Chris Darby
George Ce


ALIAS: Neil Rush
SITES: English Lads, Men at Play



Starring Mike Colucci and Neil Stevens

November 2, 2012

"We know a lot of you are obsessed with Neil Stevens so imagine working for him in the same office. Mike Colocci can't withhold his passion for his sexy blonde boss and in his overwhelming desire to emulate him he dresses in Neil's suit, shirt and tie just to feel something of him against his skin. But as with all obsessions enough is never enough and when Neil becomes aware of this fixation he obliges by letting Mike take his cock in his throat and then getting really close by pounding it deep inside of Mike's amazing bubble butt. If only we could all live out our obsessive fantasies this way!"















Starring Ben Brown and Neil Stevens

November 7, 2011

"Ben Brown pays a visit to his office to oversee the renovation work only to find the place a complete mess with painting material all over the place. And when he accidentally ends up staining his expensive suit with paint he is not at all happy and shouts at the decorator, telling him how everything is covered in paint. However Neil clearly has no time for executive types on a power trip and just ignores his shouting... making him even more angry. Eventually Neil has enough of his ranting and grabs a paint roller and says 'Not everything is covered in paint" before smearing white vinyl matt all down the front of his suit. But he doesn't even give Ben the time to get over the initial shock, throwing him on the table and making a nice mess of his suit before ripping it off and putting the big boss in his place by giving him a good dose of hard, handyman cock."


Paint_Aff_01 Paint_Aff_02

Paint_Aff_03 Paint_Aff_04

Paint_Aff_05 Paint_Aff_06

Paint_Aff_08 Paint_Aff_09

Paint_Aff_10 Paint_Aff_11

Paint_Aff_12 Paint_Aff_14

Paint_Aff_13 Paint_Aff_15



I Quit

Starring Neil Stevens & Justin Harris

July 29, 2011

"This week's movie is a return to the early days of Menatplay, with all the ingredients to make it a 'suit classic'. On one side we have newcomer Just Harris, who is the spoilt pretty boy with way too much money, and no manners. And on the other we have MAP favourite Neil Stevens as the subservient butler who has to endure Justin's constant abuse of power, but how much is he willing to take? Sure he humbly obeys when a bored Justin spills his wine glass all of the floor and tells him to wipe it up. Even when Justin pours his yoghurt on his shoe and asks Neil to lick it till its shiny he doesn't complain. He even grins and bears it when Justin spoons some yoghurt on his crotch and orders him to lick it clean, and then suck his hardening cock. But when he makes Neil lick the yoghurt off his asshole, its just one joke too far and Neil decides to quit but not before giving the spoilt brat the fucking of his life and shooting his load all over him."


IQUIT_aff2 IQUIT_aff3

IQUIT_aff4 IQUIT_aff5

IQUIT_aff6 IQUIT_aff7








Sextortion: The Denial

Starring Neil Stevens and Steven Daigle

February 4, 2011

"In his first television interview on since his recent sex tape scandal made waves all over the internet, Steven Daigle makes a compelling case for himself, defending his innocence and reaffirming his status as the respectable business man we all know. However what we never saw was what happened only minutes before in Neil Stevens' dressing room when Daigle met with the presenter to agree on what what questions would be allowed. But its clear that the media world is just as corrupt as the business world with Neil having his own way of negotiating business deals. And with Daigle's infamous lust for uncut cock, its not long before Neil has him on him knees sucking hungrily on his juicy meat, getting it nice and hard before giving Daigle a good fucking over his dressing room table. And being the professional that he is, Neil shoots his load with only second till show time, zips up and strolls calmly to set ready for his interview."




SextortionPt1_aff03 SextortionPt1_aff05

SextortionPt1_aff06 SextortionPt1_aff07

SextortionPt1_aff011 SextortionPt1_aff012

SextortionPt1_aff015 SextortionPt1_aff016
Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Dr Stevens Final Examination

Starring Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels and Neil Stevens

December 10, 2010

"After a year and half in service as the dedicated Menatplay Doctor, and abusing many of our hot men, Dr Stevens has his final appointment with Lucky Daniels. Except this time there's someone new in the surgery -training doctor Billy Berlin who with the help of Lucky turns the tables on Dr Stevens and gives him a taste of his own medicine by fucking the straight, handsome Doctor for the very first time. Together they overpower the manipulative doctor and force him to suck, get fingered, pounded hard and shower him in cum. That's exactly what they mean by going out with a bang!"

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels Neil Stevens, Billy Berlin, Lucky Daniels

The Dark Side

Starring Max Duran and Neil Stevens

November 5, 2010

"This week Menatplay welcome sexy newcomer Max Duran, but if he thought he was going to get a light introduction he was very mistaken. Unfortunately for him its the week we chose to explore Neil Stevens' darker side, who steps out of his usual Doctor role to lend us a hand breaking Max in. After Max is suited up, strapped down, and given a little sniff of chloroform Neil proceeds to use the new MAP hopeful for his own twisted satisfaction ripping and cutting the clothes off Max until his hard cock is exposed, vulnerable and aching to be jerked off for relief."

Darkside_aff1 Darkside_aff2

Darkside_aff3 Darkside_aff4

Darkside_aff5 Darkside_aff6

Darkside_aff7 Darkside_aff8

Darkside_aff9 Darkside_aff11

The Hustler

Starring Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens

October 1, 2010

The Hustler Starring Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens


Hustler_aff_3 Hustler_aff_7

Hustler_aff_6 Hustler_aff_5

Hustler_aff_4 Hustler_aff_11

Hustler_aff_9 Hustler_aff_12







Neil Stevens' Portfolio

Starring Neil Stevens

May 27, 2010

"Neil Stevens is one of MAP member’s favourites and you can see why this 6 foot blonde, swimmers build stunner with a 9" cock catches member’s attention. Neil's cock is always hard and always ready to pleasure a hungry bottom but we wanted to know what really turns the US born hunk of spunk on. Neil shares his sexual turn ons with us in an up close and personal interview which makes him so horny he just has to start playing with his cock. Doctor Neil has always topped but with a lot of persuasion Neil’s virgin ass will finally get a servicing in the grand finale of the Doctor series coming soon! This is one not to be missed and our beautiful array of models were almost fighting to be the one to finally break the doctor in!"




NeilPortAff_4 NeilPortAff_6

NeilPortAff_7 NeilPortAff_8

NeilPortfAff_1 NeilPortAff_9

NeilPortAff_10 NeilPortAff_12

NeilPortAff_13 NeilPortAff_14

NeilPortAff_16 NeilPortAff_17



Doctor Stevens Examines Rio

Starring Neil Stevens & Rio

May 7, 2010

"The horny and oh so sexy Doctor Stevens is at it again! This time with the even hornier Greek stud Rio as his fuck buddy! When the doc asks Rio for a sperm sample he is more than happy to help Rio reach his climax. Both men have beautiful toned bodies and Rio gorges on the docs monster cock. Doctor Stevens returns the cock worshipping before inserting his own tool into Rio’s gorgeous bubble butt. Rio explodes whilst Doctor Stevens pounds his ass shortly followed by the docs own explosion!"







DocStevens&Rio_Affil9 DocStevens&Rio_Affil7

DocStevens&Rio_Affil14 DocStevens&Rio_Affil13

DocStevens&Rio_Affil12 DocStevens&Rio_Affil10

DocStevens&Rio_Affil11 DocStevens&Rio_Affil1

DocStevens&Rio_Affil16 DocStevens&Rio_Affil15

Dr. Stevens Examines Maxwell

Starring Neil Stevens & Maxwell

March 12, 2010

"The horny Doctor Stevens is at it again, this time with the even hornier Doctor Maxwell. When Stevens get's his tie stuck in the filing cabinet Maxwell seizes the moment and begins a sexual assault on the willing victim. Maxwell sucks on Stevens big hard throbbing cock and jerks it until he can take no more and shoots his hot semen! Maxwell cuts Stevens tie free and proceeds to leave but the stud Stevens has other plans. He takes Maxwell over the examination table, diving his cock deep into Maxwell's tight hole, ramming it hard until Maxwell shoots a load of thick creamy cum!"


DrStevensMax_Aff3 DrStevensMax_Aff4

DrStevensMax_Aff13 DrStevensMax_Aff5

DrStevensMax_Aff2 DrStevensMax_Aff6

DrStevensMax_Aff7 DrStevensMax_Aff9

DrStevensMax_Aff8 DrStevensMax_Aff10

DrStevensMax_Aff11 DrStevensMax_Aff15

DrStevensMax_Aff14 DrStevensMax_Aff12






Neil Stevens Showcase

Starring Neil Stevens

February 19, 2010

"Due to popular demand and being one of Maps top rated models Neil Stevens is back in his very own sexy showcase. Neil is one smoking hot stud who knows how to get your juices flowing with his ultra sexy body and even sexier big cock. He looks amazing in a suit but he looks even better out of it! When the suit comes off Neil is ready for action! Watch him work his big cock into a lava and explode his juices - hot stuff!"








Doctor Stevens Examines Damien Crosse

Starring Neil Stevens & Damien Crosse

January 22, 2010

"Menatplay favourite Damien Crosse visits the Doc hoping to get his hands on some blue pills and ends up getting much more than he bargained for. After a quick initial examination Doctor Stevens tries to prove he doesn't need the pills and inserts a prostate massager into him and his low moans and rock hard cock indicate his approval. The pleasure is almost too intense and he quickly explodes a huge load of cum!

And although its clear that he doesn't need any pills, the Doctor still gives him one and Damien's cock is instantly ready for more! This time the Doc works a huge dildo into Damien’s ass but becomes so horny himself that he uses his own tool to help his patient along fucking him hard against the examination bed. Damien’s moans of pleasure intensify and he cums again followed by the gorgeous Doctor Stevens. A double whammy by Damien – HOT!"









DocandDamien_aff09 DocandDamien_13

DocandDamien_01 DocandDamien_aff02

DocandDamien_aff03 DocandDamien_aff10

Doctor Stevens & Ludovic Canot

Starring Ludovic Canot and Neil Stevens

December 18, 2009

"Introducing the incredibly sexy Neil Stevens as Doctor Stevens whose reputation seems to have preceded him. The gorgeous Ludovic Canot has heard through the grapevine that Doctor Stevens can work magic and make you feel like a new man! And so Ludovic visits the doc complaining that his groin hurts and it’s not long before both groins are throbbing and ready for action.

Neil and Ludovic are both stunners with beautiful big cocks and you can tell right from the start of this film there is great chemistry between them. Ludovic says “I like your cock doctor" as he gobbles the doc’s tool! The doctor decides to examine Ludovic more closely by inserting his ample tool. The sexual chemistry is explosive when they start fucking! Lots of hot, sweaty action from two of Menatplay's finest."





Drstevens2 Drstevens16

Drstevens3 Drstevens1

Drstevens4 Drstevens5

Drstevens6 Drstevens7

Drstevens8 Drstevens15

Drstevens9 Drstevens10

Drstevens14 Drstevens11
Drstevens12 Drstevens13

Location, Location, Location

Starring Nathan Lewis & Neil Stevens

November 19, 2009

"Nathan Lewis plays the "Horny Estate Agent" who is instantly attracted to his client when he shows him a property. And you will understand why when you see Neil Stevens in all his glory! Neil is as ripped as they come, think swimmers build but with an extra layer of leanness! Both guys are tall, handsome and look great in a suit but when the suits come off - WOW!

"Location, Location, Location" embarks on a journey through Nathan's dirty little mind as he imagines all sorts of naughtiness with his client! The camera work is fantastic and so is Nathan's imagination and the great thing is we get to see what's going on in his head! Starting with some luscious liplocks in the kitchen and moving swiftly on to Nathan devouring Neil's sweet ass on the stairs you really get to see how magnificent Neil's naked body is.......

Nathan's imagination explodes when he takes Neil to the rooftop and greedily gobbles all of his clients prized possession. Neil has a beautiful 10" cock that any man would be proud of! But the action doesn't stop there and we are taken into Nathan's darker side as his ties up the stud in a fantastic bedroom scene!

But of course the best is saved till last when we see Neil still in his suit and black leather gloves peeling off Nathan's white briefs exposing his scrumptious ass and begins to explore! There is something about a man in black leather gloves caressing a beautiful naked butt that is oh so horny! Finally we get to see both studs naked whilst Neil fucks the dirty minded Nathan on a red leather couch or was the couch black but turned RED HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"







Location1 Location7

Location6 Location8

Location9 Location10

Location11 Location13