meat shaft. Then, Dean takes his turn servicing his lover with equal aplomb. The two move onto the couch and get more comfortable, so Landon can munch on Dean's ass. He licks the puckered hole with his tongue jabbing the tip inside and sending Dean soaring into new heights of ecstasy. Finally with his manhole all prepped and primed, Dean climbs aboard Landon's dick and rides him. The two fuck and screw, working each other fast and furious, until they climax and cum with extreme intensity."

WATCH Point And Shoot, Scene 2 Starring Dean Monroe and Landon Conrad








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43943 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

Taking Flight Part 1, Scene 5

Starring Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe
Jocks Studios | Falcon Studios

"Josh wanders the club and spies Brad Patton and Dean Monroe along with Arpad Miklos and Jean Franko in a fuck frenzy that leaves Dean filled with cock. He takes all three in his mouth and up his ass, and even takes two at once before they blow their loads."

43944 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43947 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43948 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43950 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43946 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe 43949 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43951 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe 43952 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

Heaven To Hell, Scene 4

Starring Colby Taylor, Matthew Rush, Kane O'Farrell, Josh Weston, Brad Patton, Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Dean Monroe, Tristan Adonis, and Joe Sport
Falcon Studios

"All previous underworld lust is merely a prelude to the unbelievable spectacle of the last scene, which features Colby Taylor, Matthew Rush, Kane O'Farrell, Josh Weston, Joe Sport, Brad Patton, Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Dean Monroe & Tristan Adonis in a record-breaking one-hour long orgy that is so hot it is featured separately on its own DVD disc."

52991 52992

52993 52994

52995 Josh Weston 52996


Heaven To Hell, Scene 2

Starring Colby Taylor, Dean Monroe, Roman Heart, and Tristan Adonis
Falcon Studios

June 1, 2005

"Meanwhile the Devil, Dean Monroe, takes on his Dogboys -- Roman Heart, Colby Taylor & Tristan Adonis -- deep-throating them all, then submitting to a brutal ass-pounding from each."

52982 52983

52984 52986

52985 Colby Tristan Roman



Dean Monroe and Tomas BrandBritish Pounds, Scene 3
Dean Monroe Bottoms for Tomas Brand
Lucas Entertainment

February 1, 2013

"Dean Monroe’s car problems leave him no choice but to stop at a garage and ask the mechanic, Tomas Brand, for help. He’s willing to look at Dean’s car, but he has no money to offer him. Instead, Tomas works out another deal: if he puts out for Tomas then and there on the spot he will fix his car. Dean doesn’t have much problem with the agreement and drops to his knees to begin offering payment. He gives Tomas a long-lasting blowjob, savoring every inch of the top’s thick, uncut cock. Dean bends over so Tomas can eat him out vigorously, wetting down his hole before rolling on a condom and claiming what he really wants. Tomas takes a seat on some of his equipment and Dean takes a seat on the top’s throbbing erection, lowering himself deeper and deeper until Tomas is deep inside him. Tomas takes his payment by giving Dean a long fuck he will not soon forget!"

Dean Monroe and Tomas Brand

Dean Monroe and Tomas Brand

Dean Monroe and Tomas Brand

Dean Monroe and Tomas Brand Dean Monroe and Tomas Brand
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