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SITES: MuscleHunks, PowerMen

MuscleHunks Augusto Elia

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Augusto Elia

February 11, 2011

"Augusto Elia is an adventurer in every sense of the word. You have already seen Augusto in the Muscle Eden Epic exploring nature and sexuality with his buddies, Orso Orfeo and Pablo Blades. Meanwhile, Augusto increased his muscles even more, so he can increase anybody's joy levels. This time Augusto travels to the big city where he reveals his exhibitionist tendencies. He exposes his perfectly sculpted body, including a very big tool attached, for what it really is: a pure sex machine!"

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Orso Orfeo, Pablo Blades and Augusto Elia


Orso Orfeo, Pablo Blades and Augusto Elia

February 11, 2010

"Remember those butt-swinging penthouse muscleboyz from Muscle Eden 5? Well, they're back, and randy Augusto Elia and buttmeister Pablo Blades still love to mix it up with hot huge hung short competitor Orso Orfeo, he of the massive glutes and pendulous schlong. This time they're back on that certain notorious bodybuilder-resort Isle off the coast, and Orso thinks he's just out for a quiet afternoon dip in the pond. Not so fast: Augusto has play on his mind, and, up on his balcony, a bored Pablo is suddenly interested in the developing drama. It turns into a flexing and posing free for all, with some major wrestling action and the circle jerk you love to see! Oh, those muscle boys....."

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Featuring Augusto Elia, Orso Orfeo, and Pablo Blades

"You won't want to miss this one. TRUST US. Pablo Blades is cruising the streets of the city when hot muscleman Orso Orfeo strides past, and immediately he's on the prowl. Right away Augusto Elia gets involved as well, and the three musclemen, admiring each others' physiques, head off to a skyline retreat owned by an absent friend. Evil-minded Pablo wants some action, and he and Augusto added something on Orso's water... and right away the clothes are off and it's a muscle fantasy like you love to play with! The men soon shoot their loads, but they aren't done yet! They compare their mighty glutes to see who has the greatest muscle ass! We say.....ALL THREE. It prompts a second explosion....and you'll be matching them shot for shot!"

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Muscle Eden Series 12.1

Featuring Augusto Elia

"We were on the ferry crossing over to MUSCLE EDEN when we spotted the energetic Augusto break dancing for a small crowd. We love good dancing, so we whipped our video camera onto him to catch his fun-loving act. And soon enough we found ourselves inviting him to spend a few days in the inviting guest houses of Muscle Eden, to explore the tropical jungle, beaches, and waterfalls. the way....would he mind posing for a few pictures and doing a little video for us, as well? Turns out, Augusto not only didn't mind - he was hoping we'd ask. Catch Augusto in a nice MUSCLE EDEN sidebar ME 12.1, if you will."


Augusto Elia

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2017 IFBB World Junior and Master Championships

45-49 YEARS UP TO 80 KG (1st)



2018 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Qualifier

Men's Classic Physique Overall Winner & IFBB Earned Pro Card
Middleweight (2nd)