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OneNightOnlyDMH (5)

One Night Only

Featuring Colby Jansen and Dean Monroe
Drill My Hole at

March 21, 2013

"Horny business traveller Dean Monroe is the only customer in a bar and confesses to the bartender (Colby Jansen) that his sex life back home isn't all that it could be. It seems he likes it rough. Colby takes the hint and aggressively propositions Dean before taking his hole hard and deep!"

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Mates Part 1

Featuring Dean Monroe and Paul Walker
Men of UK at

February 5, 2013

"'Mates' is a British porn-drama about the complicated relationship between Paddy O'Brian and his best mate Paul Walker. Sexual tension is in the air but fear causes their mutual desire go unspoken. Paul meets Dean Monroe at a gay bar and eventually becomes the vehicle for Paul to expression the passion meant for Paddy."

WATCH Mates Part 1 Featuring Dean Monroe and Paul Walker on MALE ACCESS

MatesPart1MOUK (1)

MatesPart1MOUK (2)

MatesPart1MOUK (3)

MatesPart1MOUK (4)

MatesPart1MOUK (5)

MatesPart1MOUK (6)

MatesPart1MOUK (7)

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MatesPart1MOUK (11)

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MatesPart1MOUK (13)

MatesPart1MOUK (14)

MatesPart1MOUK (15)
The Drill Sergeant

The Drill Sergeant Part 3

Featuring Dean Monroe, Jay Roberts, Paddy O'Brian, Paul Walker, Scott Hunter
Men of UK at

December 25, 2012

"Drill Sergeant Paul Walker is joined by Sergeant Paddy O'Brian in the third episode of "The Drill Sergeant". And it's an orgy! Dean Monroe and super hot Scott Hunter are the bottoms for Paddy, Paul Walker & Jay Roberts!"

WATCH The Drill Sergeant Part 3 Featuring Dean Monroe, Jay Roberts, Paddy O'Brian, Paul Walker, and Scott Hunter on MALE ACCESS

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (1)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (2)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (3)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (4)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (5)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (6)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (7)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (8)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (9)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (10)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (11)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (12)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (13)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (14)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (15)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (16)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (17)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (18)
MaskedMen2 (1)

Masked Men 2

Featuring Colby Jansen, Dean Monroe, Phenix Saint, Spencer Fox, and Tommy Defendi
Jizz Orgy at

October 26, 2012

"Phenix Saint is back for the second episode of MEN.COM's 'Masked Men'. The action begins with Dean Monroe blindfolded and led into a mysterious underground sex party where three masked studs (Tommy Defendi, Colby Jansen and Spencer Fox) are waiting to use his ass and mouth any way they want. The scene features a DP with the massive cocks of Spencer & Tommy and includes Phenix's MEN.COM bottoming debut!"


MaskedMen2 (2)

MaskedMen2 (3)

MaskedMen2 (5)

MaskedMen2 (6)

MaskedMen2 (7)

MaskedMen2 (8)

MaskedMen2 (9)

MaskedMen2 (11)

MaskedMen2 (12)

MaskedMen2 (13)

MaskedMen2 (14)

MaskedMen2 (15)

MaskedMen2 (16)

Honor Roll

Featuring Ayden Marx, Dean Monroe, Drake Wild, Luke Marcum, and Shane Frost
Jizz Orgy at

June 8, 2012

"Drake Wild is a star athlete who has to miss an important game because of his grades. When asking teacher Dean Monroe nicely doesn't work, Drake and his gang of bad ass teammates find a way to persuade him - JizzOrgy style!"

HonorRollJIZZORGY (1)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (2)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (3)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (4)


HonorRollJIZZORGY (5)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (6)


HonorRollJIZZORGY (7)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (8)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (9)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (10)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (11)

HonorRollJIZZORGY (12)

The Hacker

Featuring Damien Stone, Dean Monroe, Jessie Colter, Shane Frost, and Trenton Ducati
Jizz Orgy at

May 25, 2012

"A group of detectives have Shane Frost in an interrogation room but he refuses to give them information they need. After a little negotiating, Shane agrees to compromise: he talks but only if Dean Monroe, Jessie Colter, Damien Stone & Trenton Ducati treat him to the best Jizz Orgy of life!"

TheHackerJIZZORGY (2)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (3)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (4)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (5)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (6)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (7)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (8)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (9)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (10)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (11)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (12)

TheHackerJIZZORGY (1)

Body Shop

Featuring Dean Monroe and Phenix Saint
Str8 to Gay at

December 3, 2011

"Dean Monroe thought he just needed his breaks fixed on his truck, but after watching motor oil and sweat stained Phenix Saint working for the last couple of hours, it seems Dean is going to need a personal oil change of his own. Dean is not one to be shy and after the auto work is complete he straight up tells Phenix that he really likes him and would like to suck his cock."

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Dean Monroe and Phenix Saint










Suited To Fuck

Featuring Dean Monroe and Jeremy Bilding
The Gay Office at

October 13, 2011

"Dean Monroe is a kiss ass, constantly brown nosing anyone in the office who he thinks can get him a raise. Dean is far from a bad employee; actually Dean is one of the top salesmen at the office, vastly improving sales in the short time he has been with the company. The majority of his peers might like Dean a lot better if he wasn't so fake in the office, someone really needs to call him out and teach him a lesson. Jeremy Bilding is the president of the company, a self-made millionaire, a straight to the point man who doesn't beat around the bush. Jeremy and Dean have a meeting today to go over some numbers and considering the ass-kissing that Jeremy has received as of late he fully expects Dean to ask for a raise, considering the recent positive numbers Dean might be right to expect one. While Jeremy is satisfied with Dean's numbers he isn't with his relentless brown nosing that his now causing problems in the office. Today Jeremy is going to teach Dean a lesson and truly show Dean what it means to get a real brown nose…"

_MJC7325 _MJC7485

_MJC7568 _MJC7647

_MJC7704 _MJC7800

_MJC7816 _MJC8049

_MJC8109 _MJC8158

_MJC8188 _MJC8197














Practice Reps

Featuring Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

December 13, 2012

"Brady Jensen has a certain promise in the squared circle but he just doesn’t seem to be able to harness it and do anything useful with his talents. Coach Dean Monroe has been witnessing Brady’s efforts the last few weeks and is less than thrilled to say the least. So one afternoon, while overseeing a bit of private instruction, it occurs to Dean that what Brady really needs is to have a sense of discipline instilled into him. Brady seems willing for the extra instruction, so Dean begins to slowly undress Brady out of his practice gear, and little by little, Brady begins to loosen up and get with the program. Dean shoves Brady’s cock into his mouth and begins gagging himself with it as Brady’s dick swells. Leaning up against the punching bag, Brady then turns the tables on his coach shoving his cock deep inside his coach as the sun begins setting. Pumping him there alone the gym, Brady displays form and function that were previously missing from his repertoire, and Coach Dean is not only impressed with Brady’s penchant to improve, but also with the giant load he gushes out all over Dean’s back. Enjoy!"

WATCH Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe in Practice Reps








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29290_044 29290_046

29290_059 29290_074
"For All the Glory"
Campbell Stevens and Dean Monroe

November 22, 2012

"Dean Monroe lurks a bathroom stall, jacking his dick and waiting for an opportunity. Campbell Stevens is just a guy trying to take a piss, but when Dean makes a subtle pass at him, he thinks, “Eh, what the hell?” and so he slides his cock through the glory hole and into Dean’s waiting open mouth. Dean spits on the head to moisten it up, and then takes Campbell’s shaft deep into his throat. After gagging on his cock through the wall, he comes out of the stall and the two meet eye to eye. They are not disappointed, and Campbell grabs Dean and begins to work his way down the stranger’s body, undressing him and pulling his dick out as he drops to his knees. Dean fucks his face before pushing Campbell back onto a bench and rocking his legs up high to lick Campbell’s asshole. Tonguing the taint, Dean gets himself ready for his new friend’s meatstick, and then he bends over against the lockers as Campbell slips his dick inside, pumping him up against the lockers and then missionary style on the bench before pulling out jizzing all over Dean with a massive load. Enjoy!"

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Dean Monroe and Joe Parker"Conversion"
Dean Monroe and Joe Parker

October 20, 2011

"We think just about any straight guy would be converted to the other side after a round with the hot, charming, romantic, articulate Dean Monroe and his sexy Aussie accent. Dean is a beautiful man with a beefy but muscular body, just the right amount of chest hair, handsome face, great butt and nice 7" uncut cock. He's been doing porn for a while and is a huge fan of So, we were thrilled when we found out he would be in town for a while and agreed to appear in one of our videos. Conquering a straight guy and having first time gay sex with him is something Dean loves to do - even when it's not for a video. And after you watch this movie you will see just how well he does it and with an air of confidence that we don't often see. Dean is introduced to Joe our straight guy for who this will be his first adult video - what a way to start a new career! Joe is just as hot and beautiful as Dean with just a sprinkling of hair on his chest, a sexy muscular body, a big, thick 9" cut cock with a large mushroom head and the face of a fashion model. Joe is very nervous, you can see it in his face and his movements, but somehow this vulnerability makes him even sexier.

Wow! Looking at both these two hot studs stripped down and wanking their perfect puds makes our mouths water. So, let's skip the part where Caruso tells them that there's no girls and they'll get paid lots more to do some guy on guy action. Of course being straight Joe has to show his distaste for the idea, but soon enough he's leaning back on the couch, eyes covered and his fat 9 incher deep in Dean's mouth. But watch as Joe unconsciously gently strokes his cocksucker's broad shoulders and back...does he forget himself and think it's a chick sucking him off? Now relaxed and enjoying the hell out of his first dude blowjob, we tell him one good turn deserves another. Unsure of himself he kneels down for Dean and slowly engulfs the tip of the hunk's uncut cock. After a while Dean asks him to put it further into his mouth...Joe is now a full fledged cocksucker himself. Both boys are heated up and Dean decides to go in for the kiss. At first it's awkward but after just a bit they're making out like boyfriend and girlfriend with straight Joe's hands exploring Dean's musculature. On to the fucking. Joe sits on the couch with all 9 thick inches standing at attention as Dean lowers his beefy bubble butt until he feels Joe's pubic hairs rubbing against his perfect globes of flesh. At this point we can see that both guys are lost in the erotic zone. There's kissing and petting and fucking and finally Dean gets on his back, throws his big muscular legs in the air while Joe wastes no time getting down to business and fucking Dean until he cums on his stomach. Once Joe feels the orgasmic pulsing of Dean's butthole on his cock he's over the edge and pulls out to shoot his hot straight boy semen which joins the luscious load already left by Dean himself. When Caruso asks "How was it?" almost simultaneously the two guys answered "Amazing!". Another "Conversion" at"
Dean Monroe and Joe Parker

Dean Monroe and Joe Parker

Dean Monroe and Joe Parker

Dean Monroe and Joe Parker

Dean Monroe and Joe Parker

Dean Monroe and Joe Parker
Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

January 18, 2013

"Jimmy Roman just got through an intense workout. His shoulders are dead tired. Dean Monroe is more than happy to give Jimmy a rub down to help those aching muscles. Jimmy hasn't even finished getting his wraps off before Dean starts kissing his neck and rubbing his cock through his shorts. Jimmy stands up and decides it's time to take the monster out for air. Dean swallows Jimmy down to the base with incredible ease. Both uncut guys are hard as nails and play around docking their foreskins. Jimmy gets down on his knees and gives Dean a little oral lovin'. Dean gets on all fours and begs to get fucked. Jimmy eats Dean's ass to ensure it's primed and ready before planting his big dick inside. Jimmy pounds away, fucking Dean hard and fast right off the bat. This certainly isn't Dean's first rodeo, and he proves to Jimmy his ass can take whatever Jimmy can dish out. Jimmy Roman thrusts faster and faster until Dean blows his load all over his fuzzy belly. Jimmy immediately hops up and cums on Dean Monroe's face, giving him a big mouthful which they exchange in a sloppy kiss. HOT!"

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe
Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe

Can't Wait

Featuring Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe

May 6, 2011

"If there was an Olympic event called "Speed Undressing," Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe would be gold-medal winners! These two hunks simply can't wait to get naked and nasty, and who can blame them? Cocksuremen exclusive Brady Jensen is like Michelangelo's David, finely sculpted and accustomed to being photographed. Dean Monroe has a tight body, sexy brown eyes, and a passion for wild play. He swallows Brady's cock as our camera catches him grabbing on to his own impressive piece of meat. Once the action moves up to the bed you'll never forget seeing Brady eat out Dean's hole, getting it primed for his dick. Brady then taps Dean's ass twice; once with his finger and again with his cock. Brady fucks Dean with gusto and Dean loves every minute of it! Brady shoots and, without hesitation, Dean swallows most of his creamy cum. With Brady's still-dripping dick in his mouth, Dean shoots his own load all over himself, enjoying his release and that taste of Brady still in his mouth."

1 3

11 22

43 61

71 74









Spencer Reed & Dean Monroe

Tap That Again

Featuring Spencer Reed & Dean Monroe

January 21, 2011

"We were bummed out at first to hear that we'd missed a chance to videotape Spencer Reed as he fucked Dean Monroe long and hard. Lucky for us, Spencer was in the mood for seconds and the dirty-minded Dean was just as anxious to have his exquisite ass tapped a second time, "as long as it's harder!" To get the party started, Dean immediately set out to show off his considerable oral skills, opening wide for Spencer's 8-inch length of pipe. These two dick lovers couldn't resist an extended stretch of 69ing before Spencer's butt slaps told Dean it was time to spread open that hole and prepare for prime-cut penetration. Dean Monroe likes double digits, a warm and searching tongue, whatever it takes to get his anus stimulated. His flexibility plays a huge part in getting Spencer Reed rock hard and the lenses of our cameras steamed over! All that thrusting must have worked if the huge cum load means anything."


















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57 58

Kevin Crows and Dean Monroe

December 17, 2010

"Kevin Crows has an assortment of flavored lube that need to be sampled and it doesn't take much to convince Dean Monroe to join him in this erotic taste test! The best way to sample flavors like watermelon, strawberry and lime is to apply the lube directly to various body parts, and that's just what our two hot hunks set out to do. They start with each other's nipples and then move on to their fully erect cocks. In short order Kevin is stripped bare, giving Dean full access to that 10-inch length of man meat! Dean drips a few drops of mango lube on the head of his dick and Kevin discovers tropical fruit is one of his favorites. After some tasty ass munching, banana lube (and a condom) is the perfect recipe for Dean to ride Kevin's cock deep and hard. When he gets on all fours and then on his back for the final drilling, is it any wonder the result is puddles of cum?"

62 67

70 71

72 16

36 48

49 54










Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

October 22, 2010

"Porn legend Dean Monroe makes his way across the pond to the Cruise Ranch where he meets up with the undeniably American muscle studs Devin Draz and John Magnum for a 3-way under the hot California sun. The three men pile on in cock sucking circle, everyone getting a mouthful of dick. Dean is the first to get bent over by John while he happily sucks on Devin but before long, the three are putting Devin in the middle as he fucks Dean and gets fucked by John at the same time. The sweat drips down their ripped bodies as John and Devin blow their loads right into Dean's face and mouth, making Dean immediately blow his own load all over himself."

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz


Starring Dean Monroe and Tomas Brand

October 11, 2013

"Cocky estate agents (Realtors for our American friends), strutting around in their flashy suits, pecs puffed out, thinking they own the place, its a recipe for a man we love to hate, but hate to admit we actually find totally hot and masculine. Throw two of them inside a confined environment, mix in a heated dispute and their alpha male pride brews up into a total CockFight!!!

Swedish hunk Tomas Brand squares up to Dean Monroe in the Estate Agent office when Tomas steals one of Dean's clients, and when Dean won't calm down the cocks come out! Tomas uses his weapon to good effect making Dean deep throat that massive thick dick of his, and when the clothes fly off Tomas has Dean sit on his cock and ride it till they both cum. You might think Tomas won this fight but when you love taking cock as much as Dean does it seems no one looses in this game."



















Cum Dine with Me

Starring Dean Monroe and Kyle King

August 19, 2011

"The table is set for an evening of exquisite dining hosted by Mr Kyle King. But once the food is served and the wine starts flowing it becomes clear that Kyle's attention seems to be more focused on one particular guest - Dean Monroe. So after a few furtive glances, the each make an excuse to leave the table and head to the kitchen where they're soon kissing passionately and ripping each other's suits off for a quick but very hot fuck."











The Shark

Starring Alexander Freitas, Bruno Knight and Dean Monroe

January 21, 2011

"With his dark Mafioso looks and his famously inked physique, Alexander Freitas is an very misunderstood and often feared man. His mission in life is only to help people however when those people don't pay back as agreed, that's when his darker side comes out. So when Dean Monroe fails to pay up on the loan that Alexander had so generously lent him a month earlier, Alexander turns up at his office accompanied by his trustworthy aide Bruno Knight, and together they show Dean what the consequences are of not living up to a gentlemen's agreement. If you like your sex rough and hard make sure you check this out!"
















Dean Monroe One to One

Starring Dean Monroe

October 22, 2010

"As one of the original MAP Men, Dean Monroe is living proof that like fine wine some men just get better with age. Now at 38, he is looking HOTTER than ever and we couldn't wait to get him back into the MAP studios to show us a few of the tricks he's learnt along the way. So we locked ourselves in the office with Dean for a very intimate One to One and watched as he pleasured himself with a big thick dildo, thrusting his tasty ass and riding the whole 8 inches like a true pro until he shot his hot load all over the glass desk only to lick it off and eat it. Mr Monroe, a pleasure as always."


Dean_solo_2 Dean_solo_9

Dean_solo_3 Dean_solo_4

Dean_solo_5 Dean_solo_8

Dean_solo_6 Dean_solo_7

Dean_solo_13 Dean_solo_12

Dean_solo_11 Dean_solo_10








Forced Entry

Starring Axel Brooks and Dean Monroe

March 26, 2010

"Dean Monroe and his legendary ass is back and looking hotter then ever! And to mark this special occasion we have teamed him up with the ultra sexy up and coming porn star Axel Brooks. After a long hard day at the office Dean comes home to find his flat has been broken into but soon discovers the intruder is still there and has one thing on his mind - Dean's ass! The sex is aggressive and passionate! Axel rips off Dean's trousers and pounds his ass with his big thick throbbing cock! The chemistry between these two stunning men is electric culminating in both cumming on Axel's ripped torso, their hot cum mixing together!"


ForcedEntry1 ForcedEntry2

ForcedEntry3 ForcedEntry4

ForcedEntry5 ForcedEntry9

ForcedEntry10 ForcedEntry15

















Dean Monroe

July 2011

"It’s all Greek to Dean Monroe. Spy on this tzaziki sauce in our PH! After moving to London to study photography, Dean chose (after popular prodding) to display his ample meat in front of the camera. He’s overfilling the wank bank with his beard, cut up bod and fucking hot cock! Dean once did it in a fishing boat in Mozambique. He doesn’t have to cast that rock hard rod far to reel in a meal!

Dean’s worked XXX before so he’s super comfy nude and hard – even though he’s just as well known for his lavish parties. When Dean’s not taking his clothes off to make lust, he loves to, er, entertain!

Dan’s (ass) is so legend, he recently received a police uniform and a plane ticket in the mail– with directions on how to arrive at said fan’s door. See? Desperation happens to those who feast on Dean and his (oh so) goods!"


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IMG_5992 IMG_6039

IMG_6070 IMG_6090


Alex Freitas and Dean Monroe

December 1, 2010

"Alexsander Freitas orders Dean Monroe to strip. "Turn around, show me your ass," Freitas grunts. Alex bends Monroe over the table and fucks him with his stiff uncut cock. When it's all over, Dean is sitting back in a leather chair and his hairy chest is covered in spunk."

IMG_8343 IMG_8401

IMG_8416 IMG_8423

IMG_8456 IMG_8482

IMG_8498 IMG_8558
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