Chris Taylor
Rudolf Schneider
Tomas Mach


ALIASES: Karl, Rocky Remington, Sasha, Tad, Tadeusz, Tanek, Tim Mountain, Tomas Masek
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PowerMen Carl Payne & Rocky Remington

Rocky Meets the Drifter

Featuring Carl Payne & Rocky Remington

February 19, 2013

"We all love a challenge, especially when we get a front row seat to see how it all plays out. When we invited Rocky Remington to meet the mysterious drifter Carl Payne (Rudolf Schneider) in our wrestling room, we hoped they'd go mano a mano - and we weren't disappointed! Check out what transpires between these two muscle giants once the rubber hits the road - or, more accurately, when the testosterone hits the wrestling mat!"

WATCH Rocky Meets the Drifter Featuring Carl Payne & Rocky Remington!









Carl_payne_rocky_remington12 Carl_payne_rocky_remington13
MuscleHunks Rocky Remington

Stage Quality

Featuring Rocky Remington

November 30, 2009

"You begged us for more! And frankly, we don't blame you one bit. Rocky Remington is just the kind of Muscle Man you've been craving - Fresh from the stage and covered in show make up, giving Rocky the image of a golden god, he poses for himself, reliving past victories? Perhaps. But the real fun begins when Rocky pulls off his clothing and slips into the tub to get all clean again."












MuscleHunks Rocky Remington MuscleHunks Rocky Remington

MuscleHunks Rocky Remington MuscleHunks Rocky Remington

MuscleHunks Rocky Remington MuscleHunks Rocky Remington

MuscleHunks Rocky Remington MuscleHunks Rocky Remington

MuscleHunks Rocky Remington MuscleHunks Rocky Remington

MuscleHunks Rocky Remington MuscleHunks Rocky Remington
MuscleHunks Rocky Remington


Cum Out!

Featuring Rocky Remington

February 20, 2009

"A vouyeristic fantasy come true. Join us as we spy on beefy muscle man Rocky Remington! Over looking the beach from his posh hotel, Rocky tries to scope the scene of the nude beach below. It's getting late and he has to get up early tomorrow for a photoshoot. No time to hang out, but just the thought of all those people watching him walk around nude in the hot sun gets Rocky all worked up and he has no choice but to follow his urges."

WATCH Cum Out! Featuring Rocky Remington!

Rocky_remington_05 Slideshow_03

Rocky_remington_01 Rocky_remington_02

rocky_remington_03 rocky_remington_04

Rocky_remington_07 Rocky_remington_09

Rocky_remington_10 Rocky_remington_11

Rocky_remington_12 Rocky_remington_13

Rocky_remington_14 Rocky_remington_15
Live Muscle Show Rocky Remington

Rocky Remington

Age: 30
Weight: 255 lbs
Height: 6'0 ft
Chest: 55 in
Waist: 32 in
Bicep: 20 in
Thigh: 28 in

"If you like your muscle men very big and studly then chances are Rocky Remington is just the kind of guy you've been yearning for… Rocky stands six feet tall and weighs in at more than 250 pounds of solid muscle. Rocky is big and lean and ripped all over. Plus, this big dude’s got an incredibly handsome face, with chiseled features, stunning and expressive eyes, and a killer smile! Rocky might look like the serious type, but once he smiles and his eyes light up, and when you hear his sexy voice and laugh, you’ll go weak and fall down on your knees in a position of worship, right in front of this super muscle god. This will be more than great luck, since Rocky’s very well hung and loves to show his enormous tool, not to mention his perfect bubble butt, to his LMS fans. Contact Rocky, now, at and"

Live Muscle Show Rocky Remington Live Muscle Show Rocky Remington
Jimmy Z Productions Tim Mountain and Jason Bogart


Worshipping the Muscles Part 2

Featuring Tim Mountain and Jason Bogart
Jimmy Z Productions

December 25, 2011

"In Part Two, Tim Mountain & Jason Bogart discover each other's muscles more. They lick, they kiss, they touch, they embrace...they even apply oil. Which leads to a final scene where they release their loads for each other. They can't get enough."


Jason_tim064_ Jason_tim066_

Worshipping the Muscles Part 1

Featuring Tim Mountain and Jason Bogart
Jimmy Z Productions

November 27, 2011

"In Part One, Tim Mountain & Jason Bogart discover each other in bed one day in Madrid. They lick, they kiss, they touch, they embrace... all the while enjoying each other's muscles. They can't get enough."


Jason_tim002_ Jason_tim012_

Jason_tim028_ Jason_tim031_

Meeting Jack Diamond Part 2

Featuring Jack Diamond and Tim Mountain
Jimmy Z Productions

August 1, 2010

"Continuing with their full blown muscle sex session, Jack (Jiri Lasik) and Tim explore each others massive naked bodies. Their huge smooth bodies are entwined in a cock sucking orgy of muscle driven lust ending in a cum shooting contest. See who wins!"


Jacktim18 Jacktim06

Meeting Jack Diamond Part 1

Featuring Jack Diamond and Tim Mountain
Jimmy Z Productions

June 13, 2010

"These two beef monsters meet at an office and realize that they are so turned on by each other's bodies that they quickly end up back at Tim’s place posing, pumping, and stripping each other's clothes off. Wow what a session! This is what dreams are made of. Man these two know what they want and they get it, big time."


Jacktim15 Jacktim16
Jimmy Z Productions Tim Mountain

Solo Workout Part 2

Featuring Tim Mountain
Jimmy Z Productions

July 11, 2010

"In the finale, Tim continues his workout, then hits the bathroom where he poses some more then heads to the steam room. He’d like to relax but his cock won’t comply. It wants more of a workout and it gets it. You’ll enjoy this scene. Tim is a muscled treasure for sure."

Jimmy Z Productions Tim Mountain
Jimmy Z Productions Tim Mountain

Solo Workout Part 1

Featuring Tim Mountain
Jimmy Z Productions

April 11, 2010

"Tim is in Germany and hits the gym for a powerful workout. He’s really pumped in these scenes and does some great posing. Then Tim decides to shave his body and we get to watch, to make sure he gets every bit of hair off his spectacular chest...and other parts, too."

Jimmy Z Productions Tim Mountain


Tomas Masek

"Thick Euro bodybuilder Tomas "The Mass" Masek is back for another exclusive photo set to go with his 20 min muscle worship video. Shot in a beautiful old loft in Prague Tomas brings the mass! Huge tree trunk legs, cannon ball biceps and a thick muscle ass you have to see to believe. FLV stream or download this HD muscle worship video with full JO cum shot in crystal clear quality along with all of his huge high-res photo galleries. now features over 200 exclusive muscle & athletic models over 50 hrs of video and 1000's of images."

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15 16
Muscle Worship

Cinema 716: Robbie

"Robbie is the kind of young stud who's comfortable in many circles and situations. See him on the street or in the gym and you see a strapping, hard-muscled stud sweating under the strain of heavy pump. Meet him at your home and you'll enjoy a gentle, always smiling angel of strength. Rough when he has to be...or when he's asked to be...gentle and tender when the moment calls for it. He's a competitive bodybuilder for whom muscle worship is a natural gift to those who crave it from him. He loves flexing. He'll strain his big thighs and biceps as long as you're willing to praise them."

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & White Socks_03

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & White Socks

July 13, 2011

"Sasha has a huge chest and hot body especially for such a young guy. His size 11 masculine feet take a lot of abuse, but they still look great with great soles and sexy tops. I captured them well in these hot MyFriendsFeet pictures. Sasha is one big mound of muscle. Solid as a rock. Even his size 11 feet are muscular. HOT man!"

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & White Socks_08

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & White Socks_13

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & White Socks_47

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & White Socks_60
Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_02

Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare

July 14, 2010

"Big. Aggressive. Brooding. Amazing. Sasha is an amazing and intense man. He works construction by day and works as a club bouncer on the weekends. His body is flawless. He's a man of few words, but that's OK with me because I didn't really want to talk too much - I just wanted to stare at his body and those sexy size 11s. He said that he is used to people - guys and girls - staring at him. Sasha isn't a guy who has many dressy clothes, so I gave him a pair of socks to model for me and they looked great on his wide feet. Once the socks came off his masculine bare feet just blew me away! He's also not shy about showing off ALL of his body too..."

Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_09

Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_31

Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_33

Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_42

Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_51 Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_62

Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_71 Sasha's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare_79
Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops_01

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops

May 19, 2010

"As aggressive and grumbly as Sasha can be at times, one thing he isn't is shy. I originally just wanted to take some pictures of his size 11 feet in flip flops and bare. But Sasha ended up getting completely naked. Which is just fine by me, as Sasha is a bodybuilder with a fantastic body. And his size 11 feet still stood out as just as awesome as the rest of him!"

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops_01

Sasha's Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops_01


Age: 23
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 190
Eyes: Brown
Shoe Size: 11

"Karl is getting into bodybuilding. He has been training for a few months now. He is a little on the quiet side, but was great to work with."




016 029

036 040

014 020

028 038

063 076
Smoking Hunks Tanek


Comments from Wayne:

"I like to give the models something to do rather than just have them stand and flex. After 5 minutes, what else can you do? This way, you can get to watch them like a voyuer while they work on some project. This one here is painting with water on wood to raise the hairs so you can sand it smooth before the coat of varnish. We watch Tanek's muscles move with each stroke of the brush. You can watch the way his mouth works the cigar because his hands are busy. It's just very erotic to watch a man work and smoke a cigar at the same time before he strips and yanks his load."

P0217-12 P0217-13

P0217-18 P0217-19

P0217-39 P0217-40


Tailor Made

Starring Jason & Tanek

"When Jason decides to get measured for a new suit he is lucky enough to be greated by sales assistant Tanek. the sight of that great suited ass soon has Jason's cock tenting out his pants, and some hot suit play ensues with Jason giving the assistant a few pointers in how to treat a sexy suited stud."


IMG_9824 IMG_9856

IMG_9867 IMG_9889

IMG_9895 IMG_9926

IMG_9941 IMG_9971

Wrestling Rivals

Starring Jason & Tanek

"While waiting for their next photoshoot our two Czech hunks, Jason and Tanek, couldn't resist a jibe at each others new suited look. Boys being boys it wasnt long before things got out of hand but after some rough play and water flying everwhere Jason asserts his authority over Tanek by shoving his dick down his throat, biting his nipples pushing his tongue up his arse. If only all fights turned out this way!"

Wrestlingrivals 004_0001

Wrestlingrivals 008_0001

Wrestlingrivals 011_0001

Wrestlingrivals 052_0001

Wrestlingrivals 054_0001

Wrestlingrivals 057_0001

Wrestlingrivals 058_0001

Wrestlingrivals 059_0001

Wrestlingrivals 079_0002

Wrestlingrivals 080_0001

Wrestlingrivals 080_0006

Under Wraps

Starring Tanek

"With time to spare, and a twitching in his suit trousers, Tanek locks his office door and goes back to his desk for some 'quiet time'. He takes of his trousers and strips down to his shoes, long black socks and jockstrap, showing his beautiful bubble butt to perfection! But just in case you didn't get a good view of his ass the first time round, he proceeds to give his tight hole a good fingering in a variety of positions."






















Ladislav and Tanek

"Burly Tanek, with his little-boy smile and endless muscles, is a pleasure to watch in any setting. But when he's joined by sleekly toned Ladislav, pleasure becomes bliss. The iron bodies of these two Czech hunks melt together as they kiss, suck, and stroke every silky inch of skin. Their mingled moans are proof that they really know how to please each other, especially when Tanek finally gives Ladislav a steady fucking. After shooting their hot loads, they head to the shower and clean each other up."






6 8

11 20

24 40

Ivan and Tanek

"Czech out two of Prague's finest - lean, ripped Ivan and beefy stud Tanek. These two get pretty creative when it comes to having fun with each other. They kiss, strip, and worship each other's muscled frame. Once naked they go full force. They suck, 69, and Tanek takes Ivan's fat cock up his ass. They both blow their loads onto Ivan's tight body, after which they head off to the showers and clean each other off."








2 4

13 21

Jason Novak and Tanek

"Prague proved to be a treasure chest full of gorgeous hunks. My two favorite jewels from this treasure are Jason Novak, the blonde athlete, and Tanek, the stud built like a tank. Now you can see these two friends fuck. They've done this before and it shows. They really know how to push each others' buttons. They start out with some kissing, sucking, and 69-ing. But once Jason gets his hands on Tanek's meaty bubble-butt, you know he's going to have a feast. After gently using his tongue in a long rimming session to open Tanek's tight hole, Jason fucks him like a sledgehammer. Tanek takes Jason's large dick like a man. You can tell from his face that it good."








Tanek and Jake

"When I first saw Tanek I was a bit overwhelmed. He is so big and beefy at 6' 2" and 220 lbs., that I was afraid he would crush me! Big as he is, Tanek is very sweet, with one of the nicest smiles I've ever come across. Watch me strip the gym clothes off this muscle stud, revealing his amazing physique. When I saw his huge bubble butt I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I rimmed his hole and didn't want to stop! Then I lathered Tanek with body lotion, turned him over and fucked his crack. My cock pushing between his astounding bubble butt cheeks, it didn't take me long to shoot my load over the small of his back. I continued worshiping this European stud, jacking him until he spilled his spunk on his solid belly."



2 10

27 29

Frederico and Tanek

"Frederico and Tanek are well known porn stars in Prague. Frederico has a hot chiseled body with 8 pack abs, as well as a hefty dick. Tanek is a beefy bodybuilder with a perfect bubble butt, big, hard and round. These men have a ball, kissing, stripping, sucking, rimming and fucking each other hard. Tanek tops first, thrusting his cock into Frederico's tight ass. When it's Frederico's turn, Tanek bends over and his ass can be seen winking, almost begging for Frederico to fuck him. I have no idea what they were saying in Czech, but it sure sounds hot."














January 4, 2007


IMG_3464 IMG_3472

IMG_3475 IMG_3508

IMG_3529 IMG_3530

IMG_3540 IMG_3569

IMG_3574 IMG_3579

Farm Hands, Scene 1

Pavek Neumann, Vilem Cage and Tadeusz Tesar

"Pavek Neumann, Vilem Cage and Tadeusz Tesar return from a hike and suck and jerk each other off, then fuck on some farm equipment. Lean, tight Pavek Neumann, smooth and hunky Vilem Cage and stocky muscled Tadeusz Tesar return from a hike shirtless and sweaty, playfully throwing punches into each others’ thick chests and wrestling around like the young bucks they are. Taking a quick rest break by a paddock fence, the guys’ horseplay quickly turns to lust. Tadeusz strokes Vilem’s hefty bulge and pulls his jeans down while Pavek plays with Vilem’s nipples; once they’ve got Vilem naked, Pavek starts stroking Vilem’s uncut dick and Tadeusz sucks it down. Pavek and Vilem passionately kiss while Tadeusz deepthroats Vilem’s cock. They switch, with Tadeusz tonguing Vilem’s tantalizing pits while Vilem thrusts his stiff rod down Pavek’s willing throat. Vilem and Pavek take turns pumping Tadeusz’s handsome square-jawed mug, and Vilem bends over and gets a taste of Pavek’s meaty dick, skillfully swallowing it down to the base. Vilem pumps 1 Tadeusz’ face while Pavek jerks off with his arm around Vilem’s broad shoulders, and groaning and moaning, they both bust a nut all over Tadeusz’s massive pecs and thick beefy shoulders. Then it’s Tadeusz’s turn to get off. Vilem and Pavek peel Taseusz’s jeans off, revealing an incredibly beefy ass and large piece of uncut meat, and push him forcefully up against the fence. Vilem relentlessly sucks and jerks Tadeusz until Tadeusz unleashes a torrent of jizz spilling out all over Vilem’s hard smooth pecs. Hell bent on doing a deep exploration of each other’s asses, the guys move over to an old cart, where Vilem and Tadeusz make out as they relentlessly shove their fingers deep up Pavek’s hard musclebutt. Vilem mounts the willing Pavek, slowly sliding his cock in deep, then slamfucks his ass as he and Tadeusz kiss. Tadeusz hocks spit onto Vilem’s stiff dick as it’s plunging into and out of Pavek’s beautiful butt, slicking it up for a good ride. Vilem sits on an old chair, providing the perfect position for Pavek to slide up and down on his cock while Tadeusz sucks down his thrusting, throbbing dick. Then Pavek leans against a ladder with one leg on the ground and one leg up a rung so that Pavek can get in even deeper as he fucks him from behind. Tadeusz takes a turn pumping Pavek’s ass as Vilem climbs on the ladder to give Pavek a chance to suck him while getting banged from behind. Vilem dumps his cum load all over Pavek’s shoulders and onto his back, and Tadeusz shoots his sperm on Pavek’s muscled ass cheeks, coating them with creamy cum."

Frmh_d1_500 Frmh_d1_508

Frmh_d2_229 Frmh_d2_232

Frmh_d2_244 Frmh_d2_246

Frmh_d2_289 Frmh_d2_295

Frmh_d2_299 Frmh_d2_302

Frmh_d2_304 Frmh_d2_324

Frmh_d2_337 Frmh_d2_372

Kick Club, Scene 6

Starring Jarmil Soler, Karel Pisek, Lukas Vaculik, Otto Horyna, Radim Vokoun, Richard Hrosik, Svens Torborg, Tadeusz, Zdeno Reif

February 29, 2004

Comments from William Higgins:

"Tonight we present the grand finale of Kick Club. Over the last year, I've discovered that many, many of our models are proficient kick boxers. I was anxious to stage a scene like this. I'd also wanted to do a nude kick boxing scene. It has to be said that nude kick boxing looks pretty darned good. But staging one is a lot more dicey and dangerous than nude wrestling. I'd wanted to hire a fight coach from the local film studio. However, the models shushed the idea, not necessary, they maintained. Also, when fights are staged for movies, the actors have a stop point. Not the Czech guys, they just slugged and kicked it out for real. In fact Jarmil (gray robe below) hurt one of his feet when a kick landed a little too hard on Radim (white robe). Jarmil soldiered on, and finished the scene in fine fettle. Actually, this was the first time Jarmil had even seen male-male sex. While shooting I made a special effort to see how carefully he was eying all of the other guys.

There was some dialogue about 'Kick Club' and I asked Zdeno to do it. I told him the dialogue, "First rule of Kick Club is we NEVER talk about Kick Club. Second rule...." He interrupted me, "I know exactly what you want and how to do it." He did. Zdeno is a terrific actor. He hopes to appear in 'real' movies, starting with Czech films and working his way to Hollywood fare. In my 27 years in the business, I'd have to say Zdeno is the best natural actor I've worked with. He's got the natural talent to deliver dialogue effortlessly and convincingly.

Golly, there are so many guys in this scene where do I begin? As always Richard was fabulous. Radim did a stellar job. Our three uber tops, Svens, Lukas, and Otto, were likewise great. Tadeusz as always is a very erotic bottom. We brought back a face from the past, Karel Pisek. Karel appeared in some of my very first productions in the Czech Republic. Then he dropped off our radar screen for a number of years. Without notice, Karel showed up at a Casting Couch still looking great after all these years.

We shot this scene in a window during a pause of the expansion of the Drakes Dungeon. It just so happens that the precise spot where the models are posing will open in about two weeks. It's completely changed. And we have the opportunity to go down there and do a couple of shoots with the new look before the lights go down forever.

Kick Club is one of my favorite Czech movies. I certainly hope you've enjoyed this little journey through the six scenes of Kick Club."

















97210043 97210052

97210068 97210072

97211200 97211335

97211501 97211532

Magic Balls, Scene 2

Starring Tadeusz and Toma Dvorak

"The second scene from Misha’s Magic Balls movie is with Tadeusz and Toma Dvorak (Jason Bogart). This is another very good scene. Tadeusz is always great as a bottom and Toma is a star performer as top. The two guys are actually friends outside of work too which makes everything so much easier."




94514094 94514098

94514118 94514127

94514136 94514157

94514185 94514229
Tadeusz Helping Hand


Helping Hand

Model Name: Tadeusz (age 20)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Home City: Kladno
Height: 185cm / 6'1"
Weight: 88kg / 196lbs Foot Size: 42
Penis Size: 17cm / 6.7"
Hobbies: Body Building, Hockey
Active Sports: Fitness
Visited Countries: Greece, Italy, Hungary
Want To Visit Countries: USA
Life-Dream: My own house

"As we continue the countdown to Christmas, our cover shoot tonight is Tadeusz' Helping Hand. I've decided to feature his most prominent asset in the shot above. This was shot rather early on in his career. As you can plainly see, Tadeusz certainly felt the anal probe. Clearly this was shot before we even began PragueBuddies and Tadeusz found a new diversion. I love his 'religious' underwear. Too bad I didn't think to as him to let us add them to our collection."








98488024 98488031

98487127 98488179
Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Tadeusz, Joska Kalvoda, Zdeno Reif, Pepe Richter, Michal Piloun, Vasil Dudlajev

"Our Fourth of July Wank Party was filmed in the Dungeon at Drakes. Several of you suggested using regulars for this party, particularly guys who perform on Prague Buddies. Misha put together a team of favorites. The talents of Tadeusz are way under-utilized on the site and there were several very specific requests for him. I'm a big fan of Vasil's. In fact we'll be shooting a scene with him for our summer movie on Tuesday. Pepe and Joska are two perennial favorites on the site. Piloun is a rising star. I feel sorry for Zdeno. He got very sick while working on some fitness competition. Until he was well, he couldn't work on his body. He warned us he was out of shape, but we cast him anyway. Zdeno has asked us not to shoot him for another two months until he can get back in shape. Pepe always gives a swell performance. I believe we should use him lots more. Joska is always effervescent. We can never go wrong in using Joska. Boy, we had a lot of fun filming this Wank Party. Please a few of you remind me within three weeks to film another one. We get so busy, sometimes we forget them. Very interesting: We've had a very big run of Sagittarians, but not a one in today's Wank Party. One of the most popular videos we've done is A Wank in the Woods. I told Tomas we should do another large Wank Party outdoors. He said, "But it should just be wanking, nothing else, like Wank in the Woods." I think he has a point and am certainly open for suggestions. Meanwhile, have a great Fourth, watching our Wank Party of American Independence Day!"

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party Dungeon Wank Party

Dungeon Wank Party Dungeon Wank Party
Wank in the Woods 2005

"We filmed A Wank In The Woods 2005 in late August, right after the conclusion of the Athens Olympics as our special present Thanksgiving Day.

Looking back to the original Wank In The Woods, Mr. Buddy was in that one also, at that time he was just a little ball of fur. We waited a long time to film the sequel, too long. Frankly, I was gun-shy because of our experience on Wank One. Rain, rain, and more rain. We drove to the location under overcast skies. If memory serves, there were sprinkles as we left the bus. For the rest of the day, we experienced intermittent showers, and then a deluge as we finally made it to the lake. Nonetheless, we were able to put together something over thirty minutes of pretty good footage.

Tomas suggested Wank 2005 about mid July. I looked back on the first experience with trepidation. Nevertheless, we rolled the dice and decided to give it a go. 'Summer' weather in the Czech Republic is so problematic. There's a better than 50% chance of lots of rain. But we sat to work. The real scout camp we used was found by Pavel Nikos. It turned out to be a PERFECT location. It was very secluded and private. The owners had provided for all sorts of scouting activities. I only got to see half of the location. The first part was so perfect for our story, I never made it over to the other half. I'll save that for next summer.

To jump to the end, before covering the middle, as we drove to the location from Drakes in Prague, there were a few sprinkles of rain on the bus windshield. Deja vu of the problems we experienced with Wank One. Not so, as we got closer the sprinkles went away, and as the day wore on, the sun burnt through the cloud cover. For once, the weather gods were smiling on us. This location is also located in a much less rainy part of the Czech Republic. Seems like a no brainer, doesn't it: move to drier country.

Misha asked me what kind of cast to put together for Wank 2005. I replied ALL STARS. And that's what we got."