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Brad Star's Socks & Feet Worshiped


March 30, 2013

"MyFriendsFeet's buddy Brad Star loves having his feet worshiped so I was sure to obliged with the best he's ever had. Brad couldn't believe how good mine and Dev's mouths felt on his socked and bare naked feet. And they taste fantastic too, with just the right amount of foot odor emanating from them. Brad moaned, leaned his head back and had a great time getting foot worshiped!"


























Falcon Studios Hot Property

Hot Property, Scene 4

Featuring Brad Star and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

February 11, 2011

"Landon Conrad's scored big time as Brad Star eagerly snatches up the hot property. As is his custom, Landon suggests to the new homeowner that they break in the house with a celebratory suck-n-fuck. Brad welcomes the idea and they start to party hearty. Landon goes down on Brad's horsedick, making the big man swoon and coo. The randy realtor sucks cock and eats ass like the pro he is while Brad responds by fingering and playing with his ass. Brad gets his turn to nurse on Landon's dick and he savors every inch of manmeat as it slides through his clamped lips. Landon then straddles Brad, screws himself onto his stiff staff and begins to bounce up and down. His moans and groans grow louder and faster as Brad continues fucking him in different poses until both men reach their boiling point and erupt with two hefty loads."










Analmal House

Featuring Brad Star, Donny Wright and Parker Perry
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

March 24, 2011

"It's been a tradition as long as young college men have cum together to form campus brotherhoods. It tests these hopeful boys' mental and physical prowess, and stacks them up against their peers, all in the name of making a bond. You guessed it, it's rush week at the Tappa Lotta Manhole house, and Brad Star is our pledge master.

He's welcomed fresh young Parker Perry and the dick-loving Donny Wright over for some fraternity hazing, Next Door Buddies style! That's right, he's putting these two through the wringer. They're gonna have to suck Brad's big throbber like champions if they want a chance at getting in. Parker's not scared to bob his knob and Donny's not shy about getting his mouth filled either. But when Brad decides it's time to FUCK like a wild college dude, can Donny take the heat?? Will he take a cock-stuffing at both ends and make the cut?? Does Parker have what it takes to pound that sweet hole like a collegiate stud?? Find out if Brad thinks they got what it takes! Enjoy!"

WATCH Analmal House Featuring Brad Star, Donny Wright and Parker Perry

Brad Star

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

March 14, 2011

"Brad Star is done with another long hard day at work out in the fields, and now it's time to kick back, relax, maybe knock back a beer or two. While relaxing out in the sun, he sips his beer and unwinds. The sun feels so good, the beer tastes so good, and the day has been so stressful, that before he knows it, Brad's hand has found its way to his erect cock. So he decides to strip right there and have himself a one man tractor pull. Enjoy!"

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The Daily Parlay

Featuring Rod Daily and Brad Star
Next Door Studios | Rod Daily

February 18, 2011

"Rod Daily & Brad Star are pretty bored on a Tuesday afternoon. Not much going on. Just kicking it playing video games. So to make things a little more interesting, they decide to place a friendly wager on the outcome of their video contest. Well, as these things usually go, someone has to win & someone has to lose, and in this case, the loser has to suck the other one's dick. Actually, on second thought, this turns out to be one of those bets where everyone is a winner. Enjoy!"

WATCH The Daily Parlay Featuring Rod Daily and Brad Star









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Birthday Cock

Featuring Brad Star and Marcus Mojo
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

January 14, 2011

"Marcus Mojo trains hard and it shows. He's in the gym today with his pal Brad Star, showing him some sweet martial arts techniques Brad can use on the street when shit goes down or just on his own for conditioning. They're hitting the bag a little and even goofing around. As Marcus will tell you, the best way to stay in shape is to train in good spirits, with a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly. Today Marcus is in an especially good mood - it's his birthday!

Brad can't wait to party with Marcus in celebration, but first he wants to give him a present. I'll bet you can't guess what it is. It's long, thick, hard, and juicy. Spoiler alert - it's Brad's cock! When Brad sticks it through the hole that is serendipitously in wall of the bathroom stall, Marcus grins from ear to ear before sucking it like the dick loving hunk he is. Marcus is happy to get such a great gift, but that's not all Brad has in mind. He's gonna fuck Marcus like every birthday boy deserves! Enjoy!"

WATCH Brad Star and Marcus Mojo in Birthday Cock

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Shooting Star

Featuring Alexander Garrett & Brad Star
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

January 12, 2011

"Stars may have fallen on Alabama; but today Alabama has nothing on us as we finally welcome back Brad Star. Brad is all grown up and at 27 we're glad he decided to return to his rightful place in front of the camera. Sometimes a few years away from the industry helps you attain a good perspective on things. We're definitely glad he's back and you'll know why soon enough. Here to help welcome Brad is our very own Colombian "estrellita", Alexander Garrett. Tall, dark and hung: 34 year old Alexander is a Latin dream. Alexander has done his fair share of work and admits he's been recognized on the street. Even though their lives seem like open books, it's refreshing to know that Brad prides himself on his cooking while Alexander loves being a family man. Both of these studs are packing more than the average guy. They both learned at an early age that they were "gifted" in certain areas. Having the type of equipment they have they both have run into situations where their partners were willing but just weren't able to accommodate them. --amateurs! Well, fortunately they are in good company and we're sure we speak for size queens everywhere when we say...Let's get this party started.

Brad and Alexander are chillin' when Brad asks Alexander if he's ever been with anyone that wanted to fuck him and had a bigger cock than him. Alexander tells him that that's never happened. "Well, today's your lucky day" Brad grins as he pounces on Alexander. They strip their clothes off as their hands explore each others cocks. They stand and unleash their meat as we get our first glimpse of the all you can eat meat buffet. Alexander's thick uncut cock is huge but no match for Brad's 9"+ boner. Yeah, today is definitely his lucky day as Brad goes down on his thick cock. Brad takes his uncut cock deep in his throat while jacking his dick as he sucks it. Alexander moans his approval as he watches the All American jock gagging on his thick Latin meat. Brad then sits back and wants some in return as Alexander gets to work. He kneels between Brad's legs and worships that cock, taking as much of it as he can. Brad moans as Alexander polishes his knob. From here they maneuver into a hot 69 so that they're both happy getting as much cock as they want.

"I think it's about time I fuck that ass" announces Brad to Alexander who is still latched onto his meat. He gets Alexander on all four and spreads that hot ass; teasing his intended target. Brad then suits up and starts to slide his cock inside. Alexander's tight ass gives way and soon you can hear his muffled moans as he gets that cock rammed up his ass. Brad holds Alexander by the waist as he impales him, slamming his rigid dick deep inside him. Brad's ripped abs tense as he pumps away at Alexander's hungry hole. "Awww fuck yeah" grunts Brad slamming his meat deeper and deeper. Alexander is taking one hell of a fucking--but wait, there's more. Brad then flips Alex over on his back lifts those muscular legs and gets right back to fucking that tight ass. Alexander grunts and moans as he does his best to take that cock stretching him wide open. Brad fucks deep and doesn't ease up as he makes that ass his. Brad's definitely met his match and as they switch positions he gets served. Alexander sits on his cock and starts to bounce on that cock like a spring board as Brad's eyes light up in awe. Alexander grinds his cock deep sending Brad over the edge. Brad unloads all over Alexander's chest setting off Alexander who unloads all over his cum covered abs and chest as well. Whew."










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Brad Star returns to porn!

Hugo Alexander and Brad Star

October 28, 2010

BaitBuddies.com is pleased to announce the return of the very popular, blond, bombshell, Brad Star to adult video after a long absence.

Alexander Garrett, a big beautiful, muscular straight guy and sometimes mainstream model (who had already shot a video with us) is back in the studio for new photos and we convince him to allow us to photograph him with Brad Star, also in for new photos, and as the two pose they compare physiques (Brad has better abs) laughing as they do so. It was immediately apparent to us that there was the potential for some real sparks between these two sexy men, so we offered Alexander double the money we paid him last time if he would be willing to do more action with Brad. To our amazement, Brad was horny as hell and in need to cash too. He wasted no time in agreeing and before we even asked he had Alexander by the back of the neck pulling him in for a kiss! Man-o-Man were we excited to see the natural pleasure that these two were getting from each other. For this scene we pretty much just let the cameras role and told the guys to do whatever they wanted. Within a few minutes Alexander had Brad`s enormous 9.5`` cock in his mouth devouring it and then Brad returned the favor with gusto as he sucked Alexander `s uncut cock. With the two rock hard and raring to go, we just had to see their beautiful asses. When Brad took one look at Alexander `s ass, he told us he had to have it and Alexander excitedly obliged. Brad fucks Alexander with so much fervor in this scene our camera lens almost fogged up. Watch the ending as Alexander dips into Brad`s cum and slathers it on his own dick - yum."







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Brad Star Visits The Dudes


August 17, 2007

"Brad Star is one popular guy, and so we were happy that he hopped over one night to jerk off for College Dudes 24/7. Watching this guy stroke his super-nice super-long cock was an amazing experience. It all started when Kurt and Travis, two guys you all know from the site, we over having a few drinks with us. Out of the blue Brad Star called Kurt to see what was up. They had both just flown in from the other coast - they had a shoot together the day before. Kurt suggested he come over and bust his nut for our the members. We were happy he was not doing anything else on a Sunday night at midnight! Even though it was late and we were tired, we shot this awesome vid, and Brad came buckets! Enjoy!"








Bradstar016a Bradstar018a

Bradstar023a Bradstar036a

Brad Star and Eduardo


March 9, 2007

"Miami always holds surprises for me. Here you'll see me have a lot of fun with porn stud Brad Star and hunky Eduardo. Brad is quite simply one of the horniest guys ever. Even before we get started his long, straight cock is ready to poke out of his shorts. And with a little help, it does. Eduardo has a great smile and an amazing bubble butt. But it's his muscular, cut bod that drives me mad. I want to plow his ass, but that is Brad's job. Both Brad and Eduardo take care of me, taking turns blowing my cock and kissing. While I stroke myself, Brad keeps licking my fingers and cock at the same time. I have never done that before and it feels fucking great. I shoot my load with gusto. I leave the studs to play on their own and they have a great time. Even while they are seriously fucking, the joking and laughing never stops. Thank you Brad, Eduardo, and Miami!"


Adam Young and Brad Star


February 17, 2006

"What I love most about Miami is how many cute guys there are. Every where you go there is eye candy. Adam Young and Brad Star are no exception. Now I bring you some more South Florida eye candy in a hot scene of passionate love making. Come watch them strip each other's clothes off slowly and sexy. Then Brad Star take his big cock up cute Adam Young's tight hole until Adam just can't take it anymore. It's always hot in Florida!"

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>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

Assassin, Scene 1

Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star
Lucas Entertainment

March 28, 2011

"Michael Lucas is the emotionless and driven assassin whose solemn life has been dedicated to carrying out the death wishes of others. After a brief glimpse into his private world, we are thrust onto a New York City rooftop, which quickly becomes the scene of a crime. From there, we enter an upscale gentleman's club where dancer Adam Killian performs incredibly hot choreography to accompany the club's jazz singer, Ari Gold. When the powerful club owner makes his way back to his office, he finds sexy boy toy Brad Star waiting to service him. Brad wastes no time getting onto his knees and getting Junior Stellano's thick cock wet. Junior decides he wants a taste of Brad's massive member and greedily takes it into his mouth. Junior lies across his desk, letting Brad plunge his dick to the back of his throat while Brad reaches over to choke Junior's down to the base. Brad climbs onto the desk and spreads wide on all fours so Junior can get his tongue into his tight hole. Brad then bends Junior over the desk and fucks him deep. Junior then lies back onto the desk and has Brad climb on top to ride his rock hard pole. Brad busts his load onto Junior's furry chest before Junior drains his own cock of hot cum, which he gobbles down. Now that Junior has had his way with him, he dismisses Brad."

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star >Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star