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Tim Kelly


SITES: Colt Studios, Hot Older Male, Jake Cruise, Men at Play

Fur Mountain, Scene 6

Starring Tim Kelly and Trent Locke
Colt Studios

October 4, 2012

"With a thick pelt of fur on display, Tim Kelly is kicking back and enjoying dedicated service from cock worshipping Trent Locke. Trent is treated to an eyeful of body hair as he kneels before Tim's altar of fur and cock, lovingly swallowing and slurping on Tim’s thick piece of man meat. Grabbing the back of Trent's head, Tim guides him down on his cock, demanding Trent handle every inch. Reaching over Tim, grabs Trent's jock strapped ass. Spitting on his hand Tim probes that hot manhole with his fingers. Turning Trent around, Tim turns his full attention on that butt. Tongue deep in that hole, Tim gets Trent’s ass lubed and horny for cock.

Rising up with his rock hard cock Tim spreads those mounds and buries his cock deep in that sweet ass. Trent holds on tight as Tim gives his hole a hard pounding. And after a hard pounding from behind, Trent climbs up on top and takes a wild feel good ride on Tim’s big pole. Feeling that cock deep in his ass, Trent rides harder as cum begins to fly. A hot white load explodes from his cock and lands in pools in the thick fur of Tim’s manly chest. As Trent leans in for a hot lip-lock, Tim reaches down to stroke his ready to blow cock. Thick wads of cum gush from his cock as his balls are drained."

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Jump (9)

When I Say Jump

Starring Alex Marte and Tim Kelly

December 7, 2012

"Tim Kelly proved so popular in 'Daddy Love' on Menatplay that we decided to team him up with one of our top studs - Alex Marte. But far from showing Alex the love, Tim is impatient and demanding of his P.A. and humiliates him by forcing him to strip out of his suit so that he can wear it having gotten so wet from the rain (which he manages to blame on Alex too) Once naked Alex can't disguise how turned on he is by his abusive boss and his cock just won't lay still. Alex, so used to being the dominant top gets the tables turned on him and its Kelly who ends up pounding that mass of firm ass. The coupling of this Muscle daddy abusing the hole of our favourite muscle puppy is definitely one to tune in for."


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Jump (4) Jump (10)

Jump (11) Jump (1)

Jump (5) Jump (8)

Jump (6) Jump (7)

Jump (12)

Jump (13)

Jump (14)


Daddy Love

Starring Tim Kelly and Introducing Daniel Bourne

April 27, 2012

"If you've ever fantasised about being taken advantage by one of your friend's dads, you will exactly know what goes through fresh faced college lad Daniel's head every time he sees his best friend's dad. Luckily for him when Daniel goes to David's house and finds that he isn’t at home it's up to his Dad, Mr. Kelly to keep him entertained until his son's return. But being a man of the world Mr Kelly soon clocks that young Daniel has a thing for mature men, a very big thing! And he's getting more and more nervous as Mr Kelly gets nearer to him. Until Mr Kelly decides to put him out of his suffering, and give the horny young lad some serious Daddy love and show him what a real man is all about."


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Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti

July 16, 2010

"Hairy Daddies Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti hook up for a hot and hard fuck. Both men paw and slap at each other's furry chests while they swallow each other's long cocks. The face fucking is intense and the testosterone is flying. The guys find their way to the bedroom where Tim plugs Nick's hot hole with his fuckstick. Nick takes his pounding like a man and Tim gives it to him like a man possessed. The intensity hits the point of no return and both our hunks drench Nick's thick fur with their hot loads. They hit the showers to get cleaned up, but we're sure they'll be dirty again in no time!"

















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Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Brief Encounters: Kickin' it Old School

Starring Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

April 10, 2009

"Beefy and ripped young stud Tony Daniels is hanging out one Sunday morning with his daddy Tim Kelly (did he tell about the shower?) old school, with newspapers in hand. But Tony’s got other things in mind and his foot knows what that thing is, as it presses against Tim’s crotch. Tim knows what’s up and the paper is soon put down for more exciting events involving Tony’s beckoning hole. Tim gets right on Tony’s ass and gets in it soon after. The early morning light bathes these two beauties as they fuck on the living room couch."

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly
Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly

Brief Encounters: All Wet

Starring Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly

February 16, 2009

"In the locker-room, underwear-clad daddy Tim Kelly is lucky enough to catch muscle-stud Matthew Rush as he pulls up his briefs over his ample and muscular ass. A quick smile from Matthew is all it takes for Tim to take action and get his hands all over and in Matthew’s underwear. The two work their way to the showers where some hot oral action ensues. When the water comes on, the fun really begins, as these two hunks soak each other’s underwear and more."

Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly

Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly

Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly

Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly