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LateForWorkDMH (7)

Late For Work

Featuring Alex Marte and Spencer Reed
Drill My Hole at

March 3, 2013

"When you work in Spencer Reed's shop, you better believe being on time important. It's a lesson learned the HARD way for Alex Marte who's weak excuses get him bent over taking a hard ass pounding."

LateForWorkDMH (4)

LateForWorkDMH (5)



LateForWorkDMH (2)

LateForWorkDMH (3)

LateForWorkDMH (6)


LateForWorkDMH (9)

LateForWorkDMH (10)


LateForWorkDMH (12)


LateForWorkDMH (13)

LateForWorkDMH (14)

Guest Service

Starring Alex Marte and Donato Reyes

May 24, 2013

"Hotel receptionist Donato Reyes is known to go beyond his way to make his guests feel comfortable, but when that guest is none other than Italian beefcake Alex Marte he's willing to do absolutely anything to keep him happy, and that includes getting on his knees to make up for the 15 minute wait for his room to be ready. Donato expertly sucks Alex's fat uncut meat, taking his time licking it and enjoying how it feels against the back of his throat. He then spreads Alex's huge muscle butt to rim his hole till its moist and ready to take his hard cock deep inside, fucking his guest till he sprays himself with his hot load, closely followed buy a shower of Donato's hot cum. Don't miss two of Menatplay's favourite studs, in a scene dripping with chemistry and plenty of juicy cum!"












Guest-service_Aff03 Guest-service_Aff05

Guest-service_Aff07 Guest-service_Aff14


Starring Alex Marte and David Avila

February 8, 2013

"Menatplay hunk Alex Marte explores his darker side this week, leaving behind his pristine designer office and venturing into an underground sex club in search of something or someone to help him satisfy his hunger for sleaze. And his first stop after a walk around the maze of dark corridors is a glory hole cubicle which he enters, anxiously waiting for a meaty cock to suck through the hole, but fortunately he doesn't have to wait long and soon enough he is on his knees sucking not one but two massive dicks. Swallowing them whole and getting them throbbing deep in his throat. But Alex isn't finished just yet and decides he wants much more, so he continues his exploration of the club till he finds a room with a hard, muscled guy dressed in leather harness and jockstrap, slowly stroking his hard dick. And as soon as he sees him Alex decides he is going to fuck the living daylights out of him and wastes little time in doing so, tying up the strangers hands with his tie and give his beefy ass the pounding of a lifetime. Holding on the harness and slamming his ass onto his dick until its deep inside and almost ready to shoot his hot load all over his chest. If you like you suited games a little sleazier then you don't want to miss this one!"


Depraved (12)


Depraved (11)

Depraved (4) Depraved (6)

Depraved (9) Depraved (10)

Depraved (2) Depraved (5)

Depraved (3) Depraved (8)

Depraved (7) Depraved (1)
Jump (9)

When I Say Jump

Starring Alex Marte and Tim Kelly

December 7, 2012

"Tim Kelly proved so popular in 'Daddy Love' on Menatplay that we decided to team him up with one of our top studs - Alex Marte. But far from showing Alex the love, Tim is impatient and demanding of his P.A. and humiliates him by forcing him to strip out of his suit so that he can wear it having gotten so wet from the rain (which he manages to blame on Alex too) Once naked Alex can't disguise how turned on he is by his abusive boss and his cock just won't lay still. Alex, so used to being the dominant top gets the tables turned on him and its Kelly who ends up pounding that mass of firm ass. The coupling of this Muscle daddy abusing the hole of our favourite muscle puppy is definitely one to tune in for."


Jump (2) Jump (3)

Jump (4) Jump (10)

Jump (11) Jump (1)

Jump (5) Jump (8)

Jump (6) Jump (7)

Jump (12)

Jump (13)

Jump (14)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (6)


Starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt

July 6, 2012

Captive Starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt


Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (1) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (2)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (3) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (4)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (5) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (7)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (8) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (9)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (11) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (12)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (13) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (15)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (17) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (18)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (20) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (10)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (14)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (16)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (19)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (21)

Hotel Voyeur

Starring Starring Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Axel Brooks

May 25, 2012

"Thank you for your reservation at the Hotel Voyeur. Your company associates Mr. Ben Brown, Mr. Axel Brooks and Mr. Alex Marte have already checked in. We encourage our guests to make use the many facilities we provide such as gym in the basement, restaurant on the ground floor and not to mention the serious cruising which you will find throughout the entire hotel. For example this very instant you will find Ben Brown on the second floor, down on his knees sucking Alex Marte's thick uncut cock as Axel Brooks watches from his room door before eventually joining them and turning the situation into a sweaty, muscle 3-way right in the middle of the hotel corridor for all to see. We hope you enjoy your stay."


Hotel Voyeur (23)

Hotel Voyeur (24)

Hotel Voyeur (18)

Hotel Voyeur (20)

Hotel Voyeur (17)

Hotel Voyeur (19)

Hotel Voyeur (16)

Hotel Voyeur (3)

Hotel Voyeur (14)

Hotel Voyeur (4)

Hotel Voyeur (13)

Hotel Voyeur (12)

Hotel Voyeur

Hotel Voyeur (5)

Hotel Voyeur (6)

Hotel Voyeur (11)

Hotel Voyeur (1)

Hotel Voyeur (7)

Hotel Voyeur (8)

Hotel Voyeur (2)

Hotel Voyeur (9)

Hotel Voyeur (10)

Hotel Voyeur (21)

Hotel Voyeur (22)

Table Service

Starring Alex Marte, Axel Brooks and Scott Hunter

February 3, 2012

"Its Alex meets Axel in this weeks RED HOT movie, except with the added bonus of horny newcomer Scott Hunter who serves up his hungry ass to these two power men. While chatting up a suited stranger (Axel Brooks) in a private bar, Alex Marte spots the handsome barman in the back and a few looks is all it takes to get his attention, and get him to join the action in the corner. The result is a steaming threesome where Scott becomes bottom boy to the two aggressive suits, tag fucking him to within an inch of his life. One holds him down while the other one punds his ass and even fucks him with his belt. But don't feel too sorry for Scott, as in the end he gets his reward - a double facial which he slurps up hungrily."





















Starring Alex Marte

October 7, 2011

"Menatplay's Exclusive Stud Alex Marte is back this week, loaded and ready to blow you away once again. With his flawless muscular physique, classic Italian looks and standing at a massive 1.90m Alex is truly a thing of beauty and over the last year he has become a firm favorite amongst men (and women) the world over. Even earning himself the title of one of The Sexiest Men Alive according to DNA magazine. Luckily for you guys here on Menatplay you can see a LOT more of Alex, and even more so in this video where he shows us every inch of his perfectly sculpted body. And if you're an ass you're in for a real treat! Unless of course you have a weak heart in which case we warn you not to avert your eyes now."













Arousal_aff_01 Arousal_aff_02

Arousal_aff_03 Arousal_aff_04

Arousal_aff_05 Arousal_aff_06




Booty Text

Starring Alex Marte and Pablo Nunez

June 10, 2011

"Pablo may have only joined Menatplay a couple of months ago but he's already become one of the office hot shots, not to mention one of the most popular guys in the office, as it seems everyone is trying to get into his pants. But unfortunately Pablo has resisted... until now that is. When he starts receiving suggestive text messages from the gorgeous Alex Marte he cant help but play along, against his better judgment. As the texts get more explicit, the bulge in Pablo's suit trousers gets bigger and bigger, much to Alex's enjoyment who watches from across the office, teasing the young new recruit to the point of daring him to take out his dick right there, which he does... surprisingly. And that's all the invitation that Alex needs to strip the stud from his suit and give him a good seeing to!"


BootText_aff1 BootText_aff2

BootText_aff3 BootText_aff4

BootText_aff5 BootText_aff6

BootText_aff7 BootText_aff8

BootText_aff9 BootText_aff10






The Italians

Starring Alex Marte and Francesco D'Macho

April 22, 2011

"It's an Italian Stallion face-off this week as Francesco D'Macho makes his long awaited return to Menatplay to team up with MAP Exclusive Alex Marte in this white hot scene. As one of Menatplay's all time favourite stars, Francesco is eager to meet the hot new Star, and the sexual tension is palpable from the very beginning. Once Francesco approaches Alex to kiss him, the action begins hard and fast. The suits are ripped off savagely as the muscle hunks devour each other, kissing, sucking and eating every inch of each other's body. Alex sucks on Francesco's meaty cock, getting it nice and hard before sitting on it and fucking himself deep and fast. But that's not enough for cock-hungry Francesco, as he gives up his beefy ass to be pounded hard by the 6'2" muscle god till he reaches climax, throws Francesco to the floor and shoots his hot creamy load all over his hairy chest."








Italians_Aff_02 Italians_Aff_03

Italians_Aff_04 Italians_Aff_05

Italians_Aff_06 Italians_Aff_07

Italians_Aff_08 Italians_Aff_10

italians_Aff_09 italians_Aff_01







Unauthorized Entry

Starring Alex Marte and Ben Brown

February 18, 2011

"The Top 2 Menatplay models, Ben Brown and MAP Exclusive Alex Marte, team up for the first time ever in this sizzling HOT scene. When Ben arrives early for his appointment with the President, he is greeted by the burly security agent Alex. But after a call from the man himself saying that he will be further delayed Ben is told that he should make himself comfortable and ask Alex for anything that he may need. So out of boredom Ben starts mocking Alex by taking advantage of him, expecting the silent bodyguard to not react. But clearly he misjudges him and after enduring enough taunting Alex snaps, pins Ben down to the desk and gives the cocky visitor a taste of his medicine while he begs for mercy. A dream pairing, and the sex is nothing short of explosive... this is definitely one not to be missed!!!"























Starring Alex Marte and Patrik

January 14, 2011

"Menatplay Exclusives Patrik (Filip Carbol) & Alex Marte face each other offer in a 'winner takes all' game of Poker. On one side we have long-standing favourite Patrik, and on the other we have the hot new comer Alex who threatens to steal the title of the Big MAP Man. But it becomes clear that experience has its advantages as Patrik wins the first few hands, stripping Alex of all his chips and money. However with the stakes so high Alex refuses to give up so easily, but exactly how far is he willing to go? Patrik's next hand wins him Alex's watch, followed by his shirt... and finally his trousers, until the Italian muscle hunk is stripped down to his underwear. But Patrik is still not satisfied and goes one final hand to win the ultimate reward... his rival's muscular ass and the right to do whatever he desires with it."

MenAtPlay Alex Marte and Patrik in Gambler






Gambler_Aff_2 Gambler_Aff_3

gambler_Aff_5 Gambler_Aff_6

gambler_Aff_7 gambler_Aff_8
gambler_Aff_11 Gambler_Aff_12

gambler_Aff_15 gambler_Aff_16


Starring Starring Alex Marte and Conner Habib

December 3, 2010

"It's not the first time that Conner has been caught playing on webcam during working hours, and normally he gets away with it...but not this time. When Alex Marte spots the suspicious webcam activity on the office network, he decides to pay Conner a surprise visit and catches him red-handed, or to be more precise with his hard dick in his hand. But while he tries to excuse himself it's clear that Alex comes with other ideas on how to teach him a few lessons in office conduct.

Lesson 1: Employee on his knees and get face-fucked by the Boss.

Lesson No. 2: Ass on Employee's face, and tongue the Boss' hole till its nice and moist.

Lesson No. 3: Employee over the desk, trousers ripped open and pounded hard like a rag doll."


Distracted1 Distracted2

Distracted3 Distracted4

Distracted5 Distracted6

Distracted7 Distracted10

Distracted12 Distracted13

















Non Capisco

Starring Alex Marte & Marco Wilson

October 15, 2010

"When new guys Alex comes to the Menatplay office for his first meeting it becomes clear to Marco that communication is going to be a bit of a struggle with the handsome Italian, or at least that's what he thinks. Because after making a few unprofessional comments about his beefy ass and how he'd like to pound it, Alex informs him that he understands English perfectly, leaving Marco embarrassed and lost for words. But Alex quickly takes control of the situation and tells Marco to put his money where his mouth is, or rather his dick where Alex's mouth is. In the end the language barrier is irrelevant as they are soon ripping their clothes off and fucking each other senseless in the Menatplay Office Reception."


Noncapisco_aff1 Noncapisco_aff5

Noncapisco_aff2 Noncapisco_aff3

Noncapisco_aff4 Noncapisco_aff7

Noncapisco_aff10 Noncapisco_aff11

Noncapisco_aff6 Noncapisco_aff8

Noncapisco_aff9 Noncapisco_aff12




Sex on Set 3

Starring Starring Alex Marte and Bruno Knight

September 17, 2010

"The sparks (and the clothes) are flying on the set of the latest Menatplay shoot. The minute we introduced Alex Marte and Bruno Knight we could feel the chemistry between them. You could see from the looks on their faces that they were gagging to get their hands on each other. So when we got the on set together we let them do exactly that, and we set the cameras rolling. Non scripted, non directed 100% intense, testosterone-fuelled sex. And our cameras were there to capture every second of the man action."






Sexset3_aff13 Sexset3_aff14

Sexset3_aff3 Sexset3_aff4

Sexset3_aff5 Sexset3_aff6

Sexset3_aff7 Sexset3_aff10

Sexset3_aff12 Sexset3_aff15


Starring Alex Marte

August 26, 2010

"Menatplay are thrilled to announce the discovery of their latest MAP Star - Alex Marte. The 31 year old, Italian born hunk makes his first confident steps into the world of gay porn following a successful career in bodybuilding, and has chosen the UK based studio for his world premiere. With his hugely impressive muscular physique, classic Italian looks and standing at a massive 1.90m, Alex is guaranteed to make a huge splash within the industry. But you can see him first on where he stars in 'Vanity' which is now available to download and streaming."


AlexMarte_aff13 AlexMarte_aff11

AlexMarte_aff10 AlexMarte_aff05

AlexMarte_aff06 AlexMarte_aff04








Madrid Sexy, Scene 2

Alex Marte and Valentino Porto
Falcon Studios

February 8, 2013

"Valentino Porto and Alex Marte are walking through the city streets arm in arm, smiling and stopping here and there to kiss. Alex is a head taller, barrel-chested, bearded, hairy and inked. Valentino is his opposite: slimmer, smooth and clean-shaven down to his pubes. If you're thinking daddy-boy, you're right. But Valentino brings something extra to the relationship: a tongue so talented, he should give lessons. Whether tracing Alex's lips,flicking a nipple, or wrapping around Alex's cock like a flag around a pole, Valentino's tongue will make you pant. Alex uses his tongue, too, but for a more businesslike probing of Valentino's hole. There's no word for the strangled, gurgling sound Alex makes when his tongue is buried in Valentino's hole and Valentino's buns are clamped around his face. With Valentino's bubble-buns primed for cock, the fucking commences, on a sunny balcony.Daddy takes every opportunity to show his boy how much he likes him, rubbing his back and stroking his neck as Valentino squirms in delight and sucks daddy's fingers, putting his magical tongue to yet another use. Its final job is to lap up the thick spooge that Alex leaves plastered all over his face." WATCH Madrid Sexy, Scene 2 Starring Alex Marte and Valentino Porto













Lucas Entertainment

Alex Marte, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati

Awake, Scene 2

Alex Marte, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati Suck Cock and Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

September 28, 2012

"Jessy wakes up and while Jonathan is still asleep he sneaks out and heads to Mitchell’s photo shoot. His temptation and guilt continue to lead him into delusion but Mitchell’s attraction only heats up. After Mitchell is done photographing his models Alex Marte, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati, him and Jessy leave to explore the beautiful beaches. Adam, Alex, and Trenton head outside and spread out their towels to soak up some sunshine: they’re always anxious to further bronze their sculpted muscular bodies. But the guys don’t even allow themselves to lie down and relax. They quickly move from admiring each other’s physiques to kissing. Adam lands in the middle of their mutual affection; Trenton runs his hands all over his muscular ass while Alex kisses him and pulls out his hard uncut cock, which Adam slips into his mouth. Trenton takes off Adam’s Speedo and wraps his lips around the thick shaft that is revealed. Adam happily bottoms and services the two tops at once; Alex and Trenton are towering walls over muscle standing over Adam as he sucks on both their hard fat cocks. Alex and Trenton stand Adam up and reward him for his hard work: Trenton sucks on Adam’s cock once more while Alex works on his legendary ass -- he tickles Adam’s tight hole with his eager tongue. A daisy chain forms soon after: Trenton eats out Adam’s ass while Alex moves behind him and licks him clean. With all of the guys prepped for penetration, Adam is the first to get fucked. He sits down on Trenton’s big dick and bounces up and down while Alex stuffs his own cock into Trenton’s mouth. Adam turns into a double-stuffed whore when he spreads out on his back: Trenton continues to fuck his ass while Alex grabs his face and pumps his mouth. Trenton surrenders his hole next, and Adam is the one who takes it: he fucks Trenton on a ledge overlooking a stunning view of the sapphire-blue Aegean Sea. Alex decides he’s ready to fuck some ass himself, so the guys move over to the pool: Adam sits down for a blowjob while Alex takes Trenton from behind and pounds his ass. After they’re done fucking the cum bursts from their cocks! But these three aren’t the only men getting naked. As we see local Mitchell Rock showing Jessy the beaches of Mykonos and seducing him to let go of his relationship and enjoy what he can offer. Jessy reluctantly gives in but there comes a high price for his infidelity. Jessy begins to reflect into himself but journey becomes intense as he opens his eyes and begins to feel everything. But the man in the mirror starts to shattered quickly as it is man against himself."

Alex Marte, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati

Alex Marte, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati

Alex Marte, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati
Vito Gallo and Alex Marte Romance One Another

The Power of Love, Scene 2

Vito Gallo and Alex Marte Romance One Another
Lucas Entertainment

July 6, 2012

"Alex Marte and Vito Gallo’s journey to the isolated rocky shore of the Aegean Sea began innocently enough -- they first dipped into the warm water, but the longer they admired one another’s sculpted bodies the more their passion increased. Leaving behind the water and risking their dangerous craggy surroundings, they decide to experience each other fully. Alex and Vito peel off their wet briefs to reveal stiff cocks -- Vito is large and cut, while Alex displays his European heritage with his uncut dick. They pucker their lips and taste each other with some passionate oral sex. Alex and Vito’s excitement grows and they decide to risk the harsh landscape to go further. With only a pillow to protect them from a jagged boulder, Alex perches on his back and throws up his legs so Vito can enter him. It’s unlike anything Alex has felt -- painful at first, but it turns to pleasure as his top builds a rhythm. The guys switch positions so Vito can offer Alex his own ass. Alex grabs Vito’s legs and holds onto him closely as he thrusts until they reach climax."

Vito Gallo and Alex Marte Romance One Another

Vito Gallo and Alex Marte Romance One Another

Vito Gallo and Alex Marte Romance One Another

Vito Gallo and Alex Marte Romance One Another Vito Gallo and Alex Marte Romance One Another

Heretic, Scene 3

Alex Marte and Jessy Ares
Raging Stallion Studios

August 16, 2013

"Through the smoke, a spotlight ricocheting off the walls is all that illuminates Jessy Ares and Alex Marte in the dark club. Massive Alex towers over Jessy, but he's there to be pulverized. Jessy chews Alex's lips, offers his hairy body for consumption. Bite those nipples. Lick those pits. When we get to suck that cock, Jessy is primed to assault Alex's throat. The sweat on their bodies glows as the steam rises with the heat the men generate. A cock ring turns Alex's balls into a handle that Jesse grips as he bites Alex's taint and laps at his twitching hole. Alex won't be satisfied with having his foreskin stretched or his cock sucked: he needs a hard man's cock driven into him again and again. Their crossfire eruptions brings hard-earned release."

WATCH Heretic, Scene 3 Starring Alex Marte and Jessy Ares















Raging Stallion: Throb

Throb, Scene 1

Alex Marte and Angelo Marconi
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

July 23, 2013

"Bodybuilder Alex Marte is a mountain of muscle covered in fur and ink, with a big, uncut cock that's hard and ready. We see him in the act of feeding it to cock-hungry Angelo Marconi. Lying on his tummy, Angelo stretches his mouth wide to accommodate Alex's lunges without gagging. Streams of saliva flow from Angelo's mouth as he works to swallow every inch. Alex helps by grabbing the back of Angelo's neck to immobilize it as he continues to pulverize Angelo's throat. Angelo gives his jaws a rest by chewing Alex's balls, then it's time for a change-up. Using his tongue as if it were a paintbrush, Alex goes to work on Angelo's hole. He adds some kissing and probing before surrendering to Angelo's command to 'fuck me.' Angelo slams his buttocks onto Alex's cock cowboy style, whacking his fat balls against Alex's washboard abs on each down stroke. Then they race loudly to the finish in a standing fuck. Few bottoms can withstand the impact of hundreds of pounds of muscle driving a cock into their hole like Angelo can. Alex pastes a thick load all over Angelo's face and licks it off as Angelo spends his cum on the floor."

WATCH Throb, Scene 1 Starring Alex Marte and Angelo Marconi















Raging Stallion Studios: Militia

Militia, Scene 2

Landon Conrad and Alex Marte
Raging Stallion Studios

June 28, 2013

"Their foreheads and lips crushed together, they push their sweaty bodies against each other. Their clothing is threadbare: shredded t-shirts and shabby camo fatigues. What they reveal is tantalizing. Peaked nipples, straining biceps, hairy pecs and a couple of hard-ons that rise between their overheated bodies and meet like an inverted “V.” Both men are drooling at the prospect of feasting on those rock hard cocks. Landon Conrad gets there first, inhaling Alex's massive meat, playing with his foreskin and grasping his balls as if trying to squeeze the cum out. When Alex clasps his hands around Landon's head, it nearly disappears. The 75-pound difference in their weight makes you think Alex will be the top, so it's a surprise when Landon buries his face in Alex's mountainous cheeks, then follows up with his cock. Alex is in pig heaven, grunting and reverse-thrusting to ensure maximum friction against his hole. Then, like an instant replay, it happens all over again with the positions reversed. Landon knows exactly how big Alex's cock is because he carries the imprint in his throat. Huge bursts of cum erupt from both of them as they both fulfill their needs."

WATCH Militia, Scene 2 Starring Landon Conrad and Alex Marte

41880_001 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_002 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_003 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_004 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_005 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_006 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_007 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_008 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_009 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_010 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_011 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_012 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_013 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_014 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2

41880_015 Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia, Scene 2
Raging Stallion Studios: Addicted

Addicted, Scene 1

Alex Marte and Damien Crosse
Raging Stallion Studios

February 22, 2013

"Muscle studs Damien Crosse and Alex Marte spend an entire afternoon fucking each other on a rooftop in downtown Madrid, out in the open and under the sun with the whole city watching, including Francesco D'Macho, who gets a close-up view with a pair of binoculars! These men love sex, and both are experts in the art of pleasure. If you are a fan of hairy bodies and Olympian muscles, this switch-hit scene is a must match. Damien, one of the greatest porn stars of our time, never looked better with his dark handsome Cuban looks, and Alex Marte may very well be the top bodybuilder in porn today! Some back story of this scene - since it was shot out in public, the Spanish police actually raided the set during filming, responding to complaints from all across the city! But the police in Spain are cool guys - rather than stop the shoot, they just asked the actors to hurry up with their cum shots! Damien and Alex were so turned on by these two straight policemen that they blew the biggest loads of their careers! "

WATCH Addicted, Scene 1 Starring Alex Marte and Damien Crosse



















Casting Couch 194

Featuring Alex Marte and Shamo (Jalil Jafar)

December 20, 2010

"Meet Alex Marte this week’s “Monday’s Model.” Alex is 6’4″, 200 pounds of versatile muscle from Milan, Italy. Alex started a modeling career when he was 17. He then became a Fitness model that quickly led to being a Cover model. Alex says that his favorite food is pizza and his favorite hobby is sex. You can see how well he has crafted his hobby in Casting Couch 194 and the hot new film Costa Brava, The Wild Coast soon to be released."

1281622766001 1281622760005

1281622758006 1281622757007

1281622755008 1281622754009

1281622752010 1281622749012

1281622741017 1281622737020