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PowerMen Carl Payne & Rocky Remington

Rocky Meets the Drifter

Featuring Carl Payne & Rocky Remington

February 19, 2013

"We all love a challenge, especially when we get a front row seat to see how it all plays out. When we invited Rocky Remington to meet the mysterious drifter Carl Payne in our wrestling room, we hoped they'd go mano a mano - and we weren't disappointed! Check out what transpires between these two muscle giants once the rubber hits the road - or, more accurately, when the testosterone hits the wrestling mat!"









Carl_payne_rocky_remington12 Carl_payne_rocky_remington13
Powermen The Drifter Featuring Carl Payne

The Drifter

Featuring Carl Payne

"There's a new guy in town. He's long, lean, hard, and cool, and he’s here to show you the ropes. More specifically, we might say he's here to show you HIS rope. And more. musclehound fans are likely to remember Carl Payne from 2011's steamy-hot 3-way muscle worship session with Jiri Lasik and Nathan Wood (Joey Intenso). This time Carl takes center stage in an all new scene of muscle-pounding heat. Enjoy!"

UNDERWEAR BY Andrew Christian

Powermen Carl Payne















MuscleHunks Jiri Lasik, Carl Payne and Nathan Wood


Muscle Worship Fantasy

Featuring Jiri Lasik, Carl Payne and Nathan Wood

June 10, 2011

"It's late at night in the gym, and Nathan Wood (Joey Intenso) just got in under the wire before closing for his workout. He thinks he's going to be alone, but then the locker room door opens, and two of the biggest men at the gym come in, charged and pumped up for their workout! Sweet-faced Nathan only joined this gym so he could spot the big guys, and now here were two of the biggest boys he's ever seen - and only 10 feet away! Watch as muscle behemoths Jiri Lasik and Carl Payne decide to fulfill little Nathan's every muscle worship fantasy!"







Carl Payne

Age: 29
Weight: 265 lbs
Height: 6'1 ft
Chest: 52 in
Waist: 33 in
Bicep: 20 in
Thigh: 31 in

"There's a new guy in town. He's long, lean, hard, and cool, and he's here to show you the ropes. More specifically, we might say he's here to show you HIS rope. Welcome Carl - he's hot, eager - and really wants to get to know you better."

Carl Payne

Carl Payne Carl Payne
Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 002

Muscle Oil - Part 2

Featuring Rudolf Schneider
Jimmy Z Productions

June 24, 2012

"In Part Two, Rudolf gets more oil applied and even more attention to his muscles. His hard cock is released from his underwear as he poses and flexes in all his glory. The stalker wants to see Rudolf shoot his load and rub the cum all over his abs. He then cleans up his sexy mess with a rinse outdoors."

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 004

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 012

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 028

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 047

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 048 Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 051
Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 064

Muscle Oil - Part 1

Featuring Rudolf Schneider
Jimmy Z Productions

May 6, 2012

"In Part One, Rudolf is working out at the beach, and he sees a stalker approach who won't leave him alone. He finally relents and brings him to his apartment, where he allows the guy to muscle oil him all over his body."

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 066

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 075

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 085

Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 088 Jimmy Z Productions Rudolf Schneider 104

Rudolf Schneider

August 2012

"Rudolf Schneider’s big muscle blows that “imagined pleasures are the best” theory out of the water! His private Paragon pump show is more live action than a Las Vegas back booth bonanza. And what happens in Paragon's Penthouse – stays erect forever!

Why are blue eyes always “piercing”? Stab your eyes out ogling this 120kg hunk of in-demand beefcake. Rudolf is reminiscent of a smooth Romanian gymnast, but instead of London 2012, he gives subscribers an Olympian floor show that gets bonus points for its extraordinary physique technique!

Besides showing off along the well-strutted sidewalks of Miami Beach, Rudolf is a “normal” guy who likes rest and peace. He loves skimpy clothes, and confidence but Rudy draws the line at rudeness. Feel free to ask him anything, he’s a well-known open book (an epic page-turner at that!) who models in both Europe and the USA. Interestingly, Paragon Men only worships two kinds of models - domestic and foreign!"

04 12

IMG_2201 IMG_2216

IMG_2273 IMG_2338

Rudolf Schneider and Jake

January 13, 2012

"Exploring Rudolph Schneider when I serviced him was a treat. But when he told me he would top me it was a dream come true. Rudolf is a physical wonder. Handsome, muscle-bound, hung, with a perfect ass. I could spend a lifetime tonguing that beautiful hole, my face planted between his tight cheeks, and still want more. After some body worshipping (his of course) we take turns sucking each other. Then Rudolf plants his massive body behind mine and plugs my hole with his thick, uncut cock. Hard and deep, Rudolf makes sure I'll never forget my trip to Prague. I think I can still feel him inside me! Every muscle in Rudolf's body tenses as he squeezes his load onto my belly. I rub our cum covered cocks together and then shoot out a load of my own."

Rudolf Schneider and Jake Rudolf Schneider and Jake

Rudolf Schneider and Jake Rudolf Schneider and Jake

Rudolf Schneider and Jake

Rudolf Schneider and Jake

Rudolf Schneider and Jake

Rudolf Schneider and Jake

Rudolf Schneider and Jake

Rudolph Schneider Serviced

July 1, 2011

"Rudolph Schneider is a big, huge slab of bulging muscles topped with a disarmingly handsome face and a set of stunning blue eyes. His body builder's frame is complimented perfectly by his warm smile and his gentle giant style. I love getting down and sucking on his rock-hard uncut dick but when I get him on all fours on my bed, I discover the absolutely amazing ass and balls he's got. His ass flexing around my tongue while I plunge it into his hole is such a huge turn on for me. Rudolph straddles my face and I get to feel the power of that man as he thrusts his cock deep into my throat. He then pulls his dick out and blows his load into my waiting mouth."










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Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

December 16, 2011

"When I played with Rudolf Schneider and experienced what a great fuck he was, I had to shoot him with another guy. I chose young and smooth Chester Pool. I love seeing the stark contrast between the older, ripped muscle top and the youthful, lean bottom. Both Chester and Rudolf swallow each others poles getting each other hard and ready. Chester then jumps on Rudolf to go for a ride. His cock bounces up and down with each squat. Muscle-top Rudolf takes charge from here on out and fucks Chester any which way he chooses. The action intensifies until both guys shoot their warm loads onto Chester's stomach in the waning sun."

Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

Rudolf Schneider and Chester Pool

Rudolf Schneider and His Real Wife

July 15, 2011

"The sexual energy between European bodybuilder Rudolph Schneider and his female playmate is obvious the second the camera starts rolling. There's a reason for their chemistry - they're married in real life! The action begins with Rudolph flexing those huge biceps and giving us a mouth-watering look at his perfectly-sculpted upper body. His thick, rock-hard cock is a beautiful sight as it pokes out of those sexy Calvin Klein briefs and is instantly licked, kissed and sucked. Rudolph undresses her before kicking back on the bed and spreading his legs. Nice to see we're not the only ones who love his ass! It turns out Rudolph has a magic tongue and he puts it to good use prepping that pussy for a super hot fuck session. Each position seems to get Rudolph more and more turned on until, finally, he can't hold back his cum load any longer, pulls out and ends things with the perfect climax: a huge fountain of sperm. It's always hot to see real couples show us just how they do it!"





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Rudolph Schneider Solo

June 21, 2011

"Rudolf Schneider is a bodybuilder from Prague who loves showing off his massive physique. As he flexes his upper body muscles, those enormous shoulders and biceps look like they're about to burst through his T-shirt. He strips down to a pair of tight black briefs that set off his V-shaped torso perfectly and then turns his back to the camera and slowly slides out of his shorts to reveal those meaty butt cheeks. Rudolph then shows off his thick, cut cock, stroking it until it's fully erect. You'll get to enjoy the view of his body from all angles before he finally lays back, spreads his legs and jacks off until a huge load of cum rains down across his six-pack."



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27 28

Rudolph Schneider

September 25, 2010

"Rudolf Schneider is a huge Czech bodybuilder and recently he spent some time in my bathtub jerking his uncut cock. Rudolf has a gorgeously pumped body and he spends a good deal of time rubbing his plump pecs and flexing his biceps. And what a cumshot!"

Rudolph Schneider Rudolph Schneider

Rudolph Schneider Rudolph Schneider
Luke's Size 12 Feet and White Socks 014

Luke's Size 12 Feet and White Socks

"For those of us who love smooth, muscular studs, Luke is just about as hot as they cum. He showed up at MyFriendsFeet so he could show off his fantastic size 12 feet in pictures. I must admit that I had a hard-on for this entire shoot. Luke just has a look in his eyes that screams sexuality. And when he showed me his feet I just about died of lust!"

Luke's Size 12 Feet and White Socks 032

Luke's Size 12 Feet and White Socks 030 Luke's Size 12 Feet and White Socks 042

Luke's Size 12 Feet and White Socks 055 Luke's Size 12 Feet and White Socks 060

Luke's Socks and Big Bare Feet

"I sure wouldn't want to get in a fight with Luke! At 6'2" tall, this mountain of a man is not a guy anyone would want to cross. The secret is, of course, that he is a real sweetheart. He was still playing the tough-guy in these photos though. Luke is a fighter and he also works as a bouncer at a club a few nights a week. He works hard on his body and he isn't shy about showing it off. He seemed more shy about showing off his feet because he didn't think they were 'pretty' (in his words). He couldn't be more wrong! His size 12s are awesome. He didn't bring the right kind of socks to the shoot, but he said he dressed like he normally would for working the door at the club. His dark socks weren't nylon, but once I saw them on I thought they were pretty hot. You can see his soles through the socks."


023 024

043 046

048 061

Luke's Sexy Body, Flip Flops and Feet

"Luke is stunning from the top of his handsome head down to his super sexy feet. And as we can see from these photos, he has no trouble showing everything off. Luke is an avid bodybuilder and keeps his body super smooth. So we see every bit of muscle on him. Wow. His feet need to be worshiped very soon and I hope I'm the man who does it!"


003 009

033 039

043 067

Xander Ruslan and Lukas Havel

"Our first hardcore full sex video is here! Featuring Euro muscle hunks Lukas Havel and Xander Ruslan (Joey Intenso). We start with a playful loser get's fucked wrestling match. Big Lukas manages to pin down Xander and force him suck his dick. Lukas then returns the favor and the real hot action begins. Sucking, rimming, kissing fucking and cumming all shot in beautiful crystal clear HD. 20 min HD video along with a massive 80 photo high-res gallery added to our members area. Look for more hardcore scenes coming soon."


2 4

5 7

10 11

13 14

Lukas Havel

"We shot Big Luke just 5 weeks out from competing in the Euro Bodybuilding Championships. Beautiful high-res gallery of this 26 yr old from Prague. Your going to love every inch of Lukas's thick muscular bod. From his abs of stone to his beefy muscle ass. No other site brings you more exclusive muscle and athletic models, full length Wolff DVD downloads and over 50 hrs of video."

001 003

004 006

009 012

013 014

015 016
Muscle Worship

Cinema 695

Cinema 695

Rudolf Schneider

June 26, 2010

"Playful muscle boy Rudolf Schneider is back and bigger than ever before! He poses and flexes his beefy bod, showing off every ripped inch of his manly physique. He takes hold of his hard cock, plays with his floppy balls and jacks his slippery load up onto his smooth 6-pack."


Rudolf Schneider and Miro Mendel

Casting Couch #267

"Rudolf and Miro enjoy a bit of bump and grind before their cocks pop out and demand attention. Relishing in sucking Rudolf's big muscle cock, Miro gives it a smooth coating of glistening saliva. Rudolf quickly feels Miro's desire and feeds him more of what he wants, what they both want. Rudolf reciprocates the pleasure for Miro while tugging on his smooth sack. Rudolf then bends Miro over and penetrates his hot, pink hole with his stiff cock. Rudolf begins to pound Miro's ass harder and deeper with every thrust. Miro's ass takes it all, the slapping, the pounding, the relentless assault. Switching up, Rudolf then has Miro sit down on his cock and go for a wild ride. Miro takes control and fills himself with pleasure. His rock hard cock bouncing all over the place as he continues to bring Rudolf's cock to the verge of ecstasy. Rudolf takes control and starts pumping Miro's ass as Miro begins pumping his hot load. Rudolf's cock is gripped tight with Miro's ass muscles, which drive his cock over the edge and he shoots his load all over Miro's cock and balls. How could you not love hot man sex?"

1330628363002 1330628357003

1330628352019 1330628365022



Twins In Lust - Scene 2

Adam Richter, Konrad Richter and Rudolf Schneider

September 1, 2011

"Our lead feature today is Scene 2 of Double Czech - Twins in Lust, with twins Adam and Konrad Richter and Rudolf Scheider. This is a wonderful scene that was filmed on a gloriously sunny day. Rudolf is a backpacker, stripped to the waist as he hikes through the countryside, and he comes across Adam and Konrad taking advantage of the good weather to sunbath naked. Rudolf finds that they have both fallen asleep and decides to rouse them with a display of his own. His ploy works, as the twins oil his body and then get down to some really great sex."







Bfoto03 Foto02

Foto03 Foto04

Foto05 Foto06

Foto09 Foto11

Rudolf Schneider and Egon Huska

November 1, 2009

"A fabulous scene with two very popular WH models, Egon Huska and Rudolf Schneider. The crew set this shoot just as soon as they could after the guys joined the site, with Egon as the bottom and Rudolf as the top. The scene worked very well indeed, with both guys really showing us what they could do and, as you can see, they are both great."

90607002 90607008

90607036 90607081

90607121 90607131









Sex Wrestling: Egon Huska and Rudolf Schneider

October 20, 2009

"Egon Huska and Rudolf Schneider in a wrestling shoot, that went further than just wrestling. Egon and Rudolf are two of our most popular models, two great looking guys, who were well matched in the wrestling, and who had a lot of fun during the shoot taking things quite a bit further. This was a very good shoot to work on and it turned out very well indeed.

Over time, I’ve received many requests to shoot some more ‘sex’ wrestling matches. I love any kind of wrestling (nude) of course, and I’m only too happy to oblige this request."




















Rudolf Schneider's Ambush Massage

April 29, 2009

"Our lead feature today is Rudolf Schneider’s Ambush Massage. Rudolf has proved very popular on the site since we first posted his casting. This Ambush Massage was a small step in his evolution to a fabulous performer. Here he certainly experienced more than he expected, but took it all manfully."

91243006 91243013

91243020 91243023












Body Worship: Jarda Schneider and Rudolf Schneider

April 15, 2009

"Our lead today is a Body Worship session with Rudolf Schneider and Jarda Schneider, they are not related. Rudolf has such a great body so we thought what better than to get someone in to worship it. Jarda jumped at the opportunity and I have to say he certainly made a very good job of it. Rudolf enjoyed it immensely too, and the end result looks great."






91290006 91290027

91290317 91290349

91290376 91290457

91290503 91290545

91290584 91290626

91290630 91290636

91290658 91290695

91290721 91290731