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Snap Happy

Featuring Jordano Santoro and Trent King
Next Door Studios | Next Door Ebony

September 13, 2016

"When Jordano Santoro discovered he'd be sharing a room with Trent King, he was a bit nervous. You see, they're on vacation in Cancun with a group of their friends and Jordano knows Trent to be something of a pervert. Trent was caught on the last trip, jerking off while watching another friend nap.

Sure enough, while Jordano sleeps, on the very first day of the trip, Trent pulls out his camera and begins snapping pictures of a naked, sleeping Jordano. But Jordano isn't really asleep, he's only pretending. As Trent pulls down the covers to get a better shot of Jordano's plump, sexy ass cheeks, Jordano decides to just go with it.

He writhes around as Trent takes pictures, signaling that he likes what's unfolding here. Trent picks up on the signals and offers Jordano a taste of his massive cock. Jordano accepts the offer with both lips and slurps down deep on that meaty dick. It gets harder in his mouth and Jordano positions himself so Trent can jerk him off while he sucks.

After some of this, Trent turns his friend over to sample his sweet, tight hole. He rims him good in preparation for the next step. Watch Jordano go all the way with his friend, taking his big, hard erection into his ass. First, Jordano rides it, then Trent lays him on the bed and continues to pound him. Join them until the end, when Jordano erupts while being fucked. It's a crazy, impromptu, wild adventure. It just goes to show that anything can happen when you're on Summer vacation in a tropical locale."

WATCH Snap Happy Featuring Jordano Santoro and Trent King


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Tenant Behavior

Jordano Santoro, Kiern Duecan, Pharrell
Next Door Studios | Next Door Ebony

May 31, 2013

"Kiern Duecan and boyfriend Jordano Santoro are on the hunt for a place to call home, and their search has taken to them to a high rise flat overlooking the city. The place, though under renovation, seems to have all the amenities the couple are looking for. Their agent, Pharrell, who has shown them a few places, feels pretty solid about the chances that this will be the one. Kiern & Jordano are not so sure, until they spend a little quality time in the bedroom, that is. Dropping to his knees, an insatiable Jordano grabs Kiern's cock and immediately starts gagging on it. Kiern throws his head back moans, and outside, Pharrell wonders what's going on inside the room. Interrupting, he sees them mid-coitus, and, hoping to seal the deal with them, decides that maybe joining is the best course of action. Jordano and Kiern are more than willing, of course, and before he knows it, Pharrell finds his pants around his ankles and swordfighting with Kiern inside Jordano's mouth, before they take turns fucking him from behind on an ottoman. Jordano loves the attention and the feeling of Kiern's dick inside of him, as he rolls over onto his back and lets the guys switch, taking Kiern's dick inside of his mouth as Pharrell begins to pump while Jordano strokes himself off, all of them dousing Jordano with a thick load of milky white jizz. Once they regain their breath, both Jordano and Kiern agree this is a place they could get used to. Enjoy!" WATCH Tenant Behavior featuring Jordano Santoro, Kiern Duecan, Pharrell












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Wake-up Sex

Jordano Santoro and Kiern Duecan
Next Door World | Next Door Ebony

March 8, 2013

"Is it Valentine's Day? Is it their anniversary? Are they on vacation somewhere? No, it's just morning! Kiern Duecan and his lover, Jordano Santoro, are insatiable for one another. Their sex together just seems to get spicier and hotter every time. Today they're waking up, with boners as usual, and getting right into some crazy, steamy action.

Jordano goes straight for Kiern's massive dick. He pulls the covers away to reveal the extremely hard member, waiting for Jordano's warm lips and mouth. Then they move into some sexy 69ing so both boys can enjoy a fatty sliding in and out. It's not long before Jordano wants to fuck Kiern's tight hole. Watch him slam Kiern's beautiful ass with passion and power. When they switch, you'll see Jordano take Kiern's unbelievable cock very deep and hard for a solid morning pounding. It's a morning delight for these horny young lovers. Enjoy!" WATCH Wake-up Sex featuring Jordano Santoro and Kiern Duecan












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Unusual Punishment

Jordano Santoro, Kiern Duecan, Yates
Next Door World | Next Door Ebony

February 8, 2013

"Kiern Duecan is back! And this time, he's not allowing for any funny business. He's brought his no-nonsense henchmen, Yates, along to make sure their recruit learns a tough lesson. Jordano Santoro was caught jerking off in the mess hall after hours. The truth is, Jordano wanted to get caught. He had heard the stories of extreme punishment other young soldiers had endured at the mercy of Duecan and Yates. Jordano wanted to be fucked at both ends by these gruff military men. Now he's getting more than for what he bargained. After being chained to the ceiling and left alone for hours, Duecan and Yates finally enter, ready to instill some discipline. Duecan begins by sucking Jordano's fat cock, while Yates eats his ass. Once Jordano is unchained, he's positioned, and then fucked, first by Duecan, then Yates, all the while taking a large, erection as deep as his throat can handle. Then they both take turns pounding Jordano's sweet hole, as the other jerks Jordano's swollen meat. It's an unorthodox but stern method of keeping a recruit in line, but it gets the point across. Enjoy!" WATCH Unusual Punishment featuring Jordano Santoro, Kiern Duecan, Yates












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Spanish Lesson

Featuring Bryce Star and Jordano Santoro
Big Dicks At School at

December 23, 2011

"Jordano Santoro thinks Bryce Star would like a little extra help in the classroom, but really all Bryce wants to do is look at that sweet sweet ass!"

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Race Cooper & Jordano Santoro

April 6, 2012

"Sexy Jordano Santoro is aiming to get fucked by chiseled Race Cooper. Race is packing serious meat and Jordano swallows it down to his balls. Now on the bed, Race licks and tickles Jordano's feet, causing him to laugh wildly. He's extremely ticklish! Race decides it's a better idea to suck Jordano's beautiful cock then risk getting kicked in the face. With Jordano at full mast, Race buries his face in Jordano's ass making sure to get it ready for his big prick. Jordano kicks his legs back and Race pumps his cock all the way in. Expletives fill the air as the studs fuck feverishly. Race slams Jordano hard until he pops his thick load onto Jordano's sculpted bubble-butt. Jordano screams as he squeezes out his sweet juice onto his rock hard abs. Race licks Jordano's seed up and snowballs with him. Hot!"








Drew Cutler & Jordano Santoro

January 24, 2012

"When you get a great power top and a fantastic power bottom in the same room, magic happens. Drew Cutler has one of the largest power tools in porn and he knows how to use it. Jordano Santoro has one of the finest asses in porn and he knows how to work it. Together they make the perfect porn couple. Sparks fly while they suck, rim, and fuck in all sorts of positions. After shooting both loads unto Jordano's hard abs, Drew bends over licking up the cum, then kisses Jordano snowballing the cum between."


Alessio Romero and Jordano Santoro

December 23, 2011

"It's easy to why Alessio Romero and Jordano Santoro couldn't keep their hands and mouths off each other's bodies. After a bit of nipple biting, they suck each other's rock hard cocks all the way from tip to base. Jordano moves unto Alessio's asshole, which he devours, before fucking him doggy style. As they fuck they both moan in ecstasy. They tell each other in Spanish to fuck harder and take it longer. Alessio then savors Jordano's perfectly smooth ass and fucks him until Jordano cums all over his chest. Alessio pops his load on Jordano's chest and they end things by passionately kissing. You're sure to love the hot latin action in this scene."


Hole Busters 8, Scene 1

Jordano Santoro and JD Phoenix
Club Inferno Dungeon

January 28, 2013

"A young stud like JD Phoenix needs an expert hole buster to break him into the world of toys and assplay so we called in Latin top Jordano Santoro to show him the ropes. Jordano buries his tongue deep in JD's tight hole to get him wet and ready. JD loves to get his ass eaten but he needs more so Jordano grabs one of his favorite dildos and works it up the kid's butt. It's obvious that JD can take more so Jordano upgrades to a longer, fatter latex cock and lets him have it. The intense buttplay makes JD pop a boner so Jordano gives him a reach-around until he drains his nuts all over the floor."

Jordano Santoro and JD Phoenix DUNGEON_30198_005

Jordano Santoro and JD Phoenix Jordano Santoro and JD Phoenix

Jordano Santoro and JD Phoenix

Jordano Santoro and JD Phoenix

Hole Busters 7, Scene 2

Featuring Jimmy Durano and Jordano Santoro | Club Inferno

December 3, 2012

"Jimmy Durano has Jordano Santoro right where he wants him: bound to a bench with tape over his mouth. Santoro struggles as Durano taunts him with a huge dildo but they both know it's going in Santoro's ass. Durano coats the giant latex cock with lube and works it into his fuck-buddy's hole. Durano grinds the toy around, massaging Santoro's guts then orders him to flip over so he can see the pig-bottom's huge bubble-butt. He takes the anal beads and works them one at a time inside Santoro's ass until all five balls disappear. Durano walks out, leaving Santoro with his ass packed full of the giant latex toy."

GALLERY Hole Busters 7, Scene 2 Featuring Jimmy Durano and Jordano Santoro
















Cabin Retreat, Scene 5

Hayden Colby and Jordano Santoro Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

May 28, 2012

"Jordano decides to admire the Canadian wilderness from the balcony on his final morning at the cabin. It’s a sight he takes in with quiet admiration, something that Hayden Colby has been doing to Jordano the entire time they were vacationing together. But on their last morning Hayden works up the courage to finally approach the Latin hunk; Jordano is in no position to say no. Hayden is both cute and hot, with a great face and smooth body, and as they take their clothes off on the balcony they lean in close to warm one another. Hayden can’t keep his hands off of Jordano’s hard cock -- he takes great pleasure from jerking and playing with it. Hayden warms the stiff meat with his wet, slippery mouth and tongue; Jordano leans back and lets his erection be savored by the hot cutie on his knees. Jordano turns around and bends over, signaling Hayden to take down his own tight underwear. Out pops his dick, which is alert and uncut. Hayden eats out Jordano’s hole, who moans and squirms in pleasure. The hot guys move over to the hot tub where Jordano gets worked up and starts worshipping Hayden’s body. Jordano spins around and presents his ass in an act of submission, and Hayden moves in to take what he’s been craving. He slides into Jordano’s ass and starts to fuck him with the hot water splashing and simmering around them! They hop out of the tub into the cabin’s exterior steam room, where Hayden bends over and opens his ass up for Jordan. Grabbing the bench, he plunges into the hot bottom until they both blow their loads of cum!"





LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_01 LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_02

LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_03 LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_04

LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_05 LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_06

LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_07 LVP126_05_Hayden_Colby_Jordano_Santoro_08
LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_16

Cabin Retreat, Scene 2

Brandon Jones and Jordano Santoro Flip-Fuck Each Other
Lucas Entertainment

May 7, 2012

"While the rest of the guys staying at the cabin go out exploring the chilly Canadian wilderness, Brandon Jones and Jordano Santoro decide to stay behind and play pool in the cabin. After Jordano and Brandon realize that they have the entire place to themselves, they put down the pool cues and begin exploring each other’s bodies while locking lips and throating their tongues. Brandon’s body is killer and he loves showing it off when beefcake Jordano and he peel their garments off. Kneeling before Jordano’s muscular body, Brandon opens wide to enthusiastically suck his cock. Brandon leans back and flexes his body and thick uncut cock, inviting Jordano to see what he can do with it. Jordano sucks on Brandon and plays with his foreskin before pushing him onto the couch and eating out his ass. Brandon and Jordano move back over to the pool table and Brandon lets his tongue loose on Jordano’s own hole before he bends the muscle man over completely and starts fucking him up his ass; it’s the first time Brandon has ever topped on film! Brandon is aggressive with Jordano completely at his mercy: he thrusts and pounds while the bottom takes deep breathes and accepts Brandon’s girth into his ass! The hot guys switch positions and Jordano takes control of Brandon; it’s well known that Brandon can take a dick like a true pro, and when Jordano pins him on his back and grabs hold of his thighs, he pounds the bottom until they both cum!"

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_02

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_03

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_04

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_05

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_06

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_07

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_08

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_09

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_01 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_11

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_10 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_12

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_13 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_14

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_15 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_17